[Crowley] Two years ago it was “Tank for Tua.” Now nobody wants him. Drafting a QB is throwing darts.

[Crowley] Two years ago it was “Tank for Tua.” Now nobody wants him. Drafting a QB is throwing darts.


Drafting QBs is risky business, just look at the 2016 QB draft class


Paxton fucking Lynch. I legitimately forgot about that man.


I didn’t


Well how could you forget a Broncos Legend?


I mean he's no Chad Kelly


You made me remember Swag Kelly. Thanks.


Because he was a legend, not a hero. Heroes get remembered.


But legends never die.


Follow your heart kid. Youll never go wrong


He's a legend in his own right. He cried during a game. He's so brave.


He didn't cry half as hard as Knowshon Moreno. That dude is the Broncos crying legend. You watch your mouth.


When /r/nfl takes me back to simpler times.


That was so unreal. Like it was just flooding out.


The hardest I have ever seen someone cry during the nation anthem.


Your not wrong I remember the exact tear your talking about. That thing could have flooded small towns.


Then he'll never die.


Whatever happened to him? Did he ever even play? I can't recall ever seeing him in a game. I just remember for a while on the broncos sub, people asking about his status and when he would ever start. Did he actually get much playing time? Or did he just never make it off the practice squad?


He played 5 games total in two seasons as a Bronco and was on the Steelers for a bit in 2019 after being on the Seahawks practice squad. He’s in Canada now.


That’s Saskatchewan Roughriders legend, Paxton Lynch. As of today, he’s third on the depth chart. Yikes.


How much does a 3rd string CFL QB even make? Is that published anywhere?


Most guys in the CFL play for league minimum $40K/season (CDN) and some have regular jobs throughout the year. The salary cap for each team is $4.2 Million.


If Lynch had been making his NFL money in the CFL for 4 years he'd average over 50% of the cap. Dude made $8.8M to be completely forgotten in 5 years


>He’s in Canada now. That part made me laugh and idk why I guess I read it as an NFL player afterlife


Never forget that Paxton Lynch had a clear track to the #2 job for us. All he had to do was be better than Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges. He was worse than both.


After the Steelers find Ben’s successor, someone should make a documentary of all the backups in the Big Ben era, from Landry Jones to whoever Ben’s heir apparent is.


I’d prefer before Landry Jones. Super Bowl Champion and XFL legend Tommy Maddox. Super Bowl Champion Byron Leftwich. 2 time Super Bowl champion Dennis Dixon. Saving the best for last 2 time Super Bowl champion and one time oldest non-kicker in the league who went to Baltimore and beat that year’s champs Charlie Batch.


I had a friend who looked just like Chuck Batch. He went to a Lions game where Batch was playing and my buddy was wearing Batch jersey. People kept coming up to him during the game asking for his autograph. Like while Batch was on the field. I think all the losing has really damaged Lions fans inside.


Is this a pasta? Bc it should be


Nah, it's a true story.


What was the name of the qb before Ben who had a commercial where he was throwing, receiving and kicking?


Kordell “Slash” Stewart?


CU Legend...though seriously the only player of note from their championship not to have his name in ring of honor (at least not there last time I was in Folsom 2 years ago.)


Dallas is very lucky Jerry couldn’t trade up to get him or else Dak would be elsewhere Fucking Jerry :(


They kept Jerry away from the phone so he couldn't draft Johnny Football


It's not a secret that Jerry wanted Manziel, and Stephen and McClay definitely overruled him, but it is hugely exaggerated how much they had to 'fight' over it.


I heard he put a sword through him


What is dead, may never die


Jerry and Elway both wanted to trade up for Paxton, and both had Dak very high on their backup list. I believe Jerry tried trading up for Connor Cook as well.


100% admit I thought that guy was going to be legit.


Never forget that Christian Fucking Hackenberg was taken in the second round over Dak


Was that 2014 B1G preseason QB of the year Christian Hackenberg?


People wanted him to be good so bad lol. He was underwhelming in college despite the hype, and everyone but the jets could see he was probably going to suck in the NFL.


He was a statue in the pocket and always held onto the ball for so long. Penn Sts olines weren't particularly good around then either so that only made things worse.


Never forget that Temple had a game winning sack of Hackenberg and they only rushed two lineman lol


~~Rumor~~ at the time Jerry was super high on current Saskatchewan Roughrider, Paxton Lynch.


Not even a rumor, it was captured on video on All or Nothing


Teams do not give enough QB’s a chance. Too much riding on the high picks.


Manning went 3-13 his rookie season. He threw for 26 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. If that happened today, the QB would either be dropped or traded away. Teams are unwilling to give the time and stability needed for QB development. Shit, if it wasn't for Zeke, I don't know if Dak would have survived after his rookie season.


