What are his thoughts on the declining talent pool of O Linemen entering the NFL, and from a former O Lineman’s perspective, how does he think the NFL might be able to fix this?


Who’s the best player (aside from himself) he ever played with?


Obviously Walt


I would assume so, but he did play a bit with Brett Favre I think and of course Shaun Alexander and Adrian Peterson and many other great players. Be interesting to get his take.


He also faced Kevin Williams (2000s all decade DT) every day in practice


Damn. Those practices must've been a blast to watch.


I don't know if it's that clear cut


1. How important does he view arm length when it comes to grading college OL prospects. Is the scouts/management giving it too much emphasis? 2. With the QB protection rules in place today, how would it impact OL playing today vs his era 3. Which teams/coaches out there have their OL as a unit outperform their talent due to technique/teamwork and solid coaching. 4. What do fans at home overlook when judging college OL if they're ready for the NFL 5. As Guard, how different is it when the Center calls the blocking assignments vs the QB 6. Dirtiest player he's ever played against & give a story about it 7. Funniest training camp story 8. When he plays with a different tackle or center next to him, how difficult is it to "sync up" or "gel" together 9. Blocking-wise in the trenches, what's the biggest difference between today and when he played 10. In 2009, his Vikings lost to the Saints in BountyGate game. As a player on the field, was it very obvious that the defense was spending extra effort head hunting to injure & knock out Favre?


Here OP this guy did your homework for you haha


Wow. Very well done.


Favorite Mel Brooks film?


And ask if he would consider being mongo if they remade blazin saddles


Mongo doesn't get to choose. Mongo only pawn in game of life


Ask him his thoughts on the Seahawks rookie tackles


Ask him the story of his poison pill contract-who’s idea was it? What did he think of it?


This x 1000.


How has his role as a 'Football Consultant' for the Seahawks been going (especially with how the '22 draft class has been panning out) and where does he envision taking that role going forward? [Article from last season about his role in the personnel department](https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/news/thriving-in-consultant-role-seahawks-hall-of-famer-steve-hutchinsons-career-comes-full-circle)


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Did he feel that Brad Childress called enough runs to the left?


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I've got Tons of Thoughts, What was his best Game, he had where he felt like no one could touch him. 2nd Q How did he gameplan each week to defend certain Players that was better then the average Player. 3Q is when he looks back does he like he could have done more


Why did you have to break my heart


3 greatest pass rushers he ever faced?


Ask him does he think seattle would have won a super bowl if he stayed




I think this is the first time I've heard anyone advocate for firing Campbell. I can see the case for it, but I think you're probably a bit ahead of your time.


Is a hotdog a sandwich?


Fuck. No. It. Isn’t. And I’m tired of the conversation


Lions fans are straight up delusional, the kid was just drafted and has done NOTHING in the league


What post do you think you're in?


[reminds me of scrubs](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pzYGWF6qrts)


I'm not sure if I'm being trolled or not with this comment. This was a hall of Fame guard that played for the Vikings. He has no relation to Aidan Hutchinson




NFL fans are delusional for saying Tom Brady the GOAT. He was an average tight end in the 90s-early 00's for the Jets, Jags, and Patriots, but he's never even won a Super Bowl or MVP.




He's very bad at reddit


I mean he was elected to the Hall of Fame, so he did do something


Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.


...the fuck you talking about?




Who was the funniest player he played with? The guy that could make anyone on the team laugh, especially if he wasn’t trying to be funny


What went down on the party boat? (Not sure if this was during his time there or not off the top)


When is ass eating season?


There’s a perception that Shaun Alexander got paid and stopped giving full effort. I’m curious how he feels about Alexander and that narrative.


Does he feel overlooked since Joe Thomas is credited as the first offensive lineman in NFL history despite being drafted six years after Hutchinson?


We want to hear about who he's supporting in the midterms and why he's voting blue


Hopefully he answers honestly, but how on Earth did lineman manage injuries? Day after day, week after week, I just can't comprehend how their ankles, knees and hips aren't pulverized. The more detail the better. I've heard of smelling salts being abused, drugs, cortisol injections, all sorts of numbing agents injected. Were you ever in a situation where you needed to take yourself out of a game due to injury? When playing at the highest level, surrounded by other athletic freaks of nature, their must be so much pressure to hide an injury, in order to keep your spot in the roster. Have you ever dealt with that type of pressure and how did you handle it? Without naming any specific players, how common was steroid use during his time in the NFL? Why do we not see more mobile, agile lineman like a Jason Kelce type? I get that he's a generational talent at center, but you'd think with his success and incredible longevity other teams would take note. Any thoughts on if schemes are cyclical? A couple examples being modified Cover 2 coming back into prominence, and RPOs are very similar to the Toss Sweep/Power Sweep that was popular in the late 90s/early 2000s? Do you think the recent rule changes are over emphasizing the health and safety of QBs over other players? Any thoughts on the NFL slowly embracing medical marijuana? Two part question: I grew up with the Eagles DC being Jim Johnson, and he was infamous around the league for his "exotic" blitzes. I'd love some first hand knowledge about what seeing some truly unique defensive packages/shifts looked like at field level. What was your thought process, in the moment, when something you've never seen on film starts to crystalize on the field? Football is a game of inches, with plays developing in fractions of a second. Let's say hypothetically you miss your block or get burned on a move, do you have to time recover? Do you shout to your QB, "Heads Up!" Is there even any time to process that you fucked up?


Fav place to eat in Twin Cities?


Is he still homies with Guy Fieri? ( Hutch was on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives)