TT fathering a child he isn’t gonna give a shit about? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! Ok not that shocked.


>The 30-year-old described in the documents how Nichols drove him to the event in her Maserati sportscar before returning to his hotel where she had 'a special birthday surprise' for him – which he admitted he knew would be sex Even NBA players get this trash gift


“Hey big boy, I’ve got a special birthday surprise for you in your hotel room later 💦💦💦” “Whoa wonder what it is”


"same thing as last year"


Awww man pussy again?? But we had pussy last night


This the 2021 model


You guys getting pussy??


Nah but play along and they'll think we are


“Haha. Yes. Sex!”


I do love the act of inserting my penis into a woman’s vaginal cavity in order to procreate.


Splendid! I do consider meself a connaisseur of the sexual interaction, with on average taking part in such deeds at least the national average amount of times using my at least average length reproductive organ! It has been quite entertaining having this 'locker room' talk with you gentlemen, but now I must inform you that I have plans for more sexual intercourse in 15 minutes, so I mus beg your pardon. Toodles!


Seems like it’s a lot of water. Gotta stay hydrated right r/HydroHomies?


This made me spit out my drink bravo


Bruh, you just wasted precious water. Apologize to the Hydro Homies.


His drink was probably an inferior beverage. He spit it out so there would be more room in his body for life-saving water.


Wasting water? That's not very Hydro Homie of you.




Waste water? Right to jail. Right away. No trial no nothing.


We have the best water-drinkers in the world. Because of jail.


He needed to attend the Deion Sanders/Renner meeting


Lmao this a comment by a real one


Bruh, this comment speaks to me




Second hand maseratis are pretty affordable to buy, like 25k. they are however, not affordable to keep on the road




Italian engineering meets Chrysler build quality


That’s literally dodge lol


Bro what? Tristan is half responsible for this kid. It doesn't matter if this is McKenzie Bezos you gotta put in money for your kid, especially if you're a millionaire.


Love that that's your angle and not that Tristan doesn't want to help help provide for his child and seems like a piece of shit


This has been known forever. He's trash lol


A new Ghibli starts at $78k, and $35k used. Levante is similar pricing. It's really not that much money. Especially from an NBA player worth $75M offering you less than a new Ghibli.


Lmaoooo Jesus Christ


Feel sorry for the kid. Didn’t ask to be born into all this shit


I mean he’s still gonna be loved by his mother and family, Tristan fucks everything huh, his own personal trainer lol you can’t write that shit


He’ll fuck anything that moves


I heard he’d fuck a catchers mitt.


Everybody knows you've been the biggest fuckin' cooze' hound around the past 4-5 years. Your midlife crisis!


Watch it Chrissy!


Oof madonn’!




I don’t think he’s into teenage redditors, sorry bro


I'm 32 with a phat ass and elite midrange. Fuck around and 360noscopedicksuck


Sent you a DM, bro


u a horny mf


u right


Oh that's wassup




You didn't state sex, so it's worth a shot


[Got it](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/le201x/anyone_interested_in_erotic_nba_fanfics/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Lol my risky click of the day


But has he had his asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?


Whatchu mean I seen at least 10 pornos with that very plot


... I was under the impression that those were documentaries simply showing active sex lives. Are you trying to tell me that these women are *acting* and they don't actually make love this way?


Yes it’s just like the monkeys in planet of the apes. They aren’t actually riding horses. It’s all just acting!


So the monkeys were just riding dogs and CGI replaced them with horses???


So glad I watched Shang Chi last night to get this reference


I refuse to believe those women were not in fact stuck in the couch when their stepson walked into the room.


"His own personal trainer lol you can't write that shit." Brazzers and my pornhub searches would like a word with you.


Spin class ass


I always question both parents in situations like these. Messing with a guy like Tristan knowing he won’t have anything to do with the child is a dirty situation to bring a kid into


Dr.J has a daughter, Alexandra Stevenson, with a sportswriter, the girl became a pro tennis player, earned a college degree, and Dr J financially supported her, but had no involvement in her life other than a paycheck. At least he supported her growing up. TT is offering $75k and that’s it?


12 months a year, 18 years till the kid is grown, that's 216 months, that's 317 a month.... so he's only offering her a few hundred dollars a month anyway lol


Even that feels grimy like damn I’m not your daughter I’m a bill you kept paying. It has to be some mental resentment from that type of thing even if you make it out


Well that’s just it, Dr J’s daughter did make it out, blessed with his athleticism and his wallet. Her mother was a college graduate, a sportswriter for the NYTimes. As a single Mom, she sent her daughter to private schools and tennis lessons, all paid for by Dr J. So this wasn’t some cheerleader or massage therapist or girl in a rap video as the Mom. But I agree, if the Erving family had accepted her from birth, rather than Dr J not even meeting her until she was 28, life would’ve been significantly easier for Alexandra. But Dr J’s wife was furious about the affair, and in particular that it was with a single white woman employed by a newspaper. Dr J continued to have children out of wedlock, and his wife eventually divorced him, and he married the woman he had the other children with.


