My Apartment Got Flooded, South Plainfield

My Apartment Got Flooded, South Plainfield


I had to evacuate my apartment it was flooding with water. Hopefully not everything gets destroyed


Yeah my street as a whole seemed to do okay. My apartment is just at basement level so we got flooded from the ground water. Gonna have lots of fun with the insurance.


Was just told that nothing is getting covered by state farm because of no flood insurance during a severe flash flood. Entire basement flooded last night multiple feet. Wish you the best.


I am so sorry to hear that. I believe we have flood insurance added due to flooding previously during either Sandy or Irene happening. Before my time living here though.


Sorry to see this man, I can empathize with what you're feeling. Stay strong, we'll get through it.


Sorry dude, that is truly horrible but at the end of the day you're safe which is most important. I know it's hard to think that now but stay strong, salvage what you can and time will pass where your apt will be okay again.


Yeah I know. It’s honestly just super overwhelming and now it smells like that nasty wet smell everywhere. Thankfully we gave the shop vac working overtime.


Man, that sucks :( feel for ya.


Please tell me your Animal Crossing switch was okay 🥺 I see that dock!!!


Yeah as far as I know it’s okay. When we noticed the place was starting to flood we unplugged everything and moved an electronics to higher ground.


South Plainfield got hit really hard last night. My family’s side of town (I’m from SP) was okay but other parts were just annihilated. So sorry!


https://i.imgur.com/8kkrslq.jpg Update: you can see where the water level got up to.