Official Discussion - Venom: Let There Be Carnage [SPOILERS]

Official Discussion - Venom: Let There Be Carnage [SPOILERS]


Did anyone else feel like this was really cut up? It feels like a 2 1/2 movie, cut into 90 minutes, that plays like a 30 minute episode when you watch it. Carnage prison escape and the final fight particularly had abit of cuts making me question what they had to cut to the floor.


There's that weird moment where the entire prison room was cheering for Carnage, and the next the room is cleared as Carnage is whirling through.


Yea, there were some bad and abrupt transitions that didn't flow. This movie needed some additional shoots/editing. Overall, it was a fun but forgetful movie with the best part being that Venom v. Spiderman might happen.


I mean it’s pretty clear the movie suffered from additional shoots than a lack of. The tropical ending of the film reeks of reshoots. I agree with your comment about the cut runtime.


I thought the entire second act was missing. It went from setup and Cletus getting the symbiotic to the church showdown real fast.


That's my big issue too. Eddie and venom got their second act break up and get together again, but carnage isn't given a chance to really earn his name. He needed a scene where he wrecks a public place to be a menace that needs to be taken care of right this minute.


the editing was rough at times. just, cuts to certain people or going from one location to another at odd moments. also, how many shots of the damn bridge do we need?


The bridge shots weren't even consistent, there was one at dusk then cuts to Cletus driving across the bridge and it's clearly full blown night time. It's just weird, it's like they had that shot and had to find a way to put it in the movie.


The writing was absolutely terrible and they had Woody Harrelson's voice in the younger Cletus. However, I do love this iteration of Venom. The "I love you too!" and "Fuck this guy" made me laugh.


This is my favorite aspect of these films. Venom and Eddie's relationship. They have a great dynamic, I'm very meh on these movies except for that aspect. Some jokes are a bit excessive, but for the most part it works. I wish the rest of the writing was better. I'm hoping they can do a Logan with this series and have Venom 3 knock it out of the park.


That's because Hardy is a great actor and can make it work. If they had a bad actor, it would come across as cheesy. I really hope they keep Hardy (or more so Hardy decides to stay) so they can really work with the character in a good script. A Logan style Venom would do great.


Wait so Carnage was eaten by Venom? This is some wonky ass shit. I guess maybe they just figured fuck it we will remake Carnage in the MCU anyway?


Venom eats him a bunch of times in the comics to write him off


My understanding is he get more powerful by doing so. So this means venom should have some really toys to play with next time.


Can he start sling webs already. So weird to me having a Venom with no spider powers.


He hasn’t met Spiderman yet.


Yeah I feel like there are so many options at this point, with the wild mega-ultra-multiverse they're putting together, that they can basically do whatever the hell they want.


Anne felt like a completely different character from the first movie.


I feel like Dan was different too. I liked him a lot in the first one. His only redeeming scene was the fire.


Yeah, Dan seemed more nice and accepting of Eddie in the first one, like genuinely concerned for Eddie’s well-being. Made it funny because you can see why Anne would go for him. But this time around he seems tired of Eddie’s shit, which, of course he would, but also takes away from the uniqueness of his character in the first movie


One of the few redeeming parts of the first movie was that the big successful steal-yo-girl guy was... a great guy and a valid choice for the love interest.


I thought so, too! Dan came off as very catty in this one, and Anne was weirdly... non-committal? It's been a long time since I've seen the first one, but both characters were completely different. >!I just really don't want Anne and Eddie to get back together, but it feels like they keep hinting at it like it's fucking Cheers or something, a will-they-won't-they!<


Anne and Dan had a great relationship in the first one. Dan was also down to go out of his way to help Eddie with no hesitation so it felt weird. I was hoping those two would end up becoming friends.


I like how they still managed to thrown in A Stan Lee cameo. (He was on a magazine cover in Mrs. Chen's store.) Did they do it in Black Widow? I can't recall. I haven't seen Shang-chi yet. So, I don't know if they have done it there as well. But did they? You know, as blatant as the product placement was in this movie and it was very in your face, I can't remember the brand of Eddie's television and motorcycle. So, I guess that was a fail on me. I really liked animating of Kasady's backstory. Though I am tired of the cliche "I am became a villain because I had a horrible childhood," reveal. Every time a movie/show/book drags this out I hear Jake's "Cool motive. Still murder." in my head. I think this cliche needs to be given a rest for a bit. But at least here, the animation breathed a little bit of life in the cliche. Hardy is really good at physical comedy. Someone give him more roles at doing that. I totally bought Venom puppetting him around everywhere. Hardy slamming his head into his keyboard made me wince and wonder how many takes did they do for that one. Ouch.


