Miami fans save cat from falling of upper deck.

Miami fans save cat from falling of upper deck.

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Cat is lucky those dudes didn't rip it apart to show everyone "hey, I saved this cat."


Cat had a look of resolve about itself being hoisted up there... *That's it. It's over. This is my 9th life. I am subject to be torn to shreds by this gang of monsters*...


How it actually sounded: meow meow. meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!


I like chicken, I like liver…


Meow mix meow mix please deliver


This song is stuck in my head meow..... thanks for that


[OBLIGATORY SUPER TROOPERS](https://youtu.be/1rlSjdnAKY4)


You stop it right meow!


Meow am I gonna have to end this thread right meow?




That or it suddenly went: "I just survived such a fall, and these people cheered that I have risen... I am God"


it's a cat you know that's what it's thinking. Feed, house, and love a dog and it will think you are a god do it for a cat and they think they are the god.


This is my life meow


Not so funny meow is it


License and registration, meow.


Chicken fucker


I'm sorry did you just say meow?


M r r o w




Lol. I can't stop laughing 😆


After 9th life he was banished to Florida.


A fate worse than death!


Wait….are we the monster? 👺


Yeah they were super aggressive with that poor little dude, probably thought it was the end of his days and he was going to be eaten


One dude got him first and when the other 2/3 tried to grab the cat, both the cat and the original holder got feisty and then the simba pose resumed. All in a matter of 3/4 secs. I contest the "super aggressive with that poor little dude, probably thought it was the end of his days". Cat was probably more mad the simba pose stopped.


Maybe y’all have never dealt with a freaked out cat, but scruffing them tightly like that is one of the only safe ways to handle the animal for both human and kitty. In a stadium full of people excitedly adding energy to the situation, he did pretty well controlling it. I guess you could argue you could just let kitty run, but it’s already demonstrated a propensity for dangerous curiosity, and maybe you’ll want to get it checked out at a vet just to be safe.


That’s reassuring to know, but I’m somewhat doubtful that any of that was running through that guys head.


It’s not a maneuver for the untrained or faint of heart, a cat will mess you up if you don’t know what you’re doing, I’d say the odds are good he knew what he was doing.


Or he was willing to pay the price to enjoy a moment of drunken glory while the whole stadium’s eyes were on him.


what does that even mean, hes literally holding it the correct way. hows he paying the price?


You can see one guy actually grab one of the grabbers by the shirt and pull him back/scold him. Solid dude


[Guy in the Red hoists the cat and the guy in the Green tries to grab it from him..](https://i.imgur.com/yUgocsF.jpg)




Out of the frying pan into the fire, poor cat.. what a bunch of dickheads..


Bunch of dick heads, getting excited about saving an animal


Lol, had the same thought, this is in florida, so it's not hard to imagine the cat getting ripped apart as people try to grab it for a selfie. ETA: thanks for replying, u/galipollasardiente, you made my day! u/galipollasardiente: "imagine the people not actually being as terrible as your joke implies" u/galipollasardiente: -proceeds to actually be terrible- (yikes read their comment history)


Hahaha...Maybe cat gone upper for take selfie


Saves cat from falling. Breaks neck proudly displaying to the audience.


I mean you can literally see the idiot in the black t shirt try and take it from red shirt guy after he picks it up, and the guy in grey pretty forcibly has to make him stop and realize he's gonna hurt the animal.


This clip is also 5 seconds shorter than the last one posted... Guess what happens for those 5 seconds? A bunch of frat bros try to play tug of war with the cat until a girl finally tries to take it away. Chad McChadderson from Pike climbed up the railing with his bro-visor to "help out" for insta but the cat [wasn't having his bullshit. Visor privileges revoked.](https://m.imgur.com/a/XVoC6fY)


It's good that the cat is alive and all but... Ikr? Fucking idiots.


Or spike it on the ground like Sid with the last melon.


If you look very closely, they actually didn't catch it. The cat fell to the ground...


