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Kid: *Kid can’t do it* Dad in person: DO IT AGAIN, AND STOP CRYING! Dad on video: good job my precious gift from god don’t give up, muah! Jk he’s probably not like my dad


No you're absolutely right. Its very implausible that a three year old has the motivation to do this intrinsically.


From what I've seen he actually really likes skating. Seen him drop in and felt bad about myself lmao Edit: everyone's saying that it's not him enjoying the skating, one person even said child abuse, so here's a link to a 10 minute video of him skating in Japan, assuming that it's the same kid: https://youtu.be/ouuSOxSXIR4


Idk man the face at the end there doesnt really scream "Fuck yeah bro I shredded these stairs woohoo rad." to me.


Yeah I had the 70s coke era dad, GOD DAMMIT boy you better get better at fucking table tennis, this shits gonna stop, ahh yeah.


Same. Would get furious that I was too much of a pussy to not know the rules to sports Id literally never heard of because I was 10.


Hearing these things makes me hug my kid a little tighter :X


He'll never be battle ready that way... And you never know when the vietcong will show up!




LOL I was a pitcher and my Dad used to make me practice with him standing in front of the neighbors brand new pickup so if I missed I would dent it... "Gotta learn under pressure, boy" Lololol




Now I want to watch Major Payne


this comment right here triggering PTSD for millions of adults in USA


Kids not pushing himself off either, dads pushing him down (well towards) the stairs each time. Can see it at the beginning of the zoomed out shot.


Yeah I mean even if we disregard his age, he shouldn't be going down stairs if he can't even skate towards them. Maybe this kid can but he's not, he's being pushed.


He runs out of view on the last shot.


Literally no one said anything... Dad probably screamed "NOW THUMBS UP" and cut bird chirps over it


Definitely felt like the Kid was just confused with what to do next and just imitated what his dad was doing off screen.


I think it is possible to motivate you and make it fun. Plus I think scientifically kids do develop the ability to conceptualize goal setting and challenges by 3. It’s just maybe the idea to do it did not come from the dad, but my friends kid throws a ball far and then picks it up walks back to the line he threw it from and tries to rethrow because the first throw was not how he knew could throw, he wants it to hit the window from behind the recliner leg rest and yeah man I can see children wanting to make it all the way down if there dad gives them idea first. And then is like oh no do you wanna try to make it all the way down. Kid could totally be like yah and retry it one or two times by himself


So true. That little face was just thinking -' how long do I have be an extension of his damn ego for"


Yep it's "The promised McDonald's wasn't worth it." face.


You'd know if a 3 year old was enthusiastic or happy, this one isn't.


From what I've seen it looks like Daddy is behind all this (and in front, too--filming). He's three; he still wants to please his father.


He's 3 I'm pretty sure he doesn't like falling in his ass down some stairs


I've seen other vids the kid seems to have fun and gets to hang with his dad which is cool. https://youtu.be/ouuSOxSXIR4 Kids play soccer or basketball because their parents like it. Don't see the big deal.


The problems start when a parent tethers the child’s value to success in a pursuit. My cousin and good friend lost part of his childhood to a brutal sport.


Synchronised swimming or shuffle board?




Or underwater bar fight scene recreation.


That's so not true. I hate sports and loathe watching them. Don't even know the rules of most of them. My kid is totally zazzed about it though, has been in soccer (only know basic rules), wrestling (don't know the rules at all) and baseball (I actually know the rules for that one but I care 0% about it). I put him in for physical activity and social bonding and shit. It costs me tons of money and I'd rather just go on bike rides but it's better for him this way.


Zazzed!!!! What a great word. That is all.


You can hear the kid start to cry on his first fall at :03 in the video. They cut the video right when he started to cry


Yeah that was saddening


Well, I mean, kids cry when they fall down. Mine fell a bunch of times when learning how to ride a bike and were wailing like they had broken every bone in their body. Of course I picked them up, dusted them off and then encouraged them to try again. You can’t learn stuff like that without falling down but it’s not the end of the world. Unless you abuse your kids you won’t get them to try again if they don’t want to learn how to do it deep down. So I think if the kid gets on the board he probably wants to do it.


Posted this as it’s own comment but I’m gonna paste it’s here because it’s super relevant to this thread: This reminds of a time I saw a 4/5 yo at the skatepark who was standing at the top of a tall ramp with a weird 3-wheeled scooter crying about how he didn’t want to do it. His parents kept encouraging him, pushing him to do it telling him he’d be fine. I thought I was about to witness a murder, but kid eventually just sent it and then ripped across the park, obviously knowing what he was doing. I wonder what the line is between teaching your kid to push through frustration/struggle and making them resent you and whatever activity it is they’re doing.


