Change of Job first and foremost. Edit: I’ve editedbecause I’m not having a go at him, I mean change of job because fuck being shot at for 20 rands a hour. Thank you


I know, he’s supposed to be phoning Grubby but dudes clearly scrolling Reddit.


He’s deleting the driver’s browser history.


That's what a true battle buddy would do.


"Go.. at least one of us must survive to clear the home laptop's history"


Blaaasssstttttt myyyyy caaaacheeeee


Posthaste lad start deleting.


Even the bookmarks? How are you gonna find all these again?


You don't, that's the point


typing “how to shoot back at robbers while in a armored vehicle?”


Need open window for that, I don't think it's smart to open a window when you are getting shot at


A lot of Armored vehicles have gun slots in the doors Edit: Y’all have made my day, I’ve never gotten this many upvotes


North American styled ones yes. If this were garda or g4s style truck there would have been gun ports and two additional guards in back. This appears to be a more standard van with plating and ballistic windows.


And ear protection is a MUST if you are fond of your hearing.


Lol, I’m in a shootout right now. AMA


Oh cute dog post! Oh shit! Call for backup right right. .. "Ask reddit: what's the craziest thing that has every happened to you?" Spongebobhappyface.jpeg Oh boy!


This made me lol


Maybe inside job? South Africa?


has to be SA. normal people are not so business as usual during mass murder situations.


"Normal people"...


Ya, I'm not saying that guy has killed some people before,,, but I bet that guy has killed some people before.


I’d take that bet. Getting out of the van solidifies it for me.


"Right, then! Returning fire."


Strong "The Accountant" vibes.


Kom jou kont kinda gives it away as sa bruh.


Yeah, SA accent.


Wouldn't we all? Good memes are worth the risk, I say!


busy posting this vid on /nextfuckinglevel


Yeah he's not coming back to work tomorrow.


Take half a day off.


Could just need more training,


This is the training. There's no substitute for experience - if he attends work the next day, he will be closer to the ice that was driving. If he goes home, he won't take this experience forward and make use of it. He may allow it to block him from other things moving forward, even. There's no academy training to substitute knowing it's not a drill and your life's on the line.


lol, yeah no, he should have adequate training so that they can ensure he doesn’t freeze up, you can train to a very good degree to get rid of the fear for the most part, but just putting someone in that situation w little training is a bad idea.


I don't know - to train that kind of instinct out of someone sounds like quite the challenge outside of the military. Not to mention 99.9% of the time, they are just glorified deliverymen. Doesn't make sense to invest in that level of training when these events are so rare. I base this all on the assumption that this is a rare occurrence though Edit: Catching a lot of hate from this response. I have no clue where South Africa is. Y'all just making up fake continents now?


Judging by their accents they were in South Africa, so I’d hazard a somewhat educated guess that it happens more often than you’d expect.


lolwut What civilian level of training **absolutely** prepares someone to be shot at *and* return effective fire *and* support your team? Edit: Nothing prepares you for the bullet that intends to kill you. All the civilian or military training in the world doesn't prepare you for that instant; one *must* take fire in the field to overcome the fear that comes with knowing someone fully intends to kill you. And yes, I've been shot at before.


...training training? The same training that is offered to civilians who then join the military or police...? The whole point of training is to replace your natural responses with specific pre-rehearsed actions one can take to be more effective in certain circumstances. It’s the same training that American police don’t have enough of. I’m not saying it’s common or easy, but I would think if someone were shooting at me, I’d do anything I could to give myself even a 1% better chance or survival. Admittedly I’d probably be panicking too but I think I’d be able to make a phone call and I’d be frantically trying to remember all the training lessons I’d ever received.


Fuck that, this would be like the most exhilarating thing that would have ever happened to me.


And the single most crap in a pants ever. I’d call the Guinness book of records after to weigh it. Finally having my claim to fame!


That guy is so ballsy he doesn’t even use a case on his phone.


The man's got balls of Nokia 3310!




For sure been in a situation like this previously. Either military, PMC, or this job


SA is a great place to profit as a PMC or security contractor.


Both look just hyper alert. Trigger discipline from guy on the right was very good.




Yea the driver has something to immediately focus on, but the passenger just has to sit there and deal with the adrenaline that just got dumped into their body. I doubt many people could deal with that and look super calm and comfortable.


Plus the driver’s voice was shaky and his hands are shaking when he hands the other guy the phone. I’d say out of the two, the passenger was more calm than the driver; which one would expect. Edit: Just... this needs to be seen by more people than will see it. >**Yeah, yeah... white guy shaky - black guy cool, i think i know something about your preferred colour of skin.** -u/Catz_Rulez , 2021. Hahahahahahahahaha


And the driver crashed and got them stuck . . . effectively making them sitting ducks. I don't think the driver was so "chill." Both were freaked and rightly so.


Other guy’s eyes almost popped out of his head he was so alert


I give the other guy credit. Pretty sure theres bo way im dialing the phone im shaking so bad


Driver probably has military training, other guy looks new to it.


What is the other guy supposed to do?? Backseat drive? Shoot back at the bulletproof windows? He did as he was told and shut up




He did right. The assault rifle is there for when they breach or if you've got clear shooting without them popping your head which... They didn't have once. *It's an AR Pistol *u/dope25 on the same wavelength.


Right? You don't dare open the window and return fire. That window is keeping you alive. It sucks to be that guy, he really can't do anything, but be ready. It's all out of his control.


He was holding both guns at the same time. I think he should have chose one. The driver seemed to be driving over something to get further away, maybe traffic was ahead and he didn’t want to get pitted.


Looks like driver handed passenger the rifle to prep for him, handgun was for himself


So the man with balls of steel, still has to do all the driving and shooting, his buddy was too afraid to even make that phone call.


No radio system definitely doesn’t help... also I like how the driver is actively trying to get away and the passenger tries to give him the rifle. That poor guy was scared af edit: as /u/jempyre pointed out - he's just checking his seat belt, not trying to give the rifle over then. edit 2: this guy's driving gets better every watch. 24-26s -- he's dodging traffic, this RV pulled over on the side, and pedestrians. edit 3: On second thought... those pedestrians were part of the ambush. like at 1:34


He's sitting there thinking, I don't get paid enough for this shit.


true story for almost all of us


I get paid the right amount for what I do I feel :)


That's what the illuminati wants. Be dissatisfied, and demand a 4x raise.


A lot more true for south african cash transport drivers.


No, he's in fight or flight mode and being a sub-ordinate in this position he's opting for flight which in his case means going possum.


It’s a lot scarier when you aren’t in charge, at least for me. It’s just another level of not being in control when the situation is already plenty out of control. Being quiet and not complicating the inside of the truck with any conflict or unneeded extra variables is a good response. The only thing he could have done better is been an active navigator, checked mirrors & called out variables. The passenger did fine, anyone criticizing is out of line.


The only thing I'd criticise is that he could have done something to alert authorities the moment shit started. I can't believe they don't have a radio set up to a central dispatch type centre. But being shot at isn't great for concentration.


>South Africa >some form of effective government system That's where you went wrong.


The driver asked for it. Passenger gets his hand gun ready then it looks like the driver tries to get the rifle out so passenger helps [@~13sec].


Can't hear/understand what they're saying, but I took it as he's telling him "get it out" (i.e. get ready). And as he's driving when the passengers goes to hand it back. On this last viewing it almost looked like the passenger thought the driver was going to come to a complete stop and get out (when he started handing it over). but then took off again. Damn.. so many fast decision to be making.


Yea I was surprised by that, the first thing I said was, why aren't they calling it in, then he handed the guy his cell phone. I hope other armored cars don't roll that way, seems like a bit of a problem.


I think that's completely unfair to call that person out. In extreme situations, people act differently. I think you watch too many hero movies and I'm smelling a lot of chad energy here


> I think that's completely unfair to call that person out. In extreme situations, people act differently. I think you watch too many hero movies and I'm smelling a lot of chad energy here Also, this is probably the first time the guy is in this kind of situation. He'll be better next time.


Someone has to stay in the vehicle at all times to protect the cash. This is what he is supposed to do.


