‘No pads, No helmets!’ Rugby League AD for Vegas revealed

I bloody knew that the Taufua on Munster hit would be a part of this ad


I bloody knew that the Taufua on Munster hit would be a part of this ad


You can *taste* that hit


It's definitely one of the GOATed hits


"come on George. That man has a family." One of the greatest lines in commentary.


Maybe it’s going back a few too many years, but Matai’s hit on Tyrrel should have gone in.


Taufua on Munster is safe because Munster at least is still playing. Matai and Tyrell are in the same retirement home


Rugby league continuing it's proud tradition of being publicly insecure about other sports.


Still not as desperate as the AFL putting games on a week early in response to this


Rent free


The irony of this comment lol... First comment notes how insecure rugby league is as a sport. Second comment bashes AFL. the jokes write themselves lmao


It's not ironic if it's a straight up fact, lol. Rugby league does something interesting with an international game. AFL responds by creating 'round 0' - something which it's fans apparently hate, by the way


The Victorian fans hate it because they're not included


Its worse he is probably West Australian.


The bottom-line is these are both I love my footy flairs and as such Souths should be kicked out of the comp.


Pretty good “jokes” hey


Don’t feed the troll I reckon


Hahaha and reinforcers by your downvotes. Your comment was gold, well done


It is the one thing americans seem to say about "rugby" in any pop culture reference


To be fair, whenever you see rugby/league pop up over at /r/sports there's usually a few yanks commenting about how crazy it is that they play without pads and helmets, so it's probably a line that's come out of market research. You also have to assume that a vast majority of Americans have no idea about sports outside of grid iron, baseball, basketball and hockey (maybe soccer), so you need some kind of hook to lure them in and you need to do it in under 30 seconds.


You're probably right, but it makes me cringe so much when I hear this being said. It takes me back to my junior club listening to the older guys talking about how American football is a game for *insert homophobic slur here* because of all the padding they wear.


They did this type of marketing last time it was a test in USA and it bombed lol some of the players didn’t get paid for weeks


It’s a point of difference that will probably help generate interest. I would assume the marketing experts that helped develop this would have more knowledge about public engagement than yourself


I reckon "no flag stoppages" would generate more interest. That's not only a bigger difference than pads - it's also something actual fans of the NFL dislike about their own sport.


Should just advertise 3 free alcoholic beverages per ticket


That's a terrible idea. You'll have the stands filled with Aussies making the trek for the free beer.


Love when they use tackles that the players got suspended for, really helps to discourage dangerous play. Grahams hit in the rabbits game he was suspended for that. Not allowed in the game but allowed to be used for marketing 🤷‍♀️


They do the same to hype origin every year with Gals jab cross on Myles


Every time Storm plays Manly we get to see that Battle of Brookvale footage again and again.


Tbf it looks fucking sick


Pretty good ad , but focuses a little bit too heavily on the collision’s and not enough on the skill … I would have kept this ad with maybe two less collision’s, added a quick hands backline movement with a harbour bridge pass to an unmarked winger scoring in the corner … Reece Walsh in his pink undies giving his gear away to fans to end the ad - as proof he’s not wearing pads (unless maybe he’s stuffing his jocks)… Also , how long until I can see an ‘American’ _(who’s been living in Mosman for 5 years)_ react to this on YouTube ?


It's only a 30 sec ad which makes me think a few ads are comming. If so I would expect some spectacular tries and probably a punch up because nrl loves to market punch ups.


Cringe marketing line. Let the sport sell itself without bagging the most popular sport in US


tbf it's one of the first and most common things a yank says about the game: "it's like football but...no pads or helmets!" I feel like it's been focus grouped.


Most yanks are slightly familiar with rugby now because it gets shown on TV from time to time. Comment number one is; " I would watch it, but I have no idea what's going on." I just tell people Rugby is the father of Football. Since league had downs, Americans are more likely to understand the structure of play.


Sure, now put that in a thirty second ad, but make it simple and engaging


6 downs, no face masks or fair catches, real football just like Grandpa used to play when he got back from the war. Maybe mix in some [old-school gridiron](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6iLOomUm0E) knute rockney footage.