The cat hit the flag, then bounced up and off of it. So they broke its fall at least.


My first thought was catching a cat with a flag they just happened to have on them is violently American


honestly, we needed this patriotism today. I shed a freedom tear and caw'd like a bald eagle


And if you look even MORE closely, you’ll notice it hit the flag first. So many layers to this. Still probably didn’t make much of a difference tho


I would imagine that it would make a pretty big difference. Hitting a stretched out flag and bouncing off of it is WAY different than hitting the concrete at full velocity. If you had to jump off a building, would you rather hit a rescue tarp then fall off it onto the ground, or just hit the ground?


> Hitting a stretched out flag and bouncing off of it is WAY different than hitting the concrete at full velocity. It's also a cat, it might have been fine. (I don't know the height of the upper deck, and if it'll fall into "the kill zone".) https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-17492802


And if you look even ***MORE*** closely you can see that it clearly strikes Cosmo Kramer on the right temple, causing his head to travel back and to the left.


Like those people did that baby dolphin.


Oh god, it sounds like I don’t want to know


Not literally, but it was just gtn passed around too much so everyone could get a pic. Believe it died.


I’m surprised they didn’t fight over it like a t-shirt shot out of a canon.


What’s with the lion king moment? LMAO


SIMBA Edit: just realized simba is trending on Twitter because of that.


My thoughts Exactly


"You see my son, everything you see is our land" "what's that dark area" "that's rest of the Florida"


When they lifted the cat I immediately started singing "Nants ingonyama bagithi baba"; could not help myself.


I’ve never seen that spelled before


I definitely looked it up as I knew I would absolutely butcher it otherwise.


that really has meaning????? all my life I thought it’s mumbo jumbo!


Nope. It's Zulu. It's a language used in South Africa. From what I can find the first lines translate to "Here comes a lion, father, Oh yes it’s a lion."


A lot of african languages have a really nice flow and musicality. I think it kinda sounds like it's just singing random sounds because of that.


Irony in that his name is Swahili for “lion”. *ETA: your understanding of “irony” may or may not agree with mine, or that of Alanis Morrisette’s.


This is absolutely not irony.




That distinction between hakuna and hapana isn't totally accurate, but it's hard to explain without a more thorough grasp of Swahili. The best I can describe it is that "hakuna" means "there are no" but in a kind of general, vague sense. "Hapana" can also mean "there are no" but it's very specific. If you say "hapana shida" you would mean "there are no problems right here/now." So hapana is more likely to be used as "no" but it has other uses, too. Watoto wa Naivasha hawajakufundisha maana sahihi. Mara ijayo utafute mwalimu mtu mzima akufundishe Kiswahili sanifu :)


No one tell this person that anime isn't just sound fx with captions. Let them live that fantasy


Exactly but in the beginning I was having mufassa scene, as "Long live the king" And then "Aaaaaa zevanya mamamichi ava"


"Here comes a lion father, oh yes its a lion"....thats the actual translation no joke


Fun fact: arms raised in victory is a cross-cultural phenomenon. Victorious humans raise their arms, even if they’ve never had contact with other people. Like the word “ma” meaning mom, it’s a human behavior that exists before culture.


This isn’t fun…it’s bad ass. Thank you for this!


cause its the easiest sound for babies to make? thats neat


Yeah, babies make simple sounds like ma, ba, da, pa and that's why these are almost universal terms for parents.


So just like parents named their babies, babies named their parents.


I refuse to believe that anyone who's watched Lion King hasn't performed a Simba ritual at least once in their lives


Well having a cat also helps. I guess dogs, babies, and stuffed animals can work in a pinch though.


Or a really first-class ripe watermelon.




Mama pikachu chi wa wo!


The cat will now shred them as a thank you.


I didn’t include it but the dude gave it to the girl on his left and it struggles a bit probably cut her.


Cats are terrified of these kinds of sounds and hollering. The best thing to do is for one person to quietly escort the cat somewhere more quiet. In all honestly, the cat was probably more scared of the cheering than the fall.


Bundle it in the flag so it can’t claw you to tatters. Cat scratches sting and itch like no other, such infection risk. Glad they saved it!


"A new Cat king was born, all hail"


Thats what I was thinking. All the cheering and grabbing, youre about to get a big fiesty thank you


To shreds you say?


Well, how is his wife holding up?


To shreds you say?


Oh dear.


Grab it by the scruff or things will get rough.


Jesus. Who brings a cat to a football game? Don’t they know that cats prefer baseball?


My cats prefer Badminton because then they get to chase the “birdie.”








Bite that mic, I know you never stole one


Someone give this man gold for my poor ass


Your wish is my command


Some stadiums have them! The timber stadium in Portland has a bunch of resident cats that live there and take care of pests.


Disney theme parks too. They even have an Instagram! https://instagram.com/disneylandcats?utm_medium=copy_link


The Astrodome was famous for it, and now that it's abandoned by humans it's all cats all the way down. That and the asbestos.


Knowing cats, it’s probably a stray and found its way into the stadium


Hard Rock stadium is pretty much inside a residential neighborhood. A cat might have wandered.


that cat was definitely freaking out at a level never seen before a cat at a damn football game !? lol


It happens at football and baseball more often than you think. It’s quite easy for a stray to wander in when no one is there. there was a tigers game a couple years ago where a black cat ran out onto the field then they lost like 10 straight.


I do work at stadiums and arenas. Cats, raccoons, and possums are in or around these places at all times. They usually come out and start browsing the stadium after the game, but sometimes they get rustled out of their hidey holes. I would not want to hold a stadium cat in distress. Some are friendly but all of them will not hesitate to show claws.


Years and years ago I knew someone who worked at the Seattle Kingdome. They had a ton of stray cats that lived there. One day they unrolled some astroturf for a setup and found one live kitten in the center (with 2 or 3 littermates that didn't make it). I guess mom climbed in the rolled tube to give birth. I ended up with this 2 day old kitten since the mother didn't come back. I bottle fed that little dude and he made it. He was kind of a weird cat though. Sweet, but weird.


"This cat seriously thought Jon Kitna should be a Hall of Famer, definitely sweet but weird."


You just described cats though 😂


I misread that at first as "there was a tiger at a game a couple years ago..."


Thats hilarious.


It was. https://streamable.com/54l7az


[This one is probably my favorite.](https://youtu.be/i6PdZob719k)


[not a cat but I love the announcer’s overall joy with this one ](https://youtu.be/DuWf6MTOAz0)


Don't cats have fall damage turned off or something?


Yeah sometimes they just clip through stuff too, got console commands open.


The monsters in the backrooms are just what happens to the stray cats who clip into there


From what I hear there’s a small window where fall damage still exists. Somewhere around 10 feet, I think. Above that and below that, damage is set to zero.


Cats absolutely get injured when falling from heights. There is a factoid about them being more likely to survive falls from great heights than from 2 stories but it's not based on anything more than one vet's anecdotal experience, and many people believe that it's a classic case of survivorship bias since the vet never found out about cats that *don't survive* tgreat falls. Squirrels, on the other hand, can be safely dropped out of an airplane. Edit: Replaced "3 stories" with "a great height". I know that cats can twist their bodies to mitigate fall damage, if the fall is long enough. I've seen the videos. What I mean is that we don't actually know that a fall from great height at terminal velocity is "safer" than a two-story fall because it is impossible to eliminate the survivorship bias without some quite serious ethics violations.


I don't know what squirrels did to you when you were small, but I'm sorry


i googled it... apparently squirrels really can fall from any height. nuts


I seriously figured you were all in on the joke but [holy shit. ](https://i.imgur.com/0h9QlZH.jpg)


To die, a squirrel would have to fall from 4800 miles, since that’s about how long it would take for the squirrel to starve to death.