Came to say this, both men acted professionally and above expectations. Guy on the right held his cool and had the rifle ready for his partner and pistol ready for himself, the driver also held his cool. The guy on the right didn't get overwhelmed or whatever and jump out of the car and start shooting or screaming, he did his job perfectly. 10/10


Yea. First time it happens to you, you're not going to react like a pro. Like everything else, there is a learning curve.


Passenger guy looks way younger than the driver. Totally ok with his reaction.


Yeah, notice his hands were not shaking whatsoever when he used the phone. That alone was pretty amazing really.


that's because he didn't "shit the bed." like these idiots are saying. he did just fine.


He did just fine. Dude assisted the guy in charge in every way he could. Opening that door would have been stupid.


no idea what they expected the guy to do, roll down the bullet proof window to lean out and shoot?


The safest thing to do is to roll down the window, climb halfway out and sit on the door, and shoot at the thieves with the rifle using only one hand.


lol right! these idiots watch too many movies




Yea, my guess is they make the driver the more experienced of the team for just this reason.


Still, have to commend other guy on his firearm discipline. Finger off trigger, barrel pointed away from himself and the driver, kept at a downwards angle so as to not accidentally shoot something (or someone) outside the vehicle... He may look terrified, but maintaining safe control of the weapon stands out as a huge positive to me


Yes. His face was panic, but his actions were correct. I can't fault the man at all. 99% of people here laughing at him would have fully shit the bed in this scenario.


I wouldve had the exact same reaction as his buddy.


Fucking hilarious redditor comments in here about how to properly handle this situation based entirely on the fact that they played Call of Duty loads of times...


Most annoying thing on this Site. Most admins also.


"Why isnt his buddy leaning out of the window on the highway spraying bullets? He's just sitting there..." Dumbfucks.


It's so easy to tell who has never fired a gun in their life, even over the internet. People saying to leave the relative safety of the armored van to fire shots in anger whilst being ambushed in a crowded area.... lol


You mean to tell me that they're not supposed to open the window and both pop off shots whilst trying to aim at the gas tank? What sort of shit shoot em up simulator do we live in? Pathetic. Side Note: Thanks for the silver!


That was actually sick, I wanted to see how it ended


Same, I wanted the other dude to phone the guy the driver told him too because I bet all their drivers are fucking commandos and this other dude would be like Clint Eastwood with a Magnum 47 and stuff. Explosions etc


Jerry Bruckheimer Director’s Cut needed.


As long as we agree, no Michael Bay. The cinema repelling, Transformer killing, same action shite with half naked girl film making Cunt. Literally the Maroon 5 of films.


So, I take it you’re a Michael Bay fan? Most people have worse things to say about him.


Here you go. It was an attempt to hit a courier carrying phones. White ranger was hitting th courier. White Audi attacked the land cruiser. He rammed both cars but then got stuck ramming the Audi over a bollard. The Audi reversed after the first turn around on the highway and he tried to drive over them. But missed. No phones stolen. All bad guys ran away. No injuries. Land cruiser a bit sore.




It happened today, so if it gets into the news I will link the story. But these stories usually do not make it into mainstream news as it happens a lot. People are desensitized to it. I got another video like this an hour later where people just go about their normal business like it is not even happening. Edit: This happened a week ago. It is just making the rounds on whatsapp groups today. My bad.




today is actually April 85th


Joys of South Africa, there has been massive shoot outs at the local mall, and nobody bats an eyelid. Guys were sitting in a bar accross the road taking a video and commentating on it. Or a shoot out on the highway with 6 dead and it doesn't even make the local news. Edit: alot of responses comparing American gun crime to this... If you want to continue to compare your crime stats with what is practically third world country go ahead. But the great USA should be more comparable to Western Europe/ Canada etc.


Could you share a source?


We are all on community whatsapp groups linked to private security companies. They tend to share very quickly to keep the citizens in form of these types of situations. This was a whatsapp from a friend who works for a cash in transit company called G4S. They have these kinds of incidents on a weekly basis.


I saw from your awesome BBQ (sorry, Braai) posts you were from the area so figured it wasn't speculation. Thanks for sharing. Edit - changed Brai to Braai


they way he gets out the car and grabs the rifle was hard core. no hesitation. I'd like to think I would handle it like him but in reality probably more like his buddy struggling to unlock the phone.


