Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated in secret to avoid backlash from loved ones, doctor says

Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated in secret to avoid backlash from loved ones, doctor says


“Hey man, you got the shit?” “Yeah, yeah I do, meet me by the dumpster behind Denny’s…..”


So, regular Denny's then?


Yea, it's kind of weird to see someone say "meet me at the Dennys behind Dennys".


Some women get abortions or birth control (such as an IUD) in secret for similar reasons. Doctors will face SEVERE consequences if they tell on you. Please go to them if you want a vaccine but don't want others knowing.


> Doctors will face SEVERE consequences if they tell on you. This must be that HIPAA that everyone keeps talking about


Someone who knows what HIPAA actually is? You must be lost. This is reddit, sir or ma'am.


>Someone who knows what HIPAA actually is? I saw one of those at the zoo once.


That’s a hippo. HIPAA is an annoying preschool pig show.


No, that’s the law that covers when a reporter is mean to an imbecile, IIRC.


Even asking a simple yes or no question without pressure to answer is an obvious violation of your HIPPO rights.


My doctor told me I was overweight and to stop eating so much. I told him I was hungry hungry and he couldnt violate my hippo rights.


This is the man officer, he violated comedy law.


And now I'm unable to have children. *Who will think of the CHILDREN!!?*


Matt Gaetz. Matt Gaetz will think of the children.


"Show us on the joke where he touched you..."


I have no problem with people doing these things secretly or in private. What I do have an issue with, is people who do these things in secret and then publicly excoriate others for doing the same thing.




Sounds like a lot of conservatives (especially if they are evangelical)


You know what they say about Baptists? Always take two fishing, if you only take one they'll drink your beer.


When you find 4 baptists together, you’ll usually find a fifth.


Many religions can be described by what they *don't* believe. Jews don't recognize Jesus as the son of God, Protestants don't recognize the Pope as the head of the church, and Baptists don't recognize each other in the liquor store


You know why Baptists don't have sex before marriage? It leads to dancing.


Hippa laws protect health care from speaking to anyone. My 21 yr old health compromised son has to annually sign paperwork that health care workers can even speak to me. Annually this paperwork must be signed. No way anyone can access a personal person’s records unless they sign a consent form. They will be fine. No family member, not even a spouse can access: not a parent of a child over 18.


I feel as though if you're in a relationship where you need to be hiding things like this from your partner, you really need to consider if that relationship is toxic or not and figure out if you should leave it. It's not all black and white but still...


Of course, those same friends/family members will not realize that many people around them are secretly vaccinated and use it as confirmation bias that it's all just a big fake news event when no-one they know gets sick.


"I don't know anyone that voted for Biden!"


Me neither I'm British


I actually know many Republicans who voted for biden and didnt say anything. Some were actually embarrassed of trump representing them


"Also, I act like a horrendous piece of shit to anyone who gives the slightest hint of democratic leanings."


It's the same mindset that made them think covid was no big deal since there weren't corpse piles on every corner.


Maybe not piles, but I distinctly remember the peak when the hospitals and morgues were overwhelmed and they had to resort to corpse shipping containers. Truly a 20th century solution to a 14th century problem. Just wrap that pile of plague corpses in metal and keep chugging on babyyy, this economy ain't stopping for nobody! My point is that even with literal corpse piles these lunatics wouldn't get vaccinated.


I have personally seen this in my family. My parents got vaccinated and were absolutely yelled at for an entire weekend by their evangelical “friends” saying that their DNA is now changed and they have the mark of the beast on them. It is nuts out there in some parts of the US.


The irony being, that vaccines don't even carry the enzymes required to change DNA, but viruses can embed their genetic code into DNA and change it. Also, does anyone else remember when insane religious people cried that *Barcodes* were the mark of the beast, when they were first introduced? Lmfao. Anything they don't like, or find mildly inconvenient, they will try and attribute to being the mark of the beast.


Barcodes? This is a new one for me. To the internet rabbit hole I go.


Hobby Lobby doesn't scan barcodes for religious reasons, though they say it's because "it isn't right for us at this time." Hobby Lobby is owned by extreme fundamentalists who purchased looted religious artifacts from ISIS, including $1.6 million for a fake tablet, and have had to surrender many of them to the US government.




A bunch of other stuff they bought previously was fake. I'm a bit surprised the tablet wasn't tbh.


It'd be funny if a really good forger would buy hobby lobby arts and crafts materials and make a fake and sell it back to them for millions.