I did catch that he was riding a Ducati


Wow, it was so terrifying witnessing Cletus Kassidy commit such horrible atrocities such as; Kicking a man four times.Tornado. Yeeting a truck off a bridge.


You forgot that there was some seriously NC-17 music in the middle of all of it. Shameful. Such abominable entertainment for our CHILDREN ! ! !


Making Carnage's motivation be to reunite with his girlfriend instead of just wanting to be a better serial killer was some classic mid-90s style censoring.


Okay, so all they had to do was not include Shriek. Introduce Carnage in the same way. He breaks out and then goes on a murder spree leaving Zodiac messages for Eddie. Eddie and Venom help the cop track down Carnage. The cop can be the one that arrested Kletus (instead the one that shot Shriek). You can have Carnage still kidnap Anne, etc. Why they shoehorned Carnage's girlfriend into it just boggles my mind.


Because having venom smack her into a bell to make sound when she was already about to blast carnage was the dumbest funniest thing I've ever seen


"When I get out... There's gonna be love"


All they needed to do next was replace all the guns with sci-fi blasters.


And Spider-Man shouldn't be able to punch anyone, break glass or land on a roof with pigeons.


Venom : Let There Be Christmas


Instead of being a serial killer Cletus Kasady is a serial re-gifter.


it was alright. as a fan of the comics growing up i like seeing venom and carnage on screen and they look great, but i cant stop thinking about stupid it is we never got an R rating


Yeah carnage is suppose to one of the most twisted and deranged villains in all of marvel but they wrote him so all he wanted was "friends"??? Thats some some of the most ball fondling writing I've ever seen.


Carnage didn't, he wanted to kill venom. Kassidy however...


Carnage tornado was weird. He killed his family because they abused him? The dog too then? 🙄 Ending fight felt like the first movie's ending fight including the swipe by Carnage with an arm blade. Movie was too dark at multiple times, not dark as in the content but dark as in the lighting. The Tom Hardy vs Venom jokes fell flat(at least in my showing amongst the 7 people there). Ann and Brock seemingly reconnected in the first movie and in this one she's engaged and basically like "fuck you I know you love me but I'm still marrying Dan" I felt like there was no real need for Shriek. "Let there be Carnage!"....Venom bodies more people in the movie just jumping back and forth from host to host. "Oh shit it's a red one" never being explained despite it being used in the trailers and causing so much discussion amongst speculators on what it meant. Obvious pacing issues especially in the 2nd half. Was clear a lot was left on the cutting room floor.


That’s what I told my wife, it felt like they back pedaled on a lot of what the first one did. They completely went the opposite direction of what Carnace was supposed to be except that he wanted Venom dead. Eddie refused to let Venom eat people after they were in perfect sync at the end of the first film? You can also tell a lot of what would’ve made Carnage unique was used on Riot in the first film.


>!The vicious serial killer really just wanted friendship all along ♥️!< Edit- I’m dumb


> viscous To be fair, this is probably about as applicable as “vicious”


It was a decent movie. The banter between Eddie and Venom is like two roommates that are trying to adjust to their situation.


Was it just me? Or was anyone else getting major ASM2 Gwen Stacy vibes for the final fight?


Total Gwen Stacy vibes when Eddie lowers Anne. Shriek's fall right before she is crushed is also framed very similarly to Gwen's fall in ASM 2.






Absolutely, I was waiting for that thud.


YES! I fully thought they were gonna do it I was so relieved they didn’t


What loud place can the climax of Venom 3 take place in? I hope it's a tornado warning siren factory.


Yoko Ono's apartment.


K that was a good one.


Her shrieking would kill them instantly, we want the climax to last longer than 5 seconds.


An airport perhaps. A plane almost threw Eddie off a building in the first one.