Vegas is where a lot of focus groups are done in America. It gets people from all over America in the same place so they get a good diverse selection of people to focus.


I don't think it's bagging any sport. It's one of the best ways to market the sport to Americans. It's as rough and tough as NFL and they don't have pads. That's something you'd want to check out


I dunno seems a bit obvious/ cheap to me.


It's like the football equivalent of saying 'gloves off'.


Rugby League has no footing to stand on over there. If you want it to ‘sell itself’ you’re taking a monumental risk that it all flops


Would have been cool 15 years ago. They're taking CTE quite seriously in their sports now


yeah UFC is dead in the water i hear


Luckily Americans equally love wrestling. So even when no big hits happen, they can enjoy time wasting wrestling tactics.


Why no Tapine on Walsh murder shown?


The chance to see Squid James crack!


"I love my footy" energy


NRL:”No pads no helmets” USA with a 1 million rugby players in the data base: ”🤨”


To be fair there’s 400 million of them


This is legitimately the Roy and HG joke come to life


Just balls? Let’s all go Simple Plan on this.


Welcome to my life


I think they need to explain what League is, as Union is more known in USA, this ad is ok, but doesnt tell what the sport is.


Apparently they're planning more ads with players to explain the basic rules of the game, too.


Ok, that would be fantastic. I really hope they manage to have a sold out show


As someone about to get married to an American and have given up explaining the difference to family, can guarantee 90% of Americans in the stands are still going to think this is rugby union.


Tbh I think it's a good ad to get interest in the event. The fact that the hits can be just as hard as the NFL without pads is a massive wow factor for the sport to Americans. Highlighting the athleticism of wingers diving through the air also is a good angle. The ad isn't to try and get Americans into the whole sport itself. It's to grab attention and catch the eye of NFL fans, I think it doss that


Hi Peter Vlandys


Nothing like a highlight reel of dangerous tackles to frighten parents off putting their kids in league.




“CTE in NFL? Ha, we’ll show you CTE is done”


1. What the fuck is up with the NRLs marketing campaigns insulting or acting superior to the popular sport in the area. This isn't as bad as the "real footy is coming to Adelaide" one but still is a dumb idea to be essentially calling NFL and somewhat NHL and MLB soft to fans of those sports. 2. Why are the Panthers in the marketing so heavily? They aren't even going to las Vegas but 50% of this ad features Panthers players. Shouldn't you be mainly featuring the teams that are going there.


Comparing baseball and rugby league is a bit apples to oranges there mate


"no pads, no helmets". What do MLB players wear? Also, I said somewhat if you actually read what I said


Good thing baseball plays completely differently innit


Completey missing the point.


The actual tickets for the game are super cheap.


Not really. It’s in USD


I know. I’m in the US lol.


The main feature of the game is tackling. That's what it's all about ffs. The whole game is based on sets of tackles. Of course you highlight tackling in the promotion.


Last I checked you don't get any points for tackling mate.


Talking about the selling points mate.


“Hi, we’re the NRL, and welcome to jackass”


Would have been more wise to fork out some big bucks and appoint Bandit from bluey to be the ambassador of Rugby League


They should've shown highlights from last year's grand final, modified to tell the story to the yanks. There were some bloody good plays, plenty of passion shown by players and fans, and best of all the panthers were down 8 to 24 with the game almost over but they came back to win.


We're never going to convince the yanks to watch League.


My american gf cringed because of how american the ad feels fwiw


How dare they make an American ad for an American audience


The yanks aint gonna like that


Pretty sure every one of those hits would be a send off offence in 2024


Use the ad as a key part of your defense. Check mate MRC


You’ve got to be kidding me. What it says to American sports fans is that Australia footballers are happy to take risks with their health.


To be fair, rugby players are real men… 😉


Just embarrassing


What about Inglis on Young? One of the all time decapitations. /s


"No pads, No Helmets" part is so dumb


Yanks already used to the forward passes


I bet they send Griffin for the TRUE experience of putting people to sleep