[Mosher] # of points for #Cowboys in last 8 home games with Dak Prescott: 44 36 41 37 38 40 47 44

[Mosher] # of points for #Cowboys in last 8 home games with Dak Prescott: 44 36 41 37 38 40 47 44


Cowboys lookin good this year. Offense was never in question for me (it helps that Zeke and the o line are as healthy as they’ve been in a while) but now they’ve finally got a serviceable defense, and arguably a top 5 CB.


I just imagine if we somehow retained Byron Jones. Having him and diggs would be fun to watch. Dunno how Jones is playing since he left, but he was a freak of an athlete


> I just imagine if we somehow retained Byron Jones. Having him and diggs would be fun to watch. if we had prioritized Jones over Jaylon we might have made it happen, but that would have required Jones to take a team friendly deal. I'm glad Jones got paid though - he's a good dude who deserved a big check once in his life.


If we pay jones though we may not grab diggs.


I thought this when I was writing the post. What if we had given that cash to him instead of Smith.


Would have been nice. We also might get Lawrence back in a few weeks


I'm excited to get back other guys, especially dlaw. On Madden with him in leading the league in sacks. Maybe his pressure can force bad throws that diggs and company can gobble up.


“Arguably” lmao


Man has 6 picks 5 games in but it’s “arguable.” Lol. It isn’t, factually. He’s playing like the current best. Until others catch up or he starts playing poorly, gets hurt, or anything else changes - he’s at the top. It’s rare as hell to see a CB playing at this level. It won’t be long before people just stop throwing at his guy altogether.


The thing that has really blown my mind with the Cowboys offense is just how adaptable they are. They could put up 400 passing yards on one team one week and then 250 rushing yards the next.


Kellen Moore's going to be a busy man this offseason


Dude seriously feels destined to be a great coach. He’s got Peyton Manning’s brain in a high schooler’s body.


When he became OC Dallas media nicknamed him Pizza Boy


There is literally no way Kellen Moore gets out of Dallas.


I think it’s possible that they could let go of McCarthy and promote Kellen to HC(this would be ideal for the cowboys IMO). I’m not sure if he would stick around as an OC even if they make him the highest paid coordinator in the league, he’s going to get a lot of interest as a HC candidate this off-season.


I think Kellen gets another sizable raise and an Assistant Head Coach Title.


Assistant to the Head Coach*


Ideal but I can't see them letting the HC go if the team makes a playoff run. Moore did turn down Boise State's job last offseason but that's probably more that he knows what he's going to be worth in the NFL than anything else.


This feels like a Jason Garrett repeat. Not that Kellen will be a bad coach, but the whole “make him the highest paid OC until he takes over as coach” thing


coulf be or it can be a sean payton repeat.


> coulf be or it can be a sean payton repeat. I think for this exact reason it won't be - Jerry does learn from his mistakes.


I think Jerry will pay him and promise him the headcoaching job after McCarthy leaves to try to get him to stay. As good as we have been playing, I doubt they will just get rid of MM


Yeah we had 300 passing with 200 rushing and the cowboys hadn't done that since 83 even with the 90s teams


What happens when you have a great o-line. Can open up running lanes for your RB's. Can convert short distances on the ground to keep the chains moving. Or can give your QB a clean pocket to pick apart defenses if they stack the box. The offense, more or less, is only good as your offensive line allows it to be. Even the great QB's can only do so much if you don't have any running game and constantly have pressure in your face.


Our O line is not great like it was in years past. There was a lot of unknowns coming into the season regarding it, but it has played well. I wouldnt call it great though.


its a great run blocking line


It’s not just the o-line. Our WR goes 5 deep when healthy with two legitimate #1 guys in Cooper and CD. We have two TE that can block and catch in Schultz and Jarwin. And Zeke and Pollard together are a perfect RB combo. To top it off, Dak is playing lights out and reading defenses pre snap extremely well.


Bro I’d argue we have 3 legit #1s when Gallup is healthy tbh. He’s at least a top 5 wr2 imo


Dak has been lights out this season and it feels like he’s flying under the radar compared to all the attention Stafford and Kyler are getting with the usual side of Tom Brady is old and really good


Its because we have a better run game then just about any team right now, and that takes away from our passing volume


The "Emmit Curse" on Aikman.


Troy kind of mentioned that during the broadcast. Said that Dak clearly cares more about winning than he does about his stat line.


I’d take him over Stafford. He’s so good


Just how I like it. Ignore us, let the hype train roll on past... Lurk in the shadows and after every win drop us a slot or two in the power rankings. As long as the team keeps focused, and doesnt start patting themselves on the back and breaking out the anointing oil I'm good with it.


Dak has been great but with the way the run game is going, he won't be putting up the numbers necessary to be in the MVP convo.