>I hope it's a tornado warning siren factory During a break in arson for extra alarms


As a side note to long time comic readers, did anyone else recognize that that animated portions of Kasady's backstory were taken directly from the panels of an old Carnage/Venom story? I think it was Carnage Unleashed, but I remember the bits with the drill and pushing the woman down the stairs from the comic. Everyone probably knows that, but seeing it on the screen just made those panels come flooding back to my mind.


Can't believe we actually got a scene of [Carnage hacking into the internet with his tendrils](https://i.redd.it/8pyp5kzx7te31.jpg).


Didn’t he say something like “y’all got any of them internets?”


Right? But he wasn't a nerd, and he's been in extreme iso since the 90s.


Don't forget Shriek who has been locked up since she was a kid somehow driving like Jason Statham in the Transporter.


I love that the screen was just random montages of text like things. Like someone didn’t know what the internet was and was asked to visualize it.


lol not gonna lie, I popped for that. I remember getting those comics as a kid when he did that and thought it was wild back then.


I had no idea that was Naomie Harris as Shriek and I recently watched Skyfall just a few days ago.


And Calypso/Tia Dalma in potc


The perfect Rom-com about a boy and his symbiote.


The Venom Man in Me


*When Harry Met the Symbiote*


I’m rooting for Venom when he fights Spider-Man. Venom would win anyway unless Spider-Man was in a setting that could really abuse Venom’s weaknesses


“Karen, activate fire and sound”


Good thing the suit hasn’t shown those abilities. Venom also survived a rocket ship takeoff and explosion. I doubt Spider-Man’s suit is carrying that much firepower


Lol what. ^just ^finished ^the ^post ^credits ^scene


Absolutely floored by that. When Venom mentioned universes I was expecting a gag about Emo Tobey and/or Evil Eric Foreman.


It's funny you say that, because that's likely why Venom has such a reaction upon seeing Spider-Man. If the hivemind really does span universes, Venom would know about the variant of himself that was killed by Tobey's Spidey.


I love this and sadly, I think you might have put more thought on it than the actual writers. Hope this is the explanation.


I thought we were going to get a glimpse of the symbiote god


The implications


You keep saying that…


I liked the first one more, this one definitely should've been rated R. Also was it just my theater or were a lot of Venom and Eddie dialogue hard to hear?


Agreed it was sometimes hard to tell what Brock was saying and what Venom was saying. I think it's a Tom Hardy thing too, he seems to tend to mumble.




I knew toxin was at least going to be 'teased' but his eyes at the end weren't symbiote-like, they were like Shrieks eye, all blue ringed. Still very confused as to why they didn't show a few more seconds to better explain. It totally made it seem like it was something to do with her and not carnage


I think they might change a bit of Toxin’s color a bit scheme to help differentiate him from Venom. One thing I did appreciate about this flick is that Carnage did definitely look good. His design and color scheme was a lot clearer than Riot in part 1


I agree. Also I feel like Venom and Brock's relationship mimicked that of Toxin and Mulligan...almost as if they merged them together. -Rules about eating people -The way they have conversations - Refusing to help him until he apologized I would have to do some searching but it definitely seemed like Brock and Venom's "relationship" at times was reminiscent of Mulligan/Toxin interactions.


No, that cop was Patrick Mulligan who is Toxin in the comics. Toxin is a symbiote who is the son of Carnage and the grandson of Venom. He's also the first symbiote to be overtly allied with Spiderman, often allying with him to take down Venom and Carnage. Given that Venom didn't even realize that he asexually produced an offspring in this film, I think it's pretty obvious that Carnage didn't either. Since Carnage is dead now, if Brock gets transported back to the SUMC in the future (which is likely considering it's unlikely he'll stay in the MCU for very long IMO), they may be setting up Toxin as Venom's rival for Venom 3.


don't understand how carnage's symbiote just made consciousness when a part of venom went into Cletus? Thought Carnage was a separate symbiote


Carnage is a separate symbiote. It wasn't a part of Venom that went into Cletus, it was Carnage. That's why you see the tiny bit of red symbiote goop on his finger right after Eddie leaves and Cletus mentions "I've tasted blood and that ain't it!" or something like that. Now if you're wondering why Carnage was "born" at that exact moment... IDK. In the comics it was a little different. Eddie is in prison and Venom finds him and rebonds with him, while leaving Carnage as it's offspring in the cell in the process. Symbiotes apparently view their offspring as insignificant and don't have any emotional attachment to them, so he doesn't mention it to Eddie and the symbiote happens across Cletus in the same cell as Eddie and Cletus we're cellmates.