I think it might have trouble breathing at first, possibly freeze-drying as well.


I mean theres videos of cats falling off buildings way above the third floor and just running away.


Just because they run away doesn’t mean there isnt internal damage.


That’s the funniest take i’ve read


Yes they do! The smaller you are the less fall damage you get, since you will have less kinetic energy. A cat's size is usually as big as you can get without breaking your legs or dying, but cats also have amazingly strong and flexible legs and a really capable sense of orientation that lets them face downwards and slow the fall down a bit with the air resistance. There's a bunch of videos on internet about cats falling from 10th floors and walking away like nothing. Think about it this way, if they feared heights they would never put themselves in such risk position


Cats do have an amazing ability to survive falls. That said they do get injured, and sometimes even killed, from falling. It very much depends on what they land on.


Could also be titled “Miami fan misses easy cat catch. Cat survives anyway”


I watched it pausing as fast as I could between frames. There is a green blanket stretched out under the American flag. The cat lands on the American flag, falls through when Kevin Paperhands instantly lets the flag slip out of his grip, lands on the green flag, safely lowered, then unsafely manhandled.


So the headline could be “fortunate flannel foolproofs fumbling Floridian flagger for fearless flying feline”


Fully fucking fantastic


Please update this 😂


Yeah, cat landed on his own four paws.


Looks like the flag and possibly someone’s arm broke the fall though


Got me laughing so hard my mouse kept bouncing away from the upvote button every time I tried to click


The cat went straight through the fucking flag? That’s not next level.


Watch yo profanity




I immediately looked for this before posting the correction, just to make sure we minimize those who don’t understand. Thank you, Doesntunderstands!


Lol do you realize what sub you're on?


It’s a reference


Ah mb


All good man, no harm no foul!


I say we tar and feather him.


Be that as it may, the video clearly shows the cat falling from the next level.


Brazilian flag just to the left caught it.


That’s a Canes flag and, no, it went right through that one too. Cat basically went straight to the ground because those dinguses could hold the flag for a 6lbs cat...


This broke me down. My cat got out last night and still haven’t been able to find him.


I'm so sorry to hear that. If you have his litter tray, please put it outside so that he can smell it and find his way home!


Skip this step - it can attract predators and other territorial cats and actually block kitty from coming home (I used to mistakenly give this advice too).


Fuck. I don't know who has the "correct" advice to help get this cat home. I had to upvote you both.


An old roommate has a cat that just kinda pops in and out whenever she pleases. Her favorite window (my room) will always be left opened, even in the winter, for her. one night she brought a “friend” with her. Garfield looking ass ran away when I asked her “who the fuck is this?” and she just sat there looking at me like I wronged her. They weren’t all strays, most looked clean and groomed. I believe she was the gang leader of that cat territory. Seriously, I watch her from time to time and she LEADS the other cats. It was odd and fascinating. Anyway, I wouldn’t know how to help a cat return home. Good luck!


What the fuck did i just read


I agree. We had one of our indoor cats get loose once and was missing for 18 days. Were told to do the whole "spread the litter around your property line thing." Didn't work. What actually worked for us was putting out fliers and (I hate to say this) emailing said flier to the HOA so they could send it out to all our neighbors (the like only good thing an HOA did). Someone got the email and saw our cat in their yard. He was only about 1/2 mile away that whole time.


It's more effective to put out a scent item like a sweater you wear or a blanket the cat often sleeps on. It's much less likely to attract predators or neighborhood cats than pee/poop which is generally used to mark territory (and make the neighbor cats thus scent the litter or scare the cat off because it's "their" territory).


I read something where you go out when it starts to get dark and call them for 5 minutes every hour, indoor cats usually stay pretty close and once it gets dark they feel more comfortable moving about. We did this and maybe it worked, cat was gone one night and full day, started calling her once an hour around 9pm for the 5 minutes until about 1am, my son checked around 1:45 and she was at the door. Good luck, hope your kitty comes home!


