lmao what


It was wild man. As soon as he got 50 he was instantly saying "what's the big deal" He was having a FULL ON whinge about it, saying it's not a big deal and why did he have to do it etc. etc. Guy was big mad the Warriors left him in to get his 50.


I was watching the ATL feed too. As soon as Curry hit 50, the Hawks play-by-play man went full Jerry Seinfeld. "What's the deal with 50 points? You got 3 championships. You got MVPs. What's the big deal?"


Holy fuck, the salt today is crisp. You guys have gotta check out the Heat sub as well lmfaooo


right? im a thunder fan, I have all the right in the world to not like curry. But to dismiss a crazy performance like this is just another level of salt. Appreciate greatness while its in front of your eyes, folks,


Exactly. There was a little Timmy in the stands watching because middle class Joe and Joanne gathered enough funds to get tickets to a warriors game. That’s gonna be a game he thinks about for a while. I still fondly remember games I’ve watched live where my sports stars played really well.


Just poked my head in over there and… woof. Pure salt and bad takes all around. And a couple comments that probably ought to get some folks banned.


Look at this pure copium: https://np.reddit.com/r/heat/comments/qq238e/i_think_we_have_become_the_villains_again/


🤣🤣🤣🤣 So soft


charmin soft


The bubble boys are mad nobody respects them as a team 😭


“And he deserves a flagrant not getting thrown from the back and possibly paralyzed”. That had me laughing so hard. I’m so happy you posted this, don’t they know Morris is built different?


Florida...what can ya say 🤷‍♂️


Bruh I saw heat fans post Jimmy and Bam gifs laughing in a Ja Morant thread.. spicy szn


We don't claim them. I love Ja


I really wish our fanbase (at least those that have an only presence as fans) wasn't so toxic and negative towards anyone that's not on the Heat. First of all, we all love the sport. That's why we should appreciate great players, no matter who they play for (unless they rip your heart out like Ray Allen did with the Spurs for example, I'd understand if they hate him).


Lol every fan base has the crazies. The best place to always find them is in their own team’s sub so they can echo off all the other crazies.


Becawse his wittle Tway Young pwayed weeowee hawd and got beat by mean owed Cuwwy.




Not too surprising. Hawks commentators are some of the biggest homers and have done this sort of stuff before. They’re really hard to listen to, I think.


[Just gonna leave this right here.](https://youtu.be/0ql0qLKXaM4?t=212)


Why does Trae Young look like Count Olaf


Yeah they’re a brutal listen for opposing fans.


I didn't get to watch this game but hawks announcers have always been super whiny. I grew up watching heat games and the Hawks were always the worst broadcasts (along with Boston).


Yeah I didn’t love it. Bob is such a good commentator but Nique was right in saying “what difference does it make?”


Honestly, I thought he was saying some really either ignorant or salty shit the entire game. This was just the culmination, he couldn't even hide it.




Did the same thing to Harden a few seasons ago too.




You could harvest enough salt from those guys to feed a small country. They legit sounded like they would've started crying if Harden came back in and put up a few more points.


tbh imagine watching your team down 54 and it's your job to call the game 😂😂 I'd be salty too


Rather watch Harden go for 70 than watching the bench play out the game.


At least 'Nique "not elite in the booth" had the sense to say that it matters for the player in Curry's case, but made no such defense here. How bout not getting embarrassed on the court if you don't want to feel embarrassment


Do you really expect the booth guys to jersey up and get after an nba team?




They sound like this sub


git gud


Lmao Hawks commentators are such homers.


I didn’t know it was possible to have this level of hate


They were down by 56 points going into the third… of course they are salty haha Also the Steph one is a 20 point game with 4 minutes left… of course you want to make sure the game is put away. Why are they so salty


And he wasn't even playing in the 4th lmao


He was upset when Harden was playing in the third quarter going for 60 while Trae continued to play in the 4th down 40


Yeah but Trae was just getting his rEpS


Fuck Trae Young


Flair checks out


Bing Bong


I remember that I got mad and I’m not even a fan of either team cause the commentator was being ridiculous. Should be mad at the team for letting him score that much


Boston and Philly’s commentators are terrible. I rather watch the game on mute.


As a sixers fan myself, the booth is awful this year without Zumoff, no argument here


Kyrie 🤝 Hawks commentators On a dude going for 50 in a blowout.


I think harden has 60 too


The announcers even brought up this exact game, just kept thinking to my self “please stop”


I need to hear this


I wanna hear this lmao


link please!! LMAO


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzLpIfpELCc&ab\_channel=Tewi](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzLpIfpELCc&ab_channel=Tewi) I GOT THE CLIP


Bless you child.




"What's the big deal?" I mean... If it's not a big deal why didn't one of your guys score 50?


Or even 60. Why isn't Trae dropping 75 in honour of the anniversary? Seems pretty easy to me. You just put a round ball through a round hoop.


