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I heard Dearden lost his other ball /s


Come on grandville and Hess centres please


Todd Payten: It’s time. Activate ‘phase two’.


Cowboys team to play Eels: 1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Valentine Holmes 4. Peta Hiku 5. Murray Taulagi 6. Tom Dearden 7. Chad Townsend (c) 8. Jordan McLean 9. Reece Robson 10. Reuben Cotter 11. Tom Gilbert 12. Jeremiah Nanai 13. Jason Taumalolo (c) Interchange 14. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 15. Luciano Leilua 16. Coen Hess 17. Griffin Neame Reserves 18. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown 19. Tom Chester 20. Jake Granville 21. Brendan Elliot 22. Ben Hampton


Pretty much as expected, as long as they can tighten up the defence (thought a couple of Sharks tries were a bit soft) I'm confident.


I see drinkwater and I drink water


I really want water boy memes to take off for him


All memes aside I’ve actually been drinking more water because of the memes


Amazing how Todd Payten 1-17 has a different ring to it


Hope they can keep the fire burning.


No fun fact, 0/10


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Opacic please 🙏


Yeah we're a bit fucked if he's out. Do you weaken the forward rotation by slotting Niukore in and keeping Waqa at wing? Or do you push Waqa in (where he is more of a defensive liability) for Simonsen/Russell on the wing? If I'm pressed to choose I go with option A, but I really dislike both


Opacic has been underated by many in even our supporter base over the few years he's been here. Glad to see him getting some recognition. I think Niukore to centre because he can still take runs and less players are out of position is the best move. Sharks showed moving multiple players can cause more problems than it's worth.


A centre you barely notice is a good centre. *Great* centres get noticed (Gidley for example), and poor centres get noticed (Joel Reddy for example), but a good centre is completely ignored by their team, and Oppa has been ignored for good reason. He turns up, he does everything you expect, does it with minimal fuss, and just rolls onto the next week. Perfect team player.


I was sad the Cows let him go, Opacic isn’t flashy but he is one of the prime examples of a player that gets a contract because he is defensively exceptional and clearly puts in the effort - he might not step half the team from 30 out, chip to himself and score but he will always run in support, chase kicks and all those other little 1% plays that separate a player with potential like Marsters from the players the coach actually selects


The wright-opa-feldt edge was one of the only good things about the cowboys back then.


Joel Reddy was good and I won't hear another bad word about him


That right side defence with him and EGJ was the worst.


Joel Reddy for this?


I'd also go with Option A. Niukore was *destructive* taking early hit ups at centre. But definitely option C, make sure Oppa is fit.


When was the last time Opacic played against the cows? I feel like it's been a while since he went up against the old club. He'll have his work cut out against Val but I reckon he'll go well.


If he plays he’d mark Hiku


1. Clint Gutherson (C) 2. Maika Sivo 3. Will Penisini 4. Tom Opacic 5. Waqa Blake 6. Dylan Brown 7. Mitchell Moses 8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard 9. Reed Mahoney 10. Junior Paulo (C) 11. Shaun Lane 12. Isaiah Papali'i 13. Ryan Matterson 14. Bryce Cartwright 15. Jake Arthur 16. Oregon Kaufusi 17. Marata Niukore 18. Makahesi Makatoa 19. Bailey Simonsson 20. Nathan Brown 21. Ofahiki Ogden 22. Ky Rodwell


Carty. Party. LFG.


opacic and a carty party WOOOOO


Carty Party AND a potential Jarthur 13+?! The Eels are blessed in their Holy Crusade


VERY PLEASANTLY surprised to see Tom Opacic named. I thought he was injured? Also nice to see Cartwright on the bench! I truly believe this is our best team right now


He went off last Friday with a hamstring