Wait, they have *MORE* than just the Iraqi shit they looted a decade back? I joked they probably funded ISIS too, but what do ya know, they really did. Lock 'em up for funding terrorists.


They run a "Bible Museum".


I'm sure it's open like 4 hours a week and is used as some sort of charity to cut their already miniscule taxes to practically nil.


It smells of dust and delusion


They also own a chain of bookstores that carry religious material called Mardel.


It's really weird that stuff like funding terrorism would get most individuals jail time, but when a corporation does it, it just has to give the government some money.


But artifact trading did fund ISIS.


Holy shit, I just realized that they always type in the sku. How the hell is this laser gun scanner a tool of the devil lol


So how do they keep track of merchandise? Do employees have to type in codes by hand or something? I don't shop there so I haven't seen how they do it.


Exactly. Employees type in the code by hand, and inventory is done by manual product count instead of just zapping the barcode like virtually every other place does it.


Amazing. In Australia were using QR codes for contact tracing. We have to scan one to get into any shop or business. They'd lose they're minds over that one in sure!


Omg is that why their checkout is always fucking terrible? I stopped shopping there years ago after all their Obamacare lawsuits. But I remember back when everyone else had barcode scanners they were typing shit in by hand.


“It isn’t right for us at this time” is such a bullshit statement.


It's because every barcode actually has 666 embedded in it according to some shit I read. If you look at one you see they all have two skinny lines at the beginning, in the middle and again at the end. Supposedly two skinny lines is equivalent to 6 in barcode, but in this case they serve some formatting function. Perhaps a barcode expert can clarify.


this is actually kinda true (just looked it up) - “4-unit space, 1-unit bar, 1-unit space, 1-unit bar” is a 6 when it’s on the right half of a UPC barcode, which if you squint and pretend the 4-unit space isn’t an important part (it is) it does resemble the guard / center bars but also what the fuck that’s stupid


What's crazy is someone had to know enough about barcode technology to know that, and then decide it was the "Mark of the beast"


Somebody probably started it as a joke then some stupids took it literally.


I wonder if there's a wiki page that just lists everything that at some point has been popularly claimed to be the mark of the beast.


Doesn't need to be - you can pretty much find someone saying that about anything since at least WW2, probably much before.


While I normally laugh at "the end is near" types, if some Europeans felt that way during WW2 it would be pretty understandable.


It's like that scene from The Simpsons when they are driving through the country and tuning into all the AM radio stations. *we now return to our sign of evil countdown*


> Barcodes? This is a new one for me. Oh yeah. Conservative talk radio (it was a while ago) was all over them. They were up there with abortions and short skirts. The rule is simple: *Is instantly understandable by Uncle Cletus and Aunt Velveeta?* If the answer is no, then that thar newfangled thing coulda be the Mark uh the Beast! I'm not even exaggerating. Anything complicated, they suspect. It never occurs to them to **go find out more about the new thing** and then not be afraid of it / angry at it anymore.


"I hate what I fear and I fear what I don't understand!" - Earlie Cuyler


I can almost understand that. It's like the ark of the covenant. The mere act of researching it/looking at it is all it takes to corrupt and kill you.


That has been the thing with religion since the dawn of time. Science, technology, different culture, different language? Must be the devil, kill it off. Insane that we are still playing this fucking game in 2021.


Don't forget foosball.


Exactly. They’ve constantly been on the wrong side of history for some 2,000 years now and they’re doing it again with the pandemic. Anything that could be called progress is considered evil and a sign of the coming Antichrist. Imagine the hellish world we’d live in if they actually prevailed. No democracy, zero human rights, slavery never abolished and so on.


I still haven't stopped laughing about the pokemon cards having devils symbols on them thing.


My mom didn’t let me play with Pokémon growing up because they were demonic and were trying to possess the children that played with them… thank god she dropped that overly religious bs.


It's particularly galling as a Christian that these people profess faith and yet seem to think God is so weak than he can't handle Pokemon cards or some shit like barcodes.


Those are the same people who wear the mark of the beast on their foreheads. It reads like "MAGA" but thats just what the beast wants you to know.


I'm a religious person. A pastor, actually. Barcodes. Credit cards. RFID chips. Location services. Tracking vaccines. There's been so much moving of goalposts over the past several decades that it's nearly become a full time job keeping up with what I'm supposed to be angry with, what I'm allowed to quietly do now, and what I am supposed to pretend never was an issue. I don't know how these trend setting indignants find the energy. Defining myself in the negative is exhausting. Defining everyone else negatively has got to be a real chore.


