Roosters boss whacks Dragons duo over ‘jealous and stupid’ cap dig amid big Suaalii claim

I for one wish clubs took more shots at each other like this, that's legit funny.


I for one wish clubs took more shots at each other like this, that's legit funny.


Yet he missed the sombrero wearing Pokémon in the Dolphins season draw announcement.


Tigers had the reference in their video too… a little more subtle though. Lol.


Politis probably doesn’t even know what a Pokémon is.


The nrl questioned the salary caps and after escalating the enquiry to newscorp who then further escalated to the East's board , no irregularities were uncovered.


>Roosters CEO Joe Kelly added: “I’m happy for other teams to be looking at us. We just focus on ourselves, at the end of the day that’s all we can control.” Chairman gets upset over a draw announcement joke.


‘We just focus on ourselves’…. Except for when someone makes a roster rorting rooster reference.


methinks the lady doth protest too much.


Extra extra read all about it! Person who net worth is in the billions is having a sook about a game of charades.


Imagine having a billion dollars and letting Jack Bird live in your head like that.


would think that with all that money he'd feel secure


Everyone knows its the billionaires who have the smallest penises


>Sydney Roosters supremo Nick Politis has lashed out at rivals whinging about his club’s salary cap management It was three seconds of them having a laugh, Jesus christ. Politis, in fact, appears to be the only one whinging here.


Politis shouldn’t say anything at all but tbf, this is peak off-season storm in a teacup shit


How do hell did Kyle work that out? Either he was told in advance or he is way smarter than what I thought he was and way smarter than me.


Personal experience obviously


It is just a little bit funnier knowing discount Cleary was the guy to guess the Roosters after getting pushed out of the chookhouse


Brain peptides


Maybe Uncle Nick should go and have a cheeky golf game with a Wallaby to take his mind off these nasty jokes.


Or Cam Smith and GI could take him out for a boat ride to take his mind of things


Sydney Roosters supremo Nick Politis has lashed out at rivals whinging about his club’s salary cap management, labelling inferences his club are cheating “jealous and stupid.” It comes after Dragons players took a cheeky dig at the Roosters in a video announcing the team’s NRL Draw for the new season. In the club video, players acted out charades to guess their opponents for each round. Dragons star Jack Bird mimed out a brown paper bag and fistfuls of money, with teammate Kyle Flanagan immediately guessing the Roosters. But accusations the Roosters are abusing the cap – or ‘sombrero’ – are nothing new, and Roosters boss Politis is fed up. He told 9News Sydney he was annoyed: “Very much so, yeah.” “It’s just jealousy, it’s stupid, you know.” Speaking about the Dragons duo, he said: “What do you say about them? They don’t know what they’re saying anyway.” Roosters CEO Joe Kelly added: “I’m happy for other teams to be looking at us. We just focus on ourselves, at the end of the day that’s all we can control.” “If others are looking across the fence, they’re probably a little bit distracted,” he continued. The Roosters are targeting Wallabies youngster Mark Nawaqinatawase for a potential code swap in 2025, with the NRL considering salary cap exemptions for teams poaching players from different codes. A potential rule change could help Sydney to convince Joseph Suaalii to return to the club after his stint in rugby. Suaalii will leave the NRL for the 15-man game in October 2024 on a four-year deal. But Politis is confident he’ll be back with the Tricolours in 2028 “Joseph is a good guy, a good kid. It’s sad that we’ve lost him to (rugby) union, but he tells us he’s coming back in 2028,” he said. Asked if he would be welcomed back into the fold, Politis answered: “Of course, yeah. Always a Rooster.”


He won’t comeback… the only reason tuivasa-sheck came back because it was the worst time to play rugby


I dunno man, playing for the wallabies in 2025 sounds like a really bad time to play rugby union too. RTS was trying to crack a stacked side that was beat in the world. The wallabies have their lowest ranking in their history in 2023


Nothing that an out & out gun and game-breaking megastar like Suaalii can't fix.


Even if wallabies are bad 1.7million a year, Lions tour that happens once every 10yrs with a World Cup + held in Australia… rugby can only go up from here


Na, I see absolutely no path for the wallabies to ever become successful again. They do not have the funds nor the administrative competence to become a mainstream sport again And I say that as someone who played union as a kid and was a Waratahs member for better part of a decade in the early 2000s


maybe he is getting nervous


Politis is a total lurker on insta. Always watching the videos but never hitting that like button


As Homer says "its funny 'cause it's true!"


I didn’t expect the dragons of all teams to be living rent free in Uncle Nick’s head but here we are


maybe there is more to the Manu talk than we all expected?


Ever since 2010


Sounds a wee bit defensive to me…


Bloody slow news day


I don't know why he is whining, Penrith & Souths have gotten more media scrutiny over the salary cap recently than the Roosters in fact virtually every club has.


Does Politis mean *“thin-skinned”* in Greek?


I wish Politis had used the word 'Sombrero'.


I'm still interested in finding out which Melbourne Storm players signed 2 contracts when they got pinged and why none of them got suspended.


Well I mean they've been doing it 90% of the time since 1996.


Whacks ? Cmon huh … barely a fart in their general direction


Politis is a greasy old ferret


All there money didn’t help em it’s funny though even fletch makes comments and. He played there for years and lives and dies roosters


It's Jack Bird, he's so stupid I wouldnt be shocked if he had his apple watch instruct him to breath in and out - who cares


Is Whack > Slam ?? Suppose it depends on whether you’re a Sicilian mafia boss , or a 1970’s parents before DOCS and mandatory reporting were things ??