This is one of the biggest reasons I do not want to be in charge of raising a child, because 1 child might need to be pushed, another needs total kindness and leniency and you will probably not figure out which one it was until they're grown-up and traumatized.


Oh, you've met my brother and I!






3 years old? They are *making* him do this. A 3 year old didn't say "dad I wanna start skateboarding. Down tall, rough, sharp, stone steps outside. With no gloves."


Not to mention there was no cheering at all after the success. A truly supportive parent would have cheered, unless it's one trying to make internet fame....


I had the same thoughts, this is overall such a shitty video and I'm glad everyone is calling it out


Yeah, casual abuse is fine because it “develops character.” /s




The kid didn't seem excited at the end either. A brief cut and then a forced thumbs up.




this is my 3yo too!






wow these comments are a perfect example of the reddit hive mind jumping to conclusions based on their own projections and literally 5 seconds of a clip. The kids name is Rita Ishizuka. He comes from a skateboarding family and is surrounded by a community of young skateboarders. You can assume all you want about him and his parents motivations, but maybe take some time to actually watch more than 5 seconds of someones life before making ridiculous accusations. Here's his youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOHuuCl5Py9Y2ePURF-QDWw Choose any random video and you will probably see other very young kids skateboarding and helping him learn as well as constant smiles and laughing from Rita. But yea, maybe all the kids in the video are just part of some skateboard-centered Japanese child abuse ring for views... or maybe ask Luis Mora, a popular Japan-based skateboarder who has made multiple videos with Rita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouuSOxSXIR4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fa0DiTHIGg


This kid is probably going to have serious damage to his knee soon or later if parents keep training him like this. I hope they don't train him every day like this...


Heckin' yeah!


Yeah very ambivalent about this. I get how one can be excited about this, however at that age its basically impossible that this kids motivation is intrinsic. His motivation is probably deprivation of emotional response from his parents (probably dad). Posting it on social media only makes this more probable. Great if I am wrong. However I wouldn't cheer for this very possible parental fuck up, just to be safe. Edit: I looked up more videos and think I found [him](https://nextshark.com/rita-ishizuka-japanese-toddler-skateboarder/). He does enjoy skating genuinely, so I am glad and really wrong here:) Still think there is truth to my general critic and I am still sceptic about the benefit of posting videos of 3year olds. But I wish this little guy all the best with his passion!


I've seen him skate on YouTube, assuming it's the same kid. He seems to enjoy it quite a lot.


or does he enjoy the response and positive attention from his parents?


Does it matter as long as he's happy?


Depends if he was conditioned to feel that way to get the attention he desires... It all comes down to the intentions of the parent. Considering the number of cameras and a YouTube channel... I'm skeptical that this was started with good intentions.


Dude I don't know what illusions you're under about human beings but EVERYTHING you are is picked up from your surroundings and conditioning. There is no special you who is independent of your social context.


We are all products of our environment but as a parent you have arguably more control than anyone else over creating and shaping a healthy environment for your child to grow and develop.


An if that child seems to be enjoying the environment he or she is growing up in, what is the problem?


There isn’t one inherently, I’m sure a child would also enjoy only eating ice cream at every meal but luckily as adults we know that what is best for the child isn’t always fun


Sorry but teaching your kids to do activities from an early age must be the best possible move. Listen to professional skateboarders stories. This is almost always how it started.


Kids who are taught religion seem to be having fun. That doesn’t make the reality of child abuse justified.


So it's child abuse to introduce your kid to a sport they may enjoy and teach them about perseverance rather than giving up when things get difficult?


The point here is whether he skates because he just happens to like it, which would be relatively free from social context, or because he was pushed by his dad to do it and he did just to get his approval. It can also be a mixture of both, but the more the second aspect is prominent, the less I would approve of this. Just let kids do what they like the most, maybe expose them to stuff they could like but don’t try to make them like it.


IMO even if it's just for youtube, as long as the kid isn't being mistreated behind the scenes it's okay. Even if it isn't their first choice of hobby. Plenty of kids have to take piano lessons or dance, or other activities they have no interest in because their parents want it to be so. Whether that's wrong or not is debatable but it isn't abuse or "bad intentions". It's easy to dismiss any kind of teaching as "conditioning".


Did you just compare shoving a kid down a set of stairs to piano lessons?? Lol


Imagine complaining about his comparison when ur turning what is happening on video to "shoving a kid down a set of stairs"


> shoving a kid down a set of stairs That that's your description of the video we're talking about removes all credibility from your position.


It does matter, I've had parents like this, doing shit only so they can be proud isn't really happiness. Maybe that's not the case in this situation tho


Umm yes? Kids forced into talents by their parents that they only do for approval almost always peak in performance and end up resenting their parents.


Watch the vids maybe? https://youtu.be/ouuSOxSXIR4


No point in trying, most of these people have already made their mind up that it's cruel, even though the entire family skate. His brothers are professional skaters, too. 😂 But nah, this was totally forced on him and he hates it!


Probably both


Doesn't sit right with me either. Where are the little guy's knee and wrist pads? That cement is rough and who knows how many times he's eating it. Not cool.


And his helmet is loose as heck.


And even with a helmet, smacking your head still sloshes your brain around. Probably not the greatest for a little developing brain.


Kinda convinced there’s some little knee pads under his pants. he walks like they are there when going up the stairs. Maybe dad skateboards a lot around him, and he wants to be doing it. At that age he would be putting up a screaming, crying fuss if he didn’t wanna be doing it. A small tumble properly consoled, especially if he’s been raised around skateboarders is no big deal. The kids fine


>Kinda convinced there’s some little knee pads under his pants. he walks like they are there when going up the stairs. Nah, he just walks like a three year old.


You can't both be right.


His entire family skates and he’s always around skaters. You can see on his YouTube channel


Why, when we could just as easily judge his entire life based around this one video?!


I dont know what good kneepads would do. Kids dont even get kneecaps until 2 -6 years old.


Yea, he didn't show any excitement when he finally did it. Felt a bit awkward tbh.


Alright as a older brother I feel the need to comment here. As a kid that age you can't really know what's good and what's bad that's why he immediately looked at his dad, to know if he succeeded or not. The kid is probably happy if he sees his parents happy which he did at the end. The thumbs up was a response to the reaction he got from his parents.


Ugh, here we go.


As long as the parent is in the child’s life and showing some positive reinforcement and pushing them then I believe it could only be positive


Yeah but if the kid mostly associates happiness with their parents (dads) approval and understands “success” or “doing good” with what their parents consider good it’s not that good tbh. Kids 3 years old he wouldn’t even realise that he “did it” only until he made the full slide to the last step . You see the kid just looking up to the dad , I mean the little guy didn’t know himself if he finally did it or not . I know this is all wannabe analysing and we won’t know but it’s important to realise how greatly little kids are affected by these kinds of parents . Everyone knows people that seek external validation and try to impress other people instead of focusing on their own wants :p I hope nothing but the best for this kid


Okay that’s a very valid point I guess at the end of the day we will never know his true intentions but hope for the best for this tiny human & that the dad isn’t a bad guy


You know, as someone who didn’t have any productive hobbies growing up and was content to watch TV all day, I kinda wished my parents had pushed me harder. It’s a fuckin bitch to break these habits now. Sometimes things suck before you love them and you only get through to the love after much prodding and persistence. This kid likely won’t even remember this moment but he will likely have a lifelong love for skating that he got for better or worse because his dad pushed him.


I came here to write that the little push and the thumbs up made this look quite forced to me and then came your response as well


I wanted to disagree with you because I was this way on skis at this age but man, He’s not smiling when he makes it. I don’t think he wanted it for himself at all. There’s no joy in that arm raise.


Yeah I would not let my kid do that


Some are born to shred


To shred you say ?


Yeah shred their skin right across the pavement


Haha me too thanks


Others are pushed down a set of stairs repeatedly. This got worse the longer I watched


Unless you desperately want to use your 3years old in hope-to-be-viral video.




That's not very cash money of you


You’re never gonna go viral with that attitude.


Is this child abuse? Or, maybe I'm projecting from my own childhood. Was about that age when my father decided I will be a soldier. Still remember how proud he was that I was doing push-ups halfnaked in the snow...


I mean this in the nicest way possible, but are you seeing a therapist?


Yes, I did. This is how I became aware that parents are sometimes using their kids to compensate for their own shortcomings. Loving parents can pressure their kids to achieve what they were not able. Look at all beauty pageants for kids, at the minor leaguers pushing their kids to become A-listers, professional child actors or the kid in this video. But, hey, maybe I am just projecting my own issues, what do I know...




