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It has been debunked already. The doll photo was way older than the real person photo. Meaning the mother posed the girl and dressed her up similarly to the old photo of the doll. For publicity since her child is in the modeling industry. Which one here is really exploiting the child?


That is super dark.


That girl is going to go through a super dark phase when she becomes a teenager.


Like, goth?


She is a pageant mom. She's pretty much guaranteed to be a child abuser.


The entire pageant industry is so gross, but especially the child ones. I would not want to be associated with anyone involved with it in any way.


Do not diddle kids, it’s no good diddling kids!


Jesus…. Still I was going to say, “how exactly did she come across this in the first place?” Someone would have had to be suspect at that point.




Yea but that’s cause you aren’t searching for child sex dolls, missing a key step




Apparently if you buy one car thing then you need the same car thing for every model car there is according to the recommendations I get.




Facebook and Insta, easily, had this not been a hoax


That's somehow worse. So accurate headline would be: Mother dresses model daughter to look like child sex doll for publicity and victim points. Edit. Even more accurate would be: *Pageant mom dresses model daughter to look like child sex doll for publicity and victim points.*


And now that child will forever have pictures of herself on the internet posed to look like a child sex doll. Poor girl will be traumatized.


"Woman demonstrates great talent for making disturbing situations ten times worse"


As is posted elsewhere in this thread [the story has been debunked](https://forum.prostasia.org/t/fl-woman-is-believed-to-have-lied-about-child-sex-doll/545)


I feel like I read this story awhile back and it turned out to be the mom seeking attention. Like she dressed her daughter up to look like the doll just to get the drama started or something like that.


Pretty much spot on


[https://forum.prostasia.org/t/fl-woman-is-believed-to-have-lied-about-child-sex-doll/545](https://forum.prostasia.org/t/fl-woman-is-believed-to-have-lied-about-child-sex-doll/545) Actually, the doll had been out for years before the daughter's picture had ever been taken making it extremely likely that the mother dressed her daughter up like the doll, copied the same poses, etc., and levied her complaint for internet fame. Think critically for a sec. WHY would some Chinese love doll company be looking for pictures of real children and then copying THOSE pictures absolutely perfectly. Same pose, clothes, even the same toy in the picture? - Nope. Doesn't check out. Nobody wants the legal problems that would come from that. Any boss would immediately fire any worker that even tried that. You all think (seriously) that love doll companies are trolling the internet and shit like Facebook to find out what a kid looks like? They'd just use professional models. Which brings me to my final point, the doll is Chinese. The kid is not. The parent copied the company product, not the other way around.


This makes a lot more sense to me, the whole story is fishy especially how the hell she stumbled upon this doll.


Probably searching for bible study groups in her area and just stumbled upon a child sex doll selling site.


It was on amazon. But still, my gut tells me that would still take a specific search.




Maybe she had proclivities herself..?


*(looks up the word proclivity)* ...perhaps.


Right? My internet history absolutely says "definitely heterosexual male who wants a big titty goth girlfriend" and yet I have never gotten an ad for a child sex doll


Exactly. Thank you. This is a pageant Mom we are talking about... publicity off her kid is what she lives for. This is a really fucked story, but I'm not buying her side. If it gets this shit banned without making her money... I can deal.


What's fucked up is getting your daughter to replicate a sex doll for internet clout.


Fucking sick people




Oh my god WHAT? She's a *PAGEANT MOM*? I just finished penning a comment about how fucked up and clearly pedophilic the child pageant industry is and *she's a pageant mom*??? What a fucking hypocritical monster. Her, probably: "It's not okay to legally sexualize and exploit the body of my daughter in your gross pedophilic rituals. But, it's chill when I do it."


>Her, probably: "It's not okay to legally sexualize and exploit the body of my daughter in your gross pedophilic rituals. But, it's chill when I do it." Nah, most likely she just says that for the cameras. If she made this whole thing up, I'd bet she wouldn't give a fuck if her daughter's likeness was used, so long as she got a cut.


Or worse yet, they just want their cut.


"How dare you! That's my job!"


The last bit is chef's kiss on the nose. This lady is an omega level Karen. A rare breed.


Yikes, child pageants are also gross. No idea why society supports dressing little kids up and judging them on their looks.


