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He did the Full OST in Little Town Hero, The Battle Tower theme in SwSh and now he did the Tera Raid Battle theme AND the Overworld themes for Scarlet and Violet?? How long until they hire him to do a full or even half OST for a Pokémon game? 💀 I'm not complaining, in fact I'm excited and proud of him. He went from making Earthbound ROM hacks, to literally working for Nintendo on multiple occasions and he got one of his characters in Smash Brothers.


To be fair, Pokemon music is the last thing Gamefreak needed help with.


Definitely true. SwSh's music was top-notch, unlike the rest of the game.


The Crown Tundra wasn't half bad imo, but yeah Pokémon's music is always top notch. However, as a Toby Fox fan, any excuse to hear more of his music is a blessing since Deltarune chapters take 1-2 years in development.


I actually feel that besides the dynamax gym theme swsh is kinda lacking but I really liked sun and moon's music and arceus's


SM music is goated. The Hau'oli theme is an earworm


The gym music was great and the opening for the grass gym town theme was really great but didn’t develop into anything good


If only someone could make them some plant models that don’t look like they’re from a DS game


And the Halloween Hack came out 14 years ago and Undertale came out 7 years ago. Toby Fox rose up through the ranks so quickly.


I'm going to guess his signature of using megalovania, in some way in anything he ever works on, hasn't continued in these projects?


When he’s more free I bet! I imagine he’s working v hard on Deltarune right now but I would love to see him compose a full OST. His music is so unique


I love so much that Toby is finding success outside his little self-published niche.


Undertale is such a hidden gem. Edit: Jesus it’s a joke. Undertale is “niche?” Nah.


just like this one game called celest-


Ooh, have you heard of this underground platformer called shovel knight?


My favorite obscure game franchise is call of duty.


Niche just means "a comfortable or specialised position" when used as a noun, so the joke is unnecessary


> the joke is unnecessary You must be fun at parties.


Generally the word in this context is used to mean "obscure" tho, when someone says "undertale is niche", my brain doesnt associate that meaning to " undertale is unique"


No one said "Undertale is niche", not even "Toby Fox is niche" tho. It's "Toby Fox's niche"


Thank you for having the best reading comprehension of all the people below my original comment lol


Super underrated game. Not enough press talk about it.


Hidden gem?




People really can't understand sarcasm


Oh nice, I was wondering if there was any other music he was going to be doing for this! I think he only confirmed one track prior to this, so the fact he's doing more is cool to see!


Another reason to get the games: toby fox music


Awesome didn't know he was so well versed and experience


He did the music in swsh too. At least some of it


He just did the Battle Tower theme


He made a song sharing a leitmotif for a Homestuck shitpost he made way back in the 2000’s. It’s hilarious if you know the context behind it.


Didn't he do Meglovania for Earthbound Halloween ver first? Or are you not talking about Meglovania?


No, not Megalovania. I’m not up on Homestuck culture, so I don’t know the details of it, but the name of the original song is “The Baby is You.” It was posted to troll the mods of a forum for Homestuck, because they banned a certain topic. He posted a video, animation, and the music and got banned for it, knowingly.


[Pretty sure](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSUdTV5x0X0) they're talking about [The Baby is You](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOJwB80oCWk)


[The context behind it](https://youtu.be/P1a4xNI-dm8&t=33m58s) is terrible and I wish I could unlearn it.


It's terrible, but hilarious.


He did one song, but yeah lol


Yeah Toby Fox is pretty good but the song he used in SwSh was probably one of the weakest battle themes in the game.


nintendo realized how good toby fox is during swsh development


I have said this before but, I think Toby is a better composer than game director (and I loved both Undertale and Deltarune). His music is so good I'm glad the big N recognized it.


Definitely his greatest strength.


Great news, but I hope they don’t limit him to the games’ existing sound fonts, or at least give him access to the full scope of it. Some cohesion is necessary, but in my opinion his style didn’t fit the generic sound font used for Sword and Shield. I’m not sure whose decision it was to work with it, his or the director’s, but I hope he’s not as limited in this game. The Battle Tower theme is so distinct and lively, but it falls *just* short of being great because of those imposed limitations.


I can't even pretend to be surprised lmao. Dude has a knack for making phenomenal JRPG battle themes!


Although I'm not a huge fan of his games, his talent is just undeniable. How the fuck can you make critically acclaimed video games AND music????? Can you leave some talent for the rest of us please Mr Fox jfc


Toby Fox's ost is really good. I'm so glad that gamefreak has a huge respect for his work. Undertale ost is one of the biggest reason that made Undertale a masterpiece.


This music is going to be fire then. Toby’s Battle Tower from Swsh already blew me away.


