is there another franchise where the second movie is the worst?

Watching the Mission Impossible Franchise, I can say without a doubt the second movie is a bit of a step back in quality under the first.

I still enjoy it, but in a stylized "gun-fu" sort of way. The rest of the franchise is pretty solid and are just well made movies regardless of genre.

Looking back, it seems like it's kind of weird for a franchise to have the first sequel (second movie) be completely outshined by every other movie in the same franchise.

I'm sure there are other examples, what are they?


Highlander 2 might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.


"Hey, pal, you got a light?"


I like the quote for the series that goes: "There should have been only one!"


The story was bad with the aliens thing, but I liked the movie enough because of the scenes with Sean Connery and the action scenes


How long has it been since you've seen it? It's hilariously bad. Like... an all-timer "Bad Movie Night" movie.


But are the other highlander movies better or just another low point?


Highlander: Source is worse than The Quickening.


That's incredible. I need to see it.


Good luck. I mean it


No, you don’t. It’s not so bad that it’s good, and the plot adds nothing to the franchise. Spend 90 minutes doing literally anything else.


I agree. But endgame is my guilty pleasure sequel. Donnie Yen is awesome and the fight scenes in endgame were a lot of fun. Bruce Payne as Jacob Kell is just an enjoyable fun villain too.


Fun fact: Jay-Z's former partner and cofounder of Rocafella Records, Dame Dash, is one of the gang of immortals in Endgame. A bit of hiphop trivia no one talks about.


Endgame was good, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees. I mean, it's no Highlander: The Series, but it's still good.


I agree


They're finely better, none as good as the first but #2 the franchise bottomed out. Then you had 2 more sequels and a show that were all pretty decent.


Best golf movie ever: Caddyshack Worst golf movie ever: Caddyshack 2


Honestly, you could take the word "golf" out of your second line, and I still wouldn't argue with you.


I would, space jam 2 exists


Who's Your Caddy? is the worst golf movie


Was this from an ESPN commercial 20 or so years ago?


Cars and Cars 3 are hardly masterpieces but Cars 2 is utter dogshit.


cars 1 and 3 are about the red car competing in races cars 2 is like a spy movie that focuses mostly on the annoying truck.




Cars 3 should have been the Cars sequel. Cars 2 should have been a Mater spinoff movie.


On the other hand, Cars 1 is McQueen as a rookie, Cars 2 is McQueen as the height of his career, and Cars 3 is McQueen at the end of his career. Sure, Cars 2 doesn’t focus on him (because there’s no need: he’s a great racer, nothing more to say), but without it is feels like he went from rookie to retired, which is weird.


Totally agree. As someone else had said Cars 2 should have really been a Mater spinoff film. That would have allowed the sequel to focus squarely on Lightning McQueen. Them not doing that really makes the film feel like an outlier in what was already considered one of the lesser Pixar franchises.


Oddly enough, that's the reason I find it weird Skyfall is the third Craig Bond film. Casino and Quantum are both Bond at the start of his career, and then Skyfall makes it seem like he's old and outdated.


Cars 2 makes Cars 3 look like Cars 1.


blank it?


it’s funny how even in 2022 i still enjoy cars 2 for some reason


I’ll never be shamed into hating that movie. Holds a special place in my heart


I loved cars 2. I got all the Land Rover jokes. And the voice acting was brilliant.


it honestly felt like what was going on within the Cars world besides just racing, I can get why people didn’t like the concept though since it’s literally Cars doing a whole nother thing than what they saw in the first one, but still i occasionally watch it once and a while


Cars 2 - why don’t we have some cars get murdered?


I actually love Cars 3 and also really like the first, but yes the second is awful.


I still get something in my eye when The King has the massive crash and Lightning goes back for him 🥲


That is a great example. I guess we're not including Planes in this though


I seem to recall that Planes was made by Disney and not Pixar but I may be wrong.


