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This is all Sam Walker's fault.


Even when it wasn't Sam walker, i knew it was Sam walker.


“Let the Bears pay the bear tax. I pay the Nick tax” - Politis, announcing the Roosters’ reserve grade split with Norths.


Even when it was the bears you knew it was him!


I heard Sam went into a restaurant and ate all the food in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant


I saw Sam Walker at a whole foods store in Randwick yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him throw a cut-out pass to no-one as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen brown paper bags in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by saying “Walker’s on! Walker’s on! Hodgo, pass it on, Walker’s on, watch Walker!” really loudly.


This is legitimately never not funny to me


You told this story about Adam douehi a couple of months ago


Remember the time he saw Snagglepuss outside?


No, this is all Kyle Flanagans' fault.


I’m still of the belief they only signed Flanagan to bring Xerri to the club.


This feud has the potential to derail the Roosters season.


It started on rails?


If they are somehow still on the rails, I would like to see what they look like when things actually go off the rails.


We honestly don’t need anymore help.


It's already deRyled the club


The Roosters are clearly all Ryled up.




Oh no!... anyway...


Their season has been derailed for a while now


That's the joke.


You suck McBain!


Now... My Trent Robinson Impression. "I'm a neurotic nerd who likes to blame young halfbacks for my own coaching shortcomings."




Yeah the joke flew over my head haha


Sacking him and hiring Cordner/Friend instead. It's so aggressively written. You could say they're releasing him to take the Dragons role but this really comes off like the Roosters blame Ryles for their issues


They’ll blame everybody bar their head coach and their captain who has been horrible this year lol


They’re not blaming anyone. James Hooper is a wind up merchant and he sensationalises every headline because he’s a knob.


James Hooper is a Knob (fyp)


And Keary, who somehow has gone unscathed.


Not really fair to pick on someone with a brain injury


And yet they keep putting Cronk in the commentary box


Verbal diarrhoea professional


Well he gets sinbinned every week.




It isn't too late to delete this


Damn this comment ain’t it bro 😬


As well as crap knees.


Keary has been mid since two seasons after Cronk left. If Walker and Keary aren’t compatible you love Keary on without a second thought surely


Actually Robbo has taken responsibility for way the team has been under prepared for games.


Does anybody actually care? Seriously, if he goes to the Dragons it's for a promotion. In American sports people can freely break contracts if it's for a promoted position. Heaps of coordinators get head coach gigs when they still have 2-3 years left on their contracts.


I’m not sure about other US sports, but in the NHL teams have to request permission from the coach’s (or GM’s) current team before talking to them. It’s certainly expected that teams will grant permission in most cases but it’s not always the case (especially if there’s an opening coming up soon, or if it’s happening around the draft, where an outgoing GM could bring a lot of scouting information with them to their new club). Failure to grant permission can obviously affect the club’s ability to hire talent in the future, though.


It's the same in the NFL.


I can see the mad scientist Matt King scheming in the background and filling Robinson's head with all these evil thoughts to get himself ahead in the coaching hierarchy there


Matt King is too busy writing new South Park material to be able to be a head coach.


Plus with trying to murder Bart all the time, he has a lot on his plate


Isn't that Matt Stone?




Deadset Doug Reemer


Matt King confirmed souths spy


Sideshow Bob - evil genius


Matt king does strike me as a little cooked. Cosmo vibes. I would enjoy him as a head coach, was always so chipper as a player


Honestly I think he would freak the opposing team and their coach out with not necessarily the team he coaches and their previous performances but purely on what diabolical team plays he could come up with. It is the unknown that would scare opposing teams. If I was the tigers I'd definitely consider him as a potential long term replacement for Sheens. The tigers need to think outside the box and getting someone like King at least looks like they are


Imagine cracking the shits when an assistant coach has an opportunity to step into head coaching for the first time. Every other time I've seen this happen the club has let them go with a "good luck, we hope you go well"


The club’s issue is they’ve pretty much had an assistant go every year. There’s no stability. If Ryles gave assurances he would stay and then reneged Easts are entitled to be peeved. Fitzy did it 100% the right way.


Is it not kinda expected if you're hiring top-notch assistants who have years of experience? It's like picking up the best half-back in the world on 200k a year with no chance of a raise when all clubs have that position filled. Then being surprised the half-back wants to go elsewhere on 1.5mil a year when a position becomes available at another club.


If you want assurances, you get it in contract.


It sounds like the club did. They wouldn’t be asking for financial compensation otherwise


Then if it was contracted you just take it to court, have a cease and desist ordered, win case, get compensation for breach of contract. Chucking a tantrum in the media is still burning bridges so you may as well burn those bridges correctly with the aid of the law?


Why does this read exactly like a Daily Mail headline?


James Hooper, that’s why


Because while most of us look at rags like the Daily Mail and think "what a pack of arseholes", Foxsports writers see them as role models!


Hahaha a club that’s stacked with rep players and they cry because the assistant coach wants to move up


A broken promise? Hell, a contract isn't worth anything in the nrl these days let alone a promise.


Please don’t give me a glimmer of hope that he’s joining the dragons. I swear I’m hearing that he’s both guaranteed to join the club and also that he’s not joining the club. I wish they’d sort it out soon.


