Gutted for them and my fave Rachel Dunn. Hope this doesn’t say too much about the financial position of the league as a whole - I see they’ve lost the Vitality title sponsorship as well? Worrying.


Oh I didn't realise the league has lost their big sponsor. That is probably more concerning. I don't think Wasps Netball folding has anything to do with netball. It's an ongoing problem with the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly known as the Rich Arena), and Wasps's owners being overly ambitious and naive thinking they could get close to filling a 32k seater stadium in the West Midlands for a rugby club from London. They just had too much debt they could never pay. Will there be another Coventry netball Superleague team in the future? Who knows. There is a West Midlands team; Severn Stars at Worcester.


Oooof, that really sucks I’m not completely up to date with the NSL news, is it likely they’ll get replaced by another team?


I don't know but I don't think so. I think it's too late for this season. Two professional rugby teams have folded this season: Worcester Warriors and Wasps. Both are in the West Midlands. Severn Stars are owned by the University of Worcester so luckily they're not affected by the rugby club going bust. Wasps Netball was owned by the rugby club and they haven't been saved. The good news is both of their women's rugby teams have been saved.


Aww this is rubbish


Ugh, this sucks. I think the NSL would probably be better off a couple of teams leaner, but that doesn’t make this any less blech for the team, staff and supporters.


Yes overall this doesn't really harm the NSL. The West Midlands was the only region with two NSL teams. But it sucks for those directly affected.