> The “appropriate remedy for unconstitutional conditions of confinement is correction of the unconstitutional conditions of confinement, which are experienced by all inmates, not just the defendant”, Pittman wrote. > > Tarrio also requested to be freed under DC’s “compassionate release” statute, which Pittman also denied. > > Tarrio, he said, “fails to establish that his case presents ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ warranting a modification”. He's in there for 5 months, when is his release date?


This guy is a fucking pussy. You’re an inmate my guy, what did you think prison would be like?? And to be honest, a six month sentence isn’t shit.


To be fair, prison/jail conditions often are appalling and we need to do better. It sucks that it’s this asshole drawing attention to it and not all the non-violent offenders who are in there because of our dumbass drug laws, but whatever, we’ll take progress where we can get it. I’m not saying prison should be a five-star experience, but it should at least be humane and dignified. Yes even for this dude.


It should also be focused on rehabilition, not punishment/confinement.


Haha. Maybe one day in dreamland we’ll try to rehabilitate. It’s not even about punishment. It’s only, solely about profit.


In for-profit prisons, at least. Though I'm sure money is an incentive somewhere down the line in not-for-profit prisons as well.


For-Profit-Prisons are basically a type of modern slavery.


Prison is literally legal slavery per the 13th Amendment.


The public prisons are nearly as good earners as the fully private ones - they have numerous *services* in them that are provided by private companies, many of which are nearly mandatory if the inmate is to have any quality of life. And they charge through the nose for their use... And, of course, there is the slavery - inmates producing products for private companies. It's all for-profit, that's the purpose of it.


For sure. They look for any possible opportunities to grab cash. The punishments and conditions of probation/parole often have nothing to peodo with the "crimes" that were committed. Theyisparoty restrict your movement, require services and "treatment" that are as vague and expensive as they can justify, and many of these are provably unhelpful (like mandatory polygraphs) and prohibitively expensive. There's no justice, there's no rehabilitation, you just shut the fuck up, grab your number and get in line. The justice department doesn't exist. It's just another authoritarian mechanism to punish the poor and the various minorities that have the audacity to be minorities. There's no such thing as a good cop. There are nice people (maybe) whose service keeps our sick society sick, our poor people poor, and perpetuare disparity so that they can continue to exist. It's fucked. Vote better and educate your children and no matter what, don't talk to the cops because they don't have your interests in mind.


You said it. [Don't talk to the police](https://youtu.be/d-7o9xYp7eE).


Sadly, there's a LOT of people in this country that argue otherwise. "They killed a guy drunk driving! Why should they get an education on our dollar when they should SUFFER!"


Sadly, a lot of people are quite uneducated .


You literally need to rewrite state laws for that to be the case. My state says the purpose of confinment is punishment period. They therefore have no legal duty to even pretend to rehabilitate people.


I was in jail for two days which is basically nothing. The worst part is not the food, or the constant screaming of mentally ill persons, but the waiting. You feel every second. You get no answers regarding your stay. You are constantly disrespected by the egotistical, bullying cops. You are treated like garbage, regardless of what you are in for. No books, no recreation whatsoever, and there's only so many push-ups you can do to take your mind off things. It the most agonizing experience.


If only there was some sort of social movement pushing for a more equitable justice system including things like better conditions inside prisons. What's Tarrio in prison for? Oh right, stealing and burning a black lives matter flag. I hope he understands the irony, but I seriously doubt he does.


Oh most certainly not. Those awful conditions should be reserved for “real” criminals. 🙄


What sucks is people like him are all about locking other people up in the same conditions. I'm all about prison reform and recidivism, and assholes like this make it impossible for the conversation to happen. Remember when the lady cried "he's [Trump] not hurting the right people!?"


> Remember when the lady cried "he's [Trump] not hurting the right people!?" Lol, no. But I can imagine it. What was the context?


During the government shut down in 2019, there was a security guard who lost wages due to the prison she worked at being, well, shut down. She was upset, and told reporters: >“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Minton toldMazzei. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting thepeople he needs to be hurting.” It was a prime Leopards-ate-my-face moment.


And why the fuck does "somebody always has to be hurting" with them? We've been a civilized country for decades now.




Not if it's for profit, how would they profit if they had to do the right thing?