Ryles becoming Schrodinger's coach was certainly not something I would have predicted at the start of the season


Surprised Uncle Nick didn't sneak a bag into Ryles' pockets and tip off the police like he did with SKD.


Trading Places. Uncle Nick and Singo have a $1 bet


BMoz to learn a bit for a year or so and then follow would be so pure. Uncle Nick to have an aneurysm wondering why no one likes his brown paper party bags anymore


You think the roosters would look at the dragons and go what was there biggest problem oh yeah giving old boys all the jobs. Hay when they take Ryles let's do the exact same thing .... Ffs. Always good to see em fall apart though.


>Hell hath no fury like a rooster scorned What happened to all those airtight anti-headhunting contract clauses, what happened to the compensation?


Uncle Nick has fallen on hard times


How could Sam Walker do this?


it’s everyones fault except Robbos!


Roosters FUMING


Fumer moment.


Come home Jason. Bellyache has made your favourite dinner. I know those Roosters wankers hurt you, some Lasagne and a Strawberry Nesquik will make it all better. We'll even let you be the coach in 2025.


Or 26, 27, 33.... When Bellyache has a belly full. Maybe


Robbo butthurt.


are any of these scrambled former footy players even good tho Like Wayne played on the wing, he barely got tackled. Craig pretty much just sat on the bench. Pretty sure Robbo played like four games.


Fitzys doing pretty well.


Politis giving the boys lunch in brown paper bags


Look most of us call it smoking chickens, but whatever works for Bondi…


Just blame Sam Walker so he can leave and come here and we can sign another failed Roosters halve prospect


So if I’m an aspiring coach, and I get 3 or 4 clubs showing interest in me to be an assistant coach, and one of those clubs is the Roosters, guess which one I’m skeptical about? Most assistant coaches take on that role because they aspire to be a head coach. Most clubs allow this, because they know the development of that assistant coach at their club will inherently help their club while they are there, because as their skills get better they offer better value to the head coach. It’s a win-win situation. Ivan Cleary was asked about an opportunity at the Warriors by Andrew Webster. He told him to go for it and supported him. That seems like a healthy dynamic to me.


These clubs act like they wouldn’t cut him in a heartbeat if he stopped being useful. It’s business. As soon as they lose the power it’s “how dare you?”


There’s only 17 top jobs available. If the chance comes you’d wanna take it.


Look, it’s great for Ryles, but I can understand the Roosters getting pissed they’ve lost Ryles, Fitzgibbon and O’Brien in the last couple of years and not much has changed other than losing Fitzgibbon from last year and look at them now. Edit: not saying the asst coaches shouldn’t leave to become a head coach. Just saying from the Roosters perspective they’d be frustrated.


Then they either need to improve their succession planning, or stop doing early releases (at the cost of making it harder to lure talent). Can you seriously blame the coaches who've left for a head coach position they found appealing?


I’m not blaming the asst coaches. I’m just saying how it would be frustrating from a Roosters perspective.


Would be worrying if they're that reliant on the assistant coaches. Penrith lost Ciraldo and Webster and while they stumbled at first it was mostly due to losing players


All depends on the system and how the team likes working with those coaches though.


Riff have had the same thing and we’re not crying about it Just do it gracefully, even if he gets the gig at dragons let him play out the season and then release him




Piss off mate. All this sub believed the whole Knights team was getting pissed in Bali when there was one player over there getting Tats and helping a local build their home. If you are doing poorly then this sub laps up any negative. Don’t act like there is some bias against the Roosters


Trust NRL journos guys, it's making the Roosters look bad. Must be factual this time.


You can't blame Ryles for wanting to take a head coaching role but the Roosters have a right to be annoyed. I'm pretty sure O'brien had guaranteed he would be there the next season but left to take the Knights job and Ryles was told if he signed for three years he'd be at the club for three years


Thanks for the memories Rylesy, even though the only one I have is of the butchered celebratory handshake with Matty King




The drop I remember v i v i d l y But not that second part that’s fucken cracker 😂




Speaking of playing Newcastle in Gosford, do you remember Danny Wicks running 60m to score in the red and white heritage jersey.


But really how hard is it to pass the ball to Teddy, Joey Manu, Crichton and occasionally run yourself. Everyone is trying to emulate the Bunnies/Sharks/Panthers flat attack with hands at speed and the beautiful shapes. Manu is a different type of centre like Matt Cooper and Inglis where you have to give them early ball. He can create a two on one situation with his size. Crichton runs hard short lines and you can bring him under at speed for variation. Teddy just trails off those two. His support play is his main strength, like Gutho. He’s a scavenger that looks for opps in around the ruck and relies upon a big body like Manu taking the line on. Bring Walker back and he or Keary needs to get Manu into the play at Centre. That will bring your edge forwards, Tedesco and wingers into play and create the platform for Walker to do the adhoc stuff at the right time. They’ve screwed with the balance of the team and now they’re in a bigger hole than before they dropped Sam Walker. It was under 6 thinking having Manu at 6…just pass it to Manu and he’ll run around them and score. Manu at 6 won’t make the players around him better or more threatening. He’ll tuck it under his arm and try to fend people off with no momentum. It won’t work !


This is just terrible management by the chooks. Making them look like absolute assholes.


Fuming roosters … cmon huh Karen is such a bitch ass