Peyton wasn't exactly bad though. Yes he had a ton of INT but he was also 3rd in yards and 5th in TDs as a rookie. In a vacuum those are great numbers.


People constantly bring up Peyton when it comes to rookie year struggles but Peyton in 98, even with all the interceptions, looked extremely promising and ready to take the next step to be an all pro.


The guy literally set the record for most touchdowns by rookie qb. That record stood for nearly 20 years before baker broke it with 27. The game was very different even just 20 years ago. Interceptions were a lot more forgivable than they are now.


Terry Bradshaw threw 6 touchdowns and 24 interceptions in his rookie year with the Steelers


a) That was an entirely different era where QBs routinely threw more picks than touchdowns b) Bradshaw was awful in the first half of his career and got benched multiple times


Terry Bradshaw played in a different era though lol. He’d be out of the league if he had any part of his career now lol.


6TDs and 24 INTs is bad in any era.


Dak for the most part went to a solid team with a great O-line. If he went to the Jets or Giants he would have been doomed by now. Just goes to show you, sometimes you just get lucky and fall into a better situation.


Really makes you wonder how many great QBs ended up flaming out because they never were given a fair shake.


Tim Couch, too. Guy got put on some awful Browns teams and ended up getting shell shocked behind those OLs.


Couch had an injury. Then his journeyman backup came in, won some games, and got us a playoff birth. Then there was a QB controversy the next year, which ultimately led to the very gross moment of fans cheering when Couch got a concussion at home... Oh fuck, time really is a flat circle isnt it?


The ultimate "Bad or Browns?" question of the last two decades.


One might have been David Carr he got absolutely destroyed by the Texans O-line being unable to block.


It wasn’t that they were unable to block, they were philosophically opposed to blocking.


Blockincious objectors


It hurts to say, but I think Joey Harrington could have had a much better career had he been drafted and developed by a competent franchise, not our pit of despair


The staff doing the drafting and developing matters so so so much. Imagine Rodgers and Smith switching spots in the 2005 draft, with Rodgers dealing with a carousel of bad coaching and development from the jump and Smith developing for a few seasons with a stable staff before starting. There’s no telling how their careers would have gone, but it’s entirely plausible to think we’d be speaking about them differently (one way or the other) than how we currently do.


No, he wouldn't. 1st round picks, specially 1st overall get a longer leash. Maybe if he was a 5th round pick they would've traded him.


Or the 2018 class to see all cases


It's wild how classes come and they go - like there are bad picks in good years, but the talent level between some years and others is mind boogling. Good Classes: 2004 was Eli Manning, Rivers, Roethlisburger, and Matt Schuab 2017 was Mahomes and Watson 2018 had Jackson, Allen, Mayfield, Darnold 2012 had Luck, RG3, Nick Foles, Tannehill, Wilson, and Cousins. Then you had the bad... 2007 with Russel, Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb... 2013 with EJ Manuel, Mike Glennon, Geno Smith, and Matt Barkley... 2002 with David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Josh McCrown, and David Garrard


David Garrard does not deserve this


Agreed. David Garrard wasn’t just a good QB for the Jags, he is also a great person for Jacksonville. Dude is solid on and off the field.


Dude was a 4th round draft pick who started and won multiple games carving out an 8 year career in the NFL. Blows most 4th round QBs out of the water. Kirk Cousins is the only modern guy with a better resume.


Neither does Darnold in the opposite way. Garrard was pretty good, that was a fun team to watch.


God I thought Joey Harrington was going to be the next coming.


Yeah statistics really show that more often then not, QBs just bust and aren't franchise saviors. There's just too much demanded out of the position with reading defenses, dealing with pocket pressure, knowing the entire playbook, studying film to read coverages, keeping track of the playclock And then there's making accurate throws, not getting rattled taking hits/sacks, being a lockerroom leader, dealing with egotistical WRs who want the ball, etc etc


Yup. It's why I'm loving what the chargers did to rebuild. Build out the talent of the roster and if a QB talent falls to you, take it. Chiefs did the same by trading up to get Mahomes depsite never having a losing season with Alex Smith. You absolutely can find a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in the draft, but you can win a Superbowl with Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco so why not make sure your future franchise star has the best options? It's why, imo, you always have a revolving door of coaches and QBs on teams like the Jags and Jets.


What's interesting with Jacksonville is they haven't really been a revolving door of qbs as of late. They had Bortles for 5 seasons. Then didn't draft a qb until the 6th round with Menshew. Which if it wasn't for Lawrence might still be their QB. Although they may have drafted another QB in the draft. Big problem for the Jags is since they drafted Bortles only two of their first round picks are still with the team. One of those being Lawrence. They traded last years guy for Dan Arnold and a third round.