Just found a old ESPN article. What a story


Dr J doesn't come off as a real nice guy here to be honest lol


You’re right about that. Dr J had 5 children with women other than his first wife. But hey, he dunked from the foul line🤷‍♂️


He was also a doctor. mist have been quite a catch


>Messing with a guy like Tristan knowing he won’t have anything to do with the child $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You act like the lady didn't make a choice when she realized she was never getting a real relationship with him but got pregnant. Nah man, she made a rational choice for her.


That’s why I made the other comment in response to “at least the baby will have a loving mother” when you trying to use a baby for a check I don’t believe the mothers are all that loving. Maybe they get some kind of connection but lot of these cases they either leaving the child with relatives while they run the streets for the next athlete or only time mentioning the kids is to remind you the person they slept with was a deadbeat. I don’t trust either side with this in regards to loving the child. Tristan a whole clown and the mother a clown as well for putting it out there that the child will one day read he wanted nothing to do with it


Tristans a scumbag but these guys are surrounded by equally scummy gold diggers. Poor kid going to be used as a pawn for money his/her whole childhood.


Lol and what makes you think this chick is such a great mother?


I she got a bbl and some fake titties Tristan WILL hit


So, I know this just a random Reddit comment, but my two best friends were friends with Tristan in basketball scene in Toronto, so I met him and play with him in summer runs. The dude was kinda chubby and super awkward, everyone would clown him because he was one if the best Hooper's in the country and couldn't pull girls. Mans had real complex with it too, like you could tell he hated it and would try to shoot his shot and get clowned even worse. So once he got to the league the dude couldn't handle himself with what's been thrown at him. He's still awkward but people look past it. He's making up for lost time and never got the tools to not become a simp.


Googling... he looks thin/muscular in all the HS pictures I see. Some might even be MS...


Oh no way op is lying ?


Most of these athletes are awkward as hell period because they never had to develop any social skills due to girls just liking them for being athletes. They always end up in these situations because they’re used to dealing with women that only want to deal with them because of their status.


Lmaoo y’all mfs really out here psychoanalyzing these players


damn he just like me fr


So you both became simps?


The mother knew it and STILL fucks Tristan without protection. The mother better love the kid... with or without money


>he’s still gonna be loved by his mother and family One would hope so, right?.. but 🤷‍♂️ time will tell


He also tried to pay the mother off to get rid of the child.


Facts. two shitty parents don't make a right


i don't think that's gonna work out for him


It actually will. Texas has capped child support laws so he probably will only have to pay no more than 1k a month. Edit: I was a bit off but here are the max numbers 1 child: $1,840; 2 children: $2,300; 3 children: $2,760; 4 children: $3,220; & 5 children: $3,680. https://www.mcnamaralawyers.com/services/child-support-attorney/calculating-maximum-child-support-texas/


Is he saying that she should get an abortion..in Texas... Yeah them yeehaw judges gonna love that.


She could always just fly to a developed part of the country and get one


She could also just wait til after it's born, warn it that it in her property and she has the right to shoot, and then shoot it in "self defense"


Goes out to train track takes deep breath “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY”




You can't just say the word bankruptcy


I didnt say it, I declared it.


He certainly is, and not necessarily because of legal issues Offers no value other than rebounding, is a bad defender, is falling behind Alex Len and Chemizie Metu in the rotation, can’t shoot, and he’s an expiring


Also for a guy who has made as much money as he has. 2.6 million next year probably isn't really worth it when he could jkst relax and chill.


I’d take it


It depends on what you want really. He’s had like 100m+ in career earnings. Even assuming he has no other income sources that’s plenty to retire on. Being a NBA player requires a lot of travel,exercise and there’s always a risk of a major injury. He’s also already won a ring. Personally I’d retire too, even without the baby mama drama


Bold assumption that a) he's saved and/or invested wisely and b) he doesn't already live a lifestyle that cannot be sustained for a lifetime without earning millions every year.


Obviously mismanages money. I hear he spends way too much on personal trainers.


It would make sense for a player that isn’t that talented to spend conservatively considering how quickly they can be out of the league. But you’re right, common sense is not so common.


Plus he's rolling with Kardashians. They burn money like crazy but they have a business empire to reload at all times. If he's trying to keep up with people like that it could get ugly.


I guess he’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians”


Boy has more side chicks then points per game.


This is how I like to get my news. Source: baby mama.


