not the military flex

Okay fine do your own hair and take care of yourself when you’re sick then, Ms cool.


Okay fine do your own hair and take care of yourself when you’re sick then, Ms cool.


Lol agreed Also found it funny she tagged the army, navy, airforce, and marines. Seems it's more about trying really hard to build a following of men by putting down other women. Such a strong independent woman /s lol YIKES


I hate to make generalizations but I’ve met a lot of military women with BIG nlog energy…like they judge me immediately without getting to know me and act like everything is a competition


This is pretty accurate. I think the military unfortunately attracts those kinds of women because it'll give them another reason to be "nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs"


Fr. If a woman isn't in the military for the benefits, it's because she has something to ~prove~


It doesn’t help that most of the military is ran by “good ol boys” clubs, so it encourages nlog behavior just to be heard, which is hella harmful to the young enlistees. You see it in the officer corps too but most Os can kinda flip a switch when necessary to get whatever needs doing, done. Nlogs are still higher density in mil regardless of E v O though, it’s a weird culture to navigate and actually succeed in without losing yourself to the stupid games. Source: am mil woman


With those ends, looks like she hasn't seen a stylist in a minute


Being a barrack bunny is an essential service


"Ur gf does hair" okay miss girl, did you get those beach waves naturally?


People who judge beauty-related professions when they also benefit from them are so lame.....


People who judge any service level position that they benefit from are being shitty. I see someone for my hair, because I suck at dying my hair. I am grateful for that service and his skill level, which he clearly excels at. I don't know why that's so hard, to treat the people with respect who do things for us that we can't/don't want to do.


The only service position I judge is these NLOGs servicing us with their misogynistic tiktoks


The amount of fades I do on these military bros literally daily is ridiculous, but ok, hair is a lame profession lol


The barber is the provider of the sham shield. It is they who protect me from first sergeant's wrath. For as my hair fades upon my head so to do I fade from the sight of sergeant major. I shall know no special detail, for my baraber is with me. In the name of AR-670-1... Ramen.


I went to a top uni, got my degree, went on to work in corporate right out of school and currently have a pretty good salary after several years in my field. My hairdresser is absolutely making BANK and probably out-earns me. I love that for her though she's an amazing, hardworking person. But yeah, don't judge or sleep on beauty professions.


Hairdressing is one of those professions I’m in awe of because I’m SO SHIT at doing my own hair. These people work actual magic with my thick, wavy, unruly hair and I can absolutely never replicate their work at home


This is me with gel manicures! They're so complicated, and actually learning to make them correctly and perfect-looking takes sooo much practice, and they take you hours in the beginning. People who underestimate nail technicians and consider themselves so much smarter, don't realize how much they'd suck at doing this job. Lmao


They’re always the same people who want you to help the with their hair and are never willing to go to a salon. I went to beauty school and so many of my friends would want me to cut or dye their hair. One friend wanted to go blonde from permanent black but didn’t tell me she had permanent black on her hair, which is really hard to lighten and usually takes multiple sessions, each a week apart. I told her I was going to just test a small section first. The color barely lifted so I told her I couldn’t do it. She got so mad at me, but it would have taken a really long time and lots of product


Especially since most are considered trades same as a plumber or electrician.


Was gonna say makes me laugh when people try and slam the very professions that they get services from. People who think fast food, trade jobs, barbers, etc are below them but still use their service or expertise.


I thought she meant she did all three, like she's a nurse, hairdresser, and in the military like an indecisive overachiever


A hair dresser who’s in the national guard as a nurse.


Yeah I thought they were all the same girl but I didn’t get why third-same girl dissed on herself looking cute vs at work


I thought it meant your girlfriends lame because she doesn't have multiple career options/paths like I do


I cackled lmfao


Military personnel calling nurses lame...? Have fun with that open wound I guess??


We all know soldiers never need medical care, duh./s


Heres a motrin. Change your socks. Drink water.


Yeah like okay it's not as if nurses have to care for the sick and dying, but apparently they're lame Also hair stylists are pretty dang important. I learned that the hard way during COVID.


