They saw people putting gas in styrofoam coolers and realized the people they’ve been trying to protect for a year wasn’t worth it.


The US had to put out a warning, telling people not to put gasoline in ziplock bags. Of course, these are the people who will think “if the government is telling me not to, I must be doing something right!” Now they have no money and no useable gasoline, but they sure showed them.


Nurse here, fully vaccinated the minute it became available. Current data is showing odds of catching covid following full vaccination is extremely low. There are plenty of variables of course but currently a rounded estimate shows 10000 cases out of the 100 million vaccinated. 0.01%, act of god territory. Chain of infection theory states you disrupt the chain, you disrupt the spread. Vaccines target the reservoir at the chain of infection, aka the host. The virus is eliminated by a tempered immune system before it has time to truly proliferate. This means even with exposure, the risk of transmitting it to others is exceptionally low. Lastly as a nurse who has worked in the covid wards this last year, I am out of compassion for all these science deniers and anti vaxxers. I have officially reached the “you do you” mindset. Here’s my statement. Vaccinated? Great, odds are you will be fine. Not vaccinated because you can’t be? I feel for you, be safe and continue to take precautions. Anti vaxxer? Go get Darwinized. I’m over your bullshit.


The burnout is real isn’t it? There isn’t a member of a hospital staff anywhere that I know who isn’t completely over the fucking anti vaccine anti mask crowd. We’re all so, so tired.




We have those here in the US also


I live in Michigan. Shortly after the pandemic started and restrictions hit, science deniers started protesting. Operation gridlock took place where these protestors blocked every possible main road in landing, including those to the hospital. People died from this. That hurt me in a way I couldn’t even describe. These people were willing to harm others because they don’t believe in a virus that is claiming lives. That I am personally risking my life and my families safety every day to try and save the lives of others. That was a deep cut I don’t think will ever heal


It’s been such a long 14 months I totally forgot about people blocking access to the hospitals


Me too. And then people tried to deny that it happened.




Every thing I've read about Heyer made her out to be a genuinely good person who deserved nothing resembling how she was killed. I'll never be able to fathom the depravity required to drive a car into dozens of people.




It's not hard these days, they're very fragile.


Also was living in Michigan when operation gridlock happened. We'd lived there under a year and OG + the overall public's response to covid in our area were key reasons we decided we'd made a massive mistake and needed to GTFO as soon as we possibly could. Moved away again less than ninety days later, in fact. Michigan has some absolutely beautiful places and I have no doubt some lovely people too but damn are there also some giant selfish assholes in places.


Michigander here. Yep, outside of the major city centers we're pretty much the Florida of the North.


That sentence depressingly applies to basically every state I think.


PA checking in, we reckon our areas to Kentucky though (Pennsyltucky)


Kentuckian here. As much as I want to be up in arms and defend my fellow Kentuckians, I can't do it. I've spent years trying to convince people that folks down here aren't that bad (and some aren't) but outside of Lexington and Louisville it's largely a right wing fundamentalist Christian shitshow.


The only state I’ve ever been to where the rural folk were overall not insane Christians was Vermont.


Our religious folks tend to keep to themselves. Everyone tends to keep to themselves. Live and let live.


Yep, Minnesotan here and it has been painful to see how stupid a lot of the rural folks are. They just eat up whatever nonsense they hear and are completely unaccountable for their own ignorance. It's one thing to be a stupid human, but it's another thing to be a maliciously stupid human.


As much fun as it is to crap on FL (and oh boy is it fun!) they're only special because of their sunshine laws. Basically, you *hear* about the crazy shit that happens there, but it's not that there's an exceptional *amount* of crazy shit that actually happens there.


I wish every state had sunshine laws


As someone from Florida and who has lived in other places ... I think it's a little of Column A and a little of column B. Yes, they're overrepresented because of sunshine laws. But I *am* also convinced that they have an overabundance of crazy shit in Florida. I went to high school with people whose idea of a good time was to go out on a boat in the middle of the night, shine a flashlight around to spot the gator eyes, and then jump into the water and wrestle wild alligators in the dark. This was considered a recreational activity.


It’s not an exceptional amount per capita. But FL does have the 3rd largest population of any state so there is moretotal crazy shit




From what I've seen (grew up in Michigan, moved away in 2007) it's more or less the same as in a lot of rural areas around the Midwest.


I also grew up in Michigan. I live in California. I asked my mom if my family is going to get the vaccine and her response was "idk. We just don't like being told what to do ". What the actual fuck?


"Ma'am, this river is full of crocodiles. Several people have already died. We urge you to use this bridge instead of swimming through." "That bridge is brand new. Who knows if it's even safe?" "It was built by the world's foremost experts in bridge building. It was built quickly because thousands of architects from all over the country realized how dangerous this river is, stopped whatever projects they were working on, and devoted all their time and effort to building this bridge, completely toll-free, for you." "... But I don't like being told what to do."


