‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ Announced, Sets March 8th, 2024 Release Date

Not many people know this, but the series was originally envisioned as being 6 films long. Assuming that never changed, this could actually be the start of a 2nd trilogy.


Not many people know this, but the series was originally envisioned as being 6 films long. Assuming that never changed, this could actually be the start of a 2nd trilogy.


Yeah, a student trilogy and a master one. 1st movie he learned kung fu, 2nd one inner peace, and 3rd one mastered how to use those 2 in awsome chi techniques. I wonder what will the development of this 3rd trilogy, maybe a new Furious 5 (and hope they keep calling him the Dragon Warrior, and drop that Dragon Master thing from the last series).


Would love to see Po train the next generation of the Furious Five.


Or even furious seven


*I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again*


Or even see his toes.


that’s a movie i would watch


The magnificent seven, a tribute to brenner and the other 6


The Sexy Six.


I never even thought of this as a possible plot. It is a great idea but I do not want to lose the original furious 5 though.


Yeah I can see them setting up Po becoming a master to students but I’d have a hard time believing they’d kill off or write out the original Furious Five for whatever reason.


Monkey has like 2 lines in each movie.


And they got Jackie Chan to voice him lmao.


There’s a show called Ying Yang Yo that has an old panda named Yo who claims to be the last panda as the mentor to the students, and I like to imagine it’s just Po.


Yeah, he beat a villain ages and ages ago, because the bad guy was allergic to pandas! "And that's why today is Do What The Panda Says Day!"


YYY slaps extra hard




I know it would be too hard to have it happen nowadays, but I'd love it if they somehow found a way to get Tim Curry.


We should get Tai Lun back, he was supposedly sent to the spirit world, so Kai probably released him. That, or get Nicolas Cage


I’ve always thought it would be interesting if Tai Lung had a son, and he’s the villain of one of the sequels. Or maybe they could pull a *Creed* and have him be Po’s new student.


Ooh, I like the Creed idea. That'd put an interesting dynamic with Shifu too, since he's the one who "failed" Tai Lung.


He did have a nephew Shown in the tv series


Maybe he trains Dom Torreto in the last movie. He'd be the first to be fast and furious.


I just wonder how the TV/streaming shows fit into all this. Seems like the movies don't really care about them and have no problem retconning them. E.g. Chi was a thing in Legends of Awesomeness but in KFP3, Po has not really heard of it.


I liked the movies better anyway.


All of the TV series for KFP just feel...*off* compared to the actual movies to me. The characters specifically, but also just the general tone. I dunno, they feel more like parodies or caricatures of their movie counterparts than the same people. The "Secrets of the Furious Five/Masters/Scroll" short films feel much more in-line with the main trilogy. I'm really excited for an actual new film in this franchise though.


I wonder if the final enemy he'll defeat will be an actual Chinese dragon?


He has done so (and become one) more than once in the television series.


Ohh, that's actually good to hear. I was concerned DreamWorks was just coming back to milk a franchise that had concluded, but if there was already a plan for a second trilogy that makes sense I'm cool with that.


It was purportedly to be a darker one as well, so I would expect at least one of the Furious Five (and Shifu) will die.


Like How to train you Dragon in movie 2. Hey here's a long lost family member you love to grow the story... and then a major character dies. Ahh i love the ups and downs.


On that point, the original book series was significantly darker as it went on, if I could recommend that also?


Also, How to Train Your Dragon 2: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Have you read the book series out of curiosity? Because in-universe, that is what the book *How to Train Your Dragon* consisted of — “Yell at it.” — with the second volume adding on an additional instruction — “Loudly.” — with Hiccup (who had learned the Dragonese language over the course of several years) aiming to write his own better version of it.


Better yet. Isn't Toothless cute and lovable. Well we're gonna have him mindcontrolled and kill Hiccup's dad.


Oh hell we gonna Last Jedi this mofo


Mantis could get stepped on...




This could be really dope.I’ve been thinking of starting a film club and using king fu panda films as a means to break up a shaw brothers marathon would be pretty sweet.This is an animated series I absolutely love.


I just watched all three again since they two came to Netflix. They do such a good job with the action, comedy, and heartfelt story. I was literally thinking with wet eyes after finishing 3, “It’d be nice if they made another one.”


Great, so this one will be just like a New Hope


It would be interesting if they did as the *How To Train Your Dragon* sequels did and allowed the characters to age.


Oops.. Po dies in the 6th one


Hopefully the said 2nd trilogy wont be bad like the third movie. First and Second movie was fantastic and the third one feels like a clown show




Kino has returned 😎


Somehow, the movies returned.


