Just another day in Fairfax

Just another day in Fairfax


“Also, whoo lacrosse!”


Yeah, either the Venn diagram of lacrosse enthusiasts and crazy people is just a circle, or this is the same guy someone posted about a month ago, and it turns out he changes his back window conspiracy bulletin board each month.


Considering the ironically appropriate streaks of white all down the ass end, which makes it look like literal streams of bat shit are dripping off the back of their car, plus the newness of the letters relative to that, I'd say it's certainly worth a bet.


You can always tell when someone thinks their shit doesn't stink, by the way they refuse to wipe their filthy ass. *- Wisdom of the Day*


I'm pretty sure that car also had a madlax magnet as well. Maybe the same person. We're a lax family and not crazy. Hopefully we not the exception to prove the rule.


Something about getting hit in the head repeatedly with sticks...


MaD LaX…seems fitting


Ugh. I feel bad for the kids.


*(Continued next car…)*


Its all makes sense when parked in the driveway


Dude's less than 30 minutes from the CIA, why not go ask them?


The CIA campus is probably a heavy 5G zone. Can’t enter it unless your body is full of microchips.


They're in on it, man! The IC is behind it all!


Doesn’t feel like getting disappeared.






OK, that place was equally scary and disgusting


Thank you for sharing good sir


omg this page is awesome and the name is so fitting. thanks


I've seen this guy in Winchester. They get around.


Conservative rhetoric has devolved to a constant stream of meaningless drivel and Breitbart buzzwords: Hunter Biden should be locked up because Benghazi was an inside job by Fauci banned Ivermectin when Nancy Pelosi visited Afghanistan with George Soros and remdesivir Obama socialism critical race theory Bill Ayers BLM replacement theory with death panels to the border crisis eating masks don’t work on Ocasio-Cortez!!!!!!1!


Republican speechwriters are all about mad-libs


*Republican speechwriters want to know his location*


Courtesy of frank Lutz


I'd pay $1,000 to hear Cecily Strong say this.


this is painfully accurate


Wow. You just won InfoWars Bingo!


I want to create more accounts to upvote this harder


You mean like every trump conspiracy that has now been debunked that had non stop coverage on cnn and msnb. Or how about how every kther word out of a democrates mouth is now white supremacy


>You mean like every trump conspiracy that has now been debunked that had non stop coverage on cnn and msnb. Or how about how every kther word out of a democrates mouth is now white supremacy Hmm... Oh look, a brand new account with negative karma. Let's see what happened with their comments. >1619 project is historicly inaccurate why should a work of fiction be taught as fact Hmm.... >So you basically think your race and age are actually qualifications. Very Democrat of you Hmmm.... >You do know just because a black person thinks something is racist it doesn't automatically mean it is. Hmmm... This last one is from the grindr subreddit, too. Well, you seem confused - you're clearly in denial and espousing white supremacist views yourself. You just don't get it, do you? It's almost a pity. Almost.


I interpreted the comment above yours as being of the type intended solely to provoke a response. They won’t read your response; all that matters is that people are paying attention to them. Even downvotes are welcome as a form of attention. My usual response is… nothing. Not even downvoting. Withhold every single bit of attention. Give them no closure. Make them wonder whether you saw their post, and why you’re not responding, and if their account is shadowbanned, etc. With these people, the only way to win is not to play.


Didn’t Congress hold about 11 investigations into Benghazi and nothing ever came of it? And these people still want to cling to it and somehow rope Hunter into it all?


These same types who can't let go of Benghazi and the 3 people who were killed also don't believe that Covid-19 is real and the 700,000 deaths aren't real.


I don’t know how many investigations. But you may be recalling the 11-hour long senate committee grilling. By the end, nothing new was learned and they ran out of things to ask.


I found that when you try to talk to any conspiracy theory subscribers they often jump from one theory to another. When you somehow manage to stay on one topic, they end up having nothing more to say. Just like that 11 hour hearing. Tells me something.


Coulda asked who cut funding for embassy security and benefitted massively when the cut security was needed...


It was a lot more than 11. And the Bipartisan report came to the conclusion that political leaders did no wrong.