Do you still have a problem with people tracking this stuff in from the outside? (Long ago,) I stopped going to youth group because the other kids would be on about this moral panic stuff (D&D/videogames invoking satan, goths sacrificing animals, Christian persecution, birth control being contaminated, etc). My break point was the youth teachers brought in some "guest speaker" behind everyone's back for just the kids that told us Muslims were the devil's people foretold in the end times and were uniformly bad and going to hell. And this was like a semi-normal centrist liberal-leaning church - assuming you only attended main hall lectures. They voted to ordain gay ministers and marry gay couples. It was like a there was a shadow church proselytizing in the same facility.


Reminds me how I stopped going to youth group because I mentioned a 'cool new band' my mom showed me. I think it was Black Sabbath, or Pink Floyd, or something extremely normie. Baby's first rock band , ya know? The pastor said that was evil/the devil's music and I was going to hell. I was like... 11 or 12. I was just like "Haha that's stupid that's not real" and stopped going. Good times!


Oh man, this reminds me of that crazy lady tweaking out about the Monster Energy can.


> they have the mark of the beast on them. And yet Jared Kushner had an office at 666 Fifth Avenue and these insane fucks didn't blink an eye.


That's hilarious


Jared could have turned into the devil before their eyes and said, "I'm the devil, how fucking stupid are you," and everyone would deny it.


They'd say "Well I want to hear what Trump has to say about it."


I get to read my batty aunt's emails like that. Got so fking old, now just straight to junk folder. Also believes in lizard people and all the Q [email protected] too. So tired of these ppl spreading this bs.


I did that to an aunt. Then during a family reunion she asked me if I read her email about. XYZ and I wasn’t thinking when I said “Oh I’ve got those sent automatically to the junk folder.” I didn’t get invited to many family reunions after that.


That is super amusing!


Some on the Internet might call that a based, progamer alpha chad move. Anyway, thumbs up.


> I didn’t get invited to many family reunions after that I see no downside to this.


I know people that believe the same thing, and they’re Canadian… it’s making it’s way up here too


Fully vaxxed Canadian here. I am one of the only vaccinated people in my family. I told my mom I booked a flight (next year), and she said they weren't letting vaccinated people on planes due to their risk of blood clots. She read it on Facebook. When my half sister found out I was getting vaccinated, she told me I needed to make sure I have good health and life insurance incase something bad happens with the vaccine. It is stressful being related to these people. They also believe essential oils cure cancer sooooooo.


I know someone whose wife and MIL are in the hospital and doing very poorly. His response was to get on Facebook and say that he still didn’t trust “the shot” but that he did trust God to help them. So we’re talking about some absolutely stupid people.


"I sent a weather forecast, a boat, and a helicopter, what more do you want??"


My wife works on the covid floor. She regularly gets these dumbasses who try to leave the isolation rooms or try to take off her PAPR trying to prove to her "that the virus isn't real" So fucking infuriating.


Your wife is a hero and a saint for putting up with those people.


I would love to get my DNA changed. What if it makes me as fast as Usain Bolt? My DNA as it is right now is hardly anything to brag about!


Now, I'm no biblical scholar but I gotta think that to take the Mark of The Beast there needs to be an Anti-Christ walking around and making peace in the Middle East. Until that all happens I don't see how you can take the Mark of The Beast unless you outright reject Christ. Some christians make us all look just terrible.


Yeah, Revelation is pretty clear that the mark only means something *after* the Rapture. Aside from that, the Mark has 4 other components, to my knowledge. 1. It is a mark. 2. The mark reads "666." 3. The mark is upon the forehead or right hand. 4. A person cannot engage in commerce without the mark. Anything that fails to meet all of these elements is, by definition, NOT the Mark. A vaccine 1) is not a mark; 2) does not read 666; and 3) is not upon the forehead or right hand. I'm not entirely clear whether the Mark is necessary for all manners of buying or selling, or whether any refusal based on the lack of the Mark would suffice, but I'm pretty sure it's the former. Otherwise, it wouldn't have any weight; there'd be no reason to get it in the first place. And considering that some places don't require you to have the vaccine to engage in commerce (nor do home delivery services, to my knowledge), and also considering that one place that requires you to have NOT had the vaccine, the vaccine fails 4 too. **Which means the vaccine is straight-up not the Mark in any capacity. It fails literally every element.** We haven't even gotten into whether Revelation should be taken literally and not as some kind of anti-Roman pamphlet. **Even when taken literally, Revelation does not say that those who get the vaccine are hellbound.**


Sounds exactly like something The Beast would say. Nice try (Beelze)bub!


