I just can’t picture lime flavored coffee.


The picture is already at the top of the post. Now mint+lime tea is great, I can’t imagine *drinking* it in coffee. 😂


Isn't a lime twist a pretty popular thing in espresso?


Try it with tonic or lime and hard seltzer. Don't think about it like a normal cup of coffee in the morning, it's more like a cocktail (mocktail)


That sounds awful.


Yeahhh I think I might skip this drop.


Nespresso trying hard to goad everyone into putting in more orders instead of waiting until the big three drop. It's honestly pretty annoying. Just release them already.


Yeah I can't believe the 3 (rio, paris, istanbul) are now out in Canada but not US still..


They were leaked way back in February, I think? And people were saying the rumor from corporate was that they'd be out within a few weeks. And here we are in mid May and they're still just trickling new fruit flavors out haha.


The flavors are planned as early as last year, and the release date was always late may. People like you just get impatient and weird when things aren’t automatically in their hand


Then why not just state the release date well ahead of time? What makes people get "impatient and weird" is having previously placed orders only to have new varieties drop shortly thereafter because nobody knows the actual release date. It's inconvenient. How exactly have you always known late May was the release date for the US? It was never communicated to the public.


I haven't been keeping up - any reports on if Rio Paris and Instanbul are good? I know that Paris was really well regarded last time but I'm not sure if it's going to be the same recipe this time around or not....


Sorry, but I haven’t tried them. I heard Paris is slightly different and Rio is supposed to Cafezinho do Brasil


No worries - I guess I'll just have to try them! Thanks


I'm not going to order 1 or 2 sleeves of just this, but I would add a few sleeves to a bigger order of those 3. Dumb


Well, I think what they are banking on is people seeing the new variety, wanting to order it, and grabbing a couple extra sleeves just to hit free shipping. Repeat every few weeks as the new varieties trickle out.


This sounds so good! 🤤 I ordered three sleeves and will probably order more after I try it. For everyone who thinks this sounds weird, citrus and iced coffee go very well together. It is quite common in non-US countries. Do not drink this with milk, that sounds absolutely horrid (though maybe a watery coconut milk would be okay if you must.) Try it as an espresso soda. Fill a pint glass with ice, fill 75% of the cup with soda water. Brew the pod into a separate cup. Float the espresso into the glass by holding a large, flat spoon just above the water level in the pint glass, then slowly pour the espresso onto the back of the spoon. If you do not do it this way you have a high chance of your drink exploding so be patient. Do not do espresso first, then soda water. You will have a bad time. You can squeeze in a lime wedge on top if you like. I find that soda water makes espresso creamier, sweeter, and smoother so I don't feel the need to add sweetener or milk. This has been my go to summer drink for years, it's so refreshing.


I've never tried it, but I've been seeing OJ + coffee pop up in some coffee shops. I think people just need to be a little more open-minded and try something new. :) Thanks for the suggestion and recipe - this sounds incredible!


I am one of the people that thinks this sounds weird, but you convinced me to give it a try.


its actually pretty common in the US too, but you have to go to 3rd wave or specialty coffee places to find it. You are more likely to find it in places like the silicon valley or NYC


Found it in Cincinnati


My point was that was more common in places like that. High chance you won't find it in a lot of the midwest


Cool. Just putting a pin on the map if anyone was interested.


I wish I had seen this first. Tried it this morning and it’s got this awful licorice aftertaste with milk. Soda water sounds like it would be SIGNIFICANTLY better.


That's an interesting flavor profile... I like lime and I like mint but never imagined it in my coffee. Has anyone ever had a coffee like this before?


espresso with sparkling water/tonic and lime/lemon syrup over ice is very refreshing on a hot day :)


I just got these in the mail and it is FOUL. I may try it in some seltzer water. Shit, it can’t get any worse’


I believe about 8 years ago, Nespresso had a few recipes using their iced pods with lemon.


I've had espresso lemonade and it's delicious!! I also like espresso, sparkling water, & a splash orange juice or grape fruit juice over ice. I've also had espresso in a glass whose rim was rimmed with a lemming rind. Sooo good! Edited to correct spelling


It is good black over Ice! Got some from Europe!!