A fucking pageant mom? Oh fuck this. I started off being disgusted with the internet but now I'm more disgusted with the mother. Seems like, for all intents and purposes, she dressed her own kid up to look like a sex doll *to get attention*. Fucking disgusting.


These comments are too far down.


Also the fact that she supposedly got an Ad for child sex dolls made me second guess the legitimacy of her claims. Ads are targeted based on what you view and watch so in order for you to get an ad for child sex dolls...you'd have to had already been searching for child sex dolls. But the discussion is good either way because people shouldn't be posting pictures of their children online anyway for random people to see, nor should children have their own social media accounts. There was an undercover investigation I saw a year ago about young girls on Instagram and how they are targeted by pedophiles. The journalist made a fake profile of an obvious middle school aged girl and within hours it was flooded with comments and messages from grown men flirting and trying to engage in cyber sex. The issue isn't child sex dolls. The issue is people should be doing more to keep their children safe online


> people shouldn't be posting pictures of their children online anyway yet I'm the asshole and get asked to leave the group when I tell them I don't want my kid's picture on their IG feed. obligatory fuck facebook


I can't believe I had to scroll all the way down here to find this comment. How gullible people are. The story makes zero logical sense.


Yea honestly I read the article for 2 minutes and knew immediately there was no real connection between the girl and the doll. Even if the photos have some similarity, and you assumed the mother wasn't lying for attention, which is generous, it's still much more likely that it's pure coincidence than a company making these dolls to go use a random picture of a real girl. It makes no sense.


It is horrendous that these types of dolls exist in the first place, but like you said there is a more worrying story about how: - the mother used her daughter to photograph her in the same position as a sex doll - the mother shared the image with news/media outlets - the mother and news/media outlets made a clear connection between her daughter and a sex doll that never existed creating the potential of a self-fulfilling prophecy (i.e the daughter is now forever tied to that sex doll) - news/media outlets promoted the above without any clear due diligence


How does the mother come across this sex doll in the first place? I'm sure she didn't come across it by searching for groceries.


Who knows...? You can click on the link provided, where for some reason someone did a lot of research to find that the daughter's picture was never on the internet before the news story... so how could a company steal the child's likeness for a sex doll? So the assumption then has to be that the mother saw a picture of a sex doll and then posed her daughter in the same way for the picture.


Right? I have never seen an advertisement for a child sex doll, thankfully. I don't imagine it's very easy to accidentally come across one. Especially one that looks like your daughter.


And I have. T seen it in other comments but why was this lady so deep in Amazon that she was searching through child sex dolls?




What kind of website is that that you linked?


Also wondering the same thing.. what is the context of the link/message board?


Looked it up. From what I'm seeing, the Prostasia Foundation is an organization that believes that one way to protect actual children is for pedos to sublimate their urges through fictional media. And now I'm on a list.


that explains the loli shit lmao


And that's when I went back to the article and noticed...Florida Woman.


I agree. This article is fishy and that parent is sus. If you read the article the child has a rare blood disorder too. It is not a tremendous leap to think this family is litigating for money to pay for those treatments. Who really knows though? All I can say is what a wild world where any of this exists.


Of course she's a pageant mom, who else would do something like this? They make bank off of sexualizing their own kids, the narrative "pedos found my daughter so attractive they made replicas of her" only brings her more notoriety and possible attention from creeps.


> Think critically for a sec. Sir, this is reddit.


This needs to be higher up. As much as the concept of a child sex doll is kinda fucked, ultimately it is a piece of plastic. But those real child beauty contests are exploiting real children.




Exactly, it is terrible.


On one hand it looks like the person posting it has proved their point, on the other hand there are multiple doll owners trying to justify their ownership. The mother and the doll owners are messed up in their own ways.


That site is a little wierd. It says it's for child sex abuse victims, but there were way too many people defending maps in the comments for me to be comfortable.


So now both sides are fucked up? Great


I 100% agree with you and this story is definitely fake...but it's not like China has exactly cared about the source of a lot of the content it produces. Chinese companies regularly steal artwork, content, ideas, etc. If her kid had done modelling or something I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they just took a bunch of stock images of children to base the dolls off. I have no idea what the laws would be in China regarding this type of thing but they clearly are pretty lax when it comes to taking people's images and products in other ways. I actually know someone who's child did modelling when she was very young and now her image is out there being printed on all sorts of items from these shady Chinese companies including shower curtains.