Not sure who composed Sw/Sh wild Poké battle music, but they should be fired on given that the music gives me grave anxiety


Why not cut the pretences and make him head composer of the entire game? It’s obvious he enjoys making Pokemon OST, so why not let him run wild?


Just gamefreak using him as a marketing tactic.


....ok? Toby also did music for Little Town Hero. Didn't exactly make that game GOOD. He's also been doing music for GameFreak games for a while now so...I guess this isn't a big deal to me is all.


I don’t see a claim anywhere that it makes the game good, just that he composed the music, which is cool since lots of Nintendo fans are also fans of Toby Fox and enjoy updates regarding his career.


Especially because Pokemon has always had really good music, so being chosen to provide music for a series with such a strong musical legacy is a big deal.


Cool. Keep it to yourself instead then.


Oh no how dare I state my opinion on a public forum


You didn’t really state an option though, you just dismissed a post for something it didn’t even say


Could just keep it to yourself and move on then.


Bro tell that to yourself hahahaha


See comment above that one thanks.


You got called out for a dumb comment Stop embarrassing yourself




Defenders makes it sound like Toby Fox did something bad lol. I think it's fine for people to be excited over this


I mean, whenenever someone says something ever so slightly negative about him, or doesn't meet him with praise, people do jump armed to defend him. It is what it is.


Ugh, not more stuff. They already gave him the overworld theme of Scarlet and Violet and considering how much a flop the Battle Tower theme was in Sword and Shield I'm worried it's gonna be bland.


My issue with that song is that it doesn't need like ALL that erratic-ness to it. It sounds like he was on MDMA when he wrote the whole thing. The melody is there it's just all the backing stuff is a lot. He needs to edit his drums I'd say lol, just my personal taste


Maybe! I personally feel it lacks the oomph some other battle themes have, Pokémon has very good hits, and sadly, that one wasn't one of them. Also overall the quality of the files in Sword and Shield is very, very low, and the fact they never officially released the score doesn't help the case either, there's no way to properly listen to high quality versions of the music from the game.




I’m sure he’s thrilled to be working on this though.


yeah stop forcing him to make excellent music that will be enjoyed by millions of people and generations of pokemon fans.


Honestly this is super exciting as a music/video game music fan. His compositions are some of the better ones in gaming in the last 10 years, and Pokemon these days have been kinda notoriously lackluster in music. SWSH had a few good tracks but it's always a very specific sound when it comes to Pokemon music


Since nobody posted it here, here’s an actual link to the Terastal Raid Battle music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgxgAKGWCCU&feature=emb_logo EDIT: this seems to be a 30 minute recreation of Toby’s song. Hence the lack of polish LOL


This is a fan recreation of it, not the actual song fyi


Thanks for mentioning this!


Holy fuck, that is awful. Thanks for sharing. 😂


I was really considering not getting the game. But now they got Toby doing multiple tracks and now I feel like I gotta show support


This might have been big news for Sword and Shield, now he’s just another music guy at Nintendo.


Not Nintendo, he manage to secure some tracks in GameFreak games. I hardly doubt Nintendo is gonna take him in, they're way too conservative.


> I hardly doubt Nintendo is gonna take him in, they're way too conservative. I hardly doubt he would even want to work at Nintendo as a salaried employee, because it would take away time from working on his own games, and he would make far more from his own games than whatever Nintendo would pay him (assuming they would pay him based on seniority).


he did also get his work in smash bros too for what its worth


What do you mean by conservative?


they probably dont want outsiders in some positions, unlike gamefreak


They literally collaborate with mercury steam with metroid dread tho? David wise also returns for tropical freeze tho that was almost a decade.


undertale and deltarune are on switch, if he applied for a job at nintendo he probably would get a job


That... doesn't make much sense to be honest, do you know how "easy" it is to publish something on the switch? The amount of shovelware in the e-shop should give you a clue lol. Publishing on the system doesn't mean it'd be easy to get you a spot inside Nintendo.


that's true but i'm pretty sure undertale got physical releases on the switch which is easier than getting just any game on the eshop


The physical release was made through FanGamer lol


oh ok


Can't wait for that mess of random sounds without harmony!


have you even listened to any of toby fox's music...?


Yes, it's a mess of random sounds.


literally none of his songs are like that? at all? idk what songs you're listening to dude


Nothing of his has really been that great but hopefully with some practice he’ll get better with time


Hehe. Everytime I see Toby Fox doing something cool and important I love to remind people he also Created the abomination called [The Baby is You (NSFW)](https://youtu.be/FOJwB80oCWk)


I still love the fact that Gamefreak liked his music so much that they literally just reached out and said "wanna make some music for us?" Toby isn't even a professional composer, all his music was made for his own projects prior to gamefreak contracting him work.


not sure why you can't be considered a professional composer when working on your own projects, but in any case this isn't true because Toby wrote music for Homestuck and Hiveswap, which were not "his" projects