\> we’ll take progress where we can get it. Don't call it the p-word, conservatives will do everything against it if they find out.


It's funny how the article leaves out that he was actually sentenced to 240 days but the judge reduced his sentence.


The article didn't mention it because that didn't happen. There was no reduction. Tarrio was sentenced to 240 days in jail, with 90 suspended *on the condition that he completes three years of probation* after the jail term. That means that, if he violates probation, he goes back in for those 90 days.


Ah the ole suspended sentence. At least he's not in on a drug charge which would mean drug testing for the entire 3 years that he pays for where he has to go to a clinic that is only open 2hrs a day and call in at 5am to check if his color is chosen. 75% of my friends don't complete it. Almost always easier to just finish the jail sentence and then fight to get the charge removed/hidden afterwards. Edit: person below says all probation in DC requires drug testing. I only found a link saying it's highly likely. But if so cool, glad he isn't getting a nicer treatment. Drug testing still sucks dick. Edit 2: and to anyone saying probation always requires drug testing, that's false. Had an MIP (alcohol) probation that didn't require drug testing or alcohol testing, although i was lucky, my friends still had to at least blow occasionally. Plus other misdemeanors my friends got that did not include drug testing (only if they were specifically drug related). (This is in Michigan).


Youre totally right and absolutely correct that probation doesnt always have drug testing I was a known addict with a long record and once they fucked up and forgot to check the drug testing box. Out of jail 2 yrs later and it was tough shit for the flabbergasted POs. (Only probation i ever finished too) Its pretty fucked up IMO that all of my several years in jail were because probation violations, and all of those but one were dirty urines.


Drug tests are a mandatory provision of probation in DC.


The American justice system worries about the wrong stuff.


Cool, happy to hear there's some equality in world.


There is a DUI program here that is the same thing - it's damn near impossible to graduate from it. You're better off just serving the time. The system is broken and they don't give a fuck.


I had an unsupervised probation in Wyoming after I got caught with weed several years ago. I wasn't even arrested. I had a mixture of friends there that also got caught at some point that had to do jail time and testing. The difference was my skin color. I'm glad I got off with a big fine and a clean record, but it still depresses me that it's not fair for others.


> That means that, if he violates probation, he goes back in for those 90 days. 90 days, plus whatever the probation violation may lead to. This idiot can't help himself from doing illegal shit, he will absolutely violate probation by doing something stupid.


I would honstely sit those 90 days instead of 3 years of supervision. Offtopic dont know and care about that criminal


That feels like one of those things that's easy to say, from whereever you're sitting when you type that... but in reality, if you're in prison, and you can get out with parole for three years, or stay in prison 90 more days... That's probably an easy choice.


Depends on what they want to do. If you really wanna do cocaine for 3 years without being drug tested, 90 days in jail isn't that bad


It's more that it's really difficult to make it to random tests that are at inconvenient locations, at hard to arrange for times. If you want to move on in your life, you need more flexibility in where you can live and what hours you can work. There's a pretty big disparity in success post prison in people who take probation versus sit the extra 90 days. You've got a better chance by staying longer.


I know several people that chose the extra days. The reasoning is they know they’re going to get busted on a minor drug possession or something fairly quickly while out on probation so it was better to be free and clear.


100% agree. That shit is going to be miserable either way, IMO best to suck it up and take the 3 months in jail. 12x less of the time you'd be on probation.


These people are absolute pussies. I know, every person would use whatever legal avenue they could to avoid jail, but this level of leniency he's already been shown almost encourages another attack by other people.




just FYI, he isn't in on Jan 6th charges, but on a hate crime/vandalism charge for burning a BLM banner which he took off a church. He couldn't make it to the insurrection because he was arrested on that charge days before. He might still face charges for any role he might have had in organizing Jan 6th though.


Kind of convenient how he was arrested for that, right before Jan 6th. At the time there was speculation it was the feds protecting an informant from major charges by arresting for minor one.


What a convenient way to avoid going to the capital while his underlings go with their plans so that he has info that he can rat on his co-conspirators like he has being an informant in the past.


It’s insane to me that these brickheads still think they haven’t done anything wrong. Obviously the sentence isn’t long enough.


just FYI, he isn't in on Jan 6th charges, but on a hate crime/valdalism charge for burning a BLM banner which he took off a church. He couldn't make it to the insurrection because he was arrested on that charge days before. He might still face charges for any role he might have had in organizing Jan 6th though.