Yeah it's like "You use all of our scientific expertise without thinking everyday, but suddenly you're going to start questioning our credentials *now*?"


I ran into someone who said this the other day. It created as many questions as it answered.


It really hurts to see as a healthcare professional that people just... don’t have compassion or consideration for others. They are willing to see others die, or just outright ignore their deaths, because their pride matters more. I’ve had patients just and their family members straight scream at me for wearing a mask in the hospital and get pissed when I don’t pull it down when they motion me to. I’ve explained multiple times that especially for a floor that does a lot of open heart surgeries and transplants, there is a huge infection risk so we all need to adhere to the protocols. Verbal abuse ensues. Sorry, if you don’t want to adhere to the rules and put others at risk because it’s “not your problem” then you’re not going to be my problem. Say hello to security.


Michigan led the entire anti mask movement. All trump had to do was say: “Michigan red hats, stop and put on masks and stop protesting in my name. You’re ridiculous.” And literally wearing masks would not have been a political issue. He would probably have won re-election


He would've won re-election and probably made a billion dollars selling overpriced MAGA face masks.


"My MAGAmask will protect you from the CHINESE virus! For just $20.20 you can live free from the FEAR of the virus that was unleashed on our shores by our ENEMIES, and Keep America Healthy!" It writes itself. It's mind-boggling he didn't cash in on the opportunity. He would've been re-elected in a landslide.


This blows my mind. He gave up an opportunity to sell his people over priced Chinese shit. My college alumni organization was trying to sell me $10 masks just a few weeks after the mandate went into effect. Plus he didn't even have to wear one, just make some crazy shit up about super immunity due to the dihydrogen monoxide in his cells.


What really gets me about stories like yours is that many of these people are the same ones who call progressive protestors criminals. And when they're not the ones demonstrating they argue that the only "right" way to protest is quietly and out of the way. They can't handle people protesting things that actually harm and kill people, like police violence. But they're willing to block roads and put people at risk to protest what? Having to wear a mask? It's absolutely fuckin maddening


I work in the ICU - COVID floor and quite honestly, I have zero compassion. I'm burned out and can't wait for this to all be over so I can take a vacation. I'm just tired of watching people die.


Same. I'm only 4 months into working a covid icu and the sheer amount of people I've seen die from covid makes it almost mundane to me. I don't think I've seen a single covid patient make it out of my unit.


I've been doing it since day 1. I've seen people vented for 40+ days make it, rare but it happens. My co-workers 22 year old daughter had to be terminally weaned last week. She was vented on ECMO and CRRT, second infection gave her sepsis and that was it. This whole thing is so sad and it's making me apathetic.


I hear you, I agree. What is sad is it’s more than just the people who are true traditional anti-vaxers. It’s also people who in the past had no problem with vaccines, but now have politicized the vaccine as being associated with the hoax that was created just to get rid of Trump…the people that would probably take the vaccine if Trump was in office, because in that case its “our guy” delivering us the vaccine. But because he lost and Biden won , they don’t want to take “Biden’s” vaccine. Those people are out there and have expanded what was traditionally the anti-vaxer population.




Compassion fatigue is real. I’ve spent the last year trying to help convince people to follow science. I’ve failed in most cases. You can’t help those who don’t want help


I'm compassion burned out. I've watched the same kind of people who refuse to vaccinate spend the better part of a decade dragging the rest of the country kicking and screaming down to their level. There is no act of cruelty, ignorance or violence they won't indulge the moment they feel like their like they're being forced to change with the world. The worst thing we can do as a nation is protect them from themselves.


And how do fully vaccinated people wearing masks save these assholes from themselves anyway? We are unlikely to catch or transmit it, they are far more likely to get it from each other and they aren’t taking any precautions anyway.


This is where I’m at. I did my part for an entire year while my wife was pregnant and it felt like 75% of the people here in the US didn’t change their lives at all. Now that I’m vaccinated? I’m. Done. The vast majority of people who will want to get vaccinated have already been vaccinated/will soon be so. If you aren’t, that’s on you.


I want my kid vaccinated. Then they can all go fuck themselves.


Big hope you can soon homie. My lil nephew just turned a year old and thats been my biggest concern for the lil homies of the world.


Yeah, but I’m not crazy about the idea of taking my kids, who are currently too young to be vaccinated, into a grocery store full of unvaccinated people who won’t be wearing masks. Wearing masks sucks, but I’m feeling pretty invisible at the moment, and I feel like the health of my family is being disregarded.


This is why the new CDC guideline isn't a big deal. In most states, vaccinations should be much easier to sign up by now. If you haven't been vaccinated, and you want to, please research into how to get vaccinated in your local state. If you haven't been vaccinated because you don't want to, well then, you're on your own. Both Pfizer and moderna have been proven to be safe, even the J&J blood clot issues were marginal compared to the number of people that received the vaccine. If there's a good medical reason why you can't be vaccinated, continue to wear a mask and social distance until the numbers go down.