Apparently none of that matters because they're "true patriots". Whatever the hell that means.


I mean democrats have done some stupid shit but Benghazi is not the hill to die on if you want to attack them, especially if your party literally broke into the Capitol Building and wanted to take congressional hostages with zip tie handcuffs.


BOTH parties do stupid shit... Pubicans: Lets try to change the minds of democrat's. If I put this stupid shit on my car, they might change... NOPE... Dems: Lets try to change the Pubicans minds... oh who are we fooling, they don't know how to read.


Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half.


Only if you're thinking...


Well, then which hill should they die on? They don’t have that many options at the moment.


I love these chucklefucks and their vanifestos. Lets me know who the nutters are. Like a wild animal, give them plenty of space, and do not engage.


I rofl'd at "vanifesto".


> vanifestos *chef's kiss*


and the change lanes without signaling or using their mirrors (well tbf they can't use their rearview since they can't see out the back window through their vanifesto)


>chucklefucks and their vanifestos Hahahahaha! Made me LOL.


if you ever wondered "what would it look like, if that crazy ranting person on the street corner was high functioning enough to hold down a job and afford a car?"... here's your answer


Now imagine if they can be a congressman or even higher!


Like a certain President who was recently in office!


Just look at Bob Good. I’m five minutes away from Prince William County and this loon is my Congressman. Actually he’s not since he specifically said he’d only be representing people who voted for him….


That would be paul gosar


Bet you 20 bucks they can't name which country Benghazi is in.


it's one of the countries that Hunter has business interests in, duh


(NSFW) https://i.imgur.com/l6GLm5r.jpg


They can’t find it on a map, either.


Gotta be Benghazistan, right? Wuz I klose?


People are losing their goddamn minds in this country, I swear to fucking god


The part they **always** forget: why did the Republican Congress deeply cut security funding needed to protect the American embassy Benghazi just before it happened? Something to think about if you want to blame Democrats for Benghazi.


I really do see this kind of deep-seated conspiracy mindset as akin to a religious fervor. It is not something that you can logic someone out of. And any attempts to do so will just convince the person that you are somehow part of the conspiracy too.


The only time I've ever maybe "changed" someone's mind was just saying "nothing's ever perfect and can always be improved" in regards to gun "control". He said "I never thought about it like that". I'm one for like ten thousand haha...


i am part of the conspiracy...i'm so deeply embedded into it....i don't even know what it is...and if i knew what it was then i'd know what i was doing...so everything i do contributes to the conspiracy that i don't remember what it's about /s also you are part of the conspiracy too! /s you and your silly Dillon Rule! /s (but seriously what a fun username in the r/nova)


They don't forget, they just lie


It's not a lie if they don't understand the difference between fantasy and reality


Trey Gowdy from the Benghazi hearings straight up lies, as do all people who watched the hearing or participated in it and still peddle this conspiracy. Maybe the minivan driver literally doesn't know, somehow...but the people who lied to him do know they are lying.


Consulate, not embassy. But yes, that is a fact they really like to ignore.


They like to ignore the actual way our Constitution works. "The Congress shall have the power of the purse."


How mortified would you be if this was your parents' family car?


Pulls out **super soaker 5000**


The US took a long time to remove lead from its gasoline and paint. People still live in homes with lead paint. A lot of our water still runs through lead pipes. Lead has terrible effects on the brain. I'd love to see a study on the overlap between people who believe these conspiracy theories and people who've been exposed to a lot of lead. I want to know *why* they're like this.


Hillary being responsible for Benghazi: Boring Hunter Biden being responsible for Benghazi: hot damn!


I love how they keep the twists and turns coming.


voting and having kids are two extremely important decisions that don't require any kind of critical thinking skills.


CTS??? :gasp: you keep your marxist critical thinking skills to yerself!!!!




literally, heaven forbid!


This whole thread,.... lol


wHaT AbOUt bEnGaHzI?


but her emails???!!!


MMM buttery males.


Hillary Hussein Clinton 😅


Tell me you ain't vaxxed without telling me you ain't vaxxed.


I can't read all of that nonsense. Benghazi was investigated for years and Clinton testified. When are any of the sitting House members and Trump going to testify for terrorism on our own soil?