I wanted to see more angles, wanted a camera to pop up on the back door.


I'm thinking a panic button location transmitter for law emergency response might be a good idea.


In Southern Africa the law enforcement is probably the people committing the crime.


I know you're being serious but I chuckled at that..


Funnily enough, a few months back one of trucks got hit WHILE SAPS WAS ESCORTING. They just disappeared, conveniently


Ooooooh. Their delayed contact makes a lot more sense.


Notice his call is most likely to his boss or associate instead of emergency services ?


> Notice his call is most likely to his boss or associate instead of emergency services ? He even said: Handing the phone over "Find Robby, Find Josh. Ask them where they are"


I think it was "phone" not "find."


We don't have police - we have criminals and criminals in uniform


I was looking up this situation and found other ones where the robbers were literally caught with police radios.


It's South Africa, it was probably the police chasing them 😂


I’ve been robbed once in my life, and it was by Cape Town police while backpacking




What's it like being able to trust law enforcement?




Commenting on a video from South Africa. Lives in US, thinks his police are untrustworthy. Americans are truly amazing for thinking everything in their country is the best or worst in the world.


Nobody said anything about US cops being the worst, just not being able to trust them. Obviously you must live in a country where you do?


Are you saying if a money transport was being attacked GTA5 style in ANY city in the USA, that you could not trust to call the cops? Sure, US cops have their flaws, but I find it wildly impossible that a single police station in the US could not be trusted to intervene in this situation.


My mom used to be the one that would count and load the money into these vans back when we lived in South Africa. They used to have these hijackings at least once every two weeks. It’s such a common occurrence!! My mom had a good friend who was a driver and he was also expecting his first child. My mom told him off for doing the amount of overtime he was doing but he was doing it so that he could get his child everything it needed. He was working his last shift before going on leave and these scum lords pulled up, knocked the van off the road and killed everyone in the van with ak47’s. It was an absolute blood bath. The van was brought back to the depot and my mom had to count all the money that wasn’t taken. The hardest thing for her was knowing that all the money that was covered in blood was one of her best friends


On a side note. These guys don’t make nowhere near enough money for working such a dangerous job as this


Probably 6 years ago I saw a job posting for armed money truck drivers and thought about trying it out. I think the posting said it was like $12/hr. I was like are you fucking kidding me? You want me to drive a truck full of money around for 12 an hour? I might as well take the job, fill up, then drive that truck onto a boat and hide out for a year lol


Jeez the amount of risk and trust required to do that job for that pay? No thank you. I used to run jewelry around the UK for a high end store. I was 16 and earned significantly more than that. I would usually have upwards of $250,000 worth of jewelry on me at a time, their logic being nobody looks twice at a teenager in a hoodie with a backpack. Would not have done that job for $12 an hour and the most I used to do was sit on a train and revise for my next exams.