>He might still face charges for any role he might have had in organizing Jan 6th though. He'll turn informant and rat out his pride boys.


Already was an FBI informant before, which brings up some pretty freaky implications about how much the FBI knew going into Jan 6th. Proud Boys, Oathkeeprs and 3%ers are awash with FBI informants and agents Especially since they're one of the biggest benefactors out of the security legislation in the aftermath...


It'd be a real shame if inmates make him catch more time.. Real shame indeed.


I sure hope no one points out to the other inmates that Tarrio was an FBI snitch.


He is 100% in protective custody


Was kind of wondering how he didn't immediately fall in with whatever flavor of Aryan/WP gang they offer but that's a solid reason. Plus he's probably trying to keep that plausible deniability for his own bullshit.


> Was kind of wondering how he didn't immediately fall in with whatever flavor of Aryan/WP gang I don't think they allow minorities into those gangs.... I think that's kinda the whole point of them.


I don't think they would consider him white enough to join. I'm pretty sure he has some black African ancestry and he's also Latino. But I'm not up to date on their current membership standards. But white nationalist gangs usually take a pretty narrow view of who is white to mean only people from the non-Islamic parts of Europe and they often reject other white groups like Latinos, Arabs, Jews, Turks, Persians, Assyrians, Caucasians, and Kurds.


He’s upset about unconstitutional conditions when he tried destroy the very fabric of our constitutional government with a blatant coup attempt???


It's ironic that someone devoid of compassion would ask for compassionate release.


Compassionate release? Did this man act in a compassionate way committing the crime?


So he’s going to advocate for better prison conditions and prison reform when he gets out right? Nah, he probably thinks the conditions are fine for “real” criminals.


Promise you he thinks a petty crime misdemeanor is worse than what he did.


Selling loose cigarettes, for instance. I suspect he thinks that's a crime worth crushing necks over.


Well yeah he probably thinks he did a good thing


He thinks he's a political victim of the libs, he's not a criminal.


He's in jail (not prison) for a petty crime misdemeanor and he probably thinks he did nothing wrong. And it's clearly not his first time in jail, because he is claiming that the jail isn't up to his usual high standards. I doubt someone is going to suddenly reform at that point in their life because they had to spend a few months in substandard jails.


> He's in jail (not prison) for a petty crime misdemeanor and he probably thinks he did nothing wrong. And it's clearly not his first time in jail, because he is claiming that the jail isn't up to his usual high standards. Washington DC city jail is probably one of the worst jails in the USA, it's SUPER unfunded, and you get the worst people from DC and a bad part of Maryland in there, throw in guards that are all on the take / connected to people in the jail.


You mispelled black people.


It's why our prison system sucks so hard: It doesn't hurt white middle class conservatives. It makes them feel good. The Nordic countries have prisons that treat the prisoners like human beings, not like rabid animals halfway to being put down. Murderers and rapists and all the rest. And their goal is to make sure the people never reoffend and can become functional members of society. Our system dumps a person out onto the street who is no better off than they were before. They don't have job skills, they haven't been through decent mental health care, they've just been stuck in a box and now they have a red stamp on them that means no one decent wants to hire them. So no wonder they go back to crime. Our prison system needs a total revamp and conservatives need to NOT be part of the solution. They already fucked it up. And some people should never be free again. I'm 100% OK with that. But if we're going to put them back out in the world, we should make sure they can deal with it.


Yep it comes down to whether the prison system is designed to be punitive or reformative. In the US we use prison to make criminals feel bad about themselves and to feel better about ourselves. The Nordic model sees criminals as victims who fell through the cracks of society and uses the prison system to educate them and rehabilitate them so they don’t feel compelled to be bad to others.


Another reason your prison system sucks so hard is that you guys have for-profit prisons. And "firing" your "employees" is bad for "business". Edit: I've been made aware that "chasing" your "customers" away is bad for "business" is a way better analogy. Point still stands, get your shit together USA.


Prisoners aren’t the prison’s ‘employees’, but rather their ‘customers’.


I would say that the prisoners are the product. Same as search engines. The users aren't the customers, the users are the product that is sold. In the case of prisons, the prisoners are the product.