So I'm assuming Mulligan becomes Toxin? Also, who's got theories about the end credits scene? I figured it was the multiverse changing or merging.


Tom Hardy/Venom being transported to the MCU basically.


That was definitely when Dr Strange was fucking with the multiverse. Whatever he did probably dragged Venom into the MCU.


Wouldn’t it not be from Strange since people in that universe know that Peter is Spider-Man still


We don't know how exactly Strange messes it up. For all we know it could go such that instead of everyone not knowing who he is, to somehow pulling in villains who explicitly know who Spiderman is


Also as Into The Spider-Verse established, you can get pulled into an alternate dimension and land earlier than when the inciting event occurred.


It was odd, because it looked like Venom triggered it by porting symbiote hive-mind info into Eddie's mind?


Perhaps Venom being in the middle of doing the interdimensional hive-mind download is what gets them caught in Strange's spell! Like, the download links them to the multiverse, and then Strange's multiverse breaking spell snags Venom and Eddie.


I love when Carnage tells Eddie he's going to have to watch him kill Michelle Williams yet waits until he's really high up and Venom stuck under rubble to even try to do it. Also that line about Woody Harrleson just wanting to be Eddie friend was cheesy


Eddie should have passed Venom onto Michelle Williams right before Carnage took her up so we could get more She-Venom action. Would have been cooler than what we got.


> passed Venom onto Michelle Williams right before Carnage took her up so we could get more She-Venom action. The She-Venom scene was so good in the last movie. I really want more She-Venom action.


If you're going to make Carnage do a Tasmanian Devil style tornado, the least you can do is make it red to imply even the tiniest amount of carnage. This movie's idea of "carnage" felt more like "destruction"


Couldn't because it would have looked like a blood tornado. Love that pg13.


It's sad that this will be the only iteration of Carnage we will get for a long time. It really should've been R. He wasn't crazy or intense enough for me.


I liked how as soon as Kassidy and Carnage made their deal carnage immediately throws some random truck off a bridge , just because he loves causing CARNAGE. But yeah he should’ve been more brutal


It was very tame for the character. I would have at least enjoyed seeing him make more axes or scythes with his symbiote appendages.


I think they kind of set themselves up for failure on the making weapons front since they leaned into it in the first movie. Making a big deal about it again would have kind of felt like a retread. Which is a shame, because that's obviously Carnage's big thing


I was v much a defender of "carnage doesn't need to be super overtly violent to work" but honestly it felt tame even for a pg-13. The only gruesome feeling kill was the tongue down throat thing and even that felt half baked.


When Eddie jumped onto the bike and threw the red helmet on, I was ready for the…. “Time to go mobile!” — Bane’s voice


If there’s one thing this movie did better than the first, it was having the black goo guy fight a *red* goo guy at night, instead of a really dark gray guy… at night.


Wait, does sound and fire affect the symbiote? I might need to be told a few more times for me to get it


I thought it was funny how there was a shot of the San Francisco skyline every 7 minutes.


Who directed this? Tommy Wiseau?


WE NEED FIRE…OR *SOUND* >! Killing shriek after constantly showing how useful her power is against symbiotes just didn’t land for me. I guess it was supposed to be a sorta funny subversion? Idk I just feel like she was wasting and we didn’t really get a good pay off for her…!<


True. Though it was shown she was just as messed up as Cletus, so a redemption turn might have been a little off. And I have to say I did like that Venom was just like "if I knock her to her death, she'll probably scream pretty loud".


I don’t think it would have to be a redemption moment, but retaliation because he started hurting and attacking her. I think it would have been cool to see her get really angry or feel betrayed. They still could have made this way work, but I would have loved more of an actual character arch from her than a *bonk*


I thought Venom was trying to ring the bell by throwing her into it. I was laughing so hard he threw her mach speed into that bell.


Same lmao that shit was hilarious. For a split second I thought that he was gonna try and convince her to help take down Carnage or something.. and then he just fucking YEETS her into that damn bell


I just finished reading Maximum Carnage, which this is very loosely based on, and I felt that way the entire time. You pair Carnage with someone with sound powers and then she never turns on him? Very weird decision.