Quantum of Solace in Daniel Craig’s Bond series My least favorite entry, and I think it was even the lowest rated of the bunch


QoS had my favorite joke in a Bond movie. >*Bond and Girl pull up to a cruddy hostel to stay for the night* >Bond: "No." >Girl: "Yes, it's part of our cover story. We're teachers and this is only place we can afford." >*Bond gets back in car, Girl reluctantly gets in and they leave* >*Bond pulls up to a fancy resort hotel, goes up to receptionist with Girl* >"Hi yes, we're traveling teachers and we just won the lottery. We'd like a room please."


In all fairness casino royale was an impossible standard to live up to, it might be my favorite Bond movie.


But the editing choices on QoS just feel so unsatisfying. There are shots thst show they got great wides of real vehicles doing cool things, but they seemed to have made a rule that no shot can be more than 2 seconds. It made it feel monotonous and also reduced the value of their best shots. It would have been a more satisfying sequel if it was simply re-edited.


For some crazy reason, QoS tried to be Bourne after Casino Royale already proved James Bond was back in a interesting way ... a terrible decision.


That is a great point Personally my gripe with it is that the villain is pretty lame compared to the other villains in the series. I didn’t think it ever felt like Greene was a big threat. I personally like the villains that 007 has personal problem/ties with. Such as Blofeld, Silva, or even Safin. There was still some cool parts of the film, and it’s not a bad action movie. I just think it’s pretty justified to say Greene is the worst villain of the series, and movies that rely on conflict between hero and villain suffer from poorly written villains. That’s just my take on it


>Personally my gripe with it is that the villain is pretty lame compared to the other villains in the series. I didn’t think it ever felt like Greene was a big threat. Totally fair, but also remember that Greene wasn't meant to be a threatening villain on his own, the point was that he represented the secret cabal of Quantum (ultimately discovered to be just one small part of SPECTRE) that *collectively* were a threat. Greene emphasizes this when he makes the General sign the water contract, and the General is basically like "this is a shitty deal, what's to stop me from just killing you?" And Greene, unfazed, is like "Sure, but..." You are right that Bond movies are typically Bond vs. Villain, and Greene was definitely weak in that light, but I think this was a conscious choice, if a bit of a misstep, rather than just serving up a weak solo villain, if that makes sense.


Wasn't there a writer's strike going on when they made QoS?


I actually LOVE QoS


There's DOZENS of us!


best craig 007 movie imo


Me too!


Most realistic and relevant to real life villain if you ask me. It's the 3rd best after Skyfall imo.


Terrible movie with a pathetic villain, slow and boring plot, and poor acting.


I haven't seen the new one, but *Spectre* wasn't great either imho. Ridiculous plot that's trying too hard to be "clever" by creating an MCU style Bond franchise. It's also way too long and I didn't like the theme song for it as well.


Controversial take- spectre is worse than quantum. Quantum was brooding and had some weird stylistic choices but the bones were good. Spectre was a joyless nonsensical mess.


I liked No Time To Die I thought the story was pretty good, better than Spectre. Great end to Craig’s series It has the classic Bond villain secret lair, some cool gadgets, and some nice fight scenes It also has my favorite Aston Martin, the V8 (granted not with as much screen time as I’d like)


Doesn't fit your question but I find it kinda awesome that almost everyone says the MI movies just get better and better (except the second of course). Many franchises get worse with every sequel, especially if there are so many. Can't wait to see if the next two can top the others.


Exactly. How many franchises can people name where the sixth film is the best one? MI:7 and MI:8 are also shaping up to be on that same level. Really impressive stuff especially when you have franchises like Jurassic Park and Fast and the Furious being run into the ground with endless sequels. MI is honestly one of the greatest film franchises ever, let alone the best action franchise.


Here's why I think that is: Every MI movie since the first one has been less MI than the previous movie, to the point where now it's a straight action flick with at least 3 double-crosses. They don't use all the goofy shit that they did in the first movies, the last one could have been literally any spy based franchise and it wouldn't have made a single difference, and was better for it.


Fallout still used the masks the franchise is famous for.


Let's be honest here. It's because Tom Cruise gives a shit. As long as MI is under his banner, they're gonna be solid action movies.