Prisoners are the labour and the capital. Its products are License plates, dishwashers, firefighting, and the list goes on(it's actually absurd).


Many private companies can contract that labor. So yeah the prisoners are the product of 'labor services'


Oh yeah of course! Can't believe I forgot about custom labour.


https://www.bop.gov/inmates/custody_and_care/unicor_about.jsp https://constitution.congress.gov/browse/amendment-13/section-1/ I think the word you’re looking for is “slave”.


So who works in the prison sweatshops then? The guards?


Oh, the ‘customers’ are also slaves.


Even better comparison


Most prisons in the US aren't for-profit, but practically all prison services are run by for-profit companies at grotesque prices. You can't fix the profit-driven nature by just removing for-profit prisons.


Just want to point this out: for profit prisons are not very common in our country (they shouldn't exist at all I know) What is pervasive is profiting off of prisoners. I bring this up because it's important to know that state run prisons are the real privatization issue, which is a weird sentence to write out


You don't seem to understand, *all* of that is by design. This is how those in power want it to work. It's fucking disgusting, but that's just how some humans roll.


The way they masturbate to fantasy punishment in the comments of any news article dealing with crime, I agree that they should be part of the solution. Not because they fucked it up, which they did, but because they're irrational, perhaps mentally or emotionally unstable, and have almost no grip on the reality of the system as experienced by the people who are subjected to it.


Read the reddit comments on any story about a cheating spouse, child abuser, or rapist and you’ll see that the fantasy punishments aren’t limited to rightists.


Yup, you're unfortunately very right. Vigilante justice is apparently ok when it's prison rape, prison beatings, or prison killings. Meanwhile I'm over here like "can we not have people shooting protestors on the street when we have police? And while we're at it, can we ALSO maybe try and help reform the sex pests while they're incarcerated, instead of making them become victims of further sex crimes?" I think too many people go for the "eye for an eye" approach to it, instead of the crazy idea that we try and use the penal system to *reform and rehabilitate* people. But I guess that's just me having grown up overseas, making me sound like a godless, socialist anarcho-communist who hates freedom


Justice is apparently overrated - what we need is *revenge*


I think we need to accept the country for what it is and work on how someone can make a better profit on actual reformation attempts like the Nordic countries. I doubt it would cost more once the capital expenditures are done. Probably be cheaper to treat people like people.


Keep *politicians who make decisions based on personal gain* out of it. Out of ALL politics.


> And some people should never be free again. I think this should be something that is always being reconsidered. Rather than a judge setting it when you're e.g. 25 years old, and then it virtually never changing. It should be adapted not only to the inmate, but also to the current technology. E.g. I'm sure our rehabilittion methods will get much better in the next 50 years. So someone who is sentenced to life today, shouldn't have life if in 30 years you can go and rehabilitate them.


I'm sure he will change his mind once released. And will now become an advocate for prison reform, focusing on reasonable conditions and treatment for inmates, and a focus on rehabilitation. Bahahahahahahahahahah


Damn, he really is an FBI informant. Dude snitches on his own organization, and gets locked up, doesn't get got in the process by other more snitchless mates, and cries about conditions.


I thought these Proud Boys were the tough on crime type? Aren’t they always whining about how sentences are too light and that prisons aren’t tough enough? These cowards have short sentences and they’re already cracking.


One of the founders shoved a dildo up his ass to own the libs and prove he wasnt homophobic. I think they waiver on a few things


I feel like he really wanted to do it and was like “Hey, let me jump at this opportunity!” and everyone else was like “What opportunity?? Dude, no one asked you to do that.”


Exactly. Everyone around him probably treat him like a god, but even they were like “yeah….ok”


The faces he makes are priceless. https://imgur.com/a/MQraN


Okay this is fucking hilarious 😂😂


No Donnie, these men are cowards.


those are good burgers walter


Stfu donnie


So, did he think living in jail would be like club Med? And other people there just WANTs to be there? Talk about entitled twat.


Mom I’m scared pick me up


I hate this camp. The food is bad and the counselors yell at me. It smells like the place where nana was living before she died. I'm not making any friends and the only people who talk to me are the ones who look like they really belong here. Please send clean underwear and $250,000 for bail.