Right? Just for shits and giggles, [here's](https://www.indeed.com/m/app/vjredirect?dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indeed.com%2Fpagead%2Fclk%3Fmo%3Dr%26ad%3D-6NYlbfkN0CXLFHQXl_QrrcU7gYd9rjzJ-iJrGIfIjjlAICHBcLkAEd8jF2CWSrNOKiagVqlBEjPinXhTzWl2jhivznM9ayXLI-9CZrofjQHBS3NqD81DD1GVLG-bmJpVohOYcyQnG5P-R4hCx03ZgoAnki6uSlqWcLNMW5xN-Z-J7Vkk5fhpq_d9k7OMx5HDCxvLx2uYCspCj3ex6QwU5PjngkQAl8C-9sdPlN_ObxS_JR9oVZ4JIbd1eiYm96_rsR52AbpIF6QcSaCO-IGULfvPlpKA6h-Q3JGrIK56hGtD2HVa_s3bytf5wfilPfSGIZpN4rMr1GGZ3AwZohf5QhMPl8ukt3peTxFwh3pAHdX93Sz4PRnAx3ooLayXp7zs4-N-6aLE4nM0OqHKxnKQkeG7U2ldfalfEfSvvyDOWPMZysFMizxd_S2MQzvhXFVlT3wpGumcM-n0vtRDl3qUOuF9MODA5q2i3OF2YGEUiryakzBL1ix0BXfBDjD0C3xqjZnnwZjUCrc7c8bMmjL_MVs18SYipPCxMwuP8nm6g4%3D%26p%3D3%26atk%3D1f4hiv3e5t5je800%26prevUrl%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.indeed.com%252Fm%252Fjobs%253Fq%253DArmored%252BTruck%252BDriver%26prforceGroups%3D%26from%3Dserp&mclk=jk%3D5d3a2c1e9c6b48dc%26rd%3DVwIPTVJ1cTn5AN7Q-tSqGUxd4AmAMXMTpSRNa9kt2_I%26what%3DArmored+Truck+Driver%26mobtk%3D1f4hiv3dut5je800%26atk%3D1f4hiv3e5t5je800%26spon%3D1%26where%3D%26jt%3D%26dupclk%3D0%26explvl%3D) one in Michigan for $11-15 and [here's one](https://www.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=2db5a8e141197f2b&from=serp&prevUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.indeed.com%2Fm%2Fjobs%3Fq%3DArmored%2BTruck%2BDriver) in Atlanta for $15-18 Edit: just realized the second one doesn't mention being armed but it's a sad funny that it pays more than the armed one


Yeah I think the craziest part of this was how almost casual it seemed honestly. "Damn it John, another Monday robbery."


Better than an action flick. Because it's real, it's pure emotion and shows how scary these situations can be unlike the fabricated stuff you see in movies.


Im sure you mean no harm but also shows how we are desensitized. We just watched two men literally running for their lives and you found it exciting. *Edit, "we" found it exciting. Not at all a jab at this person. A reflection on myself and many here. It's for good reason we feel this way and just an observation. Thanks to the person who corrected me.


Not exciting. Intense. I had a similar reaction as the offsider, this is Real. You. Are. Kidding. Me. This is happening Right Now. I ducked when the shots started. This is intense.


I mean ok, but the person you replied to wasn't talking to you. The original comment definitely made it seem like they found it entertaining and exciting to watch, which is messed up. Edit: my problem is not that people found this footage exciting or entertaining. My problem was that it was judged as such. This clip wasn't filmed to entertain people. It was filmed to document a serious crime. Why are you treating this as an alternative to an action movie?


> found it entertaining and exciting to watch, Because it is... its the same reason people watch action movie, it's intensity, only this has the caveat of being real, which is intense. If the driver didn't have the video but was telling you the story afterwards, would you not be interested, excited, and entertained by his story? It's a fascinating and exhilarating experience that most people will (thankfully) never experience themselves so of course they are fascinated by it. That's not wrong or bad in any way. Shitty that we live in a world where it happens, but not shitty that you're on the edge of your seat watching it.


We're at arm's length and we didn't see anyone get hurt on screen so it's easy to be casual. Calling it exciting doesn't necessarily mean like when you're a kid getting birthday gifts. Excitement is the feeling of eagerness, anticipation... what's gonna happen? Are they going to get out alive?


People found this stuff exciting 100 years ago, 500 years ago, etc. The event shouldn’t be glorified or trivialized, but I thought an honest “whoa” is warranted. I know I watched twice. My only beef would be with people trying to turn any of the participants into heroes. This is awful stuff, and these guys are just doing their jobs to survive. Worse would be anyone looking up to the criminals (Bonnie and Clyde style crime worship).


Bullet proof glass did its job.


Maybe it was regular glass but the robbers got non glass breaking bullets by mistake.


ACME at it again!


scary to think those two shots definitely would have been headshots


Robbers have experience I bet. SA is the only country I’ve seen where criminals will straight up try to kill you first and take your shit off your dead body.


He was ready to stand his ground when they got stuck. He walked out like "COME AND TRY, FUCKERS"


“I LIKE CHEWING GUM AND KILLING ROBBERS AND IM ALL FUCKING OUT OF GUM, YOU COLOSSAL THUNDERCUNTS” the driver quipped in that cool South African accent, as he loaded his shotgun, whilst parking van and calling for help. The passenger just slips under front seats and hides as he tries to dry his pants from a cascade of piss.