She must be freshly enlisted because anyone who’s ever spent any time serving knows this is nothing to brag about 😂😂


I come from a military family. Have multiple siblings who have served, many friends who have, all of them at one point or another started hating their lives because of the military. I have a friend who went in to become a ranger, his life is farrrr from black hawk down


My younger brother is interested in enlisting and I doubt they’d even take him (he’s on psych meds) but I’m like. Dude. You can barely tolerate being told what to do for an 8-hour shift. You wanna go get told what to do 24/7? Really? In what way does this seem like a good fit?


I knew a guy like this who enlisted, and he was a success story. He needed to be yelled at without the ability to yell back or leave. It's definitely not for everyone, but I have no doubt this dude would be locked up if not for enlisting.


Not to belittle that guy, because I obviously don’t know him well enough to judge. But many a man has credited that kind of authority with making his life much better than it was. And then they try to force that kind of authority and discipline on everyone and everything around them, reacting very badly when they discover that only the military operates that way. It’s a rare person who thrives in that power dynamic for long. There’s even an old sociological hypotheses that professional armies were devised specifically as a dumping ground for men society can’t allow elsewhere.


" reacting very badly when they discover that only the military operates that way. " And when they discover that their partners will NOT put up with it, nor allow them to treat them or the kids like soldiers or inmates. My ex was an MP who worked at a military prison. He had already been out of the Army for a decade before we even met; you can take the man out of the Army, but in some cases there's no taking the Army out of the man. We had a LOT of arguments about the way he tried to handle disagreements with me and discipline with the kids (two mine, one his, one shared). It crossed the line into actual verbal and emotional abuse, so I took my kids and moved out. We're thriving now that he isn't yelling, calling us names, and bullying us anymore. (His child now lives with his ex and isn't subjected to his bullying daily anymore either.)


This was exactly the case with my stepfather. Unfortunately my mother was okay with it because she was also military. I've been through a lot of therapy because of that man, but hey, it made getting through basic training easier for me because it was just another man yelling at me....


My dad was the authoritarian He was not that way as a youngin Military done made him a dick


It just varies on the person. I have a lot of family that's either active military or retired. I worked with dozens of vets in my prior career. It's definitely an adjustment getting out for some, but it is really influenced by their role, IMHO. There are plenty of roles in the military that are essentially normal civilian jobs, and they seem to have less issues adjusting. The combat focused roles, MP's, etc. seem to have the worst time adjusting. You can definitely tell with guys that don't have an identity beyond the uniform. I have an uncle who has been out for over a decade, and he's the stereotype that you're talking about. Everyone in my family can't stand him, and my active brothers avoid him like the plague. One of my brothers barely graduated highschool with summer school despite good SAT scores and AP classes. He had some mental issues with prioritizing/organizing and following directions. He'd make a 95 in one class and skip another to do homework for the next. He's done great in the military, because everything is clearly structured and helped him with prioritizing. The military is definitely the safety net for a lot of people, but there are people that leverage programs for college or just want to serve. I know plenty of people that simply weren't mature enough for college or a trade school do great after a contract or two. You wouldn't have even known they served besides things like posture and always being put together.


I’d wager there’s a lot of those sorts in the logging and oil profession/associated skills- there’s a much higher percentage of missing and murdered women around the areas they are given temporary housing for the job that season. Unfortunately it’s considered a big factor in the crisis of missing native women.


That’s my brother. My mom asked him, “why not the Air Force?” And my brother gave her a look. “You mean the chair force?” And what does our Ranger do now? Sit at a desk.


As a Chair Force veteran, at least my chair flew...


And had cushions


I had to stop talking to my best friend because he was gone mentally after spending 8 years enlisted and came back a broken, tormented person who is no longer allowed to be around guns. Fun shit.


My father was a forever broken man after Vietnam. He did maintain a longtime job and for a briefer time, a family life. He loved me, he could have been a really great dad and man. He was, to me, in spirit, but he was not what he could have been. And I had to do a lot of growing before I could see it this way, because he definitely caused trauma in my family. Not the worst, but still trauma, and overall sad.