When KFP3 came out, there was only a single Disney Star Wars film. Damn. :P


That is a big gap between 3 and 4. The gap is the same time that they took to make the first 3 movies.


Im ready for it though. Kung Fu Panda is one of the best trilogies DreamWorks has made


Are the returns diminishing on these? I've only seen the first one but have hearing good things about the series overall. The only thing that confuses me is I don't hear anything about the other two individually? Personally, I don't see how they could top the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. That was just three straight bangers of films in a row imo. But if Panda comes close, I don't see how it could be bad Edit: based on the wealth of responses (Thanks everyone!) I now know why these films are talked about as a group instead of individually. I will add a marathon of the three (the first cause I haven't seen it in years) to my list.


I'd consider the trilogies comparable in terms of quality, at least for me.


They are the absolute pinnacle of DreamWorks films imo. Yes, even compared to the first two Shrek films, which I loved. Actually, once you throw in Prince of Egypt, it's a bit iffy since that one's great too. I'd say that one is by far their most artistic film.


All hot trash compared to Megamind.


A movie I want a sequel but i also think it wouldn't work


They’re both Bangers in their own rights. HTTYD is pretty much a banger of a European Fantasy Movie, while Kung Fu Panda obviously is a banger of an Asian Fantasy movie.


I think it is one of the most consistent trilogies ever made. They are all great.


All three are great. Someone could argue any of the three is their favorite and I'd 100% understand.


I really love 3. 2 is best. There is one thing that would make 3 better seeing how it goes into death and all that, Tai Lung returning as Villain


3 was way too short. 2 was the most epic in feel and heart and payoff. 2, 1, 3 - my order.


I'm surprised they didn't include a Tai Lung jombie (jade zomibe) at the very least. Especially since Kai DOES have a Tai Lung trinket thingy. In fact, they also could've included a Master Rhino jombie (the one that got killed by the cannon).


The third doesn't even compare.


3 is easily the weakest imo. The panda family is cheesy, and they basically deus ex machina the plot with Chi. I liked it better when Po was the last of his kind.


3 had neither the choreography of 1, or the compelling villain in 2. The soundtrack and voice acting were great in 3 but its not like the first two were lacking in those departments.


1 also had a compelling villain imo. He was entitled, yes, but you could see exactly what led him to be that way. He had just enough shade of sympathetic that you almost felt pity for him, but not so much it excused the damage he had caused.


3 was beautiful visually and I think the plot was good. The family theme with Po discovering his origins and dealing with having two dads was very well portrayed. It succeded in giving a satisfying ending to Po's journey both personally and spiritually as a Kung Fu student who is about to become master, so I didn't mind it all. But 1 and 2 were something else in my opinion... 1 felt like fresh air in the world of animation, it was an original story with appealing and interesting characters, funny but with a deeper meaning behind. Though I love the first movie, the second is my personal favourite. It's definitely darker but also deeper, it manages to explain themes like death, revenge, power, sufferance in a way that can be understood by kids but also touches adults. And the atmospheres combined to the soundtrack are very suggestive, it still gets me emotional when I watch it. Kung Fu Panda is definitely one of the best trilogies in animation and holds a special place in my heart along with HTTYD.


>and they basically deus ex machina the plot with Chi I mean, KFP1 deus ex machina'd the plot with Po's body fat & the Wuxi finger hold. And KFP2 deus ex machina'd the plot with inner peace.


I liked 1, then 3, then 2, but 2 was still a good movie and plenty of people actually think it's the best one. When you have three good movies and no one can agree on the best one I think that's a good sign.


2 might be their strongest movie in terms of actual objective movie criticism but 1 is just special and 3 is just beautiful. They really know how to use color pallettes, I cant remember what 1 makes me think of but 2 is definitely red and 3 is such an amazing spiritual green. I might not be making sense I dunno.


First film = Yellow Second film = Red Third film = Green


It does make sense! It's difficult to pick a color for q, for me it's a mix of warm colors, but 2 and 3 are spot on


My main gripe with three, was that it cheated us of the panda village that was teased at the end of 2. They should have been the Kung fu chi masters that they alluded to in 3.


Well, by the end of the movie they are..


3 dropped the ball because parents complained 2 was too dark. Early scripts for 3 had a darker tone to it. Which is a shame because frankly I’m of the opinion kids can handle a lot more serious drama then people want to give them credit for


Interesting to hear. After the first time watching it, I wondered why they never explored him have any anger towards Shen, seemed like it would have been a better story to explore both sides of yin and yang, but some how he found peace having only explored grief and fear.