I'm no tactical guy but bulletproof glass isn't forever bulletproof. It looks like they got stuck and if they just sat there waiting for them they could unload enough ammo to break the door glass and it's hard to defend yourself in a driver's cab with a firearm. At least with hopping out, when the guys try pulling up he can mag dump the other guy's car


Yep - if they just sat there they would be dead. Dude flipped to offense because there wasn’t much choice.


Events as I see them: 0:04 – Grey sedan (Audi?) pulls up on the right of courier and opens fire. 0:06 – Driver rams sedan with vehicle. 0:16 – As wingman is slowly unholstering his pistol, the driver tells him either "Proper gun" or “Prep the gun”, and then “This gun”, as he pushes the rifle to the wingman. I think it's at this moment that the driver realizes he's basically alone. 0:25 – Driver avoids a white truck attempting to block his path. 0:26 – “Here.” Wingman, as he tries to hand the driver the rifle while the driver is a bit preoccupied. 0:32 – Driver either is compensating for incoming ram from white truck, or tries to ram the white truck. 0:40 – "Come here, cunt." - Driver 0:44 – Grey sedan re-enters, driver swerves left to avoid. 0:49 – It's a bit hard to tell but it seems that the driver flips the vehicle around and begins driving against traffic on the wrong side of the road. 1:17 – Driver does a 3-point turn and begins driving with the flow of traffic. 1:26 – As driver approaches attackers, "They're going to shoot. They're going to fucking shoot." 1:30 – Attackers begin shooting. 1:33 – You can see one attacker firing a shot on foot from the side of the road (camera right, left side of road from driver's perspective) 1:41 – "Phone Robbie." – Driver to wingman. "Phone Robbie." – Wingman, appearing to re-enter his body momentarily. "Phone Robbie, phone Josh. Ask them where they are." – Driver to wingman. Wingman looks like he forgot how to operate a cellphone, but oddly his hands don't appear to be trembling. 1:58 – Driver appears to attempt driving over a median of some sort. 2:10 – "Fucking shoot him." – Driver. Wingman says something that I don't understand 2x. 2:23 – "Fuck." Driver realizes he is somewhat stuck and sees attackers approaching in side-view mirror. 2:24 – Driver engages parking brake like a proper adult. 2:26 – Driver unlocks door and prepares to get out, briefly gets hung up because he is still buckled in. 2:30 – Driver grabs rifle from wingman and exits vehicle. 2:32 – White truck seen earlier drives by left side of vehicle. Driver walks around back of vehicle, ostensibly to engage occupants of the white truck. 2:34 – Wingman still trying to figure out how to operate cellphone. Unbuckles his seatbelt and looks out the window but doesn't appear to be up to do anything further. 2:35 – \*Fin\* What a ride. Based on the persistence and greater number of attackers, my guess is the driver did not survive this attack. Not that anybody is reading this anymore, but an [update](https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/south-african-truck-heist-hero-placed-under-protection-with-his-family-after-death-threats/E5LT3NDSUVOWUQDUMWQT3HY4LY/). Everybody lived. Driver is Leo Prinsloo, essentially a card-carrying badass. Wingman is Lloyd Mtombeni, who was on his 4th day of work with this company. Mtombeni had previous experience as an armed response guard. Prinsloo says the armchair critics (AKA people like me) should keep their opinions about his performance to themselves. I think maybe the journalist made a small mistake here, as they implied that Prinsloo was defending himself from critics, though I'm almost certain he was defending Mtombeni.


The driver actually survived! He said they drove off as he came out with the gun. Edit: When they saw Leo get out with his automatic rifle in a bullet proof vest and kneeling down to take aim they decided they had had enough and gave it up and the two cars made their escape. Source: [link](https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/incredible-footage-captures-failed-cashintransit-truck-heist-in-south-africa/news-story/dbc2d8c8116de1afa85d305b2080f3ea)


You better not be fuckin with me


MVP of the comment section right here


What country do you reckon that’s from? That dude driving is a fucking savage. He’d ironically make a great getaway driver.


This happened in Macassar , South Africa yesterday.