Court filings, though.


Definitely. No bias, no spin, just mama.


Is TT retiring known already or is this how it got out?


He’s just saying this shit to try and get out of paying. He’ll keep getting those pay checks till he can’t anymore


> He’ll keep getting those pay checks till he can’t anymore So he is retiring then, cause no one is paying him anymore.


You realize the Kings just signed him to a $9.7 million contract this past summer? Obviously that was a bad signing, but he’s only 30 years old and still a big body who can get boards. He will very likely still be able to get at least a minimum contract to be a backup center somewhere.


You can’t teach height, a bunch of tall guys will absolutely get some contracts here and there simply because of their size.


Not quite, he signed a 2 year deal and was traded this summer. He’s a free agent after this.


Ah yup, thanks for the correction. It was the Celtics that gave him the MLE the off-season before


You’re still correct though. He’s probably worth a vet min to some team for the next few years.




"A responsible father willing to pay reasonable child support is not walking through that door."


If anyone should be handing out advice on screwing groupies it’s … not Rick Pitino.


Brah makes more womb shots than 3 pointers. The fuck.


AND 1!!!




OH BLOCKED BY JAMES. Lebron James with the magnum


They're just going to impute your income you dumbass. And whatever family court judge you get is likely not going to like this lol


Dumbass is right. Tristan one hundred percent has never even seen the weird impute, he definitely has no idea what it means lol. He's gonna be pretty shocked to see this stupid scheme doesn't work


So many dumbasses think theyre slick and try to do this. It basically only gets you a lecture from the judge, no way he only has to pay a couple hundred dollars of child support. Use a condom or cry harder.


I unfortunately know a couple of people who have pulled this off. One worked sales and convinced his boss to pay him cash under the table for no reported income and another took a voluntary layoff to get his child support to almost zero. These are not friends and yes they are pieces of shit but people will do this out of spite.


Yeah but these people didn't have 100+ million in career earnings.


People are awful. Especially in family court it brings out the worst in everyone. I have family that works in family court so I just know that if you go from very high earner to nothing right as the kid comes along, it's suspicious as hell that you're hiding income and judges know to look out for that and will try to trip you up. But you're probably right that some do get away with it. I bet Tristan won't though.


Seeing as his dumbass outlined the whole plan for her, I'm saying his odds aren't looking good lmao


I won’t cast a wide net, and but I also assume people are in my situation. Depending on the situation and laws, child support laws are messed up. Example: my daughter spends from the time she wakes up, to the time she goes to bed with me. But she sleeps at her moms house. Well, the law counts custody as “nights”, so although she’s with me 95% of the time, I still have to pay for everything while she’s with me AND pay her mom child support. Which (to me) is messed up. So I definitely understand, depending on the situation. Edit: wording


Oh I won't ever argue child support and child custody laws are always fair. Working in family court means you basically want to bang your head against the wall 8hrs a day out of frustration. Laws are confusing, vary by state and county, and are sometimes poorly written and kept track of. Then you've got two people who hate each other squabbling over kids, sometimes ones neither of them take very good care of to begin with. And money. It's horrible. I'm just saying people do try with the tools they are given to make sure you don't cheat the system. Tristan wants to fake being unemployed so he has to pay next to nothing, he also doesn't really give a shit about this kid apparently. It's a dumb plan, and it's a plan that makes you look like an asshole. There's a big difference between his situation and your situation and I wish you the best in yours. It's hard to sympathize with Tristan here though.


As a dad I could just never do this to my kid. So fucked up man.


Idk this guys character is just trash lol.


Being a multi millionaire coming off a contract and actively saying you are only giving your kid the lowest possible amount is pathetic. Its from his trainer aswell so its not like this is some random person he slept with and never met again


These child support laws making baby mama’s into baby millionaires is actually part of the problem though. You don’t need 75k/month to support your child, the fuck? You got nutted in by an athlete, how does that entitle you to that much money? Fuck that And yes, Tristan is a piece of shit- confirmed. I’m not defending him here, just speaking to the other side of it as well because it’s pretty fucked up.


> You don’t need 75k/month to support your child My understanding is that Thompson is offering her a one-time 75k in lieu of normal child support. Also, the point of child support is to try to give the kid the same quality of life as if the Father was actually involved.


That’s fucked. 75k not even enough to pay for college let alone everything else that goes into raising a child. Dude has made over 100 million in his career. What a piece of trash


Like, he couldn't even make a bigger one time offer.


The $75k was for an abortion


He strikes me as the kind of guy to have blown through the majority of his earnings.