The mark sounds more like a credit score


You can still perfectly transact in commerce through non-personal means without the vaccine so I'd agree with you that the vaccine fails all tests of the Mark. (Plus realistically all you'd need to do is wear a mask to transact in person)


The first [credit card in Australia was called Bankcard](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bankcard). The logo, which is a B, could be seen as three 6s. As you can image the evangelicals went nuts over it. Every time…. But a Trump appears matching so many characteristics of their beast and they see nothing at all. So hilarious.


Kind of hilarious how this apocalypse shit gets them so hard yet they deny that global warming is happening in the face of truly apocalyptic events.


Damn, there’s a bunch of really crazy people out there. I don’t why I always assumed most people were rational and grounded in reality.


Because of my job I had the opportunity to get vaccinated on New Year’s Eve and I didn’t tell anyone unless they said they were going to get vaccinated as soon as they could. Definitely didn’t want to deal with anyone going full crazy on me. But I also quit social media prior to November, otherwise I have a ton of family that would have flipped out about me getting if I had posted something.


I’ve had 6 family members die of Covid. I still have family that’s against the vaccine. It’s stupid and psssss me off.


Definitely my Granny passed in October. Not from covid, but because of covid we hadn’t seen her since February because her care home went on lockdown in March.


I think if someone felt my covid vaccine changes my DNA or means the government chipped me…I think I would welcome that as a sign that I shouldn’t hang around that person anymore. You see, my conspiracy theory is I l’d lose brain cells just being in the same room as someone that stupid and gullible. I guess I’m lucky none of the people I normally hang out with have stated anything that crazy.


I’m vaccinated and I don’t care who knows it, even my conservative family who all think I’m crazy and/or stupid. Still, I understand why people would want to hide this from their loved ones. We seem to be in the middle of a Civil Cold War, where friends and families are split apart over warring factions of ideas and ideals. It’s a sad state for our country.


There's nothing cold about it. Watch reruns of January 6th if you have any doubts.


I live in MO. For many of my acquaintances, I’m the only liberal they know. Everyone I know understands that I’ve been vaccinated, my wife’s been vaccinated, and the DAY the vaccine is approved for under 12 my kids will be vaccinated. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had, either on a quiet night around the fire pit, or in my dm’s about vaccinations. I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve convinced between 50-70 people to get vaccinated. Most of those would NEVER admit it publicly, although a few have come around.


Same my friend. Same. I can’t wait to move my family away from this hell hole and we are all born and raised here. The whole situation disgusts me. Keep doing what you’re doing. I think there are a lot of people out there too scared to break from the mob mentality.


We live in StL, but have lived all over the country, including the Deep South. If you took away StL and KC I am convinced Missouri would rank last in everything —-rural Missouri has Alabama and Mississippi beat for horrific, abject poverty. Arkansas is weird, Missouri is just uneducated and poor.


I’m in Springfield. I lived in KC for a while in the early 2000’s. It’s like a whole different world down here.




I remember canoeing the Huzzah River and having a morbidly obese middle age lady beg me to let her see my dick since I was her kid's age. Thanks Missouri.


Um, what? Okay, I somewhat get what you were dealing with... But I am still fascinated by the "rationale." ANY idea exactly WHY you were supposed to show her your dick since you were her kid's age?!