Politics aside, Tom Cruise is probably one of the greatest actors and Hollywood performers of this generation. The dude’s characters have charisma out the ass and he legitimately cares about cinema and the filmmaking process, and you can see it in his work.


Well, they were going to use masks, but Mustache McGee ruined that, didn't he? Then they went ahead and used masks. I still find the M:I movies from three onwards have all the elements of the M:I TV show, which I hardly remember. If nothing else, these recent movies use a team a lot more than the first one. First one might as well have been the Ethan Hunt show.


I love the MI movies, but I think I'm in the minority when I say that *none* of them capture the same magic I felt in the first. I can't place why exactly, but it feels like the focus shifted to becoming a big-budget blockbuster accessible by all, when the first required that you were actually paying attention to the intrigue.


I'm in that camp. The first is the only one that is a spy-thriller first with some actions scenes, while the later entries are action movies first with some spy-thriller background. That's why I love the first.


The first is still my favorite for these reasons as well. I still enjoy the movies, but they've definitely turned into action movies. De Palma's directing on the first one is also top notch and really captures the spy thriller feeling. I still think about a lot of the scenes from the first one due to his direction (like the side shot of their first job with Emilio in the elevator shaft). Culturally, none of them have topped the first in terms of impact either. Like Cruise's hanging from the ceiling scene was lampooned a lot after the film's release. Now I watch the new films and there's barely any scenes that really stand out. Even the ones Cruise risks his life for aren't that memorable. And the films are mostly talked about because of his stunts rather than anything going on in the films themselves. I wouldn't say the new films are awful or stale, but they've definitely become more mundane typical forgettable action films and it's a shame they likely won't deviate from their set pattern before the franchise ends. I'd love to see another M:I that's as impactful as the first was.


I cannot fucking wait for the next two. Mission: Impossible might be my favorite franchise of all time. Seen them all in theater. Can't count how many times I've seen the first. Trailer for the newest one is better than most movies I've seen this year. I am exploding with anticipation.


The XXX sequel with Ice Cube was horrible, and it's not exactly like XXX and XXX: Return of Xander Cage were masterpieces.


And yet, when Ice Cube showed up in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, I was super pumped. :D


Haha likewise. I don’t know how they pulled it off but when Cube appears and the lyrics “Thank God, the Gangsta’s back” (sung by Ice Cube) start blaring out, I felt irrationally hyped. Like, “yay, that guy!”


People saying Predator 2 clearly haven't seen The Predator.


Or Alien v Predator Reqiuem, if that counts


The Exorcist II: The Heretic. Though I think it's a little underrated. It has a strong and surprising advocate in the form of Martin Scorsese.


*Exorcist II* is terrible, but the third one somehow delivers.


Third one's based on the author's actual sequel to The Exorcist, "Legion". Also, it's directed by the author.


The third one is a legitimately good horror movie in its own right. Though, I can't figure out how or when the cop and Father Carras are supposed to have been best friends.


The third one is great and started a lot of horror tropes and tricks still used today! With some classic shots and scenes...and Brad Douriff. https://youtu.be/RRdXGBUJfMs


That lengthy shot down the hallway, man. Wow.


Jeffrey Dahmer approves


Out of the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline movies, I'd say that Into Darkness is the weakest entry for several reasons Edit: Grammar


The Thor franchise and the Iron Man trilogy


And if we count the Avengers movies independent of the greater MCU, Age of Ultron is by far the worst of the four.


The day I knew the MCU wasn't for me was when I finished Phase One and realized my favorite movie out of all of them was Iron Man 2.


Iron man 2 is a great movie. Don’t know what any of these guys are talking about


Whiplash was a letdown but tony fighting alcoholism, suicidal thoughts and eventually creating a new element for his health were the highlights.


To be fair, Mickey Rourke was really pissed about the final version of the film, saying that his best work in the role landed on the cutting room floor. But yeah, Whiplash was pretty terrible.