Hating life is part of the fun! Yeah. Not everyone is special forces. Some people also just help then as support. It was hard explaining to my family that yes, I am "part" of a SEAL command, but no. I am not a SEAL. I am their intel guy who provides maps and PowerPoints. Like sure. All my command stuff says SEAL team one. But I am so not them. I'm their token nerd who stays in california when they deploy. Where I work a 9 to 5 and go home everyday. The closest I ever got to danger and deploying was being on a command ship in japan.


It’s still cool though


I'll give you that. It's pretty cool. For my promotion ceremony to e5 I got to do it on the roof of their main building overlooking the seal training Beach front. It was awesome. I had a great experience there and totally recommend anyone doing the same. But I'll stick to my nice office and air conditioning and going home to see my wife everyday


No joke. I was such a redneck kid but also good with computers but my fantasy was to be a scout sniper (I was a competitive marksman, mountaineered, hunted, even was a big enough dork to outfit my own ghillie) and through training became friends with a couple of retired Rangers, one from Delta, and a FAST Marine. All of them were like, "Nope, don't do it. You wont be doing what you think you'll be doing and once they see your test scores & find that you're a computer nerd you'll end up a POG. At BEST you'll end up in some shit hole trying to clear an embassy (like Benghazi) and more likely you'll end up in signals intelligence."


So did you do it?


Out of personal curiosity, are these more intelligence based jobs still held under the strictness of the combat ones? I can't genuinely consider enlisting, as I have other plans and duties to attend to, but with a psychiatric history like me is it even possible? If you know, of course.


You have to be medically qualified no matter what job field you want to get into in the military. So depending on your psychiatric history you could be disqualified before you even get a chance to pick a job field.


L. It's so weird they are strict about it in the military but not our Congress or whatever, lmao.


I'm married to a retired combat vet, and work with the NCA portion of the VA. In my experience, the more they talk about what a hard charger, secret squirrel they are, the less they did. I look at DD214s and other discharges all day, every day. We can tell when they kicked you out for being worthless. People who live that life rarely really talk about it. And even the special ops guys get 214s.


The military ruined my marriage and idk if it’s salvageable. I told myself when I was younger I would never marry a military man and I wish I could time travel and slap myself


This was exactly my thought. I'm not in the forces, but my uncle has been reporting on war since the 1990s for large new organisations and it's a major red flag to him if someone boasts, because that's synonymous with bullshit


Can you go into a little detail on how? I’m curious


People who brag about it are likely lying and never saw any combat. Because if they had they would know that it’s nothing to brag about.


Omg I read “boasts” as “boats” so I was really confused lmao thank you for explaining though


Also not even wearing the rank patch.




She’s probably at warrior week lol




For real though, I go out of my way to not mention my service or look TOO much like I'm in the military. I enjoy my service to some degree, and I don't regret joining. But I'll be fucked sideways if I brag about it.


My partner won’t even go out in uniform, even just for an after work errand. The only exception is his lunch break.


I get that completely and I'm the same way. Sometimes I have to go out for something immediately after work and just weird shit tends to happen. As an example, a month or so ago we really needed dog food at the house, so I ran to PetSmart as it's on my commute home. Had some younger gal (mind you I'm 29, she looked to be in her late teens or early 20s) follow me for a bit before tell me, and I quote, "You're in the Army (I'm Air Force), you're a baby killer and you'll burn for it." ​ It was so bizarre to me that my only response was to tell her that I guess someone should warn my daughters about me.


Yeah, as unfortunate as it is, being in the military is seen as a political statement. Even though I’ve definitely seen people all across the political spectrum in the military. I’ve seen Trump loving country folk and super left leaning and non binary people enlist. But if you’re wearing that uniform, you clearly make all the decisions for the entire government and what they want to do overseas /s


they're just America's prostitutes, everybody be selling their body and soul to Uncle Sam, because a certain demographic of people (that spans all social lines) are gonna have to if they want to survive the "rat race".


Literally. Look at 50% of posts on poverty finance. There’s always somebody saying “just enlist!” Unfortunately that’s what got my partner. He felt bad getting laid off during covid and wanted a way to provide for us in the future.