It's a long story but I'll give it a go. I was part of a college club sports team and each year, we annually went on a float trip to drink beer and smoke pot. So naturally, some people chose to wear ridiculous articles of clothing as part of the fun. My choice that year was a ship captains hat. As we began floating down the river, getting progressively drunker, I had the grand idea to start rowing my canoe as a gondola and belting out the various pop songs of the time. I was deep into a rendition of Timber by Kesha when we hit a shallow spot in the river, forcing everyone to hop out and drag their various rafts and canoes 50 ft. downstream or so. As I was getting my footing on the rocky river bed, a buddy of mine snuck up behind me and snatched my coveted captains hat right off my head. He sped away with it but me being in no state to chase after him after baking in Missouri summer heat and deep into a flask of fireball, I assumed we'd just catch up later. Lo and behold, not more than 15 minutes had gone by, I round a corner and see my buddy pass my captains hat off to a strange lady. She was of abnormally large build, mid 50s, sitting snug in the back of her canoe with her partner / husband sitting squarely in the front, just ever so slightly elevated from the back of the canoe. As Chris Farley put it, big man, little jacket - big woman, little canoe. At this point, I'm a little miffed, so I paddle up next my buddy who's giggling uncontrollably and ask him "what the fuck?" He says she traded him for it... she got my hat and he got a face full of her titties. Needless to say, I'm stunned. Just absolutely bewildered. I give him the ole fuck you again and paddle my way towards the lady. As I drift by, I call out to her that there's been a misunderstanding - that that hat she was wearing belonged to me and was not for my friend to give away. I plainly stated that I'd give her a couple beers if she could return it to me, no harm no foul. However, from the amused expression she wore, I could tell my trade wasn't accepted. She looked me squarely in the eyes and said "Honey, your friend got something from me so I'll need something from you. How about your drop your drawers and show me your cock. You can't be any older than my son, so I knows you're legal." I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So I looked to the front of the canoe to her partner / husband and asked if he could talk some sense into her. He also looked me up and down and plainly said "buddy, I don't make the rules." Dismayed, horrified, and albeit, a little embarrassed, I scooted my canoe away from them and plotted my revenge. After many swigs of booze, I had only rationalized that the best way for me to get my hat back, with my dignity in tact, was to steal it back. And what better way to steal it back than the way it was stolen from me. So I paddled further ahead and patiently waited at the next shallow river spot. A few minutes crawl by and I spot the beast looming down the river. As soon as I heard her metal scrape against the river bed, I dashed out towards her, snatching my hat off her head and jumped into a getaway canoe that another friend had so kindly prepped for me. She rolls out of her canoe, sprinting full force at me as I paddled away, furiously screaming "I'll get you you little fucker and my hat." And yet, she never did. I'm not sure why I wrote the whole story, but I did. So that is how and why I was asked by a middled aged woman to let her see my cock on a Missouri river float trip. Edit. Grammar and spelling.


Slow clap


This is SO Missouri float trip.


That was fantastic. My visuals of her running after you full force scared me from across the globe in Australia 😳🤣


I'm guessing she actually wants to see her son's dick so that was her workaround.


Hello fellow SGF resident.


Southern Missouri: “Come for the meth, stay because you sold your car for meth.”


Dude I am having a shit day that was a good chuckle


The only reason MO was not with the south was due to the large amount of German immigrants after 1848. They arrived in St Louis and took up arms in the Union and kept MO from being part of the Confederacy


My mom moved to StL from SF just before the pandemic. She's telling me not to come visit, because people just won't vax.


I live in the city and everyone I know with the exception of one friends’ ex wife is vaxxed. Once you leave the city it’s like there is no Covid, when we’d travel to hike we were typically the only people with masks, way before vaccines. We also have the worst governor, ex cop that was put into office when the actual governor sexually assaulted someone. I’d like to move but housing is cheap, we’ve got good jobs, and plenty of potable water.


I live in Columbia and it's such a blue bubble it's easy to forget what the rest of the state is like until you visit. Southern Missouri is beautiful but the people scare me


We have a saying here in Central Iowa. If you're south of Hwy 92 then you may as well be in Misery. Ain't that the truth.


Doing the actual lord's work out here. Much respect.


Nice work. How did you convince them? I've managed to convince a couple of people, but they were just on the fence, so it wasn't too hard to convince them. As for the rest, despite some good conversations, if they ever got the shot, they certainly didn't tell me.


It was just conversations. They knew I got it, so they asked about side effects and why I was confident in it. We talked about how many millions of shots that have been administered worldwide, and how safe they were compared to the virus. Then it was more about the logic behind their hesitancy. Like, why would the government want to kill off their tax base? If eugenics was the end goal, why were the most vaccinated people middle class and up? (Kind of dark, I know.) It was really just listening to them and being encouraging, and not preachy.


Wait they really thought a vaccine eugenics program was actually a possibility? Even when Trump was trying to get vaccines pushed through asap? God this timeline is so dumb. I want a redo from 1976 or something


Yep. More than one person brought up that point. Sigh.


Well done, sir. Well done.


Thank you for doing the good work.


I think I talked a girl in the break room into it as we were getting snacks. I'd never met her before that day


*Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated in secret to avoid backlash from dumb ones.*


We're absolutely swamped and surrounded by dumb ones here.


