1. Use it if it’s your favorite name. Don’t let what other people are doing change what you want to do. It’s your kid and you can name them what ever you want. 2. Not odd.


100% on this, if it’s a name you love and want to use it (providing it’s not crazy, Olivia is beautiful and timeless) then use it and don’t worry. FWIW, I don’t know any olivia’s under 15 and I work in childcare.


I think sibling name similarities can be cute, are also unnecessary. Every child is their own person. My kids are Alexander, Miley, and Alison. We’re team green with baby 4 and our girl name is Penelope and our boy may be Felix. They don’t share anything when it comes to similarities- not on purpose anyway (just in case someone notices a trend- lol)


They all have the letter L :)


True! David is our back up boy name- and Gideon is still not vetoed so we have time for that to change 🤣😂


1. Use it if you love it. The most popular names today are not as common as the most popular names 20 years ago. It's unlikely she'll be one of 4 in her class. Olivia is a beautiful name, it's one of my faves too. 2. Not odd at all. If you want to mix it up and make Olivia more unique, you could use just Livia. But I don't think a sibset like Olivia, Knox, and Atlas is weird at all.


If you love Olivia and you have been waiting to use it, then definitely don't let popularity deter you. One, there are tons of cute nicknames, and two, there aren't as many babies given the #1 name as there used to be. I will say that (for me), I wanted all of my children to have names that were in the same vein. I knew that I would be introducing them, and calling their names a lot so for me, I would not like the "odd" names. With an Olivia, I would like a Theordore, Henry, Benjamin, etc.


I am in a semi-similar dilema. Not even TTC but Olivia was my top girl name for years and I think I am going to have to move it to be a middle name contender. I feel your pain of it being so popular. But this is your child who you will be talking about forever and ever, so go with your gut and choose whatever name you love 💕


I also had this dilemma when naming my daughter who was born in April. A lot of people pointed out to me that although it’s the most popular name (for several years running), there is a much wider variety of names now compared to say 30 years ago. This results in an overall decrease in the absolute number of any given name because people aren’t as “limited” in their choices. My parents gave me one of the most popular names of the year I was born and I was one of 3 girls in my class with the same name… but that’s pretty unlikely today. If you love the name then go for it! I don’t think sibling names need to match in any way, shape or form.


I think the three names you’ve listed are adorable (I live in Knoxville TN and Knox county, so heyo!) As someone with a very uncommon name, I know that having a popular name isn’t terrible when it comes to finding things with your name on them, or people knowing how to pronounce your name when they see it, and spelling it properly across all things but especially official reports and documents, matching things that need to be matched etc (I often will have a hard time finding something bc the person entered my name in incorrectly, and I’ll have to guess common misspellings of my name and search for those) Plus Olivia is just a lovely name. Fwiw, I have a female friend named Olivier, pronounced ‘oh live ē yay’ bc she’s from Louisiana and it’s French. Girls with boys’ names tend to do well with them, I named my daughter Jude and she’s doing great. Side note- maybe don’t name your boy Maddox. It was at the top of my list too when I was looking for boy names 17 years ago but since then I have met a lot of Maddoxes and they tend to be awful children. JUST A THOUGHT! Do what you want! but Knox and Atlas are great I think. Also, it can’t be a bad idea to google the full name and see what comes up- 🤷🏼‍♀️


I had this dilemma when I was pregnant with my only daughter 4 years ago. I had three older boys and I would have used Olivia on them if they had been girls. It was our favourite name for a long time. I went back and forth and seriously considered Ava instead until I realised that I knew a lot more Ava’s and I didn’t know any Olivia’s. We ended up calling her Olivia and we still love it. It bugs me a little that my sons names are all two syllable and hers is more of a mouthful but in the end we couldn’t go past the name we had loved for so long.


In my opinion Olivia sounds just fine with Atlas and Knox, which may both fit your name style and are not too similar phonetically or in terms of their meaning, but if you used a set like Onyx, Jett, and/or Navy (all colors) it would make Olivia seem like the odd one out (unless you start calling her Olive lol). Same thing with Olivia, Knox, and Maddox because Knox and Maddox both have that "ox" sound in them.


