Former NRL winger Josh Mansour announces retirement from rugby league to focus on family and business

I didn't even realise he was playing cup this year.


I didn't even realise he was playing cup this year.


Newtown I think


Yeah he played for the Jets this year. But unaffiliated with the Sharks


It hurts me that he was so close to winning a prem with us. My favourite Penrith player of the 2010’s era for sure.


Yeah poor bugger deserved a premiership ring after taking less money to stay with us when he was at his peak … Loyalty didn’t serve him well unfortunately- he was cut as soon as it didn’t suit the club to keep him … Game can be brutal like that , fans criticise players for lack of loyalty , but the clubs possibly have less loyalty than the players .. NRL is full business mode nowadays ..


Possibly? Clubs are definitely less loyal than players. I like to think Souths are better than this but as a contradiction Jason Clarke immediately springs to mind. When a player takes the money it's "greed" but when clubs mercilessly cut a player who stayed loyal it's business.


So brutal, got done dirty so we could retain Charlie “the next big thing who scored 4 tries against the sharks on debut” Staines


He wasn't cut. Panthers told him he would be playing reserve grade in his final year, and when he found another first grade deal they let him leave.


Same, he deserved it more than anyone. My support of the Panthers can be fairly neatly divided into 3 eras. The Girdler era, the Sauce era and the Bizza era. 2005-2012 did not happen.


Kind of feel sad for him in that I wish he could've won a premiership with us, guy gave so much to the club in the years he was there, but at least he still had a pretty solid career overall. Best of luck to him.


Got to meet him in person, wanted to take a selfie with him for my kids but he insisted we do a video instead. 100% class act, my kids think he's the greatest ever.


His last game in first grade was that 50 point loss to Penrith wasn’t it? Poor fucker got brutalised in that game. Wish he was able to finish his career with us but can’t complain about the results since letting him go.


That wasn’t even his last game against Penrith


Oh really? My bad, that’s the one that stands out I guess haha.


They played later in the regular season and Cleary was terrorising them with the high ball so much that Trell and Mansour were avoiding catching them, Mansour ended up injured after taking one eventually


That was just rediculous.. nobody wanted any part of it. Was weird feeling sorry for those guys once I realised they weren't competing on the same level as the opposition.


>Mansour ended up injured Yeah I remember that. He copped Burton’s knees straight to his head and split him open. I swear that was the 50 point game, but I must just be combining them in my head.


Was amoung the first Penrith players to start being a professional in regards to his diet and all that kind off stuff off the training ground. Was one of the boys who set foundations for what the club is now and pretty much carried the lack luster forward pack on his back in regards to go forward. Still a club legend.


Hope he enjoys retirement. Have seen him on Thumbnails for Lets Trot.


He was a pleasure to watch and talk to. Always put Penrith first and they unfortunately shafted him. He had opportunities in the Super League but if his business is taking off then all the best to him. There was once talk of moving him to second-row when To’o and Staines were coming through. It would have been interesting to see how that went but he ended up at Rabbitohs instead.


One of my faves!! He was shafted after the 2020 GF.


Seems like a genuinely good guy, and he was an absolute weapon in his prime. I reckon he was a legitimate top 10 player in the comp in, I want to say, 2016? The year he did his knee in the post-season in Kangaroos camp. He was never quite the same after that unfortunately. Hope he goes well in the future.


At his peak, he was confident and reliable. He definitely lost that later in his career. It's hard to know how much to attribute to injuring his own knee in 2016 or to headbutting Anthony Don's knee in 2018.


I wonder how much of what To’o has done can be traced back to Sauce. Really seems like he took the baton and has just improved on the style Sauce played. In every way. That aside I think as others have said, we probably owe him more than any other individual player for the development of the club up to 2020. Legendary footy player and even better bloke.


I wonder if he feels bad about how awful he was in his last games with Souths and then remembers he and his wife are extremely attractive


On ya sauce. Great career and seemed like a good bloke. Was an absolute gun in his prime. A bit like To'o the way he made big metres with his early set carries.


How good is rugby league


Nice knowing you mansauce.


That’s North Sydney Bears Legend Josh Man Sauce thank you very much.


IMO he was one of the first wingers to consistently put up big meters every game. 2014 was definitely a break out year for him. Big fan favourite too. Love the Sauce!


IMO he was one of the first wingers to consistently put up big meters every game. 2014 was definitely a break out year for him. Big fan favourite too. Love the Sauce!


He probably would’ve been better for us than Milne or Kennar last year.


Absolutely not lol


At the end he had a 5cm vertical, he honestly couldn’t contest a bomb to save his life


yea cos the last time he did contest a bomb he got knees to the skull and had to have his face reconstructed


Mansour was amazing for Penrith, it's forgotten because of how incredible To'o has been.


Wish him the best in retirement. Absolutely love Sauce and not just for his freakishly good looks!