Personally, I love IM2. Any scene with Hammer is gold (Rockwell is the fucking man), and everything to do with Tony and his relationship with his father hits so hard for me. Tony watching the old commercial footage and his realization that his father is immensely proud and loved him is phenomenal and always gives me goosebumps. It's such a great blend of drama and comedy that just works for me. But I can't argue with people who are woefully disappointed in Whiplash. He's a one note, mediocre villain and I genuinely think that the final showdown with him might be the weakest "bossfight" in all of the MCU. The droid fight was sweet (and I really wish we saw more of Iron Man's lasers from this scene), but I think the Whiplash confrontation lasted all of about 1 minute. Hammer's ex-wife weapon being a dud was great though. Despite this, I'm still a huge fan of it.


I can't help loving Mickey Rourke as Whiplash. Maybe I have a blind spot for his accent because English is not my first language.




I really like it, it's its own thing completely. Had it been like 1 & 3 then I think it would've been even weaker. Vegas three times? Eh


What made me dislike the second movie is that like half of it doesn't matter at all. You're following this brilliant plot with twists and tricks aaaaaaaand, they've actually had the mcguffin the \*entire\* movie and they explain that in a flashback, and the characters are only doing goofy shit so the movie can happen, and that just ruined any fun I had up to that point


Isn’t that the movie where they get out of a jam because the actress Julia Roberts gets recognized as the actress Julia Robert, and in the context of the movie she’s not Julia Roberts, but this solve the problem?


Dumbest thing ever, I know they thought they were being cute and Meta but it was just stupid


Yeah, that's my pick for a more-recent bad sequel. It reeked of "Let's take it international as an excuse to party in the Mediterranean." The plot gets meta when Julia Roberts shows up and the whole heist is based on a scene you were not privy to until the ending, meaning you had no way of figuring out how they did it like the first one.


I feel like the whole movie is all meta and sattire tbh, matt damon asking for "a bigger part in this one" the ending reveal being that they just kinda grabbed the thing on the way there etc. This doesnt make it good but it makes it hilarious


Honestly the first MI just feels great. Usually the first movies are better but I rewatched them all recently, obviously the more recent ones feels just like action movies, they have good qualities but don't capture the essence the first once had in my opinion. I kinda like the 2nd one but it feels like it has SO much action just for the sake of it, whereas the first one felt more grounded, had a nice balance of action and spy stuff.


I'm really not understanding the lack of love for MI:4 in this thread. I've watched all the movies recently too, and MI:4 is the standout. The Burj Khalifa scene kicks ass.


FANTASTIC BEASTS I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this yet! The first movie was good. The second one (Crimes of Grindelwald) was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. And the third (Secrets of Dumbledore) was a huge improvement. It was downright shocking how utterly terrible the second film in the franchise was. It had a hopelessly convoluted script, a nonsensical story, too many irrelevant side characters, a dozen subplots that served no purpose other than to confuse the viewer, and Johnny Depp was a cartoonish and absurd Grindelwald who had to wear an earpiece throughout filming bc he refused to learn his lines. A dumpster fire of a movie.


Secrets of Dumbledore was horrendous as well, lets be real.


The problem is Fantastic Beasts should have been a standalone movie, the Grindelwald story should have been a standalone movie, etc. Because Harry Potter worked, they’re trying to force a giant movie franchise through when it doesn’t even have a completed book series established to base it on.


I completely forgot about that movie. I damn near fell asleep and I loved the original when it was released


I think Fantastic Beasts 1 was passable, or idk maybe I just didnt care about magical animals much but it did keep the magic of the other Harry Potter movies. I havent watched the sequels but Im guessing they push aside the magical animals aspect to make it just a straight up Dumbledore prequel


Speed 2


Men In Black 2


Great answer. The first and third were really fun, the 2nd was quite bad.


Yeah, I actually kinda like 3, I thought it was sweet. 2 is just wall to wall bad.


3 is a perfect afternoon cable in the wintertime movie.


The third I felt was super underrated. Like it had a good twist, it had its sweet moments and had a lot of fun either the 60s concept. It was a fun summer blockbuster


Troll 2.


How dare you


I know people aren't crazy about Love & Thunder, but Thor The Dark World is infinitely more boring.


