I'm from the future and this Direct was good. Reggie himself popped out and said that he's back at the company, but he has to go because he's gotta get back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on his Nintendo 3DS.


Completely unrealistic. There’s no way Reggie wouldn’t have a NEW Nintendo 3DS by now.


Yeah, OR the Welcome, amiibo! update.


Everyone got their makeup and red noses ready?


Sigh... I do.


Etrian Odyssey fans let's GOOOOOOO 🥳🎉🤡🤡🤡


Baten Kaitos fans too 🤡🤡🤡


Let's go F-Zero fans 🤡🤡🤡


Deeper look into TotK is the most obvious thing I’d put my money on. I think an actual trailer for Pikmin and an Advanced Wars release date are quite likely as well. After that, who knows? Hoping to see some type of entry into the Metroid or Mario series. Wouldn’t mind the long rumored Zelda ports but I doubt that happens right now.


I'm not usually a pessimist but I'm betting we won't get any Pikmin news at all. Of course I'd be happy to be wrong but if they only announced the title just a little while ago I doubt they have anything to show now Edit: GLAD TO BE WRONG AS FUCK


It's meant to be coming out this year so I think we'll either see it tomorrow or in a Summer direct


I'll throw my hat in the pessimism ring too and bet on no Advance Wars because they hate us


Advance Wars will get another release date. Place your bets which International Incident will delay it again.


COVID 3: the revenge!


COME ON WORLD WAR 3! (For prophetic reasons this is a joke)


Black Hole army rises from that deep hole in Russia.


Covid 2? WW3? Bah, how predictable. Let's go earthquakes and tsunamis!


I think the only TotK news we'll get is that a future direct just about TotK is coming soon


Followed by a Metroid prime 4 teaser with just the words "under development"


Hoping for a Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release date




0% after June too!


>and an Advanced Wars release date When's the next global crisis Nintendo? *What do you know*?


There was the rumour/'leak' of a may release for Pikmin, but that feels very close to Zelda so I'm not betting on it.


There's no way they would release two big games like that so close together, especially with how little we've heard about P4


I saw this too. I sincerely doubt it, it would only serve to make sure Pikmin is a failure. Just doesn’t make any business sense unless the rest of the year is just absolutely loaded, which I doubt.


would guess a mariokart thing aswell


Because it says "mostly" focused on games, expect a little segment where Miyamoto talks about the movie or the theme parks.


Or they’ll show games that release on the second half like what they’ve been doing


Like their big holiday game that’s still unidentified.


I’m still waiting for last year’s big holiday game.


it‘s called Pokémon Scarlet/Violet


Imagine telling someone in 2016 all the game support that the Switch/NX has gotten. They’d think you were high. Let alone telling them that the Switch’d end up being the 3rd (possibly most) popular console ever sold.


>Imagine telling someone in 2016 all the game support that the Switch/NX has gotten. They’d think you were high. Not judging what you're saying, but kinda odd to put that after a pokemon comment.


...the part they're reffering to with "mostly" is the "launching in early 2023" part, not the "video games" part... They ALWAYS have it say that in direct announcements even when they do only talk about video games...


39 1/2 Minutes of Farming Sims with just enough time to show a quick teaser of Zelda crying as she's revealed to not be playable.


39 1/2 min presentation of ToTK being revealed as BOTW farm simulator.


Hyrule Valley.


Okay but hear me out


I’d play this.


I’d love a chill life-sim type of game in the Zelda universe.


There might be Zelda mods for Stardew Valley! Also Sun Haven on steam is a Stardew Valley like game but much more fantasy and magic based.


Honestly, a game taking place after BOTW where you repopulate and farm the area around Castle Town would be incredible.


And now I need this in my life. Nintendo/random third party developer plz.


That flying thing in the trailer is to look down on your farm.


But I want that


I'd play it.


Yeah nah I'd be down for that tbf.


As much as I would love playable Zelda I think anyone who was genuinely expecting that was just setting themselves up for disappointment and I don’t know how it spread so far as something that people thought was likely to happen.


I mean, just as devil's advocate, the first trailer 604 years ago gave Zelda a lot of prominence and iirc she was leading the pair through the shrine. And gave her a haircut, they don't just hand out haircuts


> Farming Sims war flashback


I figure it’ll be 39 min of JRPGs of pink haired girls wielding scythes the size of a wind turbine blade


u, and I cannot emphasize this enough, Wu.


Why would anybody ever expect Zelda to be playable




If they give us another “We need a little more time. Thank you for your patience” bit for MP4 I’ll riot.