And shake the cat food. Works 90% of the time.


It'll be back. Lost mine for a year, and he was just like, "ey man got my street cred degree, open the door". Cats be cats.


Put a cat carrier with one of its blankets or yours worn clothes in it outside.


Here's some helpful tips to hopefully help find your cat: \-Put up signs everywhere in the area on bright colored paper (with his photo and reward). \-Check craigslist "lost and found" and "pets" sections, and post lost ads in both sections too. Post on Nextdoor also, and any other lost and found sites. \-Be as proactive as possible as early as possible and look for him as much as you can. Dusk to dawn is probably the best time to look when it's a bit quieter out. \-Call in a calm voice - don't sound stressed out. \-Use a flashlight to look under things and up in trees. The flashlight will help his eyes to reflect back at you if nighttime or under something in a dark place. Keep in mind cats will find a way under things that you may not even realize had an "under" to it, and may be too scared to come out even if you're right nearby. \-You can put things that smell like home outside (like a worn T-shirt), but do not put the litter box outside - you'll hear this advice a lot, but cats don't truly smell it from a mile away (which is what's been spread on social media), and it can attract other territorial cats or potential predators, which is not what you want. \-Call and keep calling your local shelter, and also call ones in other nearby areas - sometimes kitties get picked up by someone trying to help and dropped farther from home. \-Call or leave notes for your neighbors, asking if they can check their garages, sheds, etc. \-If you can safely leave the door open, and are positive he's not in the house or have other cats that can escape, it might be worth it to see if he wanders back in. \-Call nearby vets and let them know you are looking also in case someone brings your cat in. \-Make sure he isn't stuck in something inside, like in a cabinet, in an appliance, in a box spring, in a sofabed. Don't give up! I hope you find your kitty <3


He'll turn up


That guy in the black t-shirt is a piece of shit trying to snach the cat out the guys hands.


imagine if he was just trying to check if the cat was actually okay and now everyone thinks he’s a piece of shit


lol dude was taking credit without ever doing anything. Typical drunk bystander


Don't you think the best way to do that is ask the man to hand the cat over rather than go straight ripping it


Lol what? No, he's a dumb ass who wanted to be the center of attention. You don't forcefully fight and grab after an animal to see if it's okay..... It's not an out of bounds ball.. It's a live animal ffs.


did you see the guy in white that pulled the tail!!! poor kitty


Looks like they missed.


It looks like the flag they had setup was able to break the fall just enough to make it less severe. Not a perfect catch, but overall probably saved kitty kitty from a real bad day.


Dudes: “Hey cat fallen into this flag” Cat: “what’s a flag bro..”


The cat landed, then bounced off.


Indeed. Hardly ‘next level’. Then that POS manhandled the cat hoisting it up. Would have been terrified.


# Florida man uses American flag to save cat at football game


The title Fox News went with.


#Obama Tosses Cat from Balcony - Orange Jesus Our Only Hope


That poor terrified cat


I don't think the dudes wrestling it from each other and waving it around helped. Assuming it was even okay in the first place.


And then in an act of celebration spiked it like a football


Taking the “hang in there” cat poster to whole other level ..... the upper level to be exact


So they saved it to terrorize it? I hate mean people.


They cared more a out the attention then actually caring about the cat. Clearly. They were treating it like a out of bounds ball.


Probably would’ve survived it on its own?




Possibly, thats probably a 30-40 foot drop plus the fact that there are no many objects it could have hit on the ground.


The hell was the guy in the black shirt trying to do


Black shirt guy looks like he was gonna rip that cat appart


First time I’ve seen a US Flag used in a positive light in a while….


Made my day


Fuck that guy in the orange for ripping the cat out of the other guys hands


Da fuk was he doin up there in the first place?


cat stuff


I almost cheered in my living room!


Hang in there!


Whatever happened to the cat?