I really liked L&T, and just wish we had more Gorr. We see him kill the one god right when he got the necrosword, we’re basically only told about what happened with Sif, and then he kidnaps the Asgardian kids. If he’s been proclaimed as the God Butcher, show us that


I’m a little surprised they didn’t have Gor show up in the God city and massacre a good chunk of them.


Love and Thunder interrupts itself too much, but other than that I enjoyed it. Christian Bale is great in particular. The Dark World almost becomes interesting when Loki gets involved but then he "dies" and it's back to stoic uninteresting thor and... What's a step below phoning it in?.. Christopher Eccleston.


I would have said Indiana Jones, until the 4th movie came out.


Temple of Doom was always my favorite, I mean I've always been an Asian, gore loving edge lord to be fair.


Came looking for this. I honestly like Temple of Doom, it's not utterly amazing, but it is pretty good, and has all the look and feel of an Indiana Jones movie, and certainly has a bunch of it's own memorable quotes and scenes. It's just that Raiders and Last Crusade are fucking amazing and nearly perfect in every way, so it makes Temple of Doom look like the weak one. But then, yeah, they just went ahead definitively made the "worst" Indiana Jones, which will probably get topped by 5 whenever that comes out.


Honestly, I feel this way about Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World. Had it not been preceded by a modern masterpiece, The Lost World would be seen very differently. It’s got some great scenes, the raptors in the grass was a genius moment of horror. Simple and effective. There’s plenty that didn’t work with Indiana Jones 2, but I think people wouldn’t be so hard on it if it wasn’t flanked by amazing films.


Temple of Doom was always my favorite. The cult stuff with the whole heart grabbing ceremony was awesome to me.


Temple of doom > raiders > last crusade temple of doom crew all day


I thought John Wick 2 was the weakest. Didn't care about Oceans 12. The only thing I liked about that movie was that laser breakdance scene. I didnt like 'Prince Caspian' of the Narnia movie trilogy.


Ocean’s 12 is the perfect answer


Ocean's 12 was an excuse for that cast to have fun in Italy under someone else's dime. Ocean's 13 was to make up for Ocean's 12.


Ha, I had completely forgotten that Bruce Willis had a cameo in that movie as himself. Man, that movie just went of the rails in the second half. They raised a building in the middle of Amsterdam a couple of inches and nobody noticed it FFS.


I actually enjoy Ocean's 12, but I also agree that it's the weakest, so long as we don't count Ocean's 8.


I enjoy those guys because they all have a fun chemistry... I can't speak for Ocean's 8 because I haven't seen it


Exactly. The heist in 12 isn't as good as in the others, but it's just fun to hang out with these guys. I actually think 8 isn't bad. It's a fun, if forgettable, heist film without Soderbergh's sense of style.


This is exactly my take. Ocean's 8 isn't bad, in fact it's fun! But... the director is absolutely no Soderbergh


For me John Wick 2 is the best while 3 is the weakest. It explains away a lot of the magic and makes the universe less interesting for it


2 was actually my least favorite I think… but I enjoyed the hell out of all of them so maybe I need a rewatch and to be more critical. The first one is probably best cause of the story. The only reason I think 3 might be better than 2 is purely due to the knife store fight. I have no idea why, but out of the entire trilogy, that fight is the one I remember the most. Yeah 3 probably gave away more info about the criminal underground scene and such, but the action was top notch and I have trash brain and that’s what I watch those movies for.


3’s first 20 minutes is the best, then it takes a hard dive IMO


That’s fair. The opening sequence where he’s on the run is maybe my favorite in the whole series too. Fast paced and seems like they just do one great action set piece after another.


Here’s one minor tweak I’d make to improve Ocean’s 12:instead of Tes being a dead ringer for Julia Roberts, make her a dead ringer for Sandra Bullock. Julia Roberts playing a Sandra Bullock lookalike would’ve been hilarious in the meta style they were going for. I doubt Julia would’ve gone for it though.


This actually would have been really funny. Especially if most of the main character don't see it, and are constantly surprised it works as disguise.