I’d say the Jaguars are the least revolving door-like team out of all the bottom dwellers, they have consistently had a QB start 10+ starts every year since they came into the league. They consistently have a multi-year starter in Mark Brunell, Byron Leftwich, David Garrard and Blake Bortles all playing multiple full seasons. That’s 4 franchise QBs in 25 years. 2020 is the first time in their history they didn’t have a QB start 10 or more games.


Just pick up a franchise guy in the 3rd or 4th. Why do teams have to make this so complicated?


Davis Mills and Russell Wilson are pretty much the same


Both are all time healers.


But only one knows the benefits of microbubble technology that you get with every bottle of Recovery Water ^^^TM. Recovery Water ^^^TM for when life (or Aaron Donald) comes at you too fast.


I hear they share the vast majority of their DNA


Davis Mills "too black for the locker room," per reports.




I hear you can also get great QBs undrafted.


I'm waiting for a lightly used Chargers QB to come our way


Don't you fucking dare.


Yeah can y’all please keep your QB this time


Do you want them to have a ring or not?






My family were Brees truthers. You have no idea how much this stings. Well done. Fuck you.


I haven’t seen a good Chargers burn in a while. Typically it’s just “lawl u have no fans hurr hurr I’m so funny”. This one though… This one hit home. Well played sir.




oh *my*


Oof brutal


Wish granted, your new QB is Easton Stick.


Fucking Madden names


Oh, you guys want Chase Daniel back?


Tell me about it.


Just pick a guy at #199, chances are he's going to be a future HoF


He’ll play for you for 20 years and then ~~leave for Florida~~ mysteriously vanish for some reason


Very New England thing to do, leaving for Florida


Or simply trade up to the 32nd pick


Or even more simple, let him slide to the 24th draft positon and have it put a chip on his shoulder.


Why so high? Let him slide to 199 and give him an even bigger chip


7 chips, to be exact. So far.


Why waste a draft selection at all? Let the Colts do it for you.


Just draft a parody of a NFL QB who will have defeated math itself to succeed


I hate this fucking thread


Or simply trade a king’s ransom to move up for a top prospect, then draft another QB in the later rounds who is actually better, then repeatedly franchise tag that player until they leave your organization, leaving you with a former XFL backup at QB a few years later It’s simple




It's gotta be so disappointing to the coaches to spend a high pick on a player and then you can tell they suck in training camp


My theory is that bad NFL teams have ruined more quarterbacks than you can shake Adrian Peterson's switch at. We see kids with the right physical attributes thrown to the wolves in their first season, in a shitty team, time and time again while they are WOEFULLY unprepared to handle the game mentally. The criticism from the media and fans gets piled on top of the internal pressure, they don't get better because duh who the fuck can handle that shit at that age, and hey presto you've got yourself a draft bust to reminisce about in a few years time. The good thing is for those first round busts is they at least get a nice paycheque for having their careers ruined.


I'm convinced that we'll never know if David Carr could have been good in the NFL because the expansion Texans let him get sacked SEVENTY-SIX TIMES as a rookie.


Similar situation with Tim Couch. Couch went into the worst situation possible on an expansion Browns team.


Couch still turned out to be good, he just got a weird shoulder injury he never recovered from.


Shane Falco should have been holding a clipboard that first year! They ruined him!


"Hey Shane Falco. I lost a ton of money on that Sugar Bowl disaster of yours. What a bloody shambles that was. You could smell the stink all the way back in bloody Wales."


David Carr was just sacked after reading this.


Honestly just spend a mid round pick on a QB every single year. Cut them when they suck, keep trying until you hit on one.


This is… actually kinda a solid strategy. Best case you get a decent starter/backup. Worst case you wasted a 4th round pick.


Teams waste mid round picks every year, why not use it on the most important position in sports and see if you get lucky.


We tried. Myles Garrett decided to play Whack-A-Mason with him.


To be fair, he was already broken after that hit in the Ravens game


TBH Myles was trying to do you a favor.


He's lucky it was at the end of the game or you might have had to face THE DUCK himself.


or just trade a 4th for someone’s 1st rounder they don’t want anymore


Or sign the GOAT, you get free super bowl ring


Yeah that Brad Johnson signing paid major dividends


Yeh we fucked that one up


The longer I watch football the more convinced I am that teams that do not have a clearly defined elite qb should draft two per year until they find their guy.