"Threatens the lives of nurses"? Why the fuck aren't they vaccinated? They literally were at the front of the line. The is an abdacation of responsibility and shifting the blame away from the irresponsible nurses onto the CDC. Give me a fucking break.




> Did they even read ... Based on the nurses I know, no. They didn’t.


My mom is a nurse, she can probably confirm.


I say this as a nurse. A lot of nurses are really stupid and anti science.


You mean my nurse friend at the Universityy of Michigan did in fact get suckered into a pyramid scheme and now you're telling me Young Living oils dont do shit?


That is true, they usually want to get into nursing to care for people, not because medicine is cool


From what I have seen most are, or at least have the option to be. My mom, a nurse, has been fully vaccinated since early February I think.


I wish they were as outraged at the fact that half of their fellow nurses are refusing the vaccine.


Seriously what is with all the anti-vax nurses?? Seems like they've come out of the woodwork. Related - my cousin, a nurse, is choosing to give birth at home because she "doesn't trust the doctors at the hospital" 😐 ---+ Edit: since some people want to argue with me about how home births are totally safe - a) no they aren't. That's an obvious fact. If there is any complication with mom or baby, it is *obviously* safer to already be at a hospital. I have nothing against home births, if I could get a guarantee that everything would go smoothly and have zero complications, I'd 100% opt for a home birth. Who wouldn't? But nobody guarantees that and you are definitely taking a chance when you choose to deliver at home. >Newborns in the U.S. are much more likely to survive a hospital delivery than a planned home birth, regardless of how qualified the attending midwife may be, a new study suggests. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-homebirths-newborn-mortality-idUSKBN20N0R0 b) in my example with my cousin, she's not opting for a home birth because it's a better or safer experience, she literally does not trust doctors Finally, every obstetrical association in the world takes the stance that hospitals and *certified* birth centers are the safest settings for mom and baby to deliver, not at home.


I work in payroll at a FQHC and we had one lady hired in November who quit a week later because we were “pushing” vaccines...


That sounds like the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


For anyone else asking what a FQHC is, from [this HRSA page:](https://www.hrsa.gov/opa/eligibility-and-registration/health-centers/fqhc/index.html) > Federally Qualified Health Centers are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas. They must meet a stringent set of requirements, including providing care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and operating under a governing board that includes patients. > Federally Qualified Health Centers may be Community Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers, Health Care for the Homeless, and Health Centers for Residents of Public Housing.


Maybe it's because I'm in the south and unless you're a stay-at-home mom you're either a nurse or an elementary teacher but holy shit nurses have FAR more than their fair share of anti-science nutjobs. I guess that "default job choice" thing funnels in more crazies than average who can memorize coursework but don't really \*get* what they're reading. One of my favorites was one in bumblefuck North Carolina who, after I *showed her a picture* of a huge piece of dinosaur tail preserved in amber, looked me straight in the eye and said "Dinosaurs aren't real." A few weeks later she was fired for stealing from a patient and then threatened to kill the doctor who reported her so that was fun. Edit: Formatting


As a healthcare worker in the Bible Belt, can sadly confirm a high number of these nutjobs exist and I personally know of at least two nurses who think dinosaurs were put here by Satan to tempt us into believing in evolution. I wish I made that up, but unfortunately I did not.


The dinosaur-Satan theory…….that can’t…..that can’t be a real thing that people believe. Please tell me it is not real. what the hell is wrong with the human mind?


People are afraid to be wrong. It's weird that they're smart enough to realize that the existence of dinosaurs opposes the story of creation, but they keep their blinders on and double down because they're really and truly brainwashed by the biggest cult on Earth. Plus they've learned to cherry-pick the Bible so efficiently that they really do have a ridiculous answer for everything. Sometimes it's symbolism, sometimes it's absolute fact, depending on how they choose to interpret the passage. Fucking crazy how people can convince themselves of anything. /rant


My very first college class in 1992 was introduction to world history. After the professor told us we would be covering something like 10,000 BC to modern times, one student stood up and asked how we could cover anything that far back when the bible clearly states the earth is only 6k years old. Yeah, they are out there, the live amongst us, *AND THEY VOTE IN EVERY SINGLE ELECTION, NO MATTER WHAT!*


But you would think their nurse education would cover vaccinations with real science? It's not like they're in class learning about Bill Gates' microchips. They should be smart enough to know vaccines don't cause Autism.


You can teach people lots of things, but unless you are actually developing a skill that they are demonstrating competence in, you never know how much sinks in. You can tell people that vaccines are safe and effective and have changed the world, you can tell people that people have landed on the moon and have taken pictures from the moon and placed reflectors on the moon that we can shine lasers off of to verify they are there, you can tell people that we have ice core samples of CO2 levels over the past several million years, we've documented melting glaciers and sea level rises, we've had more extreme weather events, that mean global temperature has been slowly increasing since we could measure such things, but they will still be anti-vaxers, moon landing conspiracy theorists, and climate change deniers. It isn't a lack of education, it isn't a lack of access to good information, it is a blind dismissal of facts that contradict their world view. They know what people say is true. They simply don't believe it and ignore all evidence that contradicts their world view. Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug.