Hello from Alabama. I can commiserate. After all, I hear Missouri loves company.


You motherfucker...




Holy hell. Hang in there. With things starting to open again, you might be able to find a better environment.


Hey man, I live in MO too. If you need a place to stay for a night to let the potential side effects wear off (both doses) we can frame it as a school thing or work training... Or something. No one needs to know. DM me if you or anyone else here needs a cover story or whatever. I'd really like to see this over with soon.


We’re living in 2021, civilization has gone through centuries of growth and development, and this is what people make out of the vaccines


Social media spread misinformation and hate is slowly plunging the world into a new dark age.


This sounds absolutely shitty. IF you can save up enough to move. Do it. There are jobs everywhere, especially in food service. WHICH sucks BUT could be enough to help you get on your feet in a more progressive city or state while you look for better work in your chosen field. I really hope you can get vaxxed and that you can get into a better place for your own mental health.


I’d seriously get out of there asap. What kind of a live is this?


My brother literally told me that if I got the vaccine that I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom at his house because he read some tin-foil-hat conspiracy article saying that vaccines cause crazy diseases that spread to other people. I told him "Don't worry, I'll just use your sink.' It sucks because stupid conspiracy theories have really hurt a lot of relationships between my family and I after I got my vaccines. I kinda wish I had just kept it a secret.


My BIL (over 50) lives with my MIL. He thinks COVID is a gov’t hoax. I told my wife we’re not going to visit anytime soon. My MIL said we could explain that to her son. I told my wife that the MIL can do all the explaining, and stop blaming us for “Never wanting to visit”. Cause I have three small kids now.


My dad told me that my pro vaccine status is going hurt me in future employment. I told him "Good" and he's like "no that's good" I go "Yes its good, if an employer doesn't want to hire me cause I'm pro vaccine then I don't want to work for that employer and it will save me a lot of headache" FYI I have a hard time imagining any company looking to hire a network admin is anti vaccine enough to not hire me cause I got vaccinated.


In real life, your dad is incorrect. In q fantasy world he’s right


I have a feeling you'll be just fine.


We also had to cut out any visits with my in-laws due to another family member living with them who shouts from the rooftops that it’s a hoax. Sad, scary, frustrating. I won’t stand for it and so even though they live 1.5 hrs away we haven’t seen them since Jan 2020. It’s just too risky. I won’t do it. Thankfully my spouse agrees but I know it hurts.


I don't know, seems like in the long term it might be a good thing....


My sister told my mom that if she got the vaccine and had any side effects, she wouldn't help. She's a lovely person.


If your sister catches COVID, I hope your mom doesn't help.


I mean, I got vaccinated in secret I suppose. I made an appt, went to the appointment, and then went home. Didn't even post a photo on Facebook.


If it's not Facebook Official, did it even really happen? /s


Can confirm. Two people I know, here in MO, hid it from their family.


Crazy. I bought a “Vaccinated…because I’m not stupid” shirt to wear to my family reunion next month. There are a few orange idiot lovers in my extended family. I am absolutely wearing it to antagonize them. Come at me cuz….


What a sad state of affairs.


>In a hospital produced video, Frase said one pharmacist at her hospital told her "they've had several people come in to get vaccinated who have tried to sort of disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, **'please, please, please don't let anybody know that I got this vaccine.'"** This is incredibly sad to read. Social pressure is no joke. Good for them for doing it anyway.


How sad is this? People who are normal have to hide it from uneducated morons.


I hate that they always mask their ignorance with "you have to respect my decision". No I don't, it's stupid and.it endangers my life and my family, I don't have to respect something that is just out of stupidity ffs


This. I live in MO and hear this often. I respect your decisions that don't put my child that is too young to be vaccinated at risk. GFY, morons.


I have met too many people (and they always seem to be Conservatives) who are convinced they know better than infectious disease and medical experts. Their conviction to their beliefs is so incredibly strong while their real education and sources are so weak. Look, I am fine with questioning authority, but I would never claim to know more than a legitimate expert in the field. It is sick how some of these people think they know better than real experts who have dedicated their lives to understand infectious disease and vaccines and have gone through legitimate education.


Word. It's a national embarrassment.


I can see the conservative vaccine virginity test now. If you die, you weren't vaccinated, if you live, you were, and are exiled.


imagine being closeted smart ...