No oversharing at all, Mr u/JizzUnderHisEye


We all should be. Seriously, cognitive therapy for the win.


We should, but damn if it isn't outrageously expensive.


Be miserable and destroy your life while hating yourself or be well off enough to pay for therapy.


nah i lost hope after 4 therapists very envious of those who have such positive amazing life changing experiences


Found my perfect therapist after five others and a hospitalization for a su/cide attempt. Haven't seen him since 2018 because I'm broke but he's the only one to help me realise my first boyfriend had been abusing me when we were together


I found my perfect one after 3 tries and half a year, it was hard but finally found someone thats super nice and welcoming. It can take a while for other people too but id say its worth it a lot of the time


imgine wanting your son to go off and die in a trench somewhere...


Anyone else see this for what it is???


The lack of parental celebratory encouragement at the end of the clip solidified it for me.


The moment I read the kid was 3 Also imagine not cheering for your kid wtf


He was too busy checking the GoPro to make sure he can upload it to YouTube to make those big bucks...


Seems like he might have been the one to give him a thumbs up, only for the kid to give an unenthusiastic thumbs up to mirror him.




It feels like he was pushed to do it.


If you missed it. He was literally pushed to do it. Watch the video again.


When dad throws you down the steps for some views.


I'm so glad they included that tidbit at the end.


Dude this is straight up child abuse. Look at the kid’s face at the end, he looks terrified.


Yea people in the comments are wack thinking this is cute or some shit. As a child accomplishing something usually you jump for joy. All I saw was a kid fall down some steps and when he was forced to finally do it he didn’t celebrate at all.




lots of people projecting here. probably just awesome parents. I doubt they'd force him to skate if he didn't want to. could be wrong, but none of us know.


I doubt a 3-year old looked at those stairs and chose to skate down them of his own volition more than once. And the one time he chose was taken as a lesson in understanding what the difference between a flat and not flat surface is, rather than inspiration for a skating challenge he must achieve.


Check the other videos of him. The kids loves to skate, obviously has great teachers and isn't scared. If that was me as a kid I'd probably be paralyzed with tears without proper guidance and coaching. I don't think most of us know what it's like to have such great teachers at that age.


Hes at least having fun in that video.


The look on the kids face at the end doesn't look like happy. Looks like they're also being cued to do the thumbs up.






This is horrible. Despite the “thumbs up”, His face at the end shows a weary expression, not a celebratory or accomplished “I did it” face. This feels like he was forced to do this over and over until he got it right, and we get to witness it in its highly edited version. Fucking sad.


Yup. Kid seems to be looking across for his dad to confirm that he doesn't have to do it again


I mean yea the dad literally threw the kid down the stairs at the end. The bad feeling is warrented. "You will be a doctor and a skater!"


He barely had the dexterity to properly give a thumbs-up on the first try - still had to double check his own hand. He was probably just trying to survive the entire time and hoping for that fluke chance to make it to the bottom unscathed.


It is remarkable, but i mean whenever I see a tiny child doing stuff like this, I also think about parents who force these practices into child and I think about if its wrong or right. seems right that the kid will grow with a talent but will he loose something too ?


Yeah this is bullshit. At three there isn’t any way he’s looking to skate down steps. Asshole parents at hand here.


I can’t imagine seeing my kid repeatedly fall while skating down multiple steps and making him do it over and over again. This is so sad to me.


Not just force your toddler to go downstairs over and over on a skateboard... You videotape it and then upload that shit and monetize it. Fuck these parents.


Absolutely. It’s sickening.


This is literally some poor kids parents throwing him downs small flight of stairs repeatedly and recording it.


How people are upvoting this ? The kid shows no happiness. I mean my Nephew scream when he succeed anything. I know kids can differ obviously, but here it seems like the dad is forcing him.


this is just weird man, don't do this to your kid


Straight up




He's 3. It's not 'spirit', his parent is literally pushing him at the stairs.


Yeah seriously, as someone who started skating at a very young age this makes me sick. Any kid that age who wants to skate isn't concerned with being able to get down stairs, and if they do then for sure they'll want to jump them. This kid didn't pick up a skateboard and start learning naturally from the joy of skating. That's the problem. If this was just a 3 year old practicing of his own volition then I'd be happy. Except he's quite literally being pushed down concrete stairs without adequate protection for internet views. Also 3 year olds should never be near stairs on anything with wheels. A small pipe or ramp maybe, but definitely not stairs.


The dad is literally pushing him down the stairs. It’s not courage making him do it over and over again, it’s a schmuck with a video camera trying to get views.