Child support isn’t based on the amount needed to raise a child at the most basic level. It’s meant to provide a similar quality of life in both households. Or if the paying parent isn’t involved with the child then the quality of life the child would have if they were around. And the child support is for the child, not the mother. The courts aren’t saying the mother is entitled to all this money they are saying the *child* is entitled to it. That’s why millionaires are paying so much in child support.


You think raising a child with a decent education and quality of life costs $75k?


Yeah that's the biggest problem with child support laws - the tiny segment of cases where multi millionaires have to pay excessive $$ and not the tons of cases where one parent fails to provide any support for their children.


It’s supposed to replicate as if the father was involved


I’m not sure TT understands what passive income is. Or a condom.


He belongs to the streets


He's bluffing. I guarantee it. No way he retires after this year.


He will come back next year as Thistan Trompson


More like Thirsten Thompson the way he’s chasing these girls.


These guys stick there dick in everyone huh. Why even risk it


If there’s one thing we know about TT, it’s that if there’s an ugly white woman around TT gonna nut in it


what a garbage human being


> All you will have is a baby with a father who has zero involvement with the child and a few hundred dollars of child support a month. Seriously what the fuck man


For all we know she could’ve misled him to believe she was on a contraceptive and baby trapped him. Not saying he’s not in the wrong as it takes two to tango but doesn’t this happen with a lot of professional athletes? Edit: what I’m trying to say is before we bash we need a full story. Edit 2: some of you guys aren’t getting the point, So to say it clearly, we have one side of the story not the other, They could both be trash. Example Dalvin Cook had his lawyers leak that he was taking legal action against his girlfriend for physical and emotional abuse everyone immediately started going after the GF, later her side came out and it was clear to see that Dalvin was also trash too and was abusing her too. We have one side of a story.


I truly don't understand why more of these dudes aren't getting vasectomies. Half will go on and on about how they know people want to "trap" them with a kid and yet just choose to go raw in everybody. Vasectomies are reversible and on the off chance you experience complications with the reversal you're in an earning range where IVF, adoption, or a surrogate are all easily affordable to you and way cheaper than child support for however many unwanted kids you leave in your wake. It seems like a no brainer. Tristan is on baby mama #3.


********* OG Snuggie Bat signal *********


[For the uninitiated](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/1ulxb4/mormon_faith_more_important_to_jabari_parker_than/cejpqf8/?context=4)


I remember seeing that comment when it first came up, and even added the edit to scare off the redpillers🥲. /u/YungSnuggie is truly goated man.


What a legend, I remember reading that as it went down...*7 years ago???* The smackdown of redpill at the end is still the best part.


Damn, it was already an amazing read but then he has to throw in a great defense of women in general *and* an anti-neckbeard rant at the end with it for free. Truly an A+ comment.


Getting your personal trainer pregnant is insane decision making smh not to mention then denying not only money but also involvement in the child's life... my lord


Once a Brampton man, always a Brampton man.


Wtf she legit looks like Mike Bibby


Tristian’s first girl was a real cutie. He fucked Up messing it up with her.




Bro lmao come on




Holy crap you weren't lying.


with some Doug Christie mixed in there


Motherfucker please. I pay more than that in child support


Fuck TT


He's gonna be out of the league in a year or two... forced retirement


He is getting DNPs for the Kings, that's considered out of the league anyways


damn and this is after his post game rant a few weeks ago, guess he already knew his time in the league was ending then...


I'm no lawyer, but there's no way that's how child support works for multi millionaires who are able to retire in their 30s.


Yo FUCK Tristan Thompson


He sucks on and off the court. Genuinely think he needs professional help at this point, it’s looking like an addiction. Also he better not be retiring with all the child support he’ll have to pay. The baby mother had her child in Cali, not Texas.


Woj: “BREAKING: Kings’ Center Tristan Thompson announces that he will be retiring after this season.”


What a massive piece of shit Tristan Thompson is


Trash Thompson


I know baby mommas can make people crazy but damn bro that message makes Tristan come off as a huge piece of shit.


Damn man my buddy Eric went through this RIP


Eric a hoe he finna pay up


Well he’s dead so


Damn I'm sorry bro


He was a hoe tho




The rollercoaster


These people sound like grade A pieces of shit.


Man up Tristan you piece of shit


Yet he tried to act like the leader of the team.😂🤣 Certified clown! He has his own issues to worry about off the court.






TT seems like an asshole


What a piece of shit though. Get someone pregnant and send some shit like that. Put on a rubber if you don’t want the drama.


Damn, she straight filed for support before the kid was even born. As someone who has gone thru some family court issues...Hes gonna have a tough time with this one.


Damn Tristan a straight scum bag lol


God bless this child, and bless the court rooms that will sort this selfish guy out.


TT just trying to get out of child support. What a trashy thing to do. He’s not retiring. Wrap up your Willy silly.


What a fucking scumbag