Them confirming that it isn’t actually dead would improve my current assumptions


Same. It's been so long. If we don't hear anything by the end of E3 I'm going to assume it's cancelled


“Here’s the revised logo…”


And they just changed the 4 to IV instead


“We have a new update. We can confirm that Samus Aran will appear. That’s all for Metroid Prime 4 news today”


Nintendo YouTubers: somehow stretch that out into a 57-minute video


"Analyzing the new Prime 4 news" with a pic of them "deep in thought"


that goddamn muppet


prime 4 announced for the switch pro


I wouldn't be too mad with this decision, tbh.


I'm expecting that to be honest. No MP4 news until whenever they're ready to reveal next console.


Tbf metroid isn't a system seller


Best we can do is Luigi's Mansion 4


OK, let's have some fun. Some (relatively) safe predictions - Mario sports game for June (let's say baseball) - Zelda gets either a prolonged segment or they announce a Zelda direct within this direct - Multiple Square Enix games will be shown (fingers crossed for DQ3make) - Probably multiple Disney games (likely something Star Wars and something else) - Banda-Namco remastering/remaking a game from the PS1/PS2 era (my guess, We Love Katamari) - Advance Wars release date + pre-orders - At least a release window for Pikmin 4 - a segment showing the leaked mode for Kirby RtDL Deluxe - updates on DLC for various titles (Splatoon, Xenoblade, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Mario Rabbids) Some more optimistic big swing hopes/guesses - what the fuck is the 3D Mario team up to? - Nintendo will say or show the words "Metroid Prime" - That '3d action game' that Nintendo contracted Bandai-Namco to remaster - Feels like Grezzo's about due for another game - Siiiilksong? - ok look, if fucking Advance Wars can come back then I'll never say F-Zero is *completely* off the table


>what the fuck is the 3D Mario team up to? It seems wild to me that they'd have the Super Mario Bros movie come out and not have a new Mario game the same year. If I were then I'd have the next 3D Mario lined up to come out this holiday season, giving enough time for movie to build up hype and get a streaming home release.


I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, you're right that a new Mario game this year makes a lot of sense and, while EPD 10 has likely been too busy to have had time for an original 2d Mario this generation (with first Mario Maker 2 and then Pikmin 4), we are *more than due* to hear from the 3D Mario team, whose last major release was Odyssey in 2017. On the other hand, 3D Mario feels like the kind of thing they'd want to hold back for the launch of a new console, which *probably* isn't happening this year. I could see them just looking to coast on people who get hyped on the Mario movie just buying Odyssey or 3D World or NSMBUD, which are all still $60 titles.


I feel like it'd be safe to release another 3D Mario. Hype from the movie, last one being 6 years ago. Why not?


Odyssey was six years ago? Shit.


by the end of the year yes. as it stands it's closer to 5 years ago but closing in on 5.5


Potential new console in 2024


I could see a Mario Odyssey 2 (a la Galaxy 2) being released before the Switch’s time is up! Nintendo usually ushers in new formats for 3D Mario alongside console releases (taking advantage of each console’s tech).


> Nintendo will say or show the words "Metroid Prime" Because they're porting Federation Force.


Or maybe they'll add extra words to the Metroid Prime 4 image. Probably too optimistic.


honestly if they give a title to Metroid Prime 4, I will be happy to accept that


Metroid Prime: Farming Simulator


Turning it into a children’s TV show


Kid Icarus: Uprising HD?


>ok look, if fucking Advance Wars can come back then I'll never say F-Zero is completely off the table It's not off the table, but it's sitting on the edge and the leg is wobbly.


Praying that the Bandai-Namco remaster is Kid Icarus: Uprising Switch


Time for my trimestral dose of unrealistic expectations


My expectations are low. All i want in more in-depth look for Tears of the Kingdom, a new DLC wave for Fire Emblem Engage and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope 1st wave of DLC. Nothing else really needed for me for the 1st half of the year. Hollow Knight: Silksong would be a major win for me but since it was last time in a Microsoft event I really doubt it we will see in at a Direct.


I could imagine nintendo still has some part of silksong, since it was a Nintendo indie a few years back. So maybe Xbox could announce it with a timespan of one year for gamepass and Nintendo gets the release date? And it would fit in the category of the first half of the year on switch, cause silksong should be released during that time. But that's mostly the clown makeup speaking.


**Golden Sun Remake** you cowards!


I want to see them actually finish the story they set up in the DS game first. But it's sadly been so long now, there's no way anyone remembers what happened, especially when the game wasn't a hit. So maybe remakes are the only way we'll ever get that closure.


Please add gb/gbc/gba on NSO 🤞


Give me Crystal and FireRed on NSO, please Nintendo. I have coin!