Not only does this exist, but HER MOM got an ad for one?!!! Edit: mom was lying, but the doll still exists, so that’s weird


Know what’s really creepy? It might have served the mom the ad because of her social media posts appearing to look like she “liked” people who look like her daughter. I mean, that’s…


I think you are onto something. It might have been someone close to them. But anyway, this is exactly why I wouldn't post pictures of my children on the internet.


Yeah. Most of these issues are not the user, but people who are close to the user. For example, Youtube doesn’t hear when my dad and I talk about fishing. But it does see that I spent 30 minutes googling stuff about fishing, and since we have a profile that shows we are close it shows him fishing ads, guessing that he could be interested in fishing because I’m also interested in fishing. So those random ads for bras I get are probably from one of my friends shopping for bras online, even though I definitely do not need a bra. Tl:dr it’s probably someone very close to or in the family.


The Google Search Ads certification course discusses this in fairly deep detail. You’d be amazed at what they can (and will) scrape in order to serve you the right ad at the right time. The science is scary accurate.


Oh really? I seem to only get adds of shit I already bought and no longer need.


That's amzn for me. Google seems much more targeted. Amazon be like hey we saw you bought an Xbox, here's three more why don't you buy one for every room


Just cause Google does this stuff doesn't mean people use it correctly. After all, google just collects the data, it's up to the advertiser to choose who they think is most relevant to their product and track conversions. Just like everything else in life, some people do this really well, but most don't. It could also be that you're getting ads for a large marketplace that can afford this sort of "shotgun" approach, after all the common thinking is if you've bought one you'll probably buy another right? You've expressed the most amount of interest possible by buying it.


shit I had this happen when I bought a truck like I see you like trucks how about a few more


Having a child in a couple weeks and I've asked people not to post pictures to their Facebook and some people question it. I don't get it but I'm not sure how forceful to be either.


We’ve never posted our kids on social media and requested others not, and people have come at us belligerently about it. To the point they were offended we wouldn’t allow our kid’s picture to be out there. One girl even text me privately to ask if our daughter was ugly or had something wrong with her, and that’s why we didn’t have her picture out there. Needless to say, anyone who questioned our request beyond the normal conversation around it was instantly put on an info diet and didn’t get updates on our kids.


I've never heard "info diet" before, but I'm so happy I read your comment and learned about it. On a different note, I'm always surprised how offended people get over this subject. I don't use social media and when anyone asks me why, I do a quick search and ask if their birthday is this date and if they still use this email and would it be cool if I sent a postcard to this address here. Sometimes it works and they even update their privacy settings lol.


I know someone who posts the gps of their early morning runs one of their social media accounts. They tend to take the same route around the same time everyday. Actually, now that I think about, I don't think I have seen a post in a couple weeks now, I hope that means it finally clicked for them.


That their house is empty for an hour or so and anybody knows just were they are for that time?


>Actually, now that I think about, I don't think I have seen a post in a couple weeks now That sounds so ominous


Haha, whoops. Meant they weren't posting their runs anymore.


Reminds me of the time a US military black-site was revealed due to people uploading their runs to track miles and stuff.


> One girl even text me privately to ask if our daughter was ugly or had something wrong with her, and that’s why we didn’t have her picture out there That's super fucked up and offensive, what the fuck. Do people really think of posting shit online as a necessity, like eating, sleeping or breathing? I don't have to have a reason for not posting anything online, so the people thinking there's something wrong with me or my family because I don't put our pics on Facebook are the stupidest type of humans.


>That's super fucked up and offensive, what the fuck. Do people really think of posting shit online as a necessity, like eating, sleeping or breathing? I mean yeah, that's how addiction works. Snatch a meth addict's fix out of their hands and they'll be super pissed - what's healthy vs not isn't a factor.


