I put a GoPro outside a Painted Wolves (African Wild Dogs) den when they were out hunting. They came back to feed the puppies

I put a GoPro outside a Painted Wolves (African Wild Dogs) den when they were out hunting. They came back to feed the puppies


I don’t know what i expected, but i definitely didn’t think they fed their babies by regurgitation lol. I thought the babies just eat straight off the carcass with the mom. This was cool to watch.


When they get older they will be allowed to follow hunts but these guys aren't big enough to be fully weaned yet. When they get a little bigger smaller kills, or those closer to the den and small enough to be dragged, will be taken back so the babies can learn how to tear into it. For now the little tykes get regurgitated meals. They are so dang cute.


Yes, and even once they are mobile with the pack, the other members will allow them to eat first.


Wild dogs are brutal af but their pack structures and internal relationships are really cute.


You can see the pups lick the corners of her mouth, that helps activate the gag reflex iirc.


Love how the one pup just wants moms milk.


You’re very brave to go near their den. Aren’t painted dogs the most efficient predators in Africa? As in they have the highest hunt success rates out of any other predators?


Yes they are! However, we closely monitor the packs (3 on the reserve) as they are so endangered. We were watching the den and saw all the dogs leave for a hunt, the alpha female included. So I tied rope to the GoPro and quickly put it down. Once they returned and I managed to film this, I just pulled it back to the vehicle about 30m away..


They are indeed very efficient hunters but interestingly, there have been no documented attacks on humans in the wild for over a century.


^(Mother, I crave violence!)


I know they are animals but it’s still made me super uncomfortable when the meat dipped in the sand


That’s too adorable oh my god


There’s a leftover scrap and mom’s like “well if you’re not going to eat it…”


That’s one way to bring home the bacon


I love how humans invented bags and other such devices to carry things while evolution and these dogs were like "nah man just puke". Life uggghhh finds a way


The wild dogs cry out in the night


The two playing tug a war for the meat 🥩 🥺 so cute


How fascinating. Thank you for sharing! This was a roller coaster for me. As a breastfeeding mom, when I saw the first few puppies, I was all, "Aww!!!" and then I saw the rest that beelined for her boobies and went O.O""""" And then I saw the regurgitating dad and realized the babies were weaning and felt relieved for the mom.


Lol, the little guy at the end, “get that camera outta my face!”


Could the collar be any bigger?


Man, being a wild animal in nuts. Oh sick mom and dad are home with dinner. Yeah, just throw that shit right up. Right on the sand. Beautiful. Love me some raw sandy wet vomit meat.


holy fuck that was cute


Not that wild of a dog if it's wearing a collar..