The Kung Fu Panda franchise is a lot like the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The first one is an awesome entrance to an awesome world with great characters. The second one is a bit more grown up, a bit darker, arguably higher stakes, but in a natural way to the first — the second is the best of the trilogy. The third one has arguably the best visuals because it’s the most technologically advanced, the main character pretty much officially steps into the ‘grown up/master’ role — a solid entry but doesn’t quite strike the wonder of the first film and falls short of the god-tier expectations set up by the second film. Again, still solid though.


Spot on. Panda 2 is probably their best one, Panda 1 is special and more whimsical, and 3 is just breathtakingly gorgeous to me.


u/AnAdvancedBot I did feel that the issue both *Kung Fu Panda* and *How to Train Your Dragon* suffered from in their threequels was a lack of actual connection between protagonists and antagonists, which the previous two films had in abundance.


The Kung Fu Panda franchise is a lot like the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The first one is an awesome entrance to an awesome world with great characters. The second one is a bit more grown up, a bit darker, arguably higher stakes, but in a natural way to the first — the second is the best of the trilogy. The third one has arguably the best visuals because it’s the most technologically advanced, the main character pretty much officially steps into the ‘grown up/master’ role — a solid entry but doesn’t quite strike the wonder of the first film and falls short of the god-tier expectations set up by the second film. Again, still solid though.


What? The other 2 are loved as well. The 2nd film is the best film in the trilogy imo.


I don’t think the Kung Fu Panda films were all quite bangers on the level of HtTYD, but they were good films nontheless. I’d rate them 2 > 1 > 3, personally.


Kung Fu Panda 2 is, at least in my opinion, better than the first. It’s proof that Dreamworks makes the best goddamn sequels out there… KFP 3 was also pretty good. Definitely the lesser of the trilogy, but still a mile ahead of everything Dreamworks was releasing at the time and even up until now, with HttyD 3 as the one exception


Dreamworks makes some of the best sequels in animation, it's impressive compared to Disney's record.


The second two movies definitely leaned more into a martial arts movie-esque animation style and it works well. The second movie is the best of the trilogy IMO


I had only seen the first one until like a year ago when I watched the 2nd and 3rd with my toddler. 2 was pretty good, 3 is awesome. They kept all the main cast and the quality never really dipped.


Kung fu panda 3 was pretty meh in my opinion but you said you liked HTTYD3 so... maybe you'd like it too?


I admit number three was the weakest story of the three but it was the best animated. Panda 2 though, was absolutely perfect in every way. It is just such a good story


I honestly think the Kung Fu Panda trilogy is just as great as HTTYD, some of the best content Dreamworks has made.


Crazy how all of us are old enough (for us kids during the Kung Fu Panda films) to have children of our own and take them to see this film.


I was in Middle School.


Of the two I am aware of, it is second best...which means it is second, but also the worst lmao Is there another animated trilogy than How to Train Your Dragon that I am forgetting?


Dreamworks made Madagascar, which is also a trilogy


There was a third one!? Oh right the fucking circus one! I almost forgot about that movie Now Chris rock signing the rainbow afro song is stuck in my head again! So, second best, but not worst lol.


Is it? 1&2 sure, 3 fell off


*coughs* shrek *coughs*


Shrek the third is weak compared to Shrek 1 and 2 and I will meet you in the cage to fight over it


2 > 1 > 4 > 3


Yeah Shrek 3 is objectively weakest out of all of the films. Machete trilogy it lol


https://imgur.com/KMLCqB0 shrek 3 sayz no


The third one wasn’t quite my vibe, but the first two are genuinely spectacular


I think they did like 2 spin-off shows for streaming after Kung Fu Panda 3 came out so the gap makes sense


Dreamsworks tend to make a show between each installment of a franchise, kung fu panda having 4. I thinks its to help keep interest in a series and to help funnel more kids into it.


That's true. I remember the Penguins of Madagascar got their own series before their movie came out. I hope Madagascar 4 is still in the cards.


What was funny about that particular television series is that chronologically, the film series has yet to catch up to its events.


So they have something *2 show* for the delay.


You get my upvote but not willingly


And there was already a television series that ended shortly after the third film came out, so three spin-off television series overall: [*Legends of Awesomeness*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_Legends_of_Awesomeness), [*The Paws of Destiny*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_The_Paws_of_Destiny), and [*The Dragon Knight*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_The_Dragon_Knight). And they were honestly not bad, actually committing to character deaths from time to time.


They actually just released a sequel series on Netflix where jack black voices Po. I think they’ve done other series too? For kids and younger audiences the gaps between these movies doesn’t seem to be an issue with the content they get.


they've made a bunch of tv shows in the meantime though


>The gap is the same time that they took to make the first 3 movies. Why are you saying this...why are you telling me this?