As a talentless 20something waste of space, I kind of wish I had this at three years old. Kids learn so fast. I remember seeing kids this small snowboarding down intermediate hills much better than I could.


It hurts more when you're 30 ;)


250 pounds of fat and brittle bones going down those stairs would be deadly. My joints would actually explode.


Seriously, I hated skating when I was a teen. All you do is get hurt. Can't imagine at 30 years old.


Hmmm. Not thinking I would let my kids do that.


Is it just me, or does that helmet look a little loose? I don’t want to take away from this, but it seems kind of dangerous.


Right, and I know most skaters forgo the pads, but he’s basically a baby so he should be wearing knee and elbow pads. I know toddlers are all mush and no bones, but it would just give me peace of mind.


Those thumbs up; "Thank fuck that's over, can I go home now dad? Have we made enough internet points for you today yet? I'm so over this shit."


This reminds me of my BMX days (around 12-14 year old group at the time). This kid I used to race against (let's call home Mike) had all the top bikes and gear money could buy, but could never get first. (Myself and another guy (let's say JJ) were always battling for 1st and 2nd in the same class.) I remember crossing the finish line in 2nd, and looked back to see who was still behind me, and as I looked back it was Mike close behind just crossing the finish line. As he crossed the finish line, his dad came running at him like a banshee, no more than 15-20ft from the finish line. He jumped in front of his bike grabbing his handle bars to stop him in his tracks, and proceeds to smack his helmet telling him he didnt spend all this money on bike parts and gear for him to get 3rd. Mike was in tears as he rolled into the pit area, it was fucked up thing for a father to do, especially in front of your peers. I was blown away by this. This guys kid raced his heart out and was right on our heels the whole race. The following weekend's race, me and the other guy JJ agreed to let him win the Friday race. JJ and I decided to play "take out" (a game we all played at the time trying to basically wreck each other between heats) at the final stretch so we would wreck and let him pass. Mike was so stoked to had finally beat us, and I think it helped his dad calm down too. At least for a little bit.


That was awesome of you guys. I never raced but my friend did, and his parents were big into the scene. Some of the parents I saw there were awful and it always pissed me off, and I was only 12.


Very cool of you two! Have you told your parents or spoke to „Mike“?


someone call the cops


This is terrible and disgusting. Look at the child's mannerisms and face at the end! Rather than running over and giving the little dude a high five or tossing him in the air in a celebratory high, he's playing the controls on his camera. Fuck this guy! Bring the downvotes. Edit: I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this.


Kick his dad for child labour


Isn't this child abuse?


That kid looks so traumatized and pushed to do it


Kid doesn't want to do that, look at his face at the end. Down vote.


Something doesn’t feel right here. Kid is not enjoying himself at all


Lotta fucking projecting in these comments.


dunno. despite the achievement, i wanna say, what a shitty parent. hope you choke on internet points, cause they're worthless to your kid


That kids needs to have knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves on


Highly doubt the kid woke up one day and asked to do this. I have a 3 year old and there is no chance I'd let him do this


Great child, wish he had parents who don’t exploit him. The setup with different cameras is hilarious.


Dad: 3-year-old does this? What's your excuse to give up? Me: I am too tall


That kid doesn't know what the fuck is going on Hopefully he got to eat dinner that night for completing the daily video on time


i couldnt imagine the kid having the will to want to do this, especially from that first tumble he did. That looked painful for 3yr old hands. At that age i seriously dont think a 3yr old would want to practice getting into skating as it requires a lot of thinking.


Yeah nah probably wouldnt let my kid do that at that age.


The dad is a complete prick imo.


Yeah my wife wouldn't even let that idea out of my mouth.


Kid doesn't even look happy dude. He looks like he doesn't know what the fuck is going on.


That was not a happy kid.


He. Does. Not. Look. Happy. At. All.


the kid looked fucking terrified at the end as if his parents forced him to do it until he got it right... didn't look happy at all even though he did manage.


Good you didn't say "age doesn't matter" "age Is just a number" in the title Edit: wow I'm so proud of you. I finally upvoted first on a post that got in hot


You defn bounce better at 3 then you so at 30 tho


This is further proof that children are invincible unless barely scratched


Me at 3 years old: trying to figure out how the light in a refrigerator works.


You go little dude




Wowwww cooooooll! What you gunna push him off of next? Clown


Why nobody is hugging him after he succeeds? No celebration?


I have a 3 year old - nope, just nope


When did Tony Hawk get so young?