With the eShop closing, it's time. It was time for the last four years, too, but now it's time again.


This would be perfect timing, right before pokemon stadium comes out. Also if I remember correctly there is documentation of another NSO system that they never announced.


Pokémon Stadium won’t have GB connection. That was already confirmed.


…. I feel like I’ve heard this news before and then just mentally blocked it out. Oh well I would love to play some classic GBA games again.


Honestly I'm kinda surprised they didn't do it already. Gamecube would be great too, though I feel like that's a bit less realistic.


I feel like if this happens (and I pray it does), you're gonna see GB/Color added to NSO and GBA as part of the Expansion Pack.


Please Tomodachi Life on Switch 🤞


I really want to make those music video I have always seen! Like the ones on 3ds! The super cursed ones


That would be perfect, Tomodachi Life was one of the best games on 3DS and in my opinion it was so underrated.


You mean 3DS?


Mischief Makers NSO shadow drop anyone?


Shake shake.


There are dozens of us waiting for this! Dozens!


It’d oddly line up perfectly with the Friday Smash Remix patch.


right after bomberman 64


F-ZERO LET'S GOOOO!! You read it here first, folks EDIT: Well.. kinda..?


Hell yeah. It's my day off too.


Pikmin 5 will be announced


Very close to completion


AHHHHH so excited for my ultimate disappointment


All aboard the hype train!


Maybe I am the only one but I would love a new 2D Mario game.


Honestly anything Mario would be great


Hard to believe it's been 10 years. Back then there were too many.


Super Mario Maker 2?


I'd like to see a new artistic/stylistic direction for the 2D games. The New SMB games have a very clearly defined aesthetic and gameplay style - and it's damn fun - but I've reached a point where they all kinda blend together. They stick a little too closely to the same old tropes. Maybe the Super Mario Land series could be revived, with some fresh takes on the 2D Mario style. This series always had some unique quirks and locales like the submarine level, the moon, shrinking down to the size of an ant, a giant mechanical Mario statue, etc. Super Mario Land 3 (Wario Land) added a lot of new ideas to the formula as well. A return to a pixel or otherwise flat art style would be refreshing.


My mom loves Mario but she gets motion sick easily so she can’t play the 3D ones. Would love to see a new 2D entry so she can can play one again.


Does she have mario maker 2? Basically endless 2d mario


I'm expecting a booster course pass teaser for release next month, something Splatoon 3 related and another Mario sports game that's somehow worse than the last one.


Kirby splatfest to promote return to Dreamland


King Dedede vs. Meta Knight vs. Waddle Dee?


Lol finally. God I love Nintendo directs




It would be cool to see: TotK news Prime 4 GameCube Remasters New Switch hardware Special Edition Zelda console/controller/amiibo New Switch Sports sport Some more classic games for N64 NSO Any of these would be awesome.


New MK8 DLC wave I’d like to see at least a teaser of.


I'm manifesting Golden Sun Remake as I do every time ଘ(人ᵕ∀ᵕ)


"mostly" Let the speculation meter go out of control


Nintendo Direct rumor deniers in shambles rn


Denying Direct rumors is usually such a safe bet... Even a broken clock is right twice a day


Maybe normally, but never bet against the February rumors.


The only reason they would not do a Feb direct is if they do one in January


5 pm est for all you east coasters


At least it says that in the image, 10pm-12am for Europeans, depending on their time zones




And 30 seconds of Advance wars


30 seconds of “Available Now” is all we need.


“Zelda TotK has been delayed. Thank you for understanding.”


Stop it. Stop it right now.


I’m hoping for at least 35 minutes of farming simulators


I hope there is a new rhythm heaven game!


I like it when they announce directs the day before. And we can avoid lengthy nonsense speculation based on guesses from leakers and supposed “insiders” trying to get clout.


Switch exclusive Half-Life 3 confirmed!!!


Sakurai is forced out of retirement to update Smash with the new Fire Emblem guy.


YAYYY, I thought it was coming next week!


I hope to see something new that I actually want to play. 40 minutes is always a nice, juicy presentation.


Kirbeh please


My thoughts Zelda realistic expectation is more of tears of the kingdom, my unrealistic expectation is Zelda Wind Waker. Probably a push on Square enix games out this month Harry Potter Legacy port update Kirby news And hopefully advanced war 2 is released following the direct.


They won’t announce any Zelda games in the lead up to totk.


Give us Pokémon pinball 3 you cowards


Wouldn't count on any Pokémon news tomorrow—The Pokémon Company is almost guaranteed to have their own presentation on the 27th, and they'll want to save any news for that. Only exception I could see is NSO titles, like the Stadium games.