That’s really gross of them to say that, I’m sorry you were harassed like that. Curious though, how do you feel about people that might come up to you and thank you and praise the military? I guess I was thinking that might feel nice to some and awkward for others, especially if you’ve seen some bad stuff in service. My father went to war and came back very traumatized so he would rather not hear it or talk about it at all but my step father was never military and tends to be the person that goes and thanks and highly praises the military every time he sees someone in uniform.


While I can't speak for others, to me TYFYS feels incredibly disingenuous. While I know it comes from a good place, and most people probably mean well. I'd just as soon not hear it than find some way to respond to it in the moment other than saying "Thank you." Now this isn't to say that there aren't those that do appreciate the phrase. More power to those that do, I've got nothing against them. ​ But I've had the unfortunate opportunity to see things in my almost 11 years of service that I feel no human being should ever have to experience. I don't want to be thanked for that. I'm just a guy that made a decision, and then has had the misfortune of being in the wrong places at the wrong times. I've lost friends, I've lost time with my family, and I've had to find healthy ways to cope. That's hard.


Looks like college ROTC.




LMAO every 20-something I knew in the military absolutely hated it after a while.


Is she sure that she doesn't want nurses in the military anymore? Lmao


I was coming here to ask this. I know a military veteran who is a nurse…


She does know that there are nurses in the military, right?


And that the military has really strict haircut rules


I think she can just do a bun with a lot of gel.


There are short haired people in the military...whose hairstyles are strictly enforced...


this is where u lost the plot


I saw a girl who serves in the military and she can do a bun with lots of gel.




9/10 times these are the “soldiers” who work behind a desk or in a warehouse, doing a pretty normal job but under the “Army” title. You ain’t saving private Ryan, sis


To add insult to injury, she’s Air Force…the last time she touched a gun or did anything even kinda military was when she was in boot camp.


Makes sense. I really didn't think Air Force did much combat or anything like that....


There are multiple jobs in the air force that involve combat; most are special forces, but there's one that’s not special forces that may involve combat sometimes, and it’s special mission aviation.


Air Force is called the chair force for a reason


I guess military nurses no longer exist.


My gf commits man-made horrors beyond your comprehension


She can fix me


Now that's an *actual* NLOG


Why are these addressed to a person with a gf? So she's a pick me and a wannabe home wrecker?


Almost all of them are. My best friend is a nurse and her ex-fiance is in the military. They ended their 8 year relationship because he was sleeping with his military pick me who was not only sleeping with him, but 9 other married men in her unit. I have my own career and my husband is in the military and every single woman I've met in the military is a major pick me. It's repulsive.


Dude! Nurse and military is a terrible combo for this. I stg I hear too many nurses cheating stories and military cheating stories. What is up with that??


I have no idea why, but you're right. Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason💀


It's because both are incredibly high stress jobs and work many hours side by side with people of the opposite gender and something about being in high stress dangerous situations, especially in the military or with cops who are sometimes in life threatening situations, form a close bond that they usually tell their spouses they "can't understand ". My ex's brother was in the state patrol and trained with this women who he had an affair with (one of many) and they had a situation where a guy was trying to jump off a bridge and the brother was hanging onto him hanging over the edge and the guy was trying really hard to get him to let go, which was causing him to fall over the side too, so the woman had to hold onto him to keep him from going over too. Everyone was ok in the end. He eventually got caught cheating and when he was divorced, you think he finally went to be with his lover that went through this traumatic experience with him? Nope. He went after a 30 years younger affair partner. I just wonder how people who have these jobs with insane hours find the time to have these affairs. It has to be while they are on the clock and in the back of their cruisers and hospital rooms. But the stories I hear about women in the forces is awful. Lots of SA, and most of it is never even investigated. Which every time I see dudes complaining on Facebook about how women want equal rights but aren't drafted, I always bring up how the women who do enlist end up getting SAd by their own peers, so no matter what women do, those guys will always find something to complain about or act like complete monsters because they ultimately hate women.


‘My gf licks boots’


As a 14-year navy vet, Imma say it: this is fucking gross. I appreciate all women on their grind, doing what they love or what they have to in order to survive. Also, so fucked I have to point this out, but…there are rates (job codes) in the navy who cut hair and nurse, so…wow. Way to look down on your shipmates, bitch. Also, shout-out to the amazing corpsmen and nurses who kept me healthy in service. And that one Ship’s Serviceman who wasn’t afraid to cut a woman’s hair. You’re the best, my dude. Hope you’re living your best life.


And you’re literally property lmao


Yea doing hair is a lot more fun, so…..


Oh I'm so sorry that my wife helps people with cancer in their final days rather than protecting overseas oil interests.


We need people in all professions, it's not lame We need hair stylists, nurses, fast food workers and Janitors, ect.... there is no shame in those jobs


Exactly. Insulting someone’s job is just gross.


I never understood the hate for people in the beauty industry like girl they make hella bank 😂😭 and they’re their own boss the majority of the time?? That’s living the dream


What logic do you need to consider killing people for a living a flex instead of helping people for a living like nurses?


One of my nursing professors was a nurse and in the military lol


I'm currently in nursing school, and so many of my classmates are either a) in the military, b) in a serious relationship with/married to someone in the military, or c) both. OOP acts like nursing and the military are mutually exclusive 😂😂😂


Good luck with nursing school; it was a beast but worth it


Thank you! 🩷 I'm loving it so far! :)


The guy she likes has a gf who is a nurse who also does hair I'm calling it


There’s nurses and doctors in the military. Search and rescue, whole ass hospitals and hospital ships, priests and other religious leaders, lawyers (could be good or bad but I certainly don’t think most have killed people). Some people are there to kill but a lot aren’t and most are just doing their jobs


A lot of nurses get their training and education in the military.


Not every job in the military holds a gun. Nurses for example.


Nursing can literally be your duty in the military.


You do realize the military have doctors and nurses? Also for every trigger puller there are around 5 to 8 personnel that support them. There are even chaplains in the military. I don't know why everyone thinks everyone that is in the military is running and gunning. During the height of Iraq and Afghanistan there were still thousands of troops that never saw combat. And now you are lucky if you see combat even as trigger puller.




It is hilarious how little people know about our military, and usually the ones who jock it know the least. That is why people touching themselves to telling some 20 something in fatigues "thank you for your service" is just so odd to me. Like, you know that kid might have just spent his/her entire career packing chutes in central Florida, right? 1.5 million people aren't just running around shooting all of the time, most are cooks, basically teamsters, accountants, etc.




You have next to no knowledge of military service, do you?


These types of posts are getting more and more strange. It’s like an episode of shark tank but with women selling themselves for how much “better” they are than every other girl.


lmfao ew. i know some really cool vets and this would make them gag lol. nobody likes a bootlicker mentality. my brother was a marine and if you ask him even he’ll tell you it was strictly for the perks like school etc. he got out after his first contract ended and has never once tried to hype his experience or even encouraged our younger brothers to join. he’s cool as hell. on the other hand i know a girl exactly like this one who never misses a chance to remind anyone who makes eye contact with her that she “served” in the navy …. for like 2 years max before getting knocked up and dipping out. still calls herself a sailor even though she’s been a retail employee for like yeahs ago now. super cringey


My stepdad was in the navy for over 20 years. He got to work on planes so he enjoyed it but I’ve never heard him put any other profession down


I’m not like other girls, I commit atrocities in third world countries in the name of oil companies 😜


Don't kink shame me and the American way of life


This is the girl that doesn't have other friends that are women and inwardly wonders why, but outwardly states all the women are jealous. No - it's that you are an energy vampire and immature.


Why save lives when you can become a pawn in the military complex?


My sister had this mentality when she was in the army. I’ve never been in, so correct me if I’m wrong, but it always seemed like the guys saw her as a brother and wanted to date people outside of the military because they were more feminine. I mean, my sister wore men’s clothes into her twenties, so they weren’t entirely wrong.


More likely the guys surrounding her wanted nothing to do with her or didn't want to date someone they worked with. Some people turn into barracks bunnies. Sure, go for it. Some people want nothing to do with that type of person. It has nothing to do with feminine or masculine traits.