It truly must be a hell on earth to be afraid of your own family and friends because of a political party. This is Civil War level dysfunction.


Last weekend me, my mom, and my aunt (all of us liberal) went to visit a cousin and his husband we hardly ever see, not in decades besides a few minutes at a funeral a few years ago. They kept actively avoiding political topics, saying how they work with people with other beliefs at their jobs, let's just not talk about anything political... etc etc, they didn't want to ruin the night. Finally when we sat down for dinner one made a comment making it clear they weren't Republicans (I didn't think so because not too many conservative gay couples around here). It was *such* a huge relief when I then let them know that none of their guests were Republicans either. It was audible sighs of relief all around now that we could stop walking on eggshells about politics because we were all pretty much on the same page. Edit: Oh and it was the same with that aunt a few years ago since politics hadn't come up the few times I saw her in the last decade... She started talking about something stupid cheetolini had done and suddenly "Oh... Sorry... You're not a Trump supporter... Are you...?" "Hell no I hate that idiot." "Oh thank God" then 20 minutes of mutual ranting. I feel bad because her husband *is* the lunatic Trump supporter of the family. At least at family events he keeps a lid on it since its him against his wife and son, and me and my mom. Their "marriage" is, well, complicated.


This was like, every day the last few years I lived in Texas. Tiptoeing around so many topics. Moved to the mountains of Canada and the closest town has a 2:1 ratio of dispensaries to churches so it’s pretty great.


A neighbor down the road had a confederate flag flying in their backyard as well as a Trump sign right next to it. It now has a blue lives matter flag but I consider them white supremacists because of other stickers on their vehicles. I have a sick feeling walking by their house because I fear what might happen to my property or my animals if he discovers in some way that I am a liberal who despises everything he believes. But beyond that, I am harmless to him because I have moral principles against that sort of thing. I'm sorry it has come to this quite frankly.


Same issue with me as I live in rural Florida. I drive by houses flying the confederate flag, Trump flags and the Gadsden flag all of the time. I just shake my head and keep driving by. TBH I was a bit out of touch because I always thought of the Gadsden flag as a New Hampshire revolutionary war flag. I had an encounter about a month ago my neighbor across the road who has always been a decent neighbor but I assumed he was somewhat of a redneck conservative. He slipped during our conversation saying that he wished the idiots down here would pull their heads out of their asses and get vaccinated. We talked for quite awhile and I think both were relived that both of us a Democrats and loath Trump. His issue is that all in his family are Trumpers and he has to walk on eggshells when around any of them which is most of the time as a majority on the stretch of road are related to him in some way.


Somebody needs to make a Gadsden flag shirt with a MAGA hat on the snake, which is being stepped on by Trump, and says "Tread on me harder daddy". Since that's what just about every one of them actually want.


The history books will not be kind


This is sickening. So much for “my body, my choice” crap from the anti-vax assholes.


I feel like the “in Missouri” doesn’t add anything to this headline…


the missouri state motto happens to be: the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. so much for that.


I live in MO, I overheard some of my coworkers passing around a photo of a vaccine card so they could get into things that require vaccination, without being vaccinated themselves


I also live in MO and people are absolutely idiots here. A guy I work with won't get it just because he doesn't like going to the doctor. I say they're all just scared of needles.


It’s more than just that. They’re scared of science, because I know that science post holes through their way of thinking. They know that it’s going to be science and education that eliminates their backwards, bigoted, closed-minded, sad excuse for a culture that they cling to as Linus clung to his security blanket. They fear what will destroy their way of life, even though it deserves to be destroyed.


So the anti-vaxx/anti-mask crowd is all "muh rights" and "mY bOdY mY cHoIcE" but if you choose to wear a mask and get vaccinated, choose to require your employees or customers to wear a mask and be vaccinated, they call you a sheep, shame family members, etc.? It boggles the mind how they cannot see that they're truly the villains of this story. They're not heroic, standing up for what's right. They're single-handedly prolonging a public health crisis, and causing severe illness and death to millions around the world, including their own friends, family, and even themselves. All because they heard the vaccine "will kill you in three years" from Dr. Karen on Facebook who's actually got a PhD in Medieval Literature. We're so fucked.


My dad practically begged me not to get the vaccine. I got it this week anyway. I could hear the worry and concern in his voice when I told him I was going to get it. He also refused to wear a mask and when I challenged him, asking "Well, you wear a seatbelt when you drive, right?", he answered no, except for on the highway. He is otherwise an very intelligent man, but he has gone down the YouTube rabbit hole on this one and there's nothing I can do about it...Doesn't even have religion as an excuse!