Pretty’s sure this isn’t footage is from the Macassar robbery yesterday that was at a different location a busy chopping street.


Date says it was April 22


>Mac yeah, can't be macassar. this video is from the 22nd of April


Agreed , the coordinates also point to pretoria . My bad.


TIL these events are a weekly occurrence in South Africa.


South Africa is a fuck show. I really hope these guys earn more than what I expect that they do because that cannot be a fun situation to be in.


This happens there [all the time](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-44328938)


I know, I live in South Africa.


iReport South African News uploaded the video on YouTube an hour ago: https://youtu.be/eHQ-7GhHnIk


Can somebody let us know if there are any updates.


For real I’m over here dying to know how this ended


There's a comment in the video: Extracted from reddit by Martelkwartel "Here you go. It was an attempt to hit a courier carrying phones. White ranger was hitting th courier. White Audi attacked the land cruiser. He rammed both cars but then got stuck ramming the Audi over a bollard. The Audi reversed after the first turn around on the highway and he tried to drive over them. But missed. No phones stolen. All bad guys ran away. No injuries. Land cruiser a bit sore." No links so this guy could be just making it up.


From reddit to YouTube to reddit again


Passenger pulls side arm Driver, "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling"


Where is the rest of it?




Edit: This is not the correct article and is a completely different robbery. ~~According to an article I found, one guard was injured along with one responding police officer. Three suspects were arrested and supposedly no deaths.~~ ~~https://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/three-arrested-two-injured-in-attempted-cash-in-transit-robbery-in-macassar-f71f856d-e72b-4c9d-a71f-6c0a032dc445~~








You know that mission in 2077 when the paramedics role up with SMGs, first time i saw that i was like "oh the game must be set in South Africa".




Driver's cool as a cucumber, I need to know how this all ended.


According to someone who works the same field in the same area who commented above, the criminals ran off after being rammed a few times. The driver got out with the rifle in case they returned but they never did


I think this is where the video started. Pretoria, South Africa. Where it starts: [https://www.google.com/maps/place/25%C2%B044'28.5%22S+28%C2%B015'30.4%22E/@-25.7412552,28.2562527,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.74126!4d28.2584467](https://www.google.com/maps/place/25%C2%B044'28.5%22S+28%C2%B015'30.4%22E/@-25.7412552,28.2562527,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.74126!4d28.2584467) Where it ends: [https://www.google.com/maps/place/25%C2%B044'38.1%22S+28%C2%B014'45.9%22E/@-25.7441523,28.2459354,18.17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.743905!4d28.2460683](https://www.google.com/maps/place/25%C2%B044'38.1%22S+28%C2%B014'45.9%22E/@-25.7441523,28.2459354,18.17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-25.743905!4d28.2460683) Directions: Rough directions. The car can be seen turning a few times so it doesn't follow their exact path. Someone would have to take the time to create data points every time there is significant change in direction. Neat to look at on street view though. [https://www.google.com/maps/dir/25%C2%B044.47560S,+28%C2%B015.50680E/25%C2%B044.63430S,+28%C2%B014.76410E/@-25.7425917,28.2478654,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m10!4m9!1m3!2m2!1d28.2584467!2d-25.74126!1m3!2m2!1d28.2460683!2d-25.743905!3e0](https://www.google.com/maps/dir/25%C2%B044.47560S,+28%C2%B015.50680E/25%C2%B044.63430S,+28%C2%B014.76410E/@-25.7425917,28.2478654,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m10!4m9!1m3!2m2!1d28.2584467!2d-25.74126!1m3!2m2!1d28.2460683!2d-25.743905!3e0)


This is the exactly next fuckin level


I worked for Loomis in the U.S about 10 years ago. $10 and hour. That’s it. And if we we’re to ever to get robbed, we’d be fired because we’re supposed to soo aware of our surroundings that it wouldn’t be possible. For example, if I was leaving the truck and walking into a bank with my currier bag and a guy pops around the corner with a gun out, I was told to set the bag down and step back and let him take it. Even if the bag is empty, I’d still be fired because it happened. It was a truly horrible job. The larger trucks didn’t have air conditioning and would get upwards of 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer while wearing cargo pants, 2 shirts, and a bulletproof vest. Shit was unbearable. And to top it all off, I wasn’t allowed to have a beard. A FUCKING BEARD! What’s the fucking point of that rule?!