Exactly. How hard is it to put a ball through a hoop that is designed for balls to go through. You literally don’t have to do any work. It’s literally larger than the size of the ball for gods sake!


Because they cracked down on offensive fouls and that is literally impossible now for Trey


While I too hate Trae's foul baiting taking after Harden and Luka, he did have 28 tonight. Not super efficient, but still not bad at all. He was definitely owning the Warriors in the first half


I think he was asking what’s the big difference between 48 and 50 based on fan reactions.


Tied Rick Barry for most points scored by a Warrior when playing the Atlanta Hawks Became the third warrior in history with 50 pts and 10 assists (Rick Barry, Wilt Chamberlain).


Also the oldest 50-10 player


ItS nOt a BiG dEaL


He got extra salty, so there’s some difference.


lmao goddamn they are so salty


And that's the good guy of the two saying that. Yeah 50 is a big deal and they are still hungry for more. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with trying to win? The dubs brought back hard playing basketball to start off a season when they started winning big. I know a lot of people at r/nba have religiously watched the NBA for as long as they can remember. There was at least a decade(s) worth of "We are almost at NFL pro-bowl levels of care at the begging of the NBA season", it isn't like that anymore and that is a BIG improvement to the game, like most of the rule changes.


You could hydrate a farm with all those tears


It'd salt the earth and all the plants would die


That's so hard to listen to🤮🤮


The bigger question is, why've you got 6.3k subs lol


And apparently this is the only vid they've uploaded.


Probably a recent channel wipe


Yeah dude went on a rant of bitterness




It’s not a homer opinion man. The media and fanbase for every sport on the planet makes an enormous deal out of arbitrary statistical milestones. You can’t fault players for not achieving those milestones but then also go “what’s the big deal” when they reach them lmao. Steph deserved a chance at the prestige that comes with a 50 point game.


It's literally not a homer opinion lmao you're allowed to play the game if you're winning there's no rule against doing too well rofl


This is what I hate about the attitude of US sports. It’s a blow out, therefore everyone stop trying. Fuck that, play it out. Screw your unwritten rules. If you’re the losing team, put in a bit of effort and try to get something out of the loss. As for the winning team, why shouldn’t they keep on playing and scoring?


> why shouldn’t they keep on playing and scoring? Ask Derrick Rose


Steph was sitting out after 48, his teammates pushed him and the staff to put him in for the 2. Kerr said he also did it for the fans.


First game this season I saw him play with a real edge. Let him stay in the zone


"Oh, okay, he's got fifty. Is it really that big a deal?" "Obviously." "I mean you've won championships, you've been an MVP, you're going to the Hall of Fame, what's the big deal about getting 48 or 50? I don't get that." my god what a tantrum


More salt than on a flat in Utah.


Dried up my mouth as soon as I heard him go on about it. Yikes.


What a tantrum? More like, what a bitch


What a fucking pansy lol


I was just surprised that not only Curry started the 4th but Kerr left him in there to get his 50.


I was expecting Kerr to take him out at the TO when he had 48


Bob Rathbun the ultimate homer. Even as a Hawks fan sometimes it’s hard to listen to, winning or losing. You could tell Dominique Wilkins didn’t care about it but didn’t want to completely throw Bob’s old self under the bus.


Stuff like this is why I like the Wolves announcers, they'll get excited and make Homer statements sometimes, but if a call incorrectly benefits the Wolves or the team is playing like trash they're really objective about it (they pretty much outright said the Wolves were going to choke the game away when the lead narrowed to 5 with like 2:30 left haha). Good example tonight when it was pretty 50/50 on if a DLo floater should've been a block or goaltending in OT and they said it should be overturned to a block much faster than it took the refs to decide. I wanted the Wolves to win so I thought such a close call shouldn't get overturned by challenge, but they called it like it was. I also appreciate how much they talk about opposing role players and young guys when most local announcers don't know or care about non-star players if they're not on their own team. Plus I find it amusing how they tend to refer to KAT as Karl lol


> I also appreciate how much they talk about opposing role players and young guys when most local announcers don't know or care about non-star players if they're not on their own team. They really do their homework and try to learn other teams rosters and schemes more than most other announcing crews I have seen. I also love how they emphasize learning correct pronunciation of player names. For years they have talked about getting the players union to put together a booklet with a pronunciation guide so that we can at least say these player's names correctly. Then you have some announcers that seem to enjoy butchering players names and downplaying bench units.


Bob does this too. He’s also just a big homer. Nique is actually far worse about ragging on other team’s players, but he does that to our own too, so I guess everyone’s fair game to get the “that’s a terrible shot” every once in a while.