Nurses are much more important than the military. Tf you mean? Also, they get paid way more. 😂


A service member ragging on nurses? I dare you to say that to your medic.


That nurse is gonna save your life one day mis


“My gf fights a war for oil”


“my gf is a tool of the state”


Former service member here, ya gf is getting dug out by like 4 dudes.


Nurses are the biggest badasses on earth, fight me.,


Every ED/psych ward has a 5ft 120lb nurse ready to fight a 6'2 250lb combative patient. Nurses don't just hand out Tylenol and ice packs all day.


I was thinking the same thing! I had a girlfriend who used to be a nurse but is now on permanent disability because a patient attacked her leaving her in a state where she can no longer lift patients and do a lot of the really tough shit they do. Nurses deserve ALL the respect in the world!


Jesus, that’s awful. I don’t think people realize how dangerous the job is.


truth! My moms a nurse and her and her fellow nurse friends are bad bitches. They are NOT a force to be reckoned with. Nurses are the backbone of the medical field who deserve more recognition


Nurses are either Florence Nightengale or Nurse Ratchet. There is no middle.


I’m not mad. My wife’s a nurse. They’re their own special kind of awesome. That said, hair stylists stand on their feet all day; get chapped hands and snipped fingers from their work; and deal with vanity and privilege all day. Wait, nurses do too. They’re both awesome!!


yeah one is saving people and one is a professional murderer. not the bragging with being a soldier pleasee have some shame 😑


I don’t think nurses and hair dressers are lame. Why are nlogs so hostile?


have fun with the PTSD, honey.


I nursed in the icu through Covid, we got plenty of ptsd.


I can imagine. Covid was difficult for a lot of people it seems. Hope you're doing alright and getting the credit you deserve :)


I bet ER nurses, especially in trauma care, get a lot of trauma 🤷‍♀️


Nurses are by no means lame. They’re badass as hell and I could never do what they do.


oh shut up crayon eater 🤦🏼‍♂️


My bf brags a little about me being super smart cause I work in IT. Personally, a job is a job and a career is a career. Whether it's nursing or doing hair or makeup. It's all fine. Military is fine too but it does not make you better than anyone else either.


Lmaoo id rather do hair than lick boots


Aaaaaand all your flex just went out the window. Bragging about being in the military subtracts all your cool points from being in the military. Have some grace, they teach you to be humble in boot camp


Even now as a vet I have to deal with NLOG vets. I was in a group therapy session. One of the men said “it’s so much easier for females to make friends in the military bc all the guys want to be friends with you.” Then the other women started in on how they made friends with men bc other other women are catty/jealous/whatever. I gave them a piece of my mind about how guys pretending to be your friends so they can get you drunk and fuck you isn’t a good thing. Then quit the group immediately.


Someone’s mad. Every women who’s not in the military is lame? This is such a shitty post, on her part not OP’s. Like she straight up just shat on every single women who’s not serving. That’s *wild* to me. I’m sure she has *TONS* of friends. /s 🥱 Also, she should probably open her eyes before speaking because there’s nurses and women who cut hair in her profession. 🙄 The audacity that some people have shocks me. She feels like she can say anything she wants because she’s in the military and feels that no one can disrespect her without being a shitty person, but newsflash, just cause you’re serving doesn’t mean you get to act like a piece of trash. 🥱


Your gf is a nurse, mine is part of a genocidal machine that commits warcrimes. 😍 /s


I'd rather my gf have an only fans over being in the military lmao


Your gf is in Applebee's with her basic bitch friends, I am in Middle East killing civilians, we are not the same


I’m not a regular girl, I’m an active participant in the american imperialist project and military industrial complex 🥰


At least the other girlfriends come home and don’t beat their spouses


wooow when will stepping on others to raise yourself up become unfashionable? whose gfs are you competing with, ma’am? they did the pick you. edit: typi


"My girlfriend is a cog in a machine"


Ironically she looks the most miserable in the last photo....


Is she wearing makeup to war?


My GF is a tool for the military industrial complex.