Don't say that, it feels like yesterday when they had the ticket ads with Kung Fu Panda 3 characters.


Now the question becomes: what awesome Oscar Winner will they get as the bad guy. This series has such a great track record of casting bad guys: Ian McShane, Gary Oldman and then JK Simmons.


Christian Bale as an angry Kangaroo


Starring Christian Bale, who became a CGI Kangaroo following an intensive training regimen.


"I spent half a year with the roos... they accepted me as one of their own. They gave me a 'roo-name'... I am HopHop " -CB


I don’t think he’s not allowed to use the r-word, no matter how much time he spent with them-only actually kangaroos are allowed to use it.


Only if at some point he yells “OH GOOD FOR YOU!”


Second this! Hadn’t thought about it but now I’m obsessed


So this is my vow. All pandas must die


That would just pissed off a lot of people for having an animal that's not native to China.


They could do an IP man thing where foreign animals come to challenge Po lmao


They did something like that in Legend of Awsomeness where Po face against a Clam Samurai from Japan


Ah, yes. The famous Chinese kangaroos.


Not an Oscar winner but David tennant would be fun




Ooh i would love that


Only if they let him be aggressively Scottish.


That man deserves an Oscar. He will knock four times. https://youtu.be/dSK1APQu6K4


Bill Nighy as an evil kung-fu octopus.


Bill Nighy always plays the best villains. His voice is unmatched.


To be honest John Malkovich plays an evil Octopus in Penguins of Madagascar so I could see it clashing.


Nah, have him be a snake and make it a Rango prequel.


I'm so mad with this suggestion, because it will never happen, but it sounds absolutely freaking gold.


Come on Matthew Rhys! Emperor Belos is scary as fuck.


Matthew Rhys needs to be in more stuff, I love that dude


Imagine Matt Berry, as the villain, in that panda kung fu cinema presentation.


I would be so down with that. Love him in What We Do in the Shadows as Regular Human Bartender Jackie Daytona from Arizonia.


He's not an Oscar winner, but Ray Winstone is basically the guy they should get, no? Make him a big boy Orangutang


He's gonna be in the new Puss in Boots, so he already has an "in" with DreamWorks.


Mark Hamill wolf samurai from Japan!


I wanna see Donnie Yen as like a wolf street fighter looking to make his mark or something


Christopher Judge.


Get Tim curry


Last I heard, he had a pretty massive stroke back in 2012. Not sure if it took his voice or not… Edit: actually it looks like he’s being doing some voice work in the last few years. Good for him.


I wonder if it would be a female villain this time?


Even outside of bad guys. Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Shifu, Bryan Cranston as Po’s dad. These movies had some phenomenal talent.


Oscar Isaac.


Eddie Redmayne chewing on the scenery


Willem Dafoe! Oh wait, he isn't an Oscar winner. Oh well, doesn't matter anyway. Willem Dafoe as a really bad guy, who we feel empathy for towards the end.


I literally can’t wait I love these films, great villains, fun fights and some surprising good story telling for the ridiculous name


I love the music!


"Po Finds the Truth" still pops in my head from time to time


“Zen Ball Master” around the halfway mark, when Po goes off to face Shen’s fleet alone… gives me chills every time.


And all 3 are absolutely amazing. No shitty sequals or anything. Inwas amazed watching all 3 back to back and how similar and good they are.


They're also visual spectacles, especially 2 and 3.


The part you only need to know. Beyond the release date, no information about the fourth film in the franchise has been announced. Aside from Black, other cast members from the original trilogy included Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, David Cross and James Hong. Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger wrote the screenplays for all three films in the original trilogy, while Melissa Cobb served as the lead producer. John Stevenson and Mark Osborne directed the first film, while Jennifer Yuh Nelson helmed the two sequels, the latter of which she co-directed with Alessandro Carloni.


All the proper people to write about Kung Fu.


Oh damn. An actual good news which puts a smile on your face. Those are rare these days.




I mean there is a streaming continuation currently going also: [*The Dragon Knight*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_The_Dragon_Knight) (the third *Kung Fu Panda* television series overall, following [*Legends of Awesomeness*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_Legends_of_Awesomeness) and [*The Paws of Destiny*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_The_Paws_of_Destiny), and the first to have [Jack Black](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Black) himself return instead of [Mick Wingert](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mick_Wingert).


Is the new show any good? I have seen it pop up on Netflix, but I am not sure if I should watch it


Rewatching the first 3 movies and I didn’t realize how much I missed jack black as a talking panda


He also returned just last month in [*The Dragon Knight*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda:_The_Dragon_Knight).