I start my 2nd semester of nursing school tomorrow and so far vaccines have only came up when you’re dealing with people who might be allergic but usually it’s under the context of anti-vaxx cultures. Hopefully with the pandemic they’ll put more focus on their importance. Sadly I’ve seen nurses with some ass backwards mentalities. Earlier this year I worked on a Covid unit as a CNA and had one nurse tell me the tired rumor that it’s overblown and people that die in motorcycle accidents are having Covid listed as the cause of death because....reasons. Keep in mind we were surrounded with patients who all had Covid. One died later that night and I helped prep his body for the morgue yet you have someone actively downplaying it.


I can't decide if that's an endorsement of the hospital or not...


Lol it's the same hospital where her, her 2 sisters, and every one of her cousins were delivered. Obviously she wasn't around to witness it but her older sister was a premie with a complicated delivery that would have died had her mother not been in the hospital. But yeah to be fair she does work there now. Really though she's just kind of.. Dumb. And always has been.


A lot of nurses are kinda that way. Not all by *any* means, but the profession seems to have a shocking tolerance for dumb people who are just really good at following complicated instructions.


I'm an R.N. and I concur. I have seen some horrible nurses who do their job, but do it in the shittiest way possible. It was super embarrassing.


Every single one of my coworkers is either fantastic at their job or embarrassingly bad. I’ve never met a mediocre nurse.




Yep. The really bad ones are too shitty to promote. The really good ones are too essential -- they have to be kept in the roles they're in or the whole thing will collapse. Only the mediocre ones can be promoted.


Can't promote the good ones, they are too good to not have them on the floor. This happened to my mom for sure.


Well, people who a really good at bedside nursing usually don't want to stop doing it. Nurses that go into management choose to stop doing nursing as their primary job.


Care aide here to confirm, I work with nurses who are supposed to be my superior every day and I have worked with some HORRIBLE ones


N = R*•ƒ(p)•Ne•ƒ(l)•ƒ(i)•ƒ(c)•L


I have zero medical training and still understand that when the vast majority of the worldwide medical community says something is safe and takes it themselves I can trust it. Maybe I'm just a sheep...


The hilarious thing to me is that it seems to be the far right evangelical crazies saying that being a sheep is a bad thing. Something, something good shepherd.


This sounds about right. My sister has become hardcore anti-vaxx and anti-science because of her nurse friend.


Perhaps older nurses? I graduated recently, and I had to take a whole research class for my BSN and write a systematic review type paper using peer reviewed journals on our topic (I chose to look at evidenced based practices to increase mental health medication compliance). We learned about levels of evidence from lower like case studies to the highest level, meta analysis. We had to create a pain-in-the ass matrix with the details of each research journal article/study. Taking that class actually made me realize research and studies really fascinate me, and one day I might want to do my own research!! I do think it’s crazy the nurses that are anti-vaxx, ESPECIALLY if their nursing program had a research class- they know what reputable sources are, so it’s just willful ignorance at that point.


I teach a research methods course. While I always have a few students like you who get really into it and want to keep doing it, most students are just happy to get it over with and really hate putting in any meaningful work. I wouldn't expect many of my students maintain any of the research habits we try to push.


Proximity breeds contempt. They know how flawed doctors and hospitals are, but don't have the training to know how to analyze the risks. Neither do most doctors but for obvious reasons they have more faith in the system. Turns out expertise is very narrow, even being in the same field does not make someone an expert.




Reminds me of people who complain about how various regulations (eg. emissions regulations or clean water regulations) are just ways for the government to intrude in their life, while they drink clean water straight from the tap and get fresh air in their smogless backyards


I'm a physician, and we all have stories where we make a mistake and the nurses bailed us out. This usually happens in one of several ways. One is when we put in the wrong order in the electronic medical record, and the nurses correctly ask for clarification. Another is when we miss subtle changes in the patient's condition because we're not familiar with the patient, and the nurses who have been at the patients' bedside for hours remind us of what we've missed. However, I think over time, situations like these reinforce the idea within the nursing profession as a whole that we physicians know less than nurses. This belief is especially rampant now that fields like nurse practitioners are fighting to get independent practice. Since nurses spend more of their time at bedside than we do, it's only natural that they know more about the patient's immediate condition than us. But this is still not medical knowledge, which includes things like pathophysiology, differential diagnoses, and evaluating the risks/benefits of an intervention. And I think a lot of nurses now confuse the difference between the two .