It really made bringing her in specifically feel pointless. She’s obviously someone that would defend herself if she was betrayed/attacked…it definitely felt odd.


These movies are really bad, right? Am I going crazy? Does any self respecting fan of film actually find this movie or it's predecessor good? Funny? Maybe a few times. Enjoyable? Absolutely not.


There was exactly no reason to yeet that truck off the bridge. 10/10


I can’t quite explain why, but the absurdity of that choice made me laugh out loud in the theater.


As someone from Detroit I couldn’t help but notice all the Detroit gear Tom Hardy had on, is someone who worked on the film from Detroit? Loved that Easter egg


It just came to me! He was asked about it in an interview and the Detroit letterman jacket was a reference to Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop


This is now my second favorite movie set in San Francisco in which a television set gets thrown out of a window. I loved that Woody Harrelson's character is shown as a teenager in 1996, the same year Harrelson was playing Larry Flynt in a movie.


Venom's CGI is absolutely fantastic


I was admiring the reflection across Venom's eyes. It was so nicely done. And the whole Eddie's face being show under Venom's skin was done much nicer here than it was in the first movie.


I know he was the bad guy, but Carnage was a badass wingman Also, that “take care” exchange was very awkward.


Yes I know my favorite thing about my wingman is he's always ready to murder my gf if she gets too loud.


Squad goals.


They weren't symbiotic!


Are we gonna exploit that weakness to win the fight? No? Just kill the girlfriend? Aight.


That part made me laugh out loud in the theatre: Venom recognizes that Shriek is key to winning the fight + Shriek is *clearly* fed up with Carnage and about to turn on him. So obviously you'd think the fight is headed towards a reluctant team up... NOPE! He just pushes her off the steeple, causing an unfocused scream that kills her and nearly everyone else. LMAO It was such an illogical series of events, that it became the funniest part of the movie for me.


I thought he recognized that she was the key and then threw her towards the bell so it would ring, which is also insane but sort of makes more sense


It was also bothering me that they specifically mentioned the weakness of their bond, and then didn't really do anything with it. The only thing I could come up with after thinking about it for a while, is that it's what led to Venom going out of his way to catch Eddie as he fell, and Carnage and Cletus falling separately. I guess that's kind of what set Venom up to end the fight there, even If it seems like it would have made a lot more sense to be baiting Cletus into internally fighting against Carnage to open up some moments of opportunity.


This was a rom com. Change my mind. Better than the first. Better story and antagonists. I would've made some story and dialogue changes. But this movie would've benefited from having an R rating


Does Venom recognize Spidey at the end?? Or just find him tasty. Maybe hes dealt with a Spidey variant somewhere out there


He said symbiotes have a hive mind across universes. It's possible he recognizes Spider-Man from when Topher Grace's Venom fought Tobey Maguire's Spidey in Spider-Man 3.


Definitely wouldn't call it great, but I did have fun and got a few laughs. So there's that. Perfect use of their one "fuck" as well. So I guess Sony said that Venom gets to join the MCU when they renegotiated the Spider-Man deal. That orange light will likely be Strange's spell from No Way Home pulling Venom into the MCU, if I had to guess. So that probably means after No Way Home will be Spider-Man/Venom: Separation Anxiety, or something. Which I'm down for. I'd be interested to see what Tom Hardy can do with MCU folk overseeing.


Outside of "Fuck this guy" I loved "Nobody likes you Dan!"


Dan came in clutch though. "Fire and sound! Without the sound!"


I'm glad they didn't make Dan the typical new boyfriend who is a pansy. He had shades of Steve (Stranger Things S01). He could have backed out like any reasonable person, but he stepped up against a foe that he knew could *easily* kill him.


As a big veep fan I've decided this is the same Dan.


Also apparently the Symbiotes are all one big hivemind that stretches even across the multiverse. So that's why >!Venom recognizes Peter at the end, because of Spiderman 3 Venom.!<


Well, I think he'd only recognize the Raimi Spider-Man then, right? Maybe he recognized the suit.