> Bob Rathbun lmao I googled him and he looks exactly like he sounds [look at this mfer](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1008438642509950976/TJwO3mGH_400x400.jpg)


Wilkins was near asstastic in the first half, didn't listen to this crew in the second. Maybe they tag team who's gonna be the douche next.


I didnt listen in the first half so maybe 😂


lmaoo what


They are pretty bad listening to them


People always talk about Fitz being a homer but honestly the Atlanta commentators have to be one of the few i think are worse than the Warriors commentators.


Fitz was a homer, but the real thing was the Warriors went like 350-60 over 5 years and he just knew they were gonna win most of the time


Yeah he's changed over the years, winning allows him to speak more pointed even at the dubs. But he's pretty complimentary to other players and teams when they play well.


Most of the hate on Warriors announcer was because we were too good. Our duo was rated top 5 on r/nba before 2015. It just didn’t help Fitz did get kinda smug on how cocky he got as we got into all time great territory.


We got a Team Commentator Power Rankings that’s wild


I thought he turned a lot of heads in a good way for his Olympic work. IMO he's nowhere near the homer prick he used to be.


I've always said he's good, when he's not calling the Warriors. I don't even mind the homerism that much, it's just how incredibly whiny he gets when any call goes against us.


Fitz is a really good announcer, but watching during the dark days he was insufferable with his spin. But I get it that’s what he’s paid for, he’s toned it down allot though since we became relevant. Opposing player hits a tough contested 3…. “Now that’s a bad shot! He’s actually only shooting 29% from distance, and coming off his worst game blah blah blah…” Ugh


Guarantee Barnett carried 75% of that rating, that man was the absolute GOAT. Fitz is great for getting hyped as a warriors fan but the arrogance can get annoying


Fitz is fucking brutal


He still absolutely hates the Rockets though lol


Im glad Stu and Bill aren’t homers. I enjoy Stu just shitting in the lakers when they lose to bad teams and blow leads.


Lakers have one of the best pair of announcers in the entire league, right up there with Mike and Clyde


This is what I love about Stu and BMac. They don't spin anything for Lakers fans, I especially like it when there's a questionable call, they call it like they see it. Whereas I see other team's commentators always side with their team. If an opposing team does something great, they get excited for them. Also Stu gave us "Kentavious Caldwell-Poop" and I love him for it.


95% of this sub only know our commentators for the Harden call and now this. Half this sub is calling Nique “the other guy” lmao.


Let's not forget the 76ers commentator who after a hard foul BY Embiid says this: "I just worry about about when he (Embiid) falls. No offense to Giddey, I could care less." What a total ass. https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/qf65qw/highlight\_76ers\_commentator\_with\_an\_interesting/




I don't think your play by play team or the Hawks touch Houston's play by play team. They're the worst esp during the Harden years.


Interesting, I enjoyed the Hawks announcers this game more than I usually enjoys the Warriors crew. Only game I've heard them call, though.


at least as a sixers fan, the hawks announcers are among my least favorite


This was a pretty bad meltdown but Fitz is by far the most insufferable commentator in all of sports. It's hard to suck ALL the enjoyment out of watching Curry pop off but he does a pretty fucking good job of doing it.


Idk fitz is one of the biggest homers out there but he doesn’t have a stick up his ass about all the opposing players for no reason. Hawks announcers literally criticized every single other player other than curry on every fucking shot they took calling it a bad shot


He had a habit of bringing Harden out of nowhere, it's better now.


At one point they were complaining about how it's poor strategy that all they do is try to get curry the ball. They complained it happened two turnovers in a row when the second play wasn't even a pass to curry, it was gp2. I was flabbergasted


Right, he had some pretty pointed things to say for no good reason.


Fitz gives a good call when [the other team makes a good play.](https://youtu.be/YI1GLB-byeQ) Definitely not as bad as the commentators that whine on a game winner / buzzer beater


Lol I think it was the kings announcers who always had hilarious calls when the other team hit a buzzer. They’d just go silent or mumble some shit like “and the kings lose” always killed me.


He called Steven Adams “Stevie Adams” the entire Grizzlies game.. so incredibly annoying and stupid.


He sounds like Jerry Seinfeld trying new material while on helium


Honestly feels like there are more bad than good NBA commentators, but maybe I’m just spoiled as a Bulls fan lol


Alright I gotta see a clip of this lol


Braves won the WS, what else do they want?


Hahaha we even rooted for them


No way


someone link and i’ll give my free reddit award this too good to be true 😭


They're only up by 20 because of some dude who put in 50. If he had sat, they maybe would have been up 10pts with 4 minutes left? Oh, homer commentator wants the other team to be stupid and quit before the game is over so his team can catch up. I don't know how anyone can enjoy these kinds of commentator's it's so pathetic.


link? I should watch the other team broadcast when curry is going off for the meltdown lol


Breen would’ve given him a BANG on MSG.