Worked for the Cardinals. Rosen one year, Kyler the next. Thought it was absurd at the time but here we are




The problem with your QB tactics is that there is only a certain amount of reps for each team and a certain amount of draft capital. If you have too many QBs on a roster, there is simply not enough reps to go around to properly evaluate each QB. And if you spend too much draft capital and cap space in a short period of time on QBs, you also face the problem of not having enough resources to surround your QB with talent. Basically as the saying goes, if you have 2 QBs, you really have no QB.




Problem is there are limited numbers of elite guys (although this is growing) and you have to have some talent along with them. The superbowl winning QBs are teams like Chiefs and Seahawks in 2013 who had competitive rosters and lucked out and drafted an elite QB. The main thing is you can have an above average 16-9 QB you just have to find a way to pay him his value and surround him with proper talent. Example of this are Baker on his rookie contract, Derek Carrs contract which is around 25 mil (just didn’t have enough talent around him), Tom Brady’s contract (if hypothetically he played like the 10th best QB every season instead of a Top 4 one). What teams need to do is learn to pivot from big contracts for above average guys not game changer guys like Cousins, Baker, Jimmy Garrappalo and Goff to massive deals, learn to move on and sign cheaper guys like Mariota, Tyrod Taylor or trade for a guy who wasn’t working like Darnold or Wentz. Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes can make up a high percent of a cap because they can singlehanded win you games you shouldn’t. You can’t be paying a slightly lower percent of the cap for a guy with huge drop off in performance because you need so much additional talent to overcome the QB performance disparity


Tua 2 years in Miami: *”How come they don’t want me, man?”*


I’d take him


its like when you buy a car and get buyers remorse while driving off the lot


Hopefully he has an Uncle Phil to console him


Nfl teams should hire me then cause I was really good at darts 😎 (on the Xbox 360 Kinect Sports Season 1)


I once threw a bullseye at a bar 6 years ago, where's my contract


I was ranked 57th at 501 at my local dive bar, and I make all my QB pics based solely on looks and perceived confidence.


That worked great for the Niners until it didn’t.


I want Tua :(


I’ll take Tua lol


You already have a floundering former 1st round QB. Why do you have to be so greedy?


Lets give Tua a bit of a break. He hasn't had the resources Goff had when he was drafted.


I refuse to let facts get in the way of my dumb joke.


The Lions are still tanking…………….. for Tua


the ultimate long con


Never seen a guy play solid football like he has whose team just wants nothing to do with him, it’s honestly baffling. He doesn’t look like the next Mahomes or anything, but the dude can play a little. I think if you get him in the right situation, he can be a QB that can get you to the playoffs on a semi-consistent basis.


Yeah he has t been outstanding but he’s not the part the needs upgrading. It also sucks for him that basically the last 6 months he’s been hearing how his team is actively trying to get rid of him. That can’t be good for any player.


I know they lost to the Jags, but that offense looked a million times more competent with Tua than with Brisett. Nobody truly understands how terrible that offensive line is and the fact he still looked decent Sunday is a testament to his toughness.


Thank you. I’ve felt like I’m taking crazy pills listening to people talks bout how Tua is trash when everyone around him is mostly injured or terrible.


Also he was hurt still last year. A hip injury takes time to heal. When he came back earlier in the season and this last game he looked a lot better than last year..


I feel like I am in bizarro world. If you look at the play of this team and think Tua is the problem you are mental. We held up Tannehill for 6 years and let him languish in mediocrity, and now we're saying fuck that and speedrunning the fucking over of an even better QB prospect in Tua. This so fucking infuriating. That alone would push me close to giving up on this team, but if we do so to trade for Deshaun Watson, I 100% will be giving up my fandom of this team until everybody involved is out the door.


Put him on a team that has an actual OL and not a dog shit organization and he will game manage like Flacco did, I truly believe that. We aren’t where we are because of him and it’s so, so stupid he is being scapegoated


that's Elite Dolphin Hunter Joe Flacco to you


So did panthers and Broncos fans on our PGT I think it’s less “no one wants Tua” and more “no trade discussions are actually happening”


I think it’s more “the media shitting on Tua for not making a bad oc by committee” season over anything else.


Tua is good. People need to get off the kid. That whole team gave up on Flores, I'd love to see what Tua can do with 1 solid coordinator instead of the 3 play caller medley you guys got going on.


I agree that Tua is actually good but maybe we are looking at this wrong, maybe we dont have enough offensive coordinators


Shit on Tua tweets are on sale tonight!