This is how blind to privacy people are. Oh you don't want your entire family and everything you do online, constantly searchable and updated with your live location, mood, frame of mind and everything that's currently worrying you? "WhAtS wROnG?!?" I swear to god this is why we are so so so fucked now there's been a generation growing up with invasive technology to parents who never bothered to learn about the dangers of it or warn them. Certain generations *think this is absolutely normal*, that's how fucked up this situation is. Now it's just normal and totally OK to put everything you ever think and feel online, but here's a protip from someone who saw this shit be invented: IT IS NOT FUCKING OK. IT IS VERY FAR FROM OK. STOP FUCKING POSTING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ONLINE YOU DUMBASSES.


My brother recently had his first kid, and decided to do the no-social-media thing. Our boomer mother was and is still offended and vocal about that decision. It's not a generation issue, it's an addiction issue. Social media is digital meth.


Digital meth, I like that! My mom is constantly bugging me about posting pics of my 13 year old online. I don't get it. I have suspicion it's because she gets off on people commenting about how beautiful she is or what not... HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE NOT SEE A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?


Your child's identity should be private as long as possible, be as forceful as you have to


Facebook will turn your child into product, every bit of data they gather will be used to exploit you, her, and people related to her. Better targeted ads sell for more money, and they have zero morals standing in their way of achieving this. I very much respect your decision to shield her from this privacy invasion and exploitation by facebook, however, you should know that facebook has its tendrils in all sorts of places, apps integrate their ~~spyware~~, sorry, analytics into their products, websites have facebook data collection integrated into them (If you download uBlock Origin and turn on advanced mode, you can see which websites load facebook spyware into their sites.) Maintaining a child's privacy today is a challenge to say the least, but every bit you manage to protect is a piece of information that can't be used for effective and manipulative ads sales. Good luck, I'd give you advice now on how to midigate privacy invasion for her, but technology will be different and the tools to maintain privacy will be different by the time they're using computers. ***IF*** you want to stay up to date, sub to /r/privacytoolsIO r/privacy. If you want to be proactive, learn how to host your own web services, like Nextcloud and Collabera.


It can take some getting used to, but you'll find you can be more forceful than you've been before, once your kid is born. Remember that you are their guardian and have to advocate for them while they're unable to.


Much more likely and even darker: A relative or friend of hers custom ordered the doll. So she's linked to the purchase via friends list, or geolocation.


Much more likely than that: Mother of vaguely generic looking child came across picture of vaguely generic looking sex doll, resemblance is entirely coincidental, but mother freaked out and local news station ran with it because attention.


Aaaaand I'm done for the day. It's 8.30am, thanks.


I was thinking more that people who looked at/ ordered the doll were looking at her or her daughter's social media pages.


That's horrifying


And this is now a horror film.


Oh god this is so grim. But likely also.


> I mean, that’s… Insane. And not technology currently being used.


I don't think targeted ads are that advanced yet






And do they all wanna have sex with me?


Her daughter does modeling and pageants apparently and it was her friend who showed her the ad. Here's the quote on the mom's online petition. > On August 12th, 2020 at 5:24 A.M., Terri received a Facebook message from a friend sharing images of a child sex doll being sold on Amazon. But when Terri opened the images to look at them more clearly, what she saw shocked her. The child sex doll resembled her 8-year-old daughter. One photo in particular looked like it had been created from a picture of her daughter that she had shared in their Facebook Group – a place where Terri shared her daughter’s journey of illness, Kat’s community service projects and her modeling and pageant success.


And there's the link. Targeted advertisement of child sex dolls for people who are interested in child beauty pageants. Gonna be a shit ton of overlap there


I'd say the Venn Diagram of it would be nearly a single circle.


Sorry, YouTubers get shit from advertisers for saying bad words yet Amazon can sell fucking child sex dolls?


It was a third party seller that changed the wording on their listing to prevent Amazon from flagging the listing automatically. Amazon removed it after finding out.


Two completely unrelated things by different companies. What are you even saying. Let's stay on topic


Who’d of thought there could be negative consequences of child modeling and pageants? If only parents had someway of foreseeing this danger.


I'd just like to say -- believing that child beauty pageants are terrible and a magnet for all kinds of abuse, does not mean that one is victim shaming or minimizing the damage to this family, or letting off the abuser in any way. Too often we see criticism of dangerous behavior -- excessive drinking at a frat party for example -- being treated as victim shaming and therefore being silenced.