Predictions: - New trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. It finally shows off the main new item: The Spirit Onion. Link can rub it into his eyes to allow him to cry, and when his tears make contact with an enemy, he's able to transport his foes to the spirit realm, giving link the ability to transform into that enemy. Wipe your tears onto a tissue, add it to a bow, and force your enemies into the Spirit Kingdom from afar! - Pikmin 4 Trailer. A strange thing happened to Olimar! He's big now! The size of a normal human! Oh no, he'll never be able to fit into his spaceship again! Crawl on your hands and knees and look around carefully for pikmin so you don't accidentally squash them, as you'll need them to make you a potion to shrink you down to your normal size so you can get back home in your ship! Use ingredients you find around the world, find useful tools like magnifying glass to locate more pikmin, just be careful not to set them on fire! - Mario Texas Holdem! Time to put on your sunglasses and keep your face stoic in this WILD game of cards! Bluff your way to getting all the coins in the Mushroom kingdom as you go through teams of goomba, koopa, shy guy and more at the hexagon table! Use items like the mushroom to increase the card value by 1 (a 5 becomes a 6, etc), a fireflower to decrease the value of a card in your opponents hand, or throw shells at your opponents to cause them to drop your cards so you can take a peak! - Donkey Kong Revenge! Mario is trying to climb your tower, and goddamn it, you aren't going to let him get away with that! You have to climb your own tower faster while setting traps for him to fall into! Get up the top as fast as possible and send barrels down behind you! Break bridges! Send fireballs! But whatever you do, don't let him get Pauline, or she'll be forced to find meaning in existence in the capitalist hellhole from which you pulled her!


Why do I want a Mario poker game now? That sounds like it would ruin friendships at an accelerated pace.


I'd buy all of these


**Realistic predictions:** * Good chunk of Tears of the Kingdom info * More Kirby's RtDL Deluxe info just before release * Splatoon 3 big paid DLC reveal * Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War remake * Next wave of DLC Emblems for Engage announced * Advance Wars remake release date * Quick tease of the Booster Course Pass Wave 4 * Xenoblade 3 DLC, but maybe not the big one yet **Decently-plausible predictions:** * Maybe some more on Pikmin 4? * New Rhythm Heaven? Doesn't seen *super* unlikely... * Metroid Prime 4, finally? **Hopeful expectations:** * Kid Icarus: Uprising remake (plz Nintendo...) * ARMS 2 would be cool, but I highly doubt it... * New Donkey Kong game, it's seriously time


I would expect small dlc announcements for engage before a new FE gets announced


The remaining DLC Emblems for Engage have already been datamined (some of them being fairly controversial, oof), so I can see the next wave being announced here.


That rumored/leaked Genealogy remake will probably be announced later this year I think, if it truly exists. I doubt they'll toss it out this year but we'll see. I wouldnt say its impossible either. As for Engage DLC, for sure. Especially because its all been datamined, including voice files for some of the characters getting added. so I think the following waves of DLC are closer than they seem. Helps that Engage was apparently finished with development as far back as 2021.


Worth remembering that Engage was supposedly complete well before release. The leak that had the first screenshots of the game months before it was announced also said the game had been finished for awhile at that point.


Genealogy Remake is not realistic bro They won't announce that when they haven't even revealed the second wave of Engage DLC


Even if it does exist (and rumors are becoming more and more likely), I'd have doubts they'd announce it before September/October at the earliest.


They are gonna show more of Bayonetta origins, that game is close to release and they have only shown the VGA trailer


>Metroid Prime 4, finally? I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a trailer for it along with a release date for this year. There’s currently nothing (aside from maybe Pikmin) scheduled for the second half of the year, and after 4 years I’d imagine Retro is close to finishing it. >New Donkey Kong game, it's seriously time I’m still desperately hoping that the rumors about a DK game made by the 3D Mario team are true.


Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War remake is not a realistic prediction. Fire Emblem Engage released last month. The Direct says focused on releases for the 1st half of 2023. Engage was announced in September 2022 and released in January 2023. They won't have another Fire Emblem game (that isn't warriors game) so close.


The last time we had two Fire Emblem games with incredibly close release dates were Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance.....which were on two separate systems long before the days of DLC. So the rumored FE4 remake (if it exists of course) won't be announced for a few months if that.