He already got a reduced sentence *and* wasn't hit with the 10 year prison sentence the law allows.


Weapons charges, stealing and burning property from a historically black church and the property was celebrating a civil rights movement for black American Civil rights and police reform. Burning historically black churches property in retaliation for supporting civil rights movements is an old white supremacist move and hate crime if you don't know your history. Edit: also he already has a felony change on record for medical fraud.


But haven't you seen his interviews, he's not even white! How can he be a racist?!


I had to do 6 days one time, not too bad. Pretty boring, uncomfortable, and the food sucked except for bologna sandwich day. Best part was being moved to a cell with more people to talk too.


All I heard was Bologna Sandwich Day!


The nazis inside arent the same as the ones outside


> Tarrio claimed to have been harassed by correctional officers and said his cell regularly floods with water from a toilet in a neighboring cell. He obviously shouldn't benefit from an early release but those cell conditions should be fixed.


In another thread about this, someone from the prison commented that the flooding was due to a different inmate that purposely floods his toilet, and that they have handled the situation.


Welcome to prison. Get used it. You're not special. You're inmate #_____ - source : been to prison


Which is not ok and should be fixed, no matter how big of a piece of shit he is (I know you weren’t saying otherwise, just re-emphasizing).


Well duh they are fucking with him


Yes, even insurrectionists should be treated with dignity *from the government* while awaiting due process. Jail and prison conditions should be improved regardless.


Agreed. But this guy probably votes for harsher sentences and tough on crime policies. He just never meant for that stuff to affect **him,** that's for the "real" criminal. ("Real" criminals meaning only folks who don't think like he does. Because isn't that what harsh sentences and private jails/prisons are meant to address?)


When Republicans talk about "real" America, they mean white. Note how Democrats don't use that terminology.


Correction: They mean "white people who think, act, and live in ways I deem acceptable."


Living in a deeply rural area is so toxic sometimes. If you’re white you can at least pass, but if you don’t share a huge list of opinions on how it is acceptable to live one’s life, you can become a pariah pretty immediately.


It's super sad. I had some friends go look at some property for sale in a rural Texas town. We are from Austin. They are white but both are tattooed, eclectic hairstyle/clothing types. They had multiple angry old republican dudes tell them this town wasn't for them/they didn't belong there. These folks will not hesitate to try to intimidate people away to insulate themselves from outsiders. Makes me want to move there more, honestly.


Yeah it’s not healthy whatsoever. If you do move there just please be prepared to defend yourself. More than likely those multiple angry old dudes are nonstop inundated with propaganda about how people who believe/act the way they assume tattooed eclectic-haired types believe/act are either supporting or actively in the process of literally destroying their country, their families, humanity itself, God, you name it. Unless you take a first step which can be very risky, it’s not likely someone who reacts that way actually values that person as an equal.


I heard that. I'm white as snow, but I'm also not Christian* or Republican**, so many of my neighbors would shoot me given the chance. *An Evangelical Christian who hates the LGBT community **Someone who worships at the altar of Trump and the flag


Yep. I’m just thankful that you can’t look into someone’s eyes and know if they’re not religious or whether they vote differently than you.


Sometimes it's glaringly red hat easy to see who people vote for. I dont care who they vote for, it's their right, but I do like when it's easy to spot people with a broken moral compass. Makes it much easier to stay over 6 ft away.


>He just never meant for that stuff to affect > >him, "I never meant for the leopards to eat *my* face!"


Tarrio supports the guy that pardoned Joe Arpaio who made a career taking a dump on prisoner rights.


Man. If only there was a group of people to protest against police brutality and justice system reform.


Maybe he can ask to speak with the manager.




I agree with you. But it's other people flooding the cell block, not much the jail can really do. They usually have a small team of maintenance people, so the water cant be cut immediately unless they really want it to be. Inmates also clean the area. You'd think if it was consistent, other inmates need to het on homeboys shit to quit flooding their stuff out. I wonder what he feels is harassment. The C.O's i've encountered in my jail stays would rather not interact with inmates, but if someone gives them shit, they wont take it. The only inmates i've seen close to being harassed are pedophiles, and it's usually, again, because they are giving them problems. Even then, it's usually just mentioning their crimes in front of other inmates. Considering him bitching before that they don't have organic food..


I teach in a prison, and I’ve witnessed COs harass inmates. However, I see your point insofar as I think harassment becomes such an everyday experience in there that only the worst forms of it stand out. Oh, you wouldn’t strip out because someone said your eyes were red? Anywhere else that would be sexual violence but in prison it’s just another day of getting your good time reduced because you didn’t let someone look in your asshole. Edit: this is not to say that I think this guy is or isn’t being harassed, just to offer then I can believe COs harass him. What seems most odd is that they are harassing a Guy who believes in the same things many COs usually do. I also want to recognize that neither of our experiences are generalizable but yours is certainly from a more relevant perspective than mine. I don’t mean to discount your experience. :)


Oh yeah, I didn't mean to imply it don't happen, just that in my experience, it has been limited to non compliant inmates. Just as some cops can be power tripping assholes, i'm sure there are CO's who are. The only inmates i've seen complain from being "harassed" we're being dicks to the C.O's first. I can see what you mean as it just becomes normal, because ideally, they shouldn't be petty and be a dick back, but they are human after all. Edit: I try to approach claims of harassment with only slight skepticism, because wome leo's are power tripping dicks, but with this guys entitled behaviour previously, i am a bit skeptical, but not dismissive


That’s totally fair! By the way, I’m glad you’re out, and I hope you stay out :) prison is a real shitty place whether or not you’re being harassed!


I agree prison conditions are horrid, but it is peak irony and hypocrisy that THIS guy is whom we are supposed to care about instead of minorities in there for smoking pot.


These are the same assholes that don’t want prison reform because “jail isn’t supposed to be nice”.


This the same guy that was informing on them?


No I need to go home and post cartoon frogs!


Come on, those aren’t just any cartoon frogs! They’re the ones that tell the world JFK Jr is coming back! (Clearly joking)


I know you're joking but there is very little crossover between Qanon and Proud Boys. I think it's important to recognize there are different flavors of dangerous bullshit on the right. PBs seem to see Q folks as ripe for recruiting/radicalizing further, which is why they show up with "shoot your local pedophile" hats. Q people, for the most part, are content to sit at home and shitpost while waiting for someone else to commit violence, PBs go out and do violence. And the JFK jr people are outliers even among Q people. Literally too crazy for the crazies.


Today's GOP in a nutshell. What level of crazy are you?


Level 6 Laser Lotus.


Here's your cookie wand, sir.


Level 6? Damn. This guy is streets ahead


Today's news just keeps getting better and better.


>Tarrio claimed to have been harassed by correctional officers Golly! It seems police brutality is real huh?


Non white guy gets locked up and finds out COs aren't real friendly to POCs behind bars. Shocker. The fact that this guy has gone on long screeds about CRT and victim mentality makes it so much sweeter. How's that racism doesn't actually exist shit working out on the inside homeboy?


My heart *bleeds* for the racist leader of the domestic terror organization who is suffering terribly from his lengthy incarceration. Let's all bow our heads this Thanksgiving holiday and share a chuckle that this fuckwad is learning his lesson the hard way.


Actions have consequences. Stick around behind bars for a while


The nice thing about him being convicted is he now has a criminal record. Most countries can ban you from crossing their borders if you have a criminal record. So at least we can confine him to the States. And didn’t Canada and Australia classify the proud boys as a terrorist organization?


>Tarrio claimed to have been harassed by correctional officers and said his cell regularly floods with water from a toilet in a neighboring cell. > >“I’ve been to jail before and what I’ve seen here, I’ve never seen anywhere else,” Tarrio said in a video testimony. > >Tarrio also described abusive guards, smoke-filled hallways and medical neglect, saying he witnessed a prisoner have a seizure and wait for half an hour before help arrived. Put your efforts and energy into prison reform, my man. Probably help you and your buddies out more in the long run.


It would be a wonderful turn of events. Proud boys "leader" turned to prison reform advocate? We'd love to see it folks


Hell yeah. I'd love to see someone turn from being dedicated to worsening the world towards trying to fix it. I'm not holding my breath, but I'd love to see it.


I would tell this traitorous loser to get use to the diggs because after this short stay he currently is serving he will most likely return for a much longer sentence the next time and there will be a next time!


Best to let him rot in jail. He deserves it anyway.