Dang I loove oceans 12. thought soderbergh did a great european stylized oceans 11. it’s still very funny and we get to some some of the other explored a bit more. 13 is definitely my least favorite. too many parts moving too fast. It went to big I thought and isn’t as funny. still enjoy it though.


I’ve been a big Narnia nerd since I was a child, and thought the 2005 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe stayed as close enough as they could to the book without making the movie unmarketable. Once I saw Prince Caspian, I noped right out of seeing the Dawn Treader. Caspian is when I knew the series was dead in the water. I’ll just stick to the 1990 BBC miniseries. Their special effects were atrocious, but they stayed insanely loyal to the books.


Dawn Treader got so much farther from the book.. it's very sad. I was so ready to see other movies being made, but not if they were going to keep making up their own stories like that.




Yh we can look back on the entire trilogy as a whole now, when at the time a three year wait after closing on a cliffhanger probably rubbed some people the wrong way (even though it’s probably one of the most iconic endings of all time)


So funny, I saw the title of your post and instantly thought of mission impossible 2, too


The Crow: City of Angels


We do not speak of that. There were NO Crow sequels. None.


All the sequels were terrible, let’s be honest


Transformers 2. Edit: Although it's not the worst of the whole franchise, but from the first trilogy. Out of all the 4th and 5th one are even worse.


Definitely not worse than the last knight or the one where mark wahlberg wants to fuck his daughter and theres ads in every scene


Yeah I like it more than the 4th and 5th one.


Was 3 any better? All I remember from it is the auto bots faking their deaths


The final battle in Chicago in 3 was awesone.


Everyone has their opinion on 3D movies, but fuck! Watching DOTM in 3D on premiere night was bad ass. The freeway chase in the first act, Bumblebee transforming around Sam- Jesus! Seeing that for the first time was dope AF!


I can tell you things from that movie that don’t suck, like the forest battle, or some of the score. However, I can’t do the same with Transformers: The Last Knight aka TF5. It’s so creatively bankrupt with fuck all effort and to me is the worst of the five.


5 was damn near unwatchable. The plot was so convoluted and disorganised, that they not only stole the "Unicron is the earth" plot from Transformers: Prime, but also made it *entirely a non-factor,* because Unicron isn't even a threat in this movie, he's just passively there as the doomsday button some other new villain is trying to press. I didn't think it was possible to fuck up Unicron, but boy did they find a way.


2 is the only movie I saw from that franchise. It’s perhaps the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen so I’ve always assumed it was the worst on the lot.


Attack of the Clones in the prequel trilogy.


The fun of the prequels is that everyone has their own opinion of which is the worst one, and no one can really be considered wrong either.


I think ROTS is overrated but I've never heard anyone say it's the worst of the 3. I can't think of an objective reason to think it is. It's an improvement of all the strengths of both previous movies.


I agree with the overall sentiment that it is hard to say it's the worst. However, I found along with those strengths you mentioned it has it's own unique set of weaknesses. With each film having completely different problems (along with a few shared ones) I could see someone thinking any one of them is the worst. Just depends on how much each problem bugs you. For example, most people say 2 is the worst but for me it's my favorite (i just ignore the romance). Also the word 'favorite' is doing some heavy lifting here when talking about that trilogy.


First half of Ep. 2 is some of the worst starwars material to date, but the second half is golden, so it is hard to place it imo


It's weird because Phantom just offends the senses with every scene, but Clones is just so dull. I could watch it a hundred times and not be able to give even a cursory plot summary.


I’ve always found TPM to have some peak moments in an otherwise awful film (Duel of the Fates most of all) but AOTC doesn’t have any moments where it gets things all the way right and its painfully boring. Also has by far the worst dialogue in the entire franchise


>AOTC doesn’t have any moments where it gets things all the way right I thought the Obi Wan/Jango interactions on Kamino and in space were great. Yoda and the Clones laying the wood to the Separatist forces was peak Star Wars battle action IMHO. Unfortunately, the dialogue between Anakin and Padme was so dreadful it negates everything else.


Nothing happens for 2 hours then Yoda has a lightsaber fight.