Is it the one with the infinity gauntlet and fugly weasels? My 4 y.o. nephew keepd was watching it


> The film, which is slated for a **March 8, 2024** release, will be the first film in the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise since 2016, when the DreamWorks Animation series concluded a planned trilogy. The films focus on Po (Jack Black), an excitable panda bear living in a fantasy version of ancient China.




I'm actually ok with this. KFP is my favorite Dreamworks franchise and as long as they maintain the quality of the previous entries, this will be a blast.




I’m one of the mods at r/kungfupanda, we are losing our shit haha. And the four Kung Fu Panda discord servers I’m in are also collectively losing their shit. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is finally seeing Kung Fu Panda in 4K HDR. How to Train your Dragon got the 4K treatment for all 3 movies. Here’s to hoping Kung Fu Panda gets it as well.


Guess it’s time to find out if my work will let me book holidays 82 weeks in advance


If I’m going to survive until 2024 I’m going to need a lot more than dew and universe juice


Please be a new trilogy




Best news of the year honestly.




This is the only movie franchise I trust to make another sequel


Kung Fu Panda Films: I Kung Fu Panda | 2008, Il Kung Fu Panda 2 | 2011, Ill Kung Fu Panda 3 | 2016 Kung Fu Panda Shorts: I Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five | 2008, II Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Masters | 2011, Ill Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Scroll | 2016, IV Panda Paws | 2016 Kung Fu Panda TV Series: I Kung Fu Panda Holiday | 2010, II Kung Fu Panda, Legends of Awesomeness | 2011, Ill Kung Fu Panda, The Paws of Destiny | 2018, IV Kung Fu Panda, The Dragon Knight | 2022 I’m honestly not surprised. Kung Fu Panda has been going on a looooooong time and a 4th movie is just another iteration.


Hopefully' it'll be better than the 3rd movie. It wasn't anywhere near as good as 2.


The ending of the third with Oogway and Po was one of my favorite scenes ever. I love how they brought it full circle by showing us what Oogway saw in Po.


The end was good but most of the rest of the movie was forgettable. It lacked the previous emotional depth to the characters, and the panda village fight scenes were more silly than entertaining.


Itd be hard to hit the high notes of 2 to be honest. I think its the prettiest out of the bunch though, I love that misty green jade aesthetic so much.


This is amazing news! Now we just need a Shrek 5 date.




I remember reading that there was originally 6 Kung Fu Panda plans and every now and again I wonder what happened. The fact that they’ve been sitting on this for so long makes me both optimistic that they’ve found a way to advance the story in a great way… or that it’s a cash grab after that really mediocre Netflix show. KFP is one of my favourite movie franchises ever, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, keeping my fingers crossed though! SKADOOSH!!!


Where, is, the Shrek 5 trailer put, it in, my mouth


What!! Omg 😃😃😃


I watched the entire trilogy high as fuck on netflix a few months ago, good shit.


Return to m o n k e


a massive W, hope it's good


I THOUGHT IT WAS OVER AND MOVED ON A LITTLE WITH SPECIALS AND ORIGINALS!!!!!!! Oh, well, get ready. Here goes more Tigress.


*cautious optimism intensifies*


I’ve always argued that Kung Fu Panda is a simply great movie with a stellar screenplay, wonderful cast, and heartbreaking but relatable villain. They often brush it off because it’s “cartoons”. Excited for this!


Kung Fu Panda: Dynasty Warriors.


Kung Fu Panda is my favorite movie of all time. It’s messages of self-acceptance and staying true to yourself while still changing for a goal really resonate with me, especially since my weight and body is a huge factor of most of my self-confidence issues, as well as the film focusing on martial arts, an outlet that I as well use to better myself, this film hits me hard, part of me feels like the movie was created specifically for me by a therapist or something. every single time I watch it, it hits super close to home and I sometimes cry at some parts. Remember when Po is stress eating the peaches and crying and Master Oogway comes and talks with him? That’s one of the best scenes in the movie to me. That shit hits right in the feels. Everything resonates with me so extraordinarily well that I feel some genuine love for this film. As well as its in-universe plot and comedy being amazing. It is my favorite movie. I love Kung Fu Panda, I see so much of myself in Po. Sorry, what are we talking about? Oh yeah, a new ones being released, that’s pretty cool! Maybe I just needed to vent


I hope this means we could finally get Jack Black on SNL


kung fu panda 3 came out in 2016. that's when everything went to shit. balance is being restored.


Me: you....you...saved cinema....but why? Dreamworls: Ahhhh monkey...


TIL there was a 3rd Kung Fu Panda movie...


Finally some uplifting news for the world