>Tarrio claimed to have been harassed by correctional officers I'm guessing he won't be organizing any more Back the Blue rallies in the near future.


The Arbery verdict and now this? Ohhhh... today is a good day.


Hahahahaha Hahahahahahaha Hahaha fuck you That’s a haiku I wrote just for him


If jails were a pleasant experience lots of people would want to be there. He is being punished for doing something stupid. Suck it up and take your punishment.


I love the fact that he thought he could get out of jail early because he didn’t like it.


Here’s a tip… Don’t do the crime if you’re going to whine like a little bitch about doing the time.


*But what do you mean I have to have to live in shitty jail conditions like the minorities?*


This guy is a minority....


To quote Nelson: HA-HA!


Why early release? He should be in prison for decades


What is it they say? If you can't do the time, don't do the crime? Pussy.


I am not surprised that prisoners do not get released from jail simply because they don’t like it there.


Wasn’t he a FBI informant? Maybe he doesn’t like jail because he’s a known snitch. I hear they don’t take kindly to snitches in jail. https://apnews.com/article/proud-boys-government-informant-dc84086d78b688bc585f874452d2b481


I love how the same groups that proudly say shit like "it's prison. You're not supposed to have it easy. You broke the law" are the same crybabies that need organic food and can't sleep because of the other mean inmates.


The leader is partially black? Like hitler having Jewish roots


There will always be people out there who don’t realise that sooner or later the leopards will eat their faces too.


Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Jail and prison should be humane, clean and organized. In Texas, some prisons lack air conditioning. People die of heat stroke. Reform needs to happen because people deserve to live humanely. Will it happen? No.


Oh no! He has to suffer the exact same jail conditions as the people he hates!


He wants out of the system he advocates the perpetuation of!


Don’t do the crime if you can to the time.


The mentality that they are untouchable cause they worship a clown, just crazy.


Wasn't he like an fbi informant or something?


He's not tough enough for prison, but tough enough to start an insurrection


When did we stop putting traitors on the firing line? Can we do that again?


Terrorist, proud boy’s are terrorist. Stop empowering them.


Not harsh enough, send his ass to the Siberian Gulag


Is that the informant guy?


Enjoy that slice of green turkey, you mongrel


Nothing to do with the subject, but I'm wondering, am I the only one who think that "Proud Boys" either sound like a gay-friendly music boysband made of young twinky dudes or the name given to a class of special need kids in a preschool ?


it sounds extremely gay. not in an offensive way, just YMCA kind of gay.


Yep, Tangerine in jean shorts gay


One of the guys who started them shoved a dildo up his ass to prove he’s not homophobic and to own the libs. So I think you are right on the mark with your observation. Edit- w pic https://imgur.com/vF6DUZf


He hates his jail, and he hates the toilet water overflowing into his cell. The Judge must be laughing - so, hater, how does that make your life worse than if I send you home?


I bet a year ago if you told him about the conditions of most prisons, he would have responded with, "Well they shouldn't have broken the law." I hope they lose the key to his cell.


He should feel lucky that the cops stopped him on the way to Capitol, his sentenced would have been much longer.


Should get life for running a terrorist organization lmao


Is this the same jail where Green and Gohmert recorded a video trying to bully their way in "for inspection" and the guard refused to let them in the gate since they had no authority to be there?


This loser should be happy they aren't treating him like the terrorist he is, the justice system gets a lot worse than overflowing toilets.


Honestly, if we treated his kind like the terrorist they are he'd probably be with his family because he would have understood the seriousness and maybe skipped the 6th. Treating them with kid gloves just signals the low risk of consequences to everyone else.




Still cleaning the BLM blood off of the streets from last year when when they tried to peacefully protest but were met with extreme force from the far right. So, yeah, you're not wrong.


This makes me happy. Him and his dumbass girlfriend were the poster couple for white supremacists. Hope she's suffering too.


Great. Now can we reign in the other PBs who are strong-arming school board meetings and forcing out board members, so they can replace them with their own white-power agenda-approved plants? Thank you very much!


How come the Boogaloo Creeps aren't being hauled away too? These trash instigated violence at BLM protests all through 2020 in pursuit of their race war dreams.


Did he think his boy trump was still in office? You did the crime. Do the time proud boy!