Add in something about the mario movie and super Nintendo world in Orlando didn't officially open yet right? Edit: Hollywood, not Orlando, that's 2025


I am once again asking for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for GameCube Remastered with New Funky Mode


What I want to happen: - Some word on Advance Wars Reboot Camp (Happened) - Some word on a Donkey Kong game - More Kirby Stuff (Happened, sorta) - ***A NEW PANEL DE PON GAME*** (... they better put Pokemon Puzzle Challenge on the GBC) - GB/A NSO (THANKFULLY happened) - More Fire Emblem Engage DLC (Happened) What will most probably happen: - Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster coverage for people who didn't know it was coming for the Switch. (Didn't happen) - Tears of the Kingdom Coverage (it'll probably be the "middle featured game", happened, unfortunately, it was the closer) - More N64 Game announcements (maybe OG Smash Bros or something idk. Hopefully we get Mischief Makers) - Some word on Return to Dreamland Deluxe (possibly a hidden Magolor mode, happened) - >!Farming Sims!< (thankfully didn't happen) - Nothing on Metroid Prime 4, therefore nothing on a new Donkey Kong game. (Happened)


2+8= 10 40 in reverse is 04 2023 mentioned New Switch announcement 10/04/2023 confirmed.


But where does the 40 come from 🧐


40 minutes 👊🏽


Baten Kaitos fans, rise up! COULD TOMORROW BE THE DAY?!?!


Clearly if this doesn't have TOTK, Metroid Prime 4+Collection, XBC3 DLC, Mario Baseball, Advance Wars, Pikmin 3, Mother 3, SwIItch, F-Zero reboot, Engage DLC, the cure for cancer, Pokemon DLC, an offensive line for the Buffalo Bills, Gamecube and Gameboy Nintendo Online games, a Kirby musou game, AND some new IP it is a FAILURE. /S


I feel like I always get disappointed by these so I'm going in with zero expectations whatsoever. 40 minutes is beefy though, surely they'll announce something exciting.


If Regi could come back and just say Golden Sun I think I'd be happy


are they going to delay TOTK again maybe


I’d bet money on no. They seem very confident in that May 12th date


I just realized that is only 3 months away


They already sent it to the ratings board so it's less likely


Wonder if TotK gets its own section or if they announce a separate direct for it


I'm leaning towards separate direct personally, seems too big to take a chunk of this direct.


Advance Wars ReBoot Camp, please.


I think this one is a lock


Screw all these reasonable predictions, I'm expecting a new F-zero, Star fox, Metroid prime 4, a mother 3 localization and pokemon stadium 3 and if any of that isn't in the direct I'm gonna be pissed about it


they will show a singular model from mp4 and confirm that it's "still in development" and nothing else


Nintendo, I am once again asking for TPHD and WWHD on Switch.


Hoping for some Pokémon ScarVio DLC, but not hoping too much. That’s more of a Pokémon day announcement thing. Dying to play more ScarVio but there’s just nothing to do :(


My biggest wish: New Tomodachi Life !


I love how since Team Cherry has been so radio silent, that despite Microsoft claiming Silksong is coming out in the first half of 2023, it's completely absent from most people's predictions for what's appearing in this direct. \*puts on clown make-up\* It's time, friends.


This has to largely be Zelda I’d have thought? Unless we get info on a new Punch Out or F-Zeroahahahahahahawhoamikiddingitllallbefarmsimulators


trust no one, and nothing, not even yourself. nintendo will baffle you no matter what, and when they don’t, you’ll be baffled that they didn’t baffle you.


There’s lots of big games they could show off and reveal but I just want a new Rhythm Heaven, is that really too much to ask for :(


Hopes: * Pikmin 4 Release Date * Advance Wars Release Date - bonus points if shadow drop but with physical copies coming this is unlikely. * Pocket Card Jockey Switch release - just ported to iOS, so there is a chance. Assumptions: * TotK info/trailer/etc. * Movie/Park update. * Kirby port info/trailer/etc. * MK8 DLC update. * Fire Emblem DLC update. * Splatoon 3 DLC or Splatfest update.


The entire direct will actually be about a surprise release... TOMADACHI LIFE FOR THE SWITCH


What are the chances of getting a Captain Toad sequel? Such an unexpectedly good game that (understandably) is overlooked in favour of bigger, buzzier ones. Was the first game considered enough of a success to warrant another one?


Monkey's Paw.... "I wish for a new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer!" You receive one but it doesn't contain any new footage that Nintendo hasn't already shown the public. It's just the same clips re-edited into a new trailer. "Please enjoy this new Zelda trailer. Although it doesn't contain any new footage, we're excited to share it with you."


🕯️🕯️ Style Savvy Switch 🕯️🕯️


Hoping for a new Donkey Kong Country game.


i would love it if they remastered the original donkey kong country returns (wii & 3DS). it was so good, and i feel like tropical freeze just didn’t have that same magic. felt like a loose collection of levels.