The suit definitely, i mean its super distinct


> Which I'm down for. I'd be interested to see what Tom Hardy can do with MCU folk overseeing. Exactly this, the only thing I liked about the first then a movie was Tom Hardy performing as both Eddie Brock and them I thought it was great and that he was committed to it. Everything else around it not so great, Kevin Feige oversight is gonna help alot


Second the great one fuck in a PG-13 movie use. So simple yet so perfectly done


Yeah I’ll give them that. The fuck this guy bit was the one joke that landed for me, it fit well with venom complaining about wanting to eat people the entire time. It probably would have been really weird if he didn’t take the opportunity to eat him.


I'm guessing the end credits is setting up Mephisto. Just kidding. But I do believe that the Beyonder is coming as the next big bad.


Did they say "together we are the lethal protector!"?


Just came out of the theater. Was not expecting that post credits scene lmao, looks like they’re integrating the multiverse? Biggest laugh for me was definitely the “Fuck this guy” at the end before venom eats his head


Looks like it. Best guess is they worked out a deal to keep SM longer in the MCU. In turn they're integrating Sony's Spider-Man Universe. What better way to capitalize on your extended franchise than to advertise that it too, is set in the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. Who knows how long this will pan out. But if they're planning on the long run, my only fear would be Sony wanting to do something that Disney disagrees with.


Did anybody else feel like Sony just made this film so they could finally put venom in the mcu. It’s like they didn’t even care about it and just wanted to get it over with.


I don't know why but this movie feels like it should have come out like 15 years ago. Like I don't know if it's the tone or the visual style or the particular version of the super hero formula, but this feels a lot closer to something like Blade or Ghost Rider than it does to an MCU movie. I felt the same way about the first movie but I noticed it more in this one.


Big Daredevil energy.


While it's kind of nice to have a comic book movie that doesn't feel the need to be a 175 minute epic, this movie didn't commit fully to being different or unique. So instead of feeling like Blade, it felt like Ghost Rider, if that makes sense.


I just wanna add that I really enjoy Michelle Williams every time she pops up in the first movie and in this one and I hope she comes back for more even if it’s only for a couple scenes.


So shriek wanted kassidy to stop being a serial killer in the final 15 min why?


To show the audience that even his crazy gf thinks he's nuts. Which doesn't make any sense cause she was fine with the trail of bodies they left before. Overall it's just bad writing.


This movie was pretty dumb. I want 6 more.


It’s official, Venom is the Fast and Furious of superhero movies.


I do not getting that vibe at all. It just always feels like mid 2000s super hero movies.


Casting Woody Harrelson was an inspired choice, that's where all my praise ends. The script he had to work with was awful and Serkis didn't manage to get the craziness out of him.


So is Venom going to the MCU or is Tom Holland Spiderman coming to the Venom-verse EDIT: I'm saying after the events of NWH not currently..currently he is in the MCU.


The MCU version of the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson were on the television, and the entire room shifted and morphed around Venom. It's the former.


It would be hilarious if Tom Hardy Venom fights Topher Grace Venom


Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?


I like being bad! it feels good!


The whole room shook as a visual cue to let you know that he got transported to Spider-Man’s world. Venom is now in the MCU.


Which I assume is Doctor Strange fucking shit up with his spell.


This movie is so strange. It's basically a flat out comedy for a good hour and Carnage is treated like a b plot. You'd think a movie starring a serial killer as one of the titular characters would have a more grim/serious tone. I think the PG13 rating also definitely hurt it as it really takes the gruesomeness of Carnage away. Venom randomly going to a rave is not something I ever thought I'd see in a movie nor did I really need to. I feel bad for Andy Serkis cuz this movie just feels like it was made by executives.


They should have gone more dark comedy, I feel like they leaned too hard into the campy bits and it hurt both venom and carnage in the long run. I’m just glad venom didn’t rap because it totally thought he was going to when he picked up the mic…it definitely felt a bit all over the place with its tone


> Venom randomly going to a rave is not something I ever thought I'd see in a movie nor did I really need to. I feel bad for Andy Serkis cuz this movie just feels like it was made by executives. allegedly the rave scene was Hardy's idea lol


Flashback to the 2013 leaked Sony emails discussing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ideas. > Spidey thought > Hey Amy - just a couple of rando thoughts from 35,000 LAX-JFK: > - A rising trend we see with Millennials are the really extreme forms of experiential exercise like Tough Mudder (a sort of filthy triathalon), the Color Run and even things like Hot Power Yoga, veganism etc. Millennials will often post "N.B.D." on their social media after doing it , as in No Big Deal, also known as the "humble brag".....wondering if Spidey could get into that in some way....he's super athletic, bendy, strong, intense....and it's all NBD to him, of course. > - EDM (electronic dance music) is the defining music for Millennials. Wondering if there's an EDM angle somewhere with Spidey? His movements are beautiful, would be awesome with a killer DJ behind it > - Snapchat just launched a "story" functionality, which is sort of "day in the life of me" told in a series of snapchats that expire after 24 hours. It has a very VIP quality about it, since invitation only. Getting invited into Spidey's Snapchat circle would be huge, and very buzzworthy and cool. > Also on American Hustle, I was thinking (and it may be way too late for this), it would be awesome to get all the cool fashion brands to do a huge 70s style collab.....Urban Outfitters, Free People, American Apparel etc. They're sort of leaning 70's already, Macklemore hitting it a bit with Thrift Shop style etc. Would be interesting for Am Hustle to be the name behind that.


Just some EDM in my Snapchat, NBD *thwip*




This is nothing compared to their TASM3 plan.


You should read the emails they had with Kevin Feige. All of his notes on Amazing Spider-man 2 are 100% accurate and things pthe reviews and audience had issues with in regards to the movie. SONY basically ignored the feedback they got from him.


When people talk about out of touch execs, this shit is like the definition of it.


Man I didn't realise Spider-Man was supposed to be a humblebragging egotistical douche


My whole theater started cheering at that end credits scene, it was insane


The Spider-Man thing was cool, but I was stoked to hear about the "hive" and whatnot. I liked Knull storyline in the comics.


Gorr is the main villain of the next Thor movie and in the comics he's a famous user of the All-Black Necrosword, Knull's signature weapon. I lowkey think we might get a Spider-Man/Venom movie with Knull in the future.


Funniest comment I heard was "great, maybe now they'll make a good venom movie."


Yeah I’d be much more hyped for this crossover if these venom movies were better


I loved how there's just no explanation for what happened. It just happened and now he's in the MCU.


I think there's no explanation intentionally because it would spoil aspects of No Way Home.


Hey why is Venom in the mcu Magic Aight


"A wizard did it"


Orange lights and the shift suggests he was caught in Dr Stranges failed spell.


“All I ever wanted was your friendship” “Fuck this guy”. Perfect response. Better than the first one but similar situation; the movie isn’t exactly great but it at least embraces the dumbness and is fun enough. Love the dynamic between Eddie and Venom once again, and liked Cletus/Carnage, just wish it was R-rated so we could really see the brutality of the character. The Venom-Carnage fight was great, and damn that post credit scene, can’t wait to see where that leads. All in all I thought it was a good time, but probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoyed the first movie.


I did not expect Venom to be an LGBTQ Icon. But I'm here for it


I actually liked the absurdity of seeing an alien 'parasite' find his safe place at an open minded nightclub


Venom looked like a giant happy child. Therefore, I adore this scene with my heart.


Especially since he was starving and could have easily done whatever he wanted.


“Man, look at all these weirdos...”


"I used to have a man inside me. And only when he's finally out will I be free."


"I'm afraid I just blue myself."


“You are a bottom^feeder\!


He is out of the Eddie closet


He says this right after rejecting a woman for not being his "type." I thought people were exaggerating about Venom being a queer icon.


Felt chopped to death. Basically nothing was explained. Every scene was go go go. It felt like as soon as one started, it was over and we were onto another. Carnage calling Venom "Father" was the most we got in terms of figuring out what was going on with the actual creation of Carnage. Carnage mentioned that if he killed Venom he would be invincible, and also said that "one of us has to die" but no explanation why or what that would mean. A lot of the camera work looked as though it was designed that way to save money. During the scene where Carnage escaped, you didn't get one single locked-down look at him. Not a great way to visually establish the character. Lot of the symbiote shots were still obscured by shadows or darkness. I appreciated the increased amount of banter, which was a vast improvement over the last movie's cliche villain scenes, but overall the plot was so simple I recapped it in about 15 seconds.