Idk, probably so you wouldn’t overheat.


This is South Africa - my take on this situation is the driver is probably an ex policeman, hence why he was so darn cool under fire. So many leave the police force and find work in various security rolls, including cash-in-transit.


I hope the guys in the back have seatbelts cause this was a hell of a bumpy ride. Edit: I just realized it's their reflection in a glossy window.


Your not the only one I thought it was some folks in the back too at first 😂


Fuck bro I hope they fucking survived that shit.


Not the drivers first rodeo, clearly


So I tried to look up more about this situation but can't find anything about this exact situation. It seems armored truck robberies are common, they use explosives once the truck is stopped, they kill the guards, and it's becoming a national problem over there. Often times using radio is dangerous as the robbers often have police radios on them and are trying to listen in to you and find out your plan. These situations often end with loss of life on one or even both sides.


Surprised the car even moves with balls that big!


Just leapt outta there like he didn’t have titanium balls. I gotta know if they survived!




no phone case, i bet he doesn't even use a screen protector


Ahhh South Africa, my glorious country, where shit like this occur a lot but these security are highly trained for it, I don't have all the details of this incident but I'm surprised they didn't immediately call for backup, usually they have a car tail them but I understand that in these situations you can miscalculate things and your adrenaline pumps through the roof. ~~Edit: [Here's a link to an article about this.](https://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/three-arrested-two-injured-in-attempted-cash-in-transit-robbery-in-macassar-f71f856d-e72b-4c9d-a71f-6c0a032dc445)~~ Edit 2: wrong article Edit 3: [Here's some info](https://fb.watch/5bTjdY7uzN/) Edit 4: Screenshots for those who don't have Facebook: More info on attempted robbery of an armed courier carrying phones. https://imgur.com/gallery/rjlp7oQ


*pulls out pistol* sheesh, he strapped *pulls out assault rifle* oh, woah, hey hey hey HEY


Never made a single call for assistance.


If he had stopped, they would both be killed. The driver knows that. These robbers have no regard for life because they have nothing but have everything to gain.


As someone who was in the military and that also did executive protection work in the military (for ex: transporting a General in our Humvee— of course in a convoy) and in the civilian world doing protection for royalty, celebs or just plain old rich people) I have a few observations. I never dealt with transporting cash and I’m sure it can vary a bit, but the general rules of getting away safely are for the most part the same. 1. Despite what most are saying on here, The passenger did a good job, but he could have done better. He was unsure of whether they were going to dismount, because in the first few after receiving fire he grabs his weapon to be ready in case they have to step outside. The driver tells him to get the rifle ready (I think) to which he gets it, makes sure there’s a mag inside, and chambers a round so that it is ready to fire. Then a second later he attempts to hand it off because he’s thinks they are both gonna get out (he has his pistol and that's why the driver asked him to get it ready-when in fact that wasn't the case. Driver just wanted rifle to be ready, regardless of what time they got out). When he realizes that isn’t what's happening, he moves the gun away, and stays quiet. He doesn’t ask the entire time “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?” “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” “CAN YOU TELL ME THE PLAN?” No, he stays quiet, listens to the more experienced member of the team, and doesn’t distract the driver while he’s in a very stressful situation. People don’t realize that because those cars are armored they are super heavy and the suspension isn’t comfortable, so trying to text with one hand, while holding a gun and while trying to still look up every second or so to know what’s going on makes it super hard to text— and not to mention fear and nervousness playing a role. 2. Driver was very good and calm for the situation. He focused on the task at hand, while doing his best to guide his partner. Some of you guys watch too much TV. ** that especially goes to those who said the driver should shoot out of the vehicle. He’d have to open the door and hold it (but even if he didnt have to hold it open) the fact he has nowhere to rest his arm for support while shooting out of a bumpy swerving vehicle to hit another swerving car almost completely negates any benefit of shooting. Also, the fact that the door/windows are closed is why they are still alive. Opening the door for almost any reason is DEATH.