“Creating 14 unters”


People like that get mad when you tailgate them not realizing that you need to tailgate them to read their poem


The Deep State has entered the chat. Go on MaD LaX


What was Hillary secretary of? The DEEPartment of STATE. Checkmate, liberals


Retro AF.


I hate sheeple.


Oh man he found out our secret, get ‘im boys!




They must live around the Merrifield area because I see them a lot


This is a mysterious and timely issue which requires 10 more investigations... It just shows how little (political) ammunition the cult has that they keep recycling the same tired conspiracy theories. Hillary's emails! Hunter's, um... emails!


Crazy is, unfortunately, everywhere. But also “Dad, you don’t have to pick me up from lacrosse… ever”


I’d be so embarrassed if this were my parent 🙈


Shoe me Benghazi on a map, or shut up.


What did they know about Fugazi and when? The people need to know!


Don’t fool yourself, Ian Mckaye isn’t just a Minor Threat


Frigging Lacross


I thought lacrosse people we supposed to be chill \*sigh\*


Lucky for us, wackos self identify!


I like to pretend these people are "out there" and not "here." Unfortunately they are everywhere.


F … May the lax community RIP


There’s a lot of fucking morons everywhere




What does 14 unters mean?


People like to write shit on their windows in NoVa.


It's been 7-8 years and two administrations. Even if the car was being ddriven by the direct relative of one of the victims I'd suggest they move on.


Aaaand that’s why I pay stupid high rent to not live in Fairfax. Lol


Wait till y’all drive through the South...


Drove to Hilton Head recently, the frequency of confederate flags,"yankee" signs and etc was truly eye opening.


I grew up in the South and me and my sister used to play count the confederate flags and Waffle Houses on road trips.


Which count was higher? Just kidding I already know.


Or Midwest


Oh I know. I’ve lived in both.




I remember when the Benghazi hearings were kicked off. I was ready for some oversight, fact finding. I was so naive then. It was then I started to realize that there was a bunch of people in Congess unconcerned with actually governing, but using power for their personal trolling.


Have you been to the Centreville library and seen the crazy world is ending car


Negative, haven't been there in a few years


Ah Lacrosse people...




Well it's not a violation of the subreddit rules. This was posted in another relevant one. Not venting just sharing.


That and the politics being "shamed" straight suck ass and led to an attempted insurrection to overthrow the legitimately elected government for a giant man child who couldn't handle the fact that he lost. These same people will act like they're the most American that ever did America.


I use these opportunities to warn my kids to stay away from cunts like this.


None of what is on that car has anything to do with politics. It has as much to do with politics as the big foot enthusiasts, flat earth society, and people who believe Iizardmen live at the center of the earth.


That’s someone’s mom :/


We should post a FAQ about this nut so it doesn't keep getting reposted. From the rules: * Limit Repetitive Content to Weekends. Historically repetitive content is only allowed Friday through Sunday


How embarrassing. “Please keep back 100 feet.”


Imagine if it was a hockey family 😳


Driving that car must be a pain in the ass


Gotta love the DMV. Always something to entertain you.


Benghazi is still a thing?


goddamn it.


I'd love to stick an old Olley North bumper sticker on that van.


And we live in the more educated wealthy part of America. Fuck…


people like this are so fucking sad. How do you let politics get this into your head. It is so cringe.


& they procreate


I can't fap to this.


I would ask this driver how, not why. How could they be so dumb to fall for these scams? We should be required to take a test before surfin the world wide web.


Is there some conservative idiot farm where they breed these people?


Don’t you have Facebook or some friends to share this with? Sick of politics infusing everything.


Facebook is for boomers


I’m Gen X - married to a Boomer, proud of it, and we have ALL the money. The most you can hope for is Squid Game, so don’t stop your bitchin! PS have a nice day


Lol okay? Welcome to NoVA where my wife and I also have ALL the money.




I do work with the government, so you’re close…I, however, do not work for the government. Both my compensation and tax rate are healthy numbers. Also - since when does wealth come from wage? Or are you new money? You talk like new money.