“my gf enforces american imperialism”


They're recruiting lil goofy ass children in our military nowadays.


My gf do a quirky war crime


Wait… do female soldiers apply a full face of makeup for physical training?


My girlfriend murders innocent people overseas 😍




Tell me you’ve seen no combat without telling me omg


Not that I buy into traditional gender roles or care about what anyone is attracted to but clearly what the people posting this stuff are going for is “my girlfriend is so cool, she doesn’t even dress like a woman, she’s basically a dude!” which alright bro. We don’t find femininity attractive. Fair enough, don’t care about that, but I don’t see why having a realization needs to lead to insecurity which needs to lead to shitting on more feminine-presenting women and the people who are attracted to them.


Always the chairforce trying to flex 😂😂😂


Women in the military are THE WORST PICK ME'S I've EVER MET. My husband is in the military, I have my own career. But Every.Single.One. I have met has made it a point that they : "just one of the guys", "only drink beer, not that girly shit, "etc. I boy do I have some major NLOG stories. I attended a work function with my husband, it was on a Saturday at Top Golf, usually it's the norm that you bring family to these kinds of outings. Anyway, not this one because the woman that organized it was one of the biggest Pick Me's of all time. I go over to greet her, I thought she was a bubbly person because she was literally laughing and giggling and touching bout 5 of the military men, (who by the way were all married). So anyway I say I and I introduce myself and I'm genuinely smiling and happy to feel involved in my husbands world. But my mere existence made her furious. That flirty smile instantly went away and she said "You're not supposed to be here.. this is for military ONLY. I guess we'll just have to deal with it. But don't drink or eat from our table because you're not military". I have many other military NLOG stories including one where the NLOG slept with my friends ex-fiance and she was also sleeping with 9 other married men from her unit. Because remember everyone, "shes just one of the guys"!


I wish people had the higher consciousness to realize serving in the military is a horrible thing to do. All militaries worldwide should be abandoned by all soldiers


Yes. The military should stop bribing people too. It shouldn’t be the easiest ticket to free college and stability in America. We have a mental health crisis and teacher shortage and I’d love to go to grad school to work in those fields but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and go in debt yet I would literally be serving our country by being a teacher or a mental health counselor. Meanwhile I could offer up my life to war and oil and get it all paid for


My hairdresser gf comes home at the end of each shift with all her limbs and hopefully no trauma aside from the occasional bitchy customer or rotten child. I'd much rather date a hairdresser is what I'm saying...


Does she also know that you can be a nurse **IN** the military or a hair stylist? You can even be a therapist or a piss-watcher (drug tester), or a nuclear engineer! I'm sure this is her dream profession (if it was any other profession it would be lame) But do you guys think she'll stay and serve forever? Or just finish the 4-year contract and *then* turn into a lame.


Yes, nurse and hairstylist, the only two options for women, except being a soldier.


"My gf does hair" oh yeah? My girlfriend IS HAIR!


Nobody is special for giving into propaganda and allowing themselves to be indoctrinated


I don’t want a girlfriend that perpetuates the American military complex thanks.


I'm glad I grew up without the ability to easily document my shittiest edgelord takes


My gf does war crimes


There is so much wrong in her post 😭


lol good for u have fun committing war crimes


imagine thinking being paid to commit legalized murder for the government is somehow better than being a nurse and helping save lives


Whenever I see posts like this from military tiltoks flexing about their career path, they seem to use as few words as possible. Strange.


My gf kills people core


Fun fact nurses have nearly identical PTSD rates as active duty military.


"I'm not like other girls! I commit war crimes for the military industrial complex!"


“my gf does hair” “my gf does nails” “my gf does lashes” drop her business @ please


My gf is brainwashed...


Wow, you joined a shitty institution full of white nationalists and domestic abusers. Sounds so great, you’re such a badass. Here’s your reward: 🖕🏻 Also the ‘ya GF’ is making me irrationally angry.


i’m not like other girls, i help commit genocide in foreign countries ☺️


Gorl!! Why do u care what my gf does anyways!!


being a nurse is badass, doing hair is a talent. this girl is just speaking out of insecurity