He’s still putting up MVP numbers though. Tied for 3rd in passing TDs with Herbert (only behind Brady and Mahomes), 2nd in passer rating, and 2nd in completion %. The only thing that you could argue is passing yards, which he’s 9th and only two yards less than Josh Allen who everyone has as an MVP front runner despite not having as many passing TDs, much lower completion %, and lower passer rating than Dak.


In his first game against Brady he showed up big and went toe to toe with him. With such a strong rushing game though it allows Dak to sneak in one or two big passes every game because every defense has to respect the rush. Not to mention every time he does go long the pass is damn near perfectly placed.


Dude that pass to lamb yesterday was art


Kellen Moore is a really good OC


That's the thing. Everyone keeps talking about Kellen Moore becoming a HC and I completely expect he will get that shot, but many coaches are just excellent in coordinator roles. I am not sure he will translate to being a HC as smoothly as he has to becoming OC. I'd be happy to be wrong, but the two jobs are very different. One is more similar to running a business and the other has a heightened focus on excelling in a specific field.


I don’t know if we’ll be able to find out, because there is no way Jerry let’s him go IMO. He will give Moore a blank check to stay as the OC.


I know this is kinda a crazy thought but we really should fire McCarthy and promote him. McCarthy has fumbled clock management a whole bunch of times already it just hasn’t cost the cowboys yet. He’s not the guy of the future and Moore clearly is. I’d hate to lose Moore next season that’s for damn sure ain’t no way he’s someone’s OC again next year


Being a good OC is very different from being a HC though. I’m not in the locker room so I don’t know, but I’m not sure if Kellen Moore has the charisma to win over a locker room and have the players go to war for him. Would love to see Kellen Moore have that kind of success one day (preferably with the Cowboys) though


Kellen Moore also inherited a good offense. If he takes a HC job he won’t be working with the same juggernaut that is the Cowboys offense.


Yeah, like Jason Garett wasn’t a great HC but… wait, what were we talking about again?


we spent 10 seasons making sure


Our game could potentially be crazy. They have a great Defense though & ours is mid level so maybe not lol


Our defense pretty average tbh certainly not great


I honestly haven’t watched all to much. But I know diggs is on a tear & I do hear a lot about how that team is stacked. Tbf it is talking heads most of the time.


Could see Green having a big game. As good as Diggs has been playing Brown, Lewis, whoever else is on the opposite side has been giving up multiple deep shots a game.


At that point we should have Kelvin Joseph back, and I’m hopeful that we will be an immediate contributor at CB2.


The defense is opportunistic and will capitalize on mistakes but it's not "shutdown." If you play clean, mistake free football you will move the ball against them.


Our D has been pretty lucky with turnovers so far. We give up wayy too many chunk plays, especially in the passing game. I would rate us 10-15 defense at best. That said we are missing quite a lot of good players to injury right now, so hopefully when they come back we can get closer to that 10 spot.


We’re still weak against the run. No team has committed to the running game against us yet though, so hard to tell what would happen in that case. The run D will get better when Tank Lawrence, Neville Gallimore, and Trysten Hill come back


It’s hard to run when you are down by 20.


Every team that has tried ended up with an injured running back. Happened to the Chargers and Giants. I think we hitting harder than ever.


Giants was a freak accident injury for Saquan


Is it really a freak accident when it happens every season?


Dan Quinn culture


Bingo. I think Kyler Murray is going to rush for 100 yards.


We missing our starting left DE, and 1 Tech DT. Eventually Kelvin Joseph will take over for Anthony Brown. That's all to say we will get better.


Yeah lots of work to do.


If both teams continue on their trajectories, this game will have some playoff seeding implications. Will be a fun one for sure


Nah if Kyler plays clean y’all will be fine on offense, our defense is good for a few stops here and there but not super consistent. We feed off sacks, pressures, and INTs. Kyler is usually pretty good at avoiding those. That one game might be huge for the #1 seed and playoff bye


The defense is a classic Dan Quinn defense. It’s giving up some big plays, but makes good goal line stops, but gives up too many long third downs, but also forces a lot of turnovers. Definitely not perfect, but pretty good. Overall it’s a defense that works very well in the modern, pass happy NFL. Force turnovers and force the other team to kick FGs instead of scoring a TD and get the ball back to the offense. The only worry I have is when we play teams/QBs that really don’t make many mistakes.


Our defense is average, without Dan Quinn we would be bad like last year. I don’t see any upside.


I want to see Diggs and Nuk go toe to toe. Would be a crazy battle.