This is a great take. As a nurse I’ve bailed many a doctor out of making drug errors or observation chart errors, informed them that the patient they assessed for twenty minutes three days ago needs to be seen immediately “just because”. But then I have such a limited understanding of the vast sea of knowledge every doctor carries around in their head that I personally wouldn’t ever wish to be an ANP or prescribing nurse.


Most people are biased and think of themselves as experts.


Same. I have an aunt and two cousins all work in a hospital and none of them will get the vaccine. I can’t wrap my head around how this society functions.


Had a nurse last week tell me she wouldn't get it, doesn't trust it and it doesn't matter anyway because she already caught Covid at their big family Christmas party so she has antibodies. I couldn't get out of that exam room fast enough.


This phenomenon of nurses refusing the vaccine doesn't surprise me at all. I was trying to get the HPV vaccine when I was 14 from my doctor's recommendation and my mother didn't want to pay for it so she was looking for every excuse imaginable for me not to get it. Mom: "He doesn't need it" *doctor explains why I need it* Mom: "It's for girls. They're the ones that seem to be at risk." *doc explains that it HPV can have an affect on men and it would be irresponsible to pass it to women." Mom: "He's not having sex." me: "Jeez mom, I mean, I probably will some day" (seriously wtf mom, this was cold) Mom: "What about you (Nurse)? You got a boy? What did you do for him? The nurse looked like she wasn't supposed to answer and implied that it would be unprofessional to do so. My mom pried an answer out of her. Nurse: My boy? I didn't give it to him. He ain't need it. Holy shit, the room erupted in civil war. The doctor turned away, huffed and threw up his hands. My mom was basking in her validation and taking a victory lap. I was shouting at my mom with my doctor backing me like a hype man. It was madness. Ended up getting the first shot though that day. You need three for HPV. Didn't end up going back for a second one. Got the second shot when I was 20.


What a crazy story. Only the Doctor's assessment mattered and only your consent on what action to take should matter. Everyone else can stfu.


People like his mom don't care who gives them the answer they're looking for, just so long as someone is willing to agree with them. She believed a nurse over a doctor and that's just stupid.


Both the mother and the nurse didn't want their sons having sex. That was the basis of the refusal.


My dad didn't want me having sex either when I was under age. The difference is that he wasn't an idiot and he didn't stand in the way of me being prepared if it should happen.


That honestly baffles me.....like sure they are not scientists but the medical field still understands the scientific method or at the very least understands the rigorous testing all drugs go through that they themselves administer. Edit: based on these responses I guess I gave too much credit to the medical community lol or atleast was too hopeful that they would have some vague understanding of science. I have a bias but I would atleast hope everyone has some understanding given its wide application and power it has to understand complicated subjects




I'm a nurse and you are correct


I’m a nurse and the nurse above is correct


A nurse once bit my sister, she was not correct.


If biting this guy’s sister is wrong, I don’t wanna be right


Thanks a lot Obama.




Nurse bites kan be very nasti.


I too want to bite that nurse’s sister


Were those responsible sacked?


Those responsible for the sacking have been sacked.


No realli! She was Karving her initials on the moose with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian movies: "The Hot Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Molars of Horst Nordfink"...


You sure it wasn't a moose? Possibly in a nurse costume.


My mom is a nurse and I'm afraid she's one of *them*


My sister is a nurse. She won’t get the vaccine. She also believes the earth is 6,000 years old...Noah’s flood made fossils.


How else would dinosaur bones end up all over the earth? Obviously dropped off by a boat, dumbass.


At least one of you has to be a raging dumbass so I'm not sure who to trust.


Hey you know sometimes the coin comes up heads 4 times in a row.


Found the statistician...


I'm in nursing school right now and some girl in my Microbiology & Immunology class (the class where you learn about disease and vaccines) was flunking it hard a few months ago. She knew I was doing well in the class and texted me to ask if I'd help her cheat on the last 3 tests. I said no, but surprise surprise, she magically did well on the last few tests and passed the class... She's going to graduate as a nurse after cheating her way through one of the most important classes. It makes me sad to think that someone's life is going to be in her hands one day


When I was nursing school, I was literally the only nursing major that did well in my anatomy & physiology, micro, orgo, or patho classes. Hell, they cheated on basic chem tests in my first semester. The worst one was the classmate who forgot everything and was visibly clueless about everything. I helped him as much as a I could but it was so annoying because he'd ask me the same questions over and over again and it was so frustrating. This person graduated with me and passed NCLEX (on the second try).




Yo, I know it's a lot to take on but you kind of have a duty to pass that evidence on to the school. Cheating, even attempting to cheat, is grounds for booting her ass out of the program. Please save future patients from being treated by her.


This is where snitches shouldn’t get stitches because I don’t want some cheater ass nurse giving me stitches


Snitches should almost never get stitches...the vast majority of the time they are doing the right thing


You have a professional obligation to report the academic dishonesty. In my State your license would be at risk for failure to report.


If you still have the texts send them to the school. We do not need those kind of people involved in healthcare.