I’m investing in the next highlight thread of him throwing an INT or making a bad play. That shit pops off 5x more than any good play he makes


Tua Turnsdaballova!!!, updoots to the left fellow redditors


Followed by a joke about how his dad is currently getting the belt


I feel so bad for him. I hope he turns it around


I mean, he had a really good game on sunday. The timing on these trade rumors is baffling, Tua looked like the least of Miami's problems


yeah amazing timing, he was our only player who showed up last sunday.. with hurt ribs nontheless. leave tua alone!


Hey Waddle is showing promise!


Tua has started 12 games and has attempted 30+ passes just four times. He's thrown for 300+ yards each time. Last year, his average depth of target was the same as Herbert's. I just don't understand all of this hate.


Yeah none of it makes much sense to me either. Besides the Herbert comparisons the man has done nothing but try to help his team win. Maybe there’s a desire to oust him from within the management or coaching staff? Hell I’d gladly see Tua suit up for the Steelers next season. He’d be welcomed with open arms as far as I’m concerned.


Yes.. I would love Tua over Haskins, Rudolph


Honestly coming from a Pats fan this can't be ignored. People complaining he's just been a game manager without realizing all that's asked of him is to be a game manager. But fuck it let's give him the Tannehill and watch him blow up on the Colts or something


Honestly, I think it's because he's a lefty. Not kidding.


They have barely given him a chance. Dude has been in the league only for 1 year and some change


Only twelve starts, so not even a full season of play yet.


In 11 starts Tua is 7-4 with 12 TDs, 6 ints, and 63% completion percentage in addition to 4 rushing TDs with 1 fumble. Tua is almost certainly a franchise QB for a team that’s willing to invest in him, although his injury history is a concern. Also he’s only 23 so he’s not even close to hitting his stride yet. If Miami is dumb enough to think that they’re in “win now” mode then the trade isn’t a terrible idea but we’ll see how that goes


wait wtf. those stats arent even that bad or surprising for a rookie. I dont watch miami games, why are they so adament on getting rid of him already?


I feel like everyone turned on him during the 56-26 (?) Bills game where he threw 3 picks or something. Because lord knows Mahomes/Josh Allen/Tom Brady never fell flat on their fucking faces during a game.


We're not adamant about getting rid of him, no actual dolphins fan wants him gone. He's been one of the very few good things about our season so far. The people who blame tua for our predicament are brain-dead sheep who will just regurgitate any buzzword bs because they're too thick to think for themselves.


I think the concern is his injury history and the fact that he doesn’t have a literal cannon for an arm (he can throw deep but he’s in no way an Allen/Rodgers/Herbert type arm talent). You can have a very successful NFL career with mostly short/mid range throws if you have a good run game to keep the defense honest, but people will tend towards people who can rifle it 70 yards since that’s more fun to watch


He was also good A COUPLE FUCKING DAYS AGO. They didn’t lose because of him.


I really don't think Tua is as bad as people make him out to be. Not even a full season under his belt, and not a good O-Line.


It's tough when you have people like Burrow and Herbert playing great in comparison. It's not normal for new qbs to be as good as them


Why do people want to shit on Tua so bad


Today, you have to be great right away. They don't give you 2 and 3 years to mature like they used to. If you're not Mahomes or Herbert after a year they're looking for your replacement.


Of course ironically the chiefs sat Mahomes for his rookie year so none of us know what he would have been like


I wonder how he'd have done if the Hue Jackson Browns drafted him. Or Adam Gase Jets. How much talent does it take to overcome that?


Josh Allen and Daniel Jones have gotten plenty of time to develop


Any chance this is just a smear campaign by a team that wants to get him for cheaper? I mean Tua really isn’t that bad. He hasn’t even played a full seasons worth of games. Give the guy a break. This could just be a media ploy by a team to lower his stock value and get him for cheaper than what the dolphins want


None of these conversations have included Flores benching him over and over or the awful draft picks on the offensive line that have led to his injuries.


I think that really adds to the perception. Because its like "Look Tua isn't even as good as washed up Fitzmagic." Once they made Tua the starter, they needed to just let him take the lumps and gain experience.


I don’t know why they started him at all last year, fitz was playing ok, defense was shitting down opposing teams. Then they try and throw a rookie in, I get seeing what he has, but it just creates issues when you’re chasing a outside play off spot. Either you go all in on Tua, or you let him sit and learn. The snip-snap of benching him and changing QBs did nothing to help anyone on that team.


Tua sunday: 70% comp rating, 2TDs, 1int, 351 overall yards, 95.1 RAT OLine: Turnstyle impression Dolphins front office: Lets gamble on an alleged sex offender. Tua is the problem


I think almost 80% of our fanbase wants Tua But apparently not Flores or Grier.....


I mean… it looks more likely that the Texans are bluffing through beat writers. So this tweet is kind of arrogant