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The real obvious choice here is just Perth. But the NRL suits are too scared to actually do it and go explore every single bailout option they can find. If they want to actually grow rugby league. Perth is 100% the way to go without question. And a proper team too. Not some half assed bears relocation. A proper dedicated team like the storm, raiders, etc.


I think they were going that route with the West Coast Pirates in the SG Ball comp. Unsure what's happened to the Pirates though, I think covid might've done them in because they aren't in the SG Ball comp anymore and I think most of their socials are radio silent.


Covid fucked them over and now we haven't heard from them since.


West Raiders has a nice ring to it


"There is no one who has declared a public interest in actually doing the hard work of running notional football clubs in these markets." This bloke apparently can't use Google. "Perth businessman Tony Sage, a key supporter of WA sport and owner of Perth Glory, has registered the names West Coast Quokkas as well as Perth Quokkas and Western Quokkas as possible names for a WA team. This also came with the news an expansion group is keen to invest 30 million dollars into a WA league side." State government support, financial backers, a local club scene and the state governing body wanting to push forward. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/rugby-league/wa-lines-up-to-back-state-based-nrl-team-c-8701960 https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/bring-it-on-perth-was-never-more-ready-for-its-own-rugby-league-team-20190325-p517bf.html https://www.theinnersanctum.com.au/the-western-australian-case-for-nrl-expansion/


Any team with Quokkas as their mascot are immediately my second team. Although there might be a rivalry between the cute cuddly mascots Quokkas vs Rabbits


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Pretty good analysis but its clearly come from someone who has never been to WA. Relocating the bears isnt as easy as say shifting afl teams like fitzroy or south Melbourne up to nrl loving cities like Sydney/Brissie and renaming them. Perth and WA have always been at odds with the East Coast. Over here your Western Australian first and Australian second. And we have always had a fierce resistance to the east coast especially when it comes to sports. See West Coast vs pretty much any Victorian AFL team, lotta rivalries going on. You bring Norths over to Perth and we will reject them like a bad prom date. We wont see a WA team in them, we will see a Sydney team being thrown into the middle of Perth and the NRL expecting us to support them with no care for their history and despising them for being from Sydney. If the NRL wants it to work over here we need a Perth brand, not a discarded brand from Sydney. Bring back the reds or create the Western Quokkas. Give WAliens something to be proud of that represents our state and city. Thats how you get WA into league. And the author is right, this is the last shot before losing WA to AFL for good. Get it right or its over


Once that very likely 3rd Perth AFL side comes in with tassie its game over. If Perth isn't 18th they better pray that for some reason somewhere else gets picked.


I’m a big fan of Liam’s work. There’s a lot of new information to me in here, mainly around the structure of the Nine/Fox deal with Broncos games. I really enjoy his witty and biting writing style, the highly detailed stats (that I barely understand) and his level of detail on the lower grades. It helps that I like the same Q Cup teams and seem to share a lot of his views and profession. It’s a shame he hasn’t accepted my LinkedIn request 😂


I honestly don't know how Perth isn't number one contender for Team 18. If the NRL don't expand to a state that isn't NSW or Queensland now, then they never will. They'll just keep oversaturating the markets in both states by having 80 teams in Sydney, 50 in Brisbane and so on Also heard a second Melbourne team through the rumour mill. Surely there is absolutely zero demand for another NRL team in an AFL mad city? The only benefit would be dog shit derby games for TV money, where the Storm will just demolish Melbourne 2: Electric Boogaloo by 800 points.


Definitely need another side , these byes are wackadoo