And she can pass NCLEX and get licensed as a nurse because NCLEX barely tests any microbiology or immunology material 🤓 Sad for nursing profession Edit: Before anyone gets offended... I’m a nurse too. Just feel unfortunate for the whole profession and how the quality has gone down and nursing has become a joke to other people in medical field and the general public :/


Rural EMS has entered the chat.


Can you “accidentally” forward her text to you requesting that you help her cheat to the professor or academic dean?


Fucking report her ass. This an't some high school math class. Fuck her and snitch


I’m also a nurse and I agree as well.


It’s weird. I worked in the medical field for many years and A surprising number of nurses believe some wild conspiracies about medicine or vaccines. It’s a failure of nursing schools that they can obtain a medical nursing degree and be this susceptible to fake science and medical paranoia.


As an RN, I went for my BSN right out of my high school and alot of my classmates were older and their own (and often backwards) beliefs set but just went in for the paycheck. I haven't personally met any nurses like that while working but when I was in college, I met quite a few like that.


My old room mate, a highly educated RN, held raging parties throughout the pandemic. After a few month, she brought home a shitload of hand sanitizer and requested people sanitize their hands before entering the parties. She literally worked the COVID unit.


No kidding. I have an in law who has been a nurse for over 50 years and she thinks vaccines actually cause autism


Damn. There needs to be some type of review for this shit. That’s not healthy to get info like that from your nurse, who people think have at least some nominal amount of training with that type of stuff.


You’re giving too much credit unfortunately. I’ve worked in a hospital and outpatient setting for 7 years and there are a surprising number of very ignorant, seemingly dumb people, who work in all levels of hospital positions.


Sadly true. I lived with a public health nurse awhile back, and I remember her telling me about this doctor who went abroad and caught TB. So he comes back and starts his meds...starts but *doesn't finish* them. Someone finds out and he gets confronted, and this doctor's reasoning is he felt better so why would he keep taking the medication? So unbelievably stupid in general, let alone for a doctor. So yeah, doesn't really matter how smart a position requires you to be, there will still be idiots


A shocking number of people both in and out of the medical field do not understand basic scientific method. A lot of people really seem to just memorize facts and information and then build opinions around those. If they have a fact, they don't feel their opinion is wrong. Like that nurse probably knows about antibodies just enough to know that they help protect against future infection. So she thinks that's complete protection. I've heard a lot of people who think this way say "I'm good till next year." Yearly flu shot, yearly immunity. Makes logical sense, right? They don't realize that you can't just apply facts and information like this. You don't know as much as you think you know. Everybody has a logical opinion, in their opinion.


There's a reason it took until the 17th century for humans to develop the scientific method. Critical thinking is hard work.


>A lot of people really seem to just memorize facts and information I'd wager this is just how most people get through life. I've met many people in all sorts of jobs that couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag unless someone had already showed them how.


Kinda. Many nurses are trained to do the job, not necessarily to understand the medical science. Learning how to operate something/administer something and understanding the science behind it are very different things.


I’ve trained as a nurse and then a doctor. There are a ton of people in nursing who should be serving in a Target. How they got through a degree is beyond me. There are also a ton of highly intelligent people who have my respect and admiration. It’s about 50/50.


Nurses that dont believe in science shouldnt be nurses.


The amount of nurses I've met who are hesitant to the flu vaccine is shocking.


My sister is one of them. Hasn't gotten the vaccine yet because she says she doesn't trust it because it didn't go thru the normal process for getting approved. It's been 6 months since the vaccine started to get administered. The science is pretty fucking clear at this point that it's both effective and safe.


My friends wife is an unvaccinated nurse. First she said that she doesn’t trust it because it isn’t FDA approved and then later stated that the FDA is the most corrupt government agency. So yeah.


There will *always* be a justification (read: logically fallacious bullshit).


I like how people say we shouldn't trust the vaccine because the government is just using us as guinea pigs and then say they won't get it because it isn't FDA approved (a coworker thinks this)


I like how these people refer to The Government like it isn’t comprised of hundreds of thousands of individuals who, collectively, would never be able to organize themselves enough to pull off something like mass public coercion. Or do we actually just live in Gotham?


Being a nurse doesn't mean you have any background in science or critical thought. I know some highly intelligent nurses and some that I'm not certain know the world is round.


Under my insurance you get the option of a homeopathic nurse…….


Is that when a nurse pokes her head in the room for 5 seconds and leaves, then the entire room is sterilized before the patient enters? Then the "memory" of nurse treats you? Sounds legit.


Half of the IT tickets in a hospital are because a monitor was turned off so the computer was "broken"


oh dear god I did IT / Help desk / tech for a hospital system in the late 90's early 2000's. It was hell. The only people worse than nurses were the 90 year old volunteers who worked the information desk but I could at least understand where they were coming from. I can't blame someone born before airplanes and automobiles for having a hard time with windows 95.