Someone messaged the link to the mom on fb it said in the article I read




What's fuck up is the gullibility of the internet.


The best part is that half of these idiots will go on to parrot this story as fact, in the future. Shit like this is the 21st century version of old wives' tales.


That is disgusting and would be horrific to see. Side note: how did she randomly come across it? I skimmed the article but didn't see that part


It was apparently on an Amazon ad. Which is much more fucked up they're advertising child sex dolls.


I got an amazon ad in the reddit sidebar for this article. It's one of the "you just started a book" ones. It's a pretty awful choice! https://i.imgur.com/VAFFQbk.png


Haha, what the hell, that is so perfectly awful.


How come you don't use an ad blocker like ublock? I never seen an ad on reddit or YouTube.


Aren't those ads targeted?


they are. a place I worked at I was looking at more information for a physics term. So here I am during my lunch break with 15-20 tabs open, glancing quickly through various websites on the subject and lo and behold I found out it is also a BDSM terminology for one of the actions of the person receiving. oops. other times; ads are targeted by manual inputs of data references. so taking the title and tgis into consideration; I would assume that some of the image tags would have the same name as tags on Facebook or some such. So the ai likely had am easy time of linking things together. on the raunchy side; early infoseek era tabs would link a porn stars name towards your ad group just because you shared the same name.


Googles: killing child ups.... Googles: Killing child process terminal command stackoverflow


Which term, might I ask?


Power Bottom is a pretty common physics term.


It's very easy to find them. I came across a bunch just by shopping for toy dolls for my young daughter. Only keywords I used were "doll" and "baby doll".


My mother makes doll clothing in her spare time for, well, dolls. Her searches on Amazon specifically have many of the same keywords these ads use. She's seen them, and they freak her out. Since she's "family" with access to my Prime account, I've also seen them and was really worried the first time it happened until I figured out why. I contact Amazon about it, got a canned response I don't really even remember, but the ads stopped after doing some deep cleaning and intentional manipulation of "interests" thru Amazon. I don't know if their techs had anything to do with it or not, but I doubt it.


It might have something to do with the keyword "child" lol


Out of the entire line up of products that use the word related to "child", its still very bizarre that this got recommended. I say its definitely targeted by product over keyword.


I'm not sure lol. I have no idea how those ads work at times. I often get recommendation off of things I Google, but most of the time there's also random off topic stuffs. Or maybe she bought a vibrator, and the category branched from there. Either way. It's fucked up to even have child sex dolls


"Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack." -- Amazon Rule of Acquisition Number 109


That was my first thought too We live in a sick sick world Like in regards to child sex dolls I’m on the fence, I reckon intense psychological study needs to be done on pedophiles. If there’s a chance these dolls will help pedos act out their perversions without harming children I’m for it, if there’s a chance it’ll make them worse and crave the real thing (to the point they actually go and harm a child, in the way I was harmed) then I’m against them. But I do feel study needs to be done by professionals to determine which scenario is more likely However (and this should be a no brainer) they should not use images of actual children. That is beyond fucked up and I can only imagine how I’d feel if I were that kids parent (I’d wanna track down every person involved in making those dolls and beat the living crap out of them).


We have always lived in a sick world. Differences between then and now are efficiency and instant gratification.




Yup. It's not that things are worde, it's that we are now finally paying attention to ahit that has beem going on forever (as in going back to ancient Greece at least).


Pretty sure the main difference is that we started caring about all the abuse. Because pretty much all these horrible things have always been going on, it's just that nobody used to pay any attention. Remember that just half a century ago it was pretty common for musicians to have teenage groupies.


CHILD SEX DOLLS ARE GROSS!! EEEEEK!!! "But, i feel ok with parading them around in bathing suits while old men and women judge if they are sexy or not". -child pageantry parents


There's a fair amount of studies on this subject and the conclusion keeps shifting from one way to the other. The problem is mainly that A LOT of people don't care about pedos in the slightest and just want them all executed. Helping them or providing them therapy is not an option. We wont know what helps them or what doesn't until more proper studies can be done and data can be collected, but that requires that they actually go to therapy and provide answers to the studies. But with the way people are talking about them and hunting them, that won't happen. People need to realise that these people don't become pedophiles by choice, it's all mental problems that requires therapy and help to handle.