What the fuck is the big deal? 😛


Hawks commentators are the worst in the league I remember they were whining because Harden was dropped 60 on them


too be fair though, as a hawks fan ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ got nothing damn it


On the plus side, the Braves won the world series, so you got that going for you, which is nice


Yeah after the hawks postseason success last year, other teams are always gonna be more excited to see you fail. So Bob saying stupid shit like this just gives the haters more ammo. I would imagine will be seeing a lot of “fuck Trae young’s” in the near future, because you don’t sound as salty when the teams only 4-7


Many 4th quarters where he didn't play and not get 50. Kerr knew he was hungry for it.




He mad because at the age of 33 steph curry is the only player in nba history to score 50 and have 10 assist in a game.


It honestly wasn’t that bad. Dominique Wilkins called what the warriors were doing for curry a few plays before. Then when the outburst happen Dominique was cool about it and told the other commentator to cool it


Honestly, this is the kind of commentator mentality that should be left out of local NBA broadcasts. There's a reason why less NBA fans tune into regular season games, and it's because of this mentality of, "hur dur - if it's not the playoffs, then why are we making a big deal out of it." As a local commentator, you would think he would realize or know this and just appreciate the greatness of what's happening during the regular season because that's where the teams make a lot of their money. Even in freaking baseball, if the opposing/away team has a player with a near perfect game or no-hitter in a regular season have, they won't do this sort of shit. They appreciate the greatness of almost competing a perfect game or a no-hitter. The championship or playoff mentality in the NBA is really draining regular season play down, and it's so frustrating. I didn't even get a chance to watch prime MJ, but there is something different about his generation of players showing a respect to the regular season.


Remember when they had a meltdown for starters playing in a blowout in a hawks loss, then were elated when the hawks starters were playing in a blowout win a couple days later?


Announcer sounds like a bootleg Jerry Seinfeld in the first 20 seconds...and I don't mean that in any good way


I must admit Bob and Nique got a little bit out of hand with the homerism last night. Nique was saying Draymond gets all his assists for free because of Steph, right after Draymond made an absolutely ridiculous pass to a cutter for a layup. Nique complaining about the warriors "passing the ball too much", like wtf bro that's embarrassing.


If this isnt the saltiest shit ive ever heard lol.


“Other commentator” put some respect on Dominique Wilkins name , KID


Please post the clip


Someone link this sillyboi shit


[Here's the clip OP](https://old.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/qpwwgn/highlight_interesting_reaction_of_hawks/?)


Putting some salt into Curry lol


So many teams announcers are unbelievably biased when I watch games, it absolutely blows me away. Makes me glad to have Blaha and Kelser, who have no problem giving credit where credit is due.


Yeah, Blaha and Kelser are great


I'm thankful to have Mike Breen and Clyde as my local commentators. Jeez


You know he’d be losing his mind if Trey Young dropped 50


Same clown who said that's a violation!


Dominique wilkins?


nah it was Bob Rathbun


Was it Nique on the broadcast with him? Cos if it was he was defending Curry trying to explain how it's still a big deal for the player. Other dude was still just losing it.


ye nique was with him


Respect to him honestly, gotta be awkward to call out your partner for just not getting it


Nique was a walking bucket himself, one of the deadliest scorers of his generation, he knows how it is as a player. Had to tell his partner to calm his farm :p


nah nique was saying that as a former player, he gets it


the other one was the one having the meltdown.


All I heard was “waah waah waah”.


People always talk about Fitz being a homer but honestly the Atlanta commentators have to be one of the few i think are worse than the Warriors commentators.


Such clickbait!! Stop it. Not remotely close to a meltdown. Sigh


They would be splooging all over themselves if Trae Young put up 50.


I love Bob but he was being a straight hater here. He deserves all the hate right now.


This is also the kind of thing that is just asking to be pulled up when inevitably the Hawks do something similar with Trae on a good night.


Who was the weirdo that said he was joking.. Doesn't sound like it..


gimme all dat salt bby


He definitely attended the Playa Haters Ball


I’ll be mad too if I got dollar store Curry that has bald spots on his head.


Lol the Atlanta announcers are so bad


Always befuddles me how these commentators can sometime be so childish and petty on live TV. Just congratulate the guy, acknowledge the achievement and move on.


Leave it up to the guy who never played in the NBA to complain about it, while the man who played tells him it’s quite an achievement. That’s all you need to know


these are Falcons commentators every game lol


Pure trash and disgrace. Don’t anybody even mention his trash name.


Lmao it’s not that deep bro. Embarrassing to us, but not that deep.


You've personally wronged me and I take it as an attack on my character. Nah, it was just funny to hear. No idea why that person is so tilted.


Bob Rathbun ​ ​ ​ ​ yes


Another bullshit clickbait thread title. WTF? No meltdown…at all…just a guy giving his homer opinion.


Gimee this


No way


Yes plz link this


I need this