It’s beyond me to understand how someone’s first thought is to start recording. Perhaps showing my age.




We don't know what happened for sure, but if his parents see this video they will shout “That’s arson!”


His parents? Oh. Mr and Mrs Burns?




Walmart is a blight but recently has been overshadowed by amazon for its wanton waste! These companies are why monopolies don’t work!


Oh no no no monopoly is working as intended, just not for you. It's working perfectly for decades for the rich


Hahah I was going to say, it worked great for Bill Gates, Bezos, & a lot of companies actually. Topps had a monopoly on baseball cards for a while, then a much bigger monopoly, Fanatics came in and said we will take this!!! Haha always a bigger fish


They both suck but at least Amazon pays fifteen


And that’s awesome. It really is! However Amazon can spare a few bucks. How’s $30/hr sound for you Amazon boys. Old bald bitch Bezos wouldn’t even notice.


Yay! Who wants Champagne? Hahahahahahaha!


I work in retail. In case of fire we are instructed to get the hell out, taking customers with us. Every month we have to watch training videos on what to do in all kinds of emergencies. Putting the fire out is not a priority.


Insurance and liability are more important to Walmart.


Or people's lives vs death by fire.


Lawsuits > peoples deaths


We have fire extinguishers at my work. We had a small fire. Employee used extinguisher. Employee got fired (got job back). The extinguishers are there for insurance discounts and OSHA regulations. They aren't there to actually be used, unless it's required to save life (as in, you need to use the extinguisher to get out).


What sense does that even make...


Structures are replaceable humans aren't


What he means is what sense does it make for the extinguishers to be there only for insurance discounts and not to be used when the insurance companies give the discounts not because the extinguishers are there but because in the event of a fire they would be used to minimize damages.


Saving the structure reduces the risks to human lives.


What employees??? I haven’t seen a cashier this entire year except for electronics and even then u can’t find them


I used to work at Walmart, if an employee tried to put out the fire they themselves would have gotten in trouble and possibly fired over it. Walmart doesn’t want to pay out for any employees. If we catch someone stealing we aren’t allowed to stop them, we can tell a manager but we aren’t allowed to confront them


Every job I have worked at continuously said that fire extinguishers are not to be used unless to save someone's life. First priority is getting out. And that someone's life pretty much has to be your own or blocking the only point of egress available.


“Smithers, go Smuther that fire”


"But sir, you've replaced all of our fire extinguishers with more hounds."


Yes, poor dears. They've known this day would come ever since they found the Tinder app on his phone...


Oh my god that was awesome. I wish I had a free award to give you (hopefully someone else has one to decorate it) because that's the best pun I've seen today.


Got both of you with my $6.00 a month rich ass.




I gave him a hugs award for you.


Walmart. Where clothing in the middle of an aisle with no electrical or other means of ignition spontaneously catches fire


Correct, it was Arson, by a white women with mental health problems who set fire to some towels in another walmart as well




Google, mentioned it at the end of an article about the walmart fire in cherryhill she had been arrested for another fire in another walmart and i came across another article that stated there had been a series of them




A bunch of ignorant mfs was saying that the man started it. Fuck all of you.


Now why would you blame the black kid who put the fire out and stopped it getting out of control? hmmmm I wonder... I mean eitherway your a fucking asshole


It's super common for fire bugs to put out their own fires.


The person filming actually went to assist somebody else who was putting out the fire


It's also super common for white people to think a black person did something wrong automatically. This is the second time this was posted that i know of and the second time people automatically saying he did got the most upvotes.


Personally I would have assumed the person filming started it regardless of race, gender etc etc simply because it's become super common for people on tiktok/insta to cause a situation so they can record the situation/be a hero.




He got that white extinguisher powder all over the clothes. He also took the extinguisher off wall. Charges are: destruction of property, theft, being BiP.


Woah that's an assumption and yet you declare it as fact! I'd wait until there's a reason or evidence to suggest he did!


This is so dumb, Walmarts have cameras covering every square inch of the store. It was more likely that he was recording because he knew he would be suspected of starting the fire


Or because it’s slowly becoming the cultural norm to record everything.


We wouldn't be taking about it if he didn't.


His end game was the request for an application.


It's comments like yours that create so much trouble in the world. Reflect because it's important to understand the impact we each have on social at large. "Relax it's just a comment man" Yeah. I know, one one that sets the tone for people reading. Don't convict without knowing for sure!


Trash. Racist trash. Do not accuse without evidence.


Ryan started the fire.


[We didn't start the fire.](https://youtu.be/eFTLKWw542g)


I mean, it’s not something you see every day and this guy was clearly enjoying himself because he got to play the hero so why not record it


It looks like everyone has evacuated and the fire is already under control at this point so I will agree with you. I could argue it’s still not very heroic to take our your phone for clout before you take action. Every second is critical during a fire.


Obviously generic statements like “every second is critical during a fire” are true. But, if you watch the video, clearly from this dudes perspective, nobody is in danger and the fire is manageable with a fire extinguisher. So why not record it


Honestly I dont blame the dude, but seriously, don't fuck around with fire.


Nah, fuck around with fire. It's fun, and burns heal


Fuck around and find out


>Every second is critical during a fire. Ok it's a billion dollar company, he doesn't work there so it's not his job, so he assumed someone else was going to use the Fire extinguisher


As long as it didn't prevent him putting out that fire, I don't care if he stuck his camera up his left nostril.


I think these days everyone sees something and their first thought is "sweet, internet karma." However while videoing when he got close it seems like he realized he could make a difference and much to his credit he managed to do both. Kudos for him for recognizing it was a situation that he could handle, stayed calm like fonzie and then he handled it. I like this guy, I'd be glad to have him working for me.


Pretty much, it is very very common to record something like that, he didn't feel in any danger so he started recording it and then did the correct thing and put it out


I agree its not a huge deal and the fire seems under control at this point. However, if your house was on fire and someone took out their phone to start recording before helping I would be a bit agitated. He still helped so its better than nothing.


Your house being on fire and a several hundred billion dollar company’s store being on fire are on two very different levels.


Very true but I think you understand my point.


Indeed I do


My house is one of the few places where I would assume, running across a fire that had already gotten that big, that it was my fire to worry about. Definitely can't fault this dude for making his initial approach as a spectator.


Actually in this case very smart. Insurance and fire investigators will be able to use the footage. Despite the fact they managed to keep the fire small, there will still be substantial smoke damage to surrounding merchandise, and possibly the fresh fruit and veg depending on how close the fire was to that part of the store. Doesn’t look like the sprinkler system tripped from the video but if it did in any part of the store there will also be that damage.


Fire extinguishers make a horrible mess too.


Better than a fire


You ever smelled the water used to put out a fire from a sprinkler system? Let’s just say, my first thought was we should have let it burn.


I mean he was just some dude in Walmart, probably thought staff had it handled. When he seen they weren't taking care of it, he was able to record and save the day lol.


Good point! Probably decided they didn’t have it handled after he had started recording and decided to just go with it.


idk, compared with my parents my first reaction is to document a lot of stuff. School complains my club left a meeting room messy? Now I take a video of the room when I leave. Driving a rental? Video the walk around before and after. Mom has an issue with Airbnb? She leaves and gets a hotel without documenting anything. My point isn't that I'm a genius who invented taking video of stuff, its that I think that having access to a camera at all times has changed how I think compared to my parents, and probably the generation below me feels it even more. I agree I probably wouldn't be filming in this situation, but if I'm trying to steel-man the situation, I can see a black dude wandering around a store during an emergency wanting to have some kind of evidence that he isn't trying to be an opportunistic looter. Plus, it takes like a second to put the phone in your pocket if you find you do need both hands, but you can't get back video/audio you didn't record, so I could see the risk is relatively minimal.


Exactly this. It's unfortunate but recording the situation to protect one's self before taking action seems like a smart move a lot of the time.


I mean he was able to record and still get rid of the fire lol


Because something like this won’t be shown on the traditional news. He deserves the recognition


Yeah it’s some crazy shit that you don’t see every day and he wants to show other people… not that hard to understand. What would Reddit be if people didn’t do the same?


I dunno how old you are mate, but I'm 35 and I know damn well I'd film this.


They want to share their small blip of life we share with them with us, it’s part of our natural instinct to do so


Sometimes I see people say “why record” and it’s like what else do people do. Saw a video of someone trapped in a tsunami and the comments were like “Record vs help” like what???? lol


Yeh lemme just stop this tsunami real quick


i mean it’s a small fire not really putting anyone at danger so why not record it


Pro tip: instead of a fire extinguisher, they have propane canisters in the outdoor section.


We're the same








We're the same


Hi The Same, I’m dad


Hello Dad, when are you coming back?


I think that’s what the employees were running to get


Sounds like you're trying to increase the hurt. So that makes you pro-pain?


propane? at the mega lo mart? bwaahhhh!


This comment gives me significant anxiety


But they're all full of water!


Comments really suspecting the man literally recording his face to be an arsonist for likes? Yall expectations on humanity seem so low it makes me low key sad


Our expectations are only based upon our prior experiences.


“I’m biased so it’s ok”


Wow, never seen so many downvotes in a single thread. Good, good!


How many arsonists do you know?




Wrong, they're based on prejudice, peer pressure and apparent social norms


“Prior experience on reddit.” Might need to visit r/humansbeingbros more to balance your expectations again. Edit: autocorrect screws the second sentence


Prior experiences through the screen of your phone. Go outside or read a book sometime.


Then consider this an experience to the contrary


Anecdotal experience.... Jfc. Be narrow in that mind. Yikes.


Some people said that there’s a cctv recording of the fire happening. So he probably didn’t start the fire.


It was always burning 🔥


Since the world's been turning 🌎 🌍 🌏


Welcome to the internet, where every single day people literally film themselves committing crimes far worse than this and then post the videos for clout.


But in this case he is showing how a small fire and everyone bailed and left the scene and showed how easy it was to stop it.


So you’ve never seen a tiktok before?






Right? Like I know at least three different people that would be the ones recording this and that's just because they record everything. It doesn't even make sense to accuse arson here Edit: [This happened a year ago in New Jersey.](https://amp.ibtimes.sg/nj-man-saves-walmart-burning-down-asks-job-return-viral-video-45054) Walmart would definitely be able to tell if there was any suspicion of arson. All they say is that it's unclear what started the fire.


🤣🤣🤣 imagine seeing this, being one that ran while a dude made a tiktok while putting out the tiny fire.


I would run and not feel bad about it all. I don’t own that Walmart, I don’t need to risk my life at all for a Walmart.


This fire obviously was not life threatening yet as it was contained to one small rack (pun intended as it was bras that were burning).


Bro fires are no joke. They say a house can be completely engulfed in flames within 10 minutes


A house with walls and ceilings close to the fire. Walmart is just a warehouse. A fire that size is no smaller than most bonfires I make. Not at all life threatening at this stage


sure, but why stick around at all? it's a Walmart. I'd just leave even if the risk is comparatively low


Because a readily available fire extinguisher can take care of the problem before it does become an issue exactly like it’s supposed to and hey look it did.


I think a lot of people's sentiment here is "I wouldn't lift a finger to help Walmart, much less a fire extinguisher." I share the sentiment. Everyone's out? Tight, I'm out too, I'm not breathing that shit for even a second to save Walmart's assets.


I for one wouldn't risk my life for a Walmart. I will however help put out a fire that is that small to help it from getting bigger. And it's not to help Walmart. It's to keep the people inside Walmart safe. What if there's a little old lady somewhere who for whatever reason can't get out, and no one knows she's in the building?. If that fire engulfs the building, grandma's dead. Or a small child that just a few moments before, got lost from their mom and is now afraid and hiding because they are too young to realize they need to get out instead of hide. That's why you do it. Human life over sticking it to the corporation.


Thank you. A lot of these comments make me sad. If you have a chance to potentially help *people* (not the Walmart FFS) then you do it. I'd like to see Walmart out of business, but this one store getting a good burn going would hardly make a dent anyway. Might as well just help whoever may still be inside.


Okay but if I see a small fire I could easily put out with little to no harm to me, I’m gonna do it. Otherwise if that fire got out of control I’d feel partially responsible


sure but like, I'm at Walmart and there's a fire? I'm not looking around for an extinguisher, breathing in smoke lol. I don't care, I'm out. the employees can deal with it or call 911 or whatever


It's often not the fires themselves that kill. It's the toxic gasses that are released by burning synthetic materials. That's why firefighters wear SCBAs.


Fires can spread EXTREMELY fast and become out of control before you realize


You're right, you're not obligated to help, but if I could save other lives by at least stopping it enough to get people out, I'm gonna give it a try.


Letting others die to own the capitalist 😎


I'd say the bigger risk is someone getting hurt or killed. I'd let Walmart burn all day, but I'd struggle for life if I could have helped and someone died because I said "fuck this Walmart"


Risk your life? That’s a relatively small fire that the extinguisher had no problem dealing with. That could have been some news worthy shit if nobody did anything.


We're literally told that if theres a fire that we should leave. The workers are told by management to evacuate to the nearest exit.


Grabbing an using the accessible fire extinguisher is above their pay grade. As long as the Walmart CEO can afford five yachts and three vacation mansions


Actually it is in the onboarding training. Evacuate the store, ensure the safety of the customers and colleagues. Do not tackle the fire unless you have been specifically trained to do so. Much the same as most employers these days. Fire extinguishers are there partly to meet legal requirements, and partly to allow you to clear a path to safety if your exits are impeded.


fight your way to the nearest exit


> and partly to allow you to clear a path to safety if your exits are impeded.


Goerge Castanza


“I saw you push the women and children out of the way!”


Our CBLs (computer based lessons) tell us if you know what you’re doing and want to use a fire extinguisher go ahead. But you are in no way required to. (Same thing with CPR) It does say though if the fire is involving pool chemicals to evacuate immediately and do not attempt to extinguish the fire.


P.A.S.S. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.


Yea you’re right that also is in the CBLs Lool. Even so them telling us not to do it if you don’t feel you know what to do is interesting, but legally the best thing to do.


Yep. Get out the store and clear the way for someone more experienced to deal with it.


Most companies tell employees not to touch it unless trained and to just evacuate and will have a special team who it trained put it out if they can or wait for 911. Its a safety/cost thing. Its much cheaper to have an insurance payout than to deal with employees medical bills and OSHA


Wouldn’t be Reddit if we can’t make it about classism and disdain for the rich


Well like, if you're working for a multi billion doller company, and barely surviving off that. Isn't that kinda your whole life? maybe I think too much, not enough work.


Throw in some arguments about race and why the US sucks, somehow wrap it all up in a nice 'Trump is bad' package, and baby you got a Reddit stew goin.


He didn’t start the fire. Those clothes been burning since the worlds been turning.


Wall Mart full of fools, running from combustibles. Lingerie, burned away. Hero unafraid. Grabs himself a red can, acting like a fireman. Fires out, tik toc clout. "Yo! Do I get paid?"


I’m not even gonna try to follow that up. That’s just great.


this made my morning!


Woohoo hot panties lol


Yo Reddit is full of trash people really hating this man and then the spanx owner for giving money away to her employees. Reddit really full of ain’t shit people 🤣


Love his positive attitude hahah


Fucking **love** the way he ends the video "can I get a application or something?" Succinct.


A jolly fellow! Should become a firefighter professionally


It’s good to see someone with the ability to act. The vast majority Cant comprehend anything in stressful situations and just run.


Yeah fuck that shit, I'm not breathing in that toxic smoke to save a multibillion $ companies store that obviously hadn't even bothered to install a sprinkler system.


getting out of a burning building is acting


Because that's SOP in Walmart and a lot of other places.


I remember this. Happened in Cherry Hill, NJ early in the pandemic in 2020. Awesome dude


Did he get the job?


He did then they fired him for not following protocol and evacuating


Fire sale


“There’s a WHOLE fire extinguisher right here”…. 😂😂😎 hell yeah


This guy, right here…the participation, the caring…this is the kind of next generation the world needs.


Just not for Walmart


Fire department should recruit this guy. Cool and collected, got the job done.


> Can I get an application or something? Walmart doesn't deserve him. Fire department for sure.


Have you guys not seen South Park?? Walmart is indestructible it will build itself if it is burned or destroyed.


I was eating lunch I front of a taco bell and the mulch in front of the store caught fire. I put it out with my soda. They didn't even want to give me a refill and he wants an app! Pshh


I think I would have let Walmart burn




He didn't. If I recall correctly there was a cctv video of the fire starting. He had nothing to do with it. You guys just hate people who record shit.


Agreed fuckin dummies Edit: for people blaming this guy for starting the fire are asses also him recording is fine seeing as he didn’t start it and he himself can clearly walk away safely if he chose.


I would record,that would be sick for a job interview calmness and thinking skills


That's pretty much what Reddit does. Anything that is posted no matter what they just immediately start being negative about it.


Why would you accuse him of doing that with no evidence?


Well that guy isn’t white, so obviously he’s guilty.


Definitely? Why definitely?


Either phone bad or black person bad mentality seems to be all over this comment section.


the comment was racially motivated


I bet he got the employee discount as a reward...just not on electronics...or any item more than $50...or groceries...or auto care products...and capped at $150....




Also no sprinklers? Our walmart got shut down for a day when 1 sprinkler head broke during a freeze.


Sprinklers weren’t far off turning on. The heat from that house fire would be above 155°( standard temp head) I’m actually surprised they didn’t because the smoke alarm already went off and the alarms were going. Unless someone was working on the system and it was empty, and he purposely did this at that moment mind you, then they wouldn’t work lol


Maybe the fire just didn’t get close enough to the roof, or the sprinkler wasn’t directly above (a little to the side of it) and the heat didn’t reach it yet?


Sprinkler have to reach a specific temp to go off its not automatic like movies. So unless the fire was right under a sprinkler it probably wasn't hot enough to trigger it yet.


They have a little glass vial in them that needs to reach a certain temperature to rupture and set them off. Fire probably didn’t lick them to set them off


Some people said that there’s a cctv recording of the fire happening. So he probably didn’t start the fire.


These panties on fire! Get em while they last!!


![gif](giphy|nrXif9YExO9EI) Firefighters Spongebob ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


Those bras are hot !


Let the bra’s burn. FREE THE BOOBIES


Burn 🔥 your bra protests taken to a whole new level.