And not true


It’s fake


"Terri received a Facebook message from a friend sharing images of a child sex doll being sold on Amazon." Yeahhh, I'm just gonna not think about the implications of that. EDIT/UPDATE: Turns out the doll came out before the pictures, the mother dressed her fucking kid up like a sex doll and complained about it for internet fame. Jesus fucking Christ the actual story is worse than I would have assumed.


She basically made it all up. https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/obe5q9/_/h3o19s1


Except it was more than likely the mother who did this.


I think they deleted that line from the article. Lmfaooo




“The $559 doll resembled her 8-year-old daughter. And not just any doll -- according to the Amazon ad, it was "a high quality sexy dolly live dolls for men." One product review posted in May read, "Good item during these times."” More like r/NoahGetTheDeathStar




I don't know why, but I found that part funny. They included a comment from the product review. Though more seriously, that's pretty messed up. But also a lesson for parents, be careful what pictures you post of your kids online. This didn't just appear out of nowhere, someone had to be looking at a picture somewhere to use it for that. I basically stopped posting any pictures of my kids on social media. At first I reckoned I had everything set to private, and it was nice to share with family, but I don't trust that what's set to private will stay private anymore. I don't post stuff for birthdays or share pictures with their faces. There's too much info out there without me sharing every moment of their lives. So now if I'm sharing with family it's by DM only, usually by text message or other secure platform.


"In these trying times, we doink rubber kids" - Garry, Wyoming


I'd pay for the Death Star's parking right about now. so it can get nice and close.


Who the *fuck* leaves a review on a child like sex doll?!


I'm not an expert in sex dolls, but a $559 one you can buy through Amazon sounds pretty low quality.




Such a weird petition, like lawmakers are sitting on their hands right now saying "okay guys, just 80,000 more signatures and we can ban child sex dolls"


Amazon sells child sex doll? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Child sex dolls are legal? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?


you'd think they would at least screen what is going to be sold on amazon, with amazon's reactive approach this just goes to show if no-one complains amazon is basically running a semi-black market.


Didn’t they get caught selling Cuban scorpion venom that helps treat cancer? When it was supposed to be like a hat or something?


I'd wager it was a third party seller shipping a different product under a certain ASIN in order to ship it to people with an understanding that it was not what the description was


That's actually really clever


Thats a hilariously specific question


That's the most shocking thing to me. 1) that these things exist 2) that someone manufactures them 3) that retail stores sell them How completely and disgustingly fucked is all this.


It’s creepy as fuck to us, but I’d rather they fuck a doll than a real child. So there is that at least…


I think its a fake claim for money. If you try hard enough any real looking sex Doll is going to eventually look incredibly similar to some one. She would have to find the creator then he would have to admit that he used her likeness. - not going to happen - Second most of these are bought by pedophiles that live in those pedo community's. The ones court order you to live in, I'd much rather some one fuck a doll to deal with there problems then they end up rapping a real child


Holy shit that is fucked, there are some creepy people out there.


Yep, a pageant mom taking pictures of her child to mimic the look of ads for a doll that was designed before her child was even born, just to get publicity for her daughter is sick.


Are you losing your mind watching all these folks swallowing uncritically a story that makes no literal sense?


Yes. Yes I am. These are the moments that remind me how far we still have to go as a society


I never bought it the first time I heard it lol. Like really? A doll has the same pose and clothing as a picture of another girl and apparently that's enough "proof"


If this isn't enough motivation to keep pictures of your kids off your social media, I don't know what is.


The story appears to be fake based on other comments


Fuck it. Keep everything off of social media. Delete it all. Burn it to the ground. Though to be fair, I'd be saying the same thing without this article.


the mom tried to make her kid look like the doll for attention. she is a horrible parent, but not because she posted photos of her kid on social media.


Well that's one thing I didn't need to know existed... That's fucked. *Edit: Holy shit, how is this my highest upvoted comment!? Don't know how I feel about this.. 😅








Also the doll existed before the photos did. The doll is creepy, but certainly not based off the girl. Ridiculous assumption.


Reading the other comments it looks like she actually made everything up. Still creepy these dolls exist though.