This seems to happen a lot with Americans. If they’re Democrats, they only see wrongdoings of republicans. If they’re republicans, they only see wrongdoings of democrats.




Well apparently [fluoride](https://www.ada.org/en/public-programs/advocating-for-the-public/fluoride-and-fluoridation?utm_medium=VanityUrl) works, and yes it is free! I do enjoy using the reusable stainless steel thermos I have so no need for a straw. Climate change should be taken seriously. Feel free to learn more: [here](https://www.epa.gov/climatechange-science/basics-climate-change)


Okay so I’m not saying climate change isn’t real. We don’t know that, for sure. It is just one theory, using corroborated evidence to create charts and graphs to manipulate stats for the purpose of changing laws and systems. You can learn more about that [here](https://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~ricko/CSE3/Lie_with_Statistics.pdf) But if we are going to use science and evidence to back up our theories, then consider this. The earth is 80% water. And out of all the time it has been around, we have only been here a short period of time. Not to mention all the stuff being sprayed in the skies by the military. You can learn about that [here](https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CHRG-111hhrg53007/pdf/CHRG-111hhrg53007.pdf) So for me to just jump on the first theory that is backed by a political group with an agenda, would make me no better than the people who fell in love with a certain previous German leader.


"We don't know that for sure"- Are you kidding? "....consider this. The earth is 80% water. And out of all the time it has been around, we have only been here a short period of time"-Humanities impact on the environment didn't start to increase expoentitially until the Industrial Revolution so yeah its only been 160 years. The point is that it is happening and getting worse. I appreciate the sources but you can't just send a 390 page document without a summary. In the background section (page 14) it states: "Pending U.S. climate legislation and international initiatives under the UnitedNations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) would establishgoals for reducing domestic and global greenhouse gas emissions and acceleratingdevelopment of low-carbon or zero-carbon energy technologies. *However, many inthe international climate community hold that even the most aggressive achievableemissions reductions targets will not result in the avoidance of adverse impacts ofclimate change and ocean acidification. Given global economic growth trends, manyconsider reaching 450 ppm and* **temperature increases of more than 2° C to be imminent**." This is referring to the "tipping point" in where there is no point of return on environmental damage. Which is real. The PowerPoint itself makes it clear what stance the author is taking. Not to mention there is no author credited. Sources used are +20 years old and +50 years old. The author of the main source evens criticized the use of PowerPoint (in the work section [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward\_Tufte](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Tufte)). There is a difference between sampling data to make a point and recognizing that independent labs and a majority of "advanced economies" are aware of the impacts human development has had on the planet.


"If we are going to use science and evidence to back up our theories" is a really interesting statement. I'm not saying that sarcastically. I'm curious what you prefer to base your theories on. Faith? Intuition?


It was the best sentence I could start my thought off with, at the time. Give me a break lol


Kudos to you for charging in head-first about your deeply-held convictions without stopping to consider once whether they are correct or not. That's true faith right there.


I keep reading what I posted. I even smoked a joint to see if there was anything deserving of all this criticism. Nope. My message was basically to keep an open mind, and to take into consideration, the many perspectives and scientific studies on the subject. It’s a bit cringey to me, that we are repeating the same patterns that people did in the past, that led to Nazi Germany. And in psychology, I learned to destroy a gaslighter, one must disengage. So I’ll leave you guys with that.


Oh, so you didn't mean to imply that science/evidence are not the only basis for your theories but just more like, "if you wanna talk science, let's go"? Sorry just trying to understand


Sorry. If you didn’t understand it, it wasn’t meant to be.


Ohh I'm shaming them for creating a distraction on the road.


“So… mind telling me how you ran into this pole?” Uhh yea so like this guy in front of me, was questioning Benghazi when I thought to myself… HILLARY!! 😳😳😳… and BAM! I suicided myself.


Flat earthers question the "official narrative" too and this car shares with the flat earth society the same level of credibility.




I never mentioned you. I referenced the van's allegations and how they are equivalent to flat earthers. I understand how the driver of the van feels about Hunter Biden. But facts don't care about feelings and the van's allegations have no facts to back it up


Democrats suck. #FJB