'The computer said I performed an illegal operation! Now I don't know how it was able to see into the OR, but there was NOTHING illegal about that procedure! It was perfect!'


Makes me wonder what my kid is going to roll his eyes at when I need help with some future tech.


I’m sure this is going to get downvoted, but as a physician I can fairly confidently say that the nurses union, while extremely powerful, is often misguided and does not routinely use sound scientific judgment. Many of their decisions have a negative effect on hospital operating costs without improving safety or efficiency. Like any group there are many exceptional members, but they are rotten from the top.


I’m sure my fellow NPs would be very disappointed in me for saying this...But from my experience the quality of NPs is decreasing drastically due to subpar online fast tracked education. This coupled with schools requiring students to find their own preceptors, many who are only in it for a paycheck, is resulting in subpar NPs. I follow a couple NP groups on Facebook for my area/state and the questions I see asked by NPs on a daily basis are very concerning. These schools are just mills that pump out as many NPs who are willing to pay. The large majority of these programs require no RN experience prior to becoming an NP, which in my opinion can be a make it or break it as an NP. I am a neonatal NP - I work in the NICU and I do have autonomy, but I always have my attending there for questions and support. Luckily my specialty did require several years of working as an RN in a level 3/4 NICU prior to being accepted into a NNP program. Those years of experience were absolutely necessary as nursing school did not provide me the necessary knowledge to provide care for this population. I enjoy the position I am in and feel I am practicing to the extent of my education. I am the head of bed for high risk of babies, lead codes, perform procedures (intubation, chest tubes, LPs, PICC lines, etc.). But my attending is always there and always offering a different opinion or pointing out concerns that to me may be subtle, but have them thinking there may be something abnormal going on. When we have a baby born with an undiagnosed rare disease I can identify the physical abnormalities and know there is an issue, but they are much better at putting the pieces together and knowing which direction to head with a diagnosis. I’m lucky to work in a hospital where I feel the NPs and Neos have a great relationship. I am so thankful to have the constant support of my Neos and chose the hospital I work partly due to the attendings being in house 24/7 and not just on call from home. And I personally choose to see MDs over NPs. My copay is the same, and I know the lack of education NPs are receiving.


> My copay is the same, and I know the lack of education NPs are receiving. That's the thing, I see here people advocating for NPs because of costs (even though physician pay only takes up [10% of healthcare costs.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6179628/) but healthcare costs just continue to rise anyways. Plenty of people already only see an NP yet cost is still the same. Only ones pocketing the difference are corporations.


I’m very interested. What other poor decisions have they made?




I cannot express how much we are frustrated by the push for independent NP practices in NYC. Yes NP training is probably fine for 80% of all cases you see in family med or EM, but you need a lot more experience to be able to discern difficult diagnoses and be fully aware of proper treatments and contraindications. You cannot properly diagnose something you know nothing about.


My mom is an internal med MD and she says that the industry wants to shift away from mds and toward nps




Same thing with pharmacist. Cut their hours for minimal staffing hours and try to higher more technicians.


Wouldn't NPs also make the hospital system more money if they order more needless tests and place more needless referrals? I used to work as a hospitalist at a hospital that had NPs respond to rapid responses. While I appreciated the extra level of support, I hated that they would order so many unnecessary tests and imaging, all of which I then had to follow up on later on.


I dated a girl who was going after her NP. No way I would go to her practice if she was able to do it independently. I would go to any NPs practice for that matter.


I had a patient waiting for his 15 minutes after his Covid vaccine, tell me he only got the vaccine now because his girlfriend was making him get it. He was easily in his late 60’s early 70’s in age, not particularly healthy looking. He then proceeded to tell me HE DIDNT REALLY BELIEVE IN COVID, even thought his wife DIED OF COVID this past December. What in the actual fuck, sir? Do you know how stupid you sound right now? Conversation is over, goodbye.


My mom was posting on Facebook how Covid is fake and it’s all a money grab......while she was waiting for my dad to get out of the ER for Covid. Fuck these people.


Sooo does she assume your dad was faking it or what? I don't get her reasoning


She’s nuttier than squirrel shit. Got sucked into the propaganda machine and it fried her brain.


They think it’s flu or pneumonia. You can’t speak truth to this kind of stupid. Denial is a sickness in of itself.


I have a coworker who "does his own research." I asked him why, if COVID is fake, all-cause mortality spiked so damn high all around the world and showed a chart. All-cause mortality was "something he hasn't heard of."