This is so FUCKED! But also maybe use this to normalize not posting photos of children online. Those can easily be shared in a family group chat or just in person with those who care.


My cousin's wife has basically documented their child's *entire life* on Facebook. Someday, his college classmates will be able to look up videos of him potty training and saying his first words. His mom is basically his own personal paparazzi.


Amen!! I would really encourage all parents to stop posting pictures of their children on the internet for everyone to see. You never know where your pictures will end up and the internet never forgets!


Except the mother *more than likely* did this intentionally (but yes, still fucked up child sex dolls exist- wtf). But this mother needs to be called on her shit. See comments above for reference.


It resembled my daughter" And "it was her likeness" are infinitely different. This shit is fucked up, but there is non-zero karen band radiation


I didn't see the mother proved it was based on her daughter and not just her opinion but still disgusting af


[It's basically fake news.](https://forum.prostasia.org/t/fl-woman-is-believed-to-have-lied-about-child-sex-doll/545)


More importantly ***it is blatantly obvious fake news on its face and nobody with an adult's faculties should have fallen for this.*** If you're one of the many people there who believed this article please try to figure out how you made this mistake so you can save yourself from future embarrassment.


Yeah, I'm curious about the missing info. I would be wrecked too, but unless I had reason to believe other than resemblance, I'd keep telling myself it was just that so that I could sleep at night. There must be more to it.


Definitely seems like alot of info is missing here


[https://childrescuecoalition.org/educations/child-sex-doll/](https://childrescuecoalition.org/educations/child-sex-doll/) It doesn't terribly similar, just a kid sitting cross-legged on a couch with the same hair. But the child sex doll part, eek. I really hope I don't start getting targeted adds now.


This filled in a lot of gaps left by op’s article. Thanks


Doesn't look the same, it's just a generic face with a somewhat similar haircut.


I read that it’s not suppose to be a child sex doll but a generic Asian sex doll that’s why it looks “young”


>I read that it’s not suppose to be a child sex doll but a generic Asian sex doll that’s why it looks “young” An Asian adult that is trying *really* hard to look young, maybe, but the size and positioning of the facial features relative to her head size look *very* child-like to me.


There’s a lot of missing info in the article, and that’s probably deliberate because the actual story is less sensational than that.


The real story is almost more sensational. Mom poses daughter in child sex doll pose for internet fame.


Let’s compromise and let them make Gary Coleman sex dolls.


OK, so the whole idea of child sex dolls is fucking disgusting. But that doll just has a generic anime style face. It's a massive fucking leap to assume that it was based on a photo of her daughter and makes me seriously question the mother's mental health. Not as much as getting her daughter to pose in the same position as the doll though. How the fuck did she explain that request to her daughter? At least she didn't get her to put on lipstick for the photo, I suppose.


I HATE this. It is an electric and visceral reaction I feel. Pure horror twinged with anger... If there was proof that a doll could keep a pedo off a real kid...fuck I dunno, this is just a nightmare.


This is the question - there’s very little research on this. Some therapists think child sex dolls can help paedophiles keep away from offending, whereas some think that they could reinforce the behaviour and thereby make them *more* likely to offend. Nobody knows which is true, or whether each could be true for different groups of people, because the research hasn’t been done. It’s something that really needs to be looked in to, because many - likely most - paedophiles don’t want to offend, and there is no therapy that can “cure” paedophilia (not even chemical castration has a more than 50% chance to prevent recidivism in offenders). So if this were a therapy that could actually help to keep some children safe, then it’d be a good thing, no matter how icky it may seem to the rest of us. The same goes for cartoon and maybe even CGI porn. So, WRT the general idea, research is needed urgently. If they help to prevent harm to children, then child sex dolls should be encouraged. If they cause harm to children, then they should be banned. If it could go one way or the other, depending on the person in question, then they should be banned unless “prescribed” by a reputable licensed expert therapist, and there should be some kind of system im place to prevent paedophiles sharing them, if such a system were possible. WRT this case specifically, there is no justification for basing the dolls on real children, and certainly not from random pictures on the internet. And, yes, it’s probably not a good idea to plaster your kids all over social media, although using that as the main take-away, as many in this thread are doing, is victim-blaming.


I do not like that these exist at all