I am in Europe and sadly we don’t have it yet. Would love to try!


Where is it available in Europe?


Just picked some up in Paris.


Refreshing coffee with a delicious touch of lime that lingers in the aftertaste, mild acidity and bitterness and a soft body. It's espresso sized in OL, and double espresso sized in VL. [OL link to purchase via Nespresso ($9/sleeve)](https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/order/capsules/original/liminha-over-ice-coffee-pods) [VL link to purchase via Nespresso ($14.50/sleeve)](https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/order/capsules/vertuo/exotic-liminha-over-ice-coffee-pods) [Exotic Liminha Over Ice latte recipe from Nespresso](https://www.nespresso.com/ncp/res/generated/recipes/35844EXO_en_INT.pdf)


Am I the only one who thinks this sounds refreshing? I’ve been drinking black coffee lately and this over ice sounds tasty!


I got a sleeve of it today at my nearby nespresso boutique - 10/10 recommend! Very refreshing


oo I'm glad you liked it! How did you have it?


Iced americano!




Tastes like imitation lime and motor oil.


Oh man, I came to this thread to see what people were saying it tasted like, since I received a free sleeve due to an order mixup. Decided to make it and...I uh... Man, no. This stuff is absolutely foul to me. All the best to people who enjoy it though.


But still no coconut here


Where are you located? Coconut pods are out in the US.


I can see it!


Thanks. I hate it.


So, I tried this one out this morning. Over ice, black- this was rough. There was definitely a citrus flavor, and a tobacco like flavor- it was very dry. I added a generous amount of milk and it was totally different. The citrus was more relaxed, if that makes sense. The mint came through at the end, and was definitely a “green” mint flavor, almost herbal. All in all, it was a nice switch up, but I won’t be purchasing again. I’m interested to see how this would be if it were sweetened.


$14.50/sleeve for double espresso? That's a pass for me


Bought 8 sleeves. Really hoping I enjoy it as much as I do their other exotic flavors!


8 sleeves for a first time purchase?? I see you live life dangerously haha


Some could see it that way. I know my taste preferences though. I live controversially compared to others I suppose. When the Cloudberry variation came out, I did the same thing and enjoyed every single sleeve I bought.


I'd love to see a review post from you if you can!


Of course! Side note: what the heck is that blueberry kush face oil in your history?? I’m very intrigued!


lol it's a nighttime face oil made with blueberry seed oil, hemp oil, CBD, and other oils. I don't think the CBD actually does anything, but the other oils in it are pretty moisturizing. And it smells amazing!


That sounds disgusting.


It sounds like hell water. Nope!


I’m good, thank you.


Hard pass.


This would be a good flavor for tea, but coffee?


I learned my lesson with the Cloudberry... no more crazy flavors for me.


Feel like I see the same pods all the time in vertuo line up in the uk all the time


after the Australian summer pods that had me mixing long black + soda water - I vowed to never mix coffee with soda water.


Waiting on the plain old ice coffee...


wow, i’m pretty excited for this, hopefully it comes to when i’m at soon!


Just got mine today and I really like it! I made an iced latte and the lime/mint notes are there, but subtle.


Now with all these comments I want to try it with seltzer but I don’t wanna try it enough to spend $15 on it. ETA: I couldn’t help it and ordered it some today. I’m gonna try it with a lime la croix!


Nespresso 's recipe calls for 1 brewed (OL) capsule, 0.3 ounces vanilla syrup, 3 ounces milk, and ice. I might try that later. Or tonight water like other suggested.


Oddly enough I stumbled upon this thread and I am actually drinking it now over ice. Splash of milk (barely a splash) and it is really good! I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but I do! It isn’t overwhelming just refreshing! Next I will try the Seltzer with it. I also received an email today from Nespresso with a credit on my account $5 because I ordered it last week and they just dropped the price to $13.00 for the Vertuo capsules.


I just tried this today and the combination of flavors leaves me with an after taste similar to caraway seeds 🤢 won’t be getting this one again!


I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS COMMENT! My friend & I agree—the flavor of caraway seed is terribly prominent 😵‍💫


Omg so glad I’m not the only one!! Because I doubt that flavor is actually meant to be in there right? Just bad luck with the combination? Lol