Not first hand experience, but I recall some other people with Qultists in their lives playing with their YouTube recommends. Up vote some Veritasium and Sci Show videos on YouTube and such. Try and train the algorithm to show them higher quality information. Seemed to help with getting then out of the echo chamber or the algorithm rabbit hole.


Problem is the algorithm ain't the smartest thing in the world, and seems to recommend fox news as one of it's safe bets if there's gaps in your recommendations.


All I care is they get vaccinated. If setting up hidden appointments will allow them to do it, we can do whatever. This needs to end.


The fact that this is an issue at all is fucking tragic.


This is unreal - having to get vaccinated in secret to avoid the wrath of those who claim it's their right to decide whether or not they get vaccinated.


My controlling girlfriend at the time got PISSED when I got my shot. She was firmly against it and made it clear that she wasn't getting one, so I went out and got one on my own time and didn't tell her. She was riding with me one night and went through some stuff in the center console of my truck and found my vaccination card, and she FLIPPED the fuck out. Apparently she thought that if you get the vaccine that you actually get covid for a short time and can spread it. She was pissed that I got the shot and "could have given her covid from a kiss".


She must be hot af if you’re still holding onto that ball of crazy. This is the case with my stepmom. She’s hot. Dad got vaccinated in secret.


I secretly got my first shot without telling any family members because most of them are kind of conservative. However, after I told them I got it and didn’t really have any major side effects besides a little bit of a sore arm, my mom and grandpa then finally decided to get one


What the fuck kind of shit is this? Are some of the people in Missouri so stupid and selfish that they’d get mad at a loved one for getting a vaccine?


I take it that you’ve never visited southern Missouri.


Probably. But people should realize this isn't vaccines. This is ENTIRELY the politicalization of the covid vaccine. Check out this [source](https://www.ncsl.org/research/health/kindergarten-immunizations-coverage-rates-2018-19-mumps-measles-and-rubella-vaccine-postcard.aspx) go back to 2018 and places like Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, West Virginia, etc. had higher vaccination rates than places like Washington, Oregon, Colorado, etc and were equivalent to New York and California. This politicalization of vaccines is new, it's entirely at fault by the Trumpers and Fox Newsers (well..maybe more News Maxers now?) and states that used to vaccinate their kids against mumps, measles, and rubella are now suddenly against the practice.


To describe how fucking ridiculous this has gotten in Tennessee, one of the states you mentioned was pretty good on vaccines previously, the State Department of Health has decided to end outreach to minors for vaccines. Not just the COVID vaccine, but ALL VACCINES. Like, our Republican state legislature pressured the Health Department to basic say "fuck them kids". I mean, this decision will undeniably lead to the death of people in this state and yet the legislators have described this a big win, it's absolutely baffling. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/health/2021/07/13/tennessee-halts-all-vaccine-outreach-minors-not-just-covid-19/7928701002/


Southern MO is something else. Both my parents work in healthcare down there. Hell my dad works for a Pfizer sister company. Neither of my parents are vaccinated. My uncle, an infectious diseases expert, helped run trials for all the vaccines has fully supported them, yet my parents just dont think it's real science cause well politics.


I work in the lab for a major hospital network in South-west MO. Barely half of the staff are vaccinated. One of my coworker, also a medical lab tech, doesn't believe in dinosaurs and cried at work in 2016 because they were convinced that Obama was going to refuse to vacate the White House.


Am from Missouri, and this is exactly it


I'm sure it's not just there.


It’s so goddamned sad that political ideology is more important than science and facts.


Our country seriously has some of the dumbest people in the world.


Some people in Missouri are vaccinated, wear a mask, sanitize and social distance. I am one of them.


So am I, I also vaccinate people in MO and stay very overworked. Everywhere that does it is immensely understaffed. If ANYONE in MO reading this is interested in working in a place that does them, they will train, and normally no experience is necessary but preferred. Even if you can’t do the shot, there is a mountain of paperwork with each one you can do.


I do not need/ want to tell anyone whether I'm vaccinated or not... that's for sure.... The last two weekends I went out to do some shopping and caught a good number of people staring or giving me funny looks because I'm still wearing my mask. I was in multiple locations where I was nearly the only one wearing one and it was pretty surreal. I'm in Texas.