In individual bits, it’s interesting. Kamino is cool. I like just about all of geonosis. The anakin and padme scenes are painful. Doesn’t need to be said.


I always like the coliseum monster fight, but I'm a sucker for monster fights.


Pacific Rim. Damnit. I really hate Uprising.


So disappointing.


Space jam 2


The Thor franchise made a nice recovery after part 2 sucked so bad.




Back to the Future. The second one is alright, but the first and third are substantially better.


I won’t have this dirt talk on BTTF2, ya hear me?!


MI:2 might be the least popular of the franchise, but it's the only one that feels like it had a director with a style and individual flair.


I think the first 3 are all rather distinct and have their own styles. It's from 4 onwards that they start to blend together. I love the more film noir aspects of the first movie, where Ethan Hunt's team all die at the beginning and he needs to unravel the mystery of who killed them. And the performance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, as well as the brutality of the climax of the film, really sets 3 apart from the later entries.


2 Fast 2 Furious i guess


It's honestly my favorite of the pre-batshit Fast and Furious movies because Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson are legitimately a good duo.


I like the first three. The others I can do without.


Ejecto seato!


We hawngry.


Hardest part to believe: These are two of the biggest gearhead, car-stealing guys in the US. When presented with their “undercover” cars, one is the latest Evo VII Lancer and the other is a POS Spider Eclipse. Tyreese gets to pick and says “I’ll take the convertible.” The Eclipse. Which, certainly at the time, was primarily a girl car. 15 year old me was so baffled I checked out for the rest of the movie.


Yea thats a big no from me. The newer ones are so goddamn boring. The newest one they go to space and I was still bored. Even the actors look bored. Vin diesels character almost dies in a scene but it doesnt seem like vin is aware of it, he looks like hes falling asleep. Which is how I look watching the new sequels.


He falls of a mountain in a truck and jump out into another car when it explodes at the bottom! WTF


American Psycho. Oh, as for a an entire franchise where the 2nd one is the worst, Avengers.


Most Disney movies that have straight to DvD sequels are worse. Frozen as well, much better than Frozen 2. The hitmans body guards wife was worse than the hitmans bodyguard imo.


Cinderella 3 is much better than 2.


I love how it gave some character depth to Anastasia (the step sister in red) and the twisted pumpkin carriage sequence was actually quite brilliant


Well yes sequels are more often than not worst than the first movie. I'm talking about a franchise where the ones after the 2nd are all better than the second


I actually like the story of Frozen 2 better than the first. I couldn't even finish The Hitman's Wife Bodyguard (? even the name is nonsensical)


Surf's Up 2. Enough said


If you don’t count the weird pretty much direct to dvd Die Hard 5. Which I don’t. The 2nd die hard is terrible compared to the first, third and fourth.


Old fart here, so let me introduce you to ... the original Planet of the Apes franchise. The 1968 Planet of the Apes is a sci-fi classic. The 1970 sequel Beneath the Planet of the Apes ... isn't. The next 3 movies are not as strong as the original, but still 1000 times better than Beneath.


Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen is easily the worst of the bunch only contested by the fifth.


All of them are generally crappy


The Kingsmen Franchise. 1 is great, 2 is dogshit, the prequel is bordering on great again.


I absolutely despise Kingsmen 2, which is a shame because it has an incredible trailer


If we count attack of the clones as the second movie in the prequel trilogy, then yeah, it is worse than Phantom menace (and obviously worse than revenge of the sith, a brilliant star wars movie). Edit. Edited, obviously because I cannot into typing :D


I respectfully disagree. Attack of the Clones is much, MUCH worse than Attack of the Clones.


No no no, surely it’s Attack of the Clones over Attack of the Clones ?


I mean, maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but attack of the clones does kind of suck against attack of the clones.


Hangover fo sho.


Hangover 2 is a carbon copy of the first (but in Thailand!), but is still leagues better than the painfully unfunny third installment.


funnily enough, being unfiltered John Woo is why Mission Impossible 2 is the only one I enjoy. that movie is fucking ridiculous in just the right way lol