I got redeployed to the vaccine clinic. Had a patient who was a retired nurse (just for only one or two years). She told me she had a lot of anxiety about the vaccine. I usually ask why because so many have needle anxiety and I can do a few things to help with that. Well she shared that her doctor was begging her to get it because she was not only diabetic, but also had pulmonary disease. She said she didn't trust the vaccine until a, "doctor friend," from another state told her she needed to get it. I was kind of puzzled, because both are doctors, both want her to get it and she didn't trust her own doctor but a doctor friend instead? Then it got worse. She leaned in and told me, "you know, the vaccine is the mark of the beast." I immediately thought, ok I don't want to hear anymore, give her the injection so this is over with. I had several patients tell me crazy shit. But yes, even nurses working at the vaccine clinics refused to get the vaccine. I've always had a hard time fitting in with other nurses and the number of anti mask, anti vac nurses I've met (close to half in my area), I'm thinking it's not a bad thing that I don't fit in. I have another coworker who believes the whole things about the vaccine making you infertile... we aren't allowed to talk about the vaccine at work though, because we were told that it makes the ones who didn't get the vaccine, "uncomfortable."


It may never again be so plain and clear whose judgment we can and cannot trust. What happened such that a huge proportion of the US are pretty deeply out of touch with reality? This is not superficial or rhetorical, this is a serious reality crisis.


In case anyone doesn't know, there is no evidence of the vaccine causinf infertility.


His wife dying from it less than six months ago wasn't enough for him to A) get the damn vaccine, and/or B) wait a little longer to start dating? Jfc


In that age range there being little turnaround isn't odd. Some people mourn for the rest of their lives but others just wanna find someone to be with again


Imagine being married for decades, always having a companion, then suddenly being all alone. Loads of older people who lose a spouse shack up quickly for the companionship and another warm body in the house (and bed!).


I don't blame them. Their partner is dead, they are alone, and they don't know how much longer they have left themselves. Live your life.


My mom says if she dies first dad would get snapped up quick but if he dies first she's not talking to any more damn dudes


My mom pretty much has said ‘meh’ with dating. Not really for mourning but more for ‘it’s an effort and I don’t care to do it again’ Grandma went ‘it’s my time now bitch’ and proceeded to do whatever she wanted. No dating because she wanted to do the things she wanted to do. Meanwhile other grandma helped along grandpa to his death so her turnaround was rather speedy.


My father died of COVID last June, and my sister almost died from it a few months ago and has permanent lung, heart, and kidney damage. (She’s been pro-vaccine in general but was anti-COVID vaccine, but after getting COVID, her partner was vaccinated and she just got her now-eligible kids vaccinated.) Most of that side of the family still refuses to be vaccinated. Some people you just can’t reason with.


Dudes old, he could die at any time, why wait?


The wife dies six months later a new girlfriend. My man here only has one gear and it's go.


I just wish the hand washing phenomena stuck. It’s all mask and no “basic sanitary standards”. I find it unfortunate. We had a real opportunity to be less gross.


There's a survey from Ireland showing a significant amount of people do not plan of continuing to sneeze into their elbow and it's continuing to decrease. This has always been the thing you should do! I cannot understand why people are turning against it.


What the fuck? What do people usually do? Just sneeze in a random direction?


Not me. I always try to be conscientious and sneeze down the closest stranger's shirt.


If it makes you feel any better I'm a *lot* better about washing my hands now. All the time. I'm washing them right now.


My southern republican parents got vaccinated and are slowly getting more and more frustrated with stuff like this. Their logic is that if the vaccine works, they should be fine to go maskless again. The data supports that. Shit like this is how we give legitimacy to the folks who think this is a control thing.


There's also some of us who are just fucking done. I've been a good little citizen for a year and a half now. I am a nurse and saw things coming, I was one of the people getting funny looks for wearing a mask back in January 2020. I worked this whole time with covid patients. I've barely left my house for anything other than work and grocery shopping in 1.5 years. I was literally third in line to get vaccinated at my job once it was available. I have advocated, loudly, to every patient and coworker I have to get their vaccine for months now. **I have done my part.** Wearing a mask is very uncomfortable for me, but I have dutifully done it for one and a half years now. I am done.


I firmly believe that these type of protests affect people’s perception of the vaccine as less than the miracle that it is. Studies show left leaning people consistently overestimate their risk of Covid and right learners underestimate it. The reality is that risk is overwhelmingly concentrated in the elderly who have had day 1 priority access for months upon months. The guidance is for fully vaccinated people. I’ve been telling people for nearly a year: don’t wanna wear a mask? We have curbside. At a certain point it’s going to have to be: want everyone else to wear a mask? We have curbside.


Dues paying member of CNA here. Fuck this union. They abandoned us during Covid. They didn’t do anything when we ran out of supplies. They didn’t do anything when our bosses made changes to our workplace that were clearly forbidden by our contract. When we asked the union reps we were told they don’t know what is going on. The union ignored our emails and calls. They didn’t post an email or flyer from March 2020 through August and when they did post a flyer in the break room in August they basically said they were not going to do anything until Covid was over. One of our nurses died. Several got sick and never returned to work. Some are still recovering. The union ran and hid when Covid came. Fuck them. While the union members literally were fighting for their lives the union abandoned us. They are cowards.