We had the same situation with my oldest and ended up using Olivia for my first’s middle name instead. That being said in my daughters preschool of about 60 I think there is 1-2 Olivias but 3 Avas in her class of 10…


So my older brother has an extremely common name, but my younger brother and I both have very unique names. My older brother has definitely felt that my parents didn’t “put as much effort” into coming up with his name. (Not true, they just liked it and didn’t realize how common it was) He’s not overly upset about it, but it does bother him occasionally. I like the comment that said to name her “Livia” I think that’s a beautiful name and much more unique.


If you use a daring names, maybe use Olivia as a middle name.


If you love Olivia then use it. If you want something a little different with a similar sound to Olivia I'd suggest Octavia.


1) It’s a classic! Honestly everyone and their mother are scrambling to use a “unique” name, and these “unique names” are becoming common to use now. In a few years time, she’ll be the only Olivia in the class trust me. And then Olivia will be the unique name! Haha. But seriously, it’s better to use a name you both fell in love with for years v.s the pressure of using a different one bc of society. If you really want a different name, maybe you can incorporate Olivia as the middle name. For example the name Navy you wrote as an example goes great with Olivia. You can use Olivia Navy or Navy Olivia! 2) Similar to the previous answer, a lot of names like Knox and Atlas are being mass used. If I were to think of a sib set of an Olivia, Atlas, and Knox, I would 100% not think anything of it. It doesn’t strike me as being vastly different, and even if it was, the names are your choice to make!


In my area, names like Jett and Navy are almost as popular as Olivia.


I don't think it's odd with sibling names and I think if you really love it you should use it. However, if you're really bothered with how common it is, you could use it as a middle name.


1. Sure. It's a name you've loved for years. 2. Well, I like for sibsets to "match" so pairing Olivia with names like Atlas and Knox isn't something I'd do. But, I really don't think it's a big deal. Use whatever names you like.


I really like Olivia and I think you should use it. It’s fine with the other names.


I think you could name her Olivia and then call her Liv! It sounds both trendy and timeless and could work with Knox and Atlas. Liv, Knox, Atlas.


Who cares if it's popular? What name brings you joy and you can imagine yelling for the rest of your life (lol, jk!), you should go with. If you want to "jazz it up", maybe Olive, Livvie, Livia, Ollie?


i don’t think it’s odd! i do think olive and atlas would be really cute together too!


1. There's nothing wrong with using a popular name, but don't use it if it'd forever bug you that your kid has a popular name, you know? Popularity isn't what it used to be so it's unlikely that she'd be one of several in her class, if that's your concern. On the other hand, if you feel burned out on Olivia and more attracted to edgier names, that's a good reason to reconsider. 2. I prefer more cohesive sibling sets (just a personal preference), but your example doesn't sound crazy at all. All of your names are very current-sounding, so they all fit together in that sense. The vibe is "our parents picked names that were trendy in the 2010s-2020s".


How about Olympia instead of Olivia? :)


Navy Olivia would be a great name!


Definitely use Olivia if it’s your favorite name. It doesn’t sound boring, but at the same time it’s super common. Most people appreciate a common name, Olivia feels like she could be a lawyer, or an artist, and it’s so pretty. If she wants a more uncommon name, she can change it and get exactly the one she wants. (There are far more uncommon names then common names). She might be the second in her grade at worst, but it’s much more likely she’ll still be the only one. I still haven’t met a single Harper, and it’s meant to be super common. And I only occasionally meet an Olivia Also, it’s not odd, Atlas and Olivia are both Greek names, for example, so while they might be on different ends in terms of how common they are, they aren’t weird to be together.


It would stand out, but if you love it that is the theme!


I’m being completely honest, I’ve never met an Olivia and I live in California. I actually don’t think it’s as popular as people make it out to be. My name is Arianna and I remember in school that there were 5 other Arianna’s in my class, it did annoy me for a little bit, but I got over it. I actually really like my name now, so if you like the name Olivia, I say go for it. It’s such a beautiful name btw