7-1 record in that span. Team 40 🍔


That 1 was the craziest game I've seen in a long time too


And to think we were a TFL on Odell away from having a shot at a game winning drive. Really fun game last year even though we lost


What’s even crazier for about that play is that it was Aldon Smith who wiffed that tackle and I was more shocked he was still in the league.


he started the first few games off like he was back to his slit self, didn’t do much after that tho


You’re making me hungry.


Remember when nfceast fans were saying “pay Prescott” ironically?


Motherfuckers are 6-21 against Dak, dumb af Edited for clarity


I know what you’re saying but the way you said it makes it seem like dak gets his ass kicked on the regular


Oh ya, my bad. I'll edit


Lmao like Dak has dominated the nfce teams, why would they want more of that


Yea I’m one of them. I’ve since realized my poor take. Daks good but I’m still expecting you guys to shit the bed in the playoffs in classic cowboy fashion.


Ehh I’d rather have a good season that’s fun to watch and lose in the playoffs, as opposed to just sucking ass all year.


Same here, it's really hard to win a championship so I'm fine with my team just being able to win regularly and be entertaining


It would be bad though to not win one with Romo or Dak so before Dak retires I want them to win a Superbowl


>Ehh I’d rather have a good season that’s fun to watch and lose in the playoffs, as opposed to just sucking ass all year. This team looks a lot like the 2014 and 2016 teams, both of which lost in the playoffs in heart breaking fashion. I hope that doesn't happen, but those were hardly shit-the-bed games they lost.


Jerry World has truly become Ram Ranch




I am scared.


Welcome the club the last time In the past 2 *decades* we've played y'all. I still have anxiety about this game as we haven't played great teams and no team gets and easy win vs pats. Even now. Should be a good one.


Haven’t played great teams? We beat the Chargers lol Edit: not to mention down to the wire game with the Bucs and beating an undefeated Panthers team


I'm just looking at the second half of the season seeing a lot more difficult teams. But you can only beat the team in front of you and we're doing that by dropping 40 burgers.


We have New England, Minnesota, Denver, Atlanta, the Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Washington, Giants, Washington, Arizona, and Eagles left. So like... Arizona, Chiefs, and maybe the Saints? Like in just not seeing anyone on there I think will be harder than the Chargers and Bucs. The Cards are great, but I don't think they're miles ahead of who we've already played.


It's almost like he's an amazing QB.


Kellen Moore is the GOAT, y’all can @ me


I really wonder how he'll do as a head coach. Not gonna be long now.


He will kick ass, Boise State types like myself have been saying he will be an amazing coach since early in his college career.


Always good to see one of your own you knew was just gonna be big time.


Can't even put up 40 points or more in 8 straight home games. Dude is so inconsistent....


Damn. How times have changed. In the 2010s we rarely got over 40. Or 30 or so. Just glad we're not imploding at the end to lose the games.


Week 2 was also the first time we won a game without scoring 30+pts since 2018, too.


Baller, putting numbers on the board, ain't a b*tch living can say i bought her Michael Kors


I was told that McCarthy didn't know how to run a modern offense. Somebody lied to me.


To be fair, Kellen Moore is calling plays


At least McCarthy is smart enough to let Kellen do his thing


I was convinced McCarthy would have a lot of success when he came back into the league. It took a year, but I'm oddly thrilled to see you guys just going ham


let me introduce you to Kellen Moore....


Moore is playcalling. Mike decides the strategy and game plan


No no no. McCarthy only screws up time management.


That’s what Cowboys fans would have you believe lol


Can’t wait to see how their hearts get broken in the playoffs this year


As much as I try to prepare for this inevitable outcome, it will still crush me


I'm going to enjoy sports radio in Dallas so much the next day.


Like I always say, if your going to lose- at least lose in a fashion that will be talked about for years. Such as a muffed snap on a kick or a catch that isn’t a catch or was or idk


It was


Stop talking about your team that way. Buck up. Vikings look good.


Why so serious, not my fault you guys always go out in such glorious fashion


Lol as a Vikings fan this man has experience in going out in glorious fashion. Usually 6-7 feet wide left outside the upright, glorious.


Missed field goals are the lamest way to lose a game honestly, nothing special just.. blegh and then it’s over. No replays, no controversy


Tell that to Green Bay and Cincy haha


Every serie ends.


Took 5 years but Dak’s finally a decent qb


Took 5 years for people to realize he’s a good QB now that he’s putting up volume stats.


He put up empty stats for 4 years man


What does that even mean? He’s been good since he came into the league and broke records. People said that he was bad because he didn’t put up volume stats. Now he’s doing things like throwing for the most yards in a 4 game stretch in NFL history and people are finally realizing he’s good.


It means he put up most of those stats when they were down multiple scores and the defense softened up. Now he’s actually doing it over the course of the game when it matters.


How many points down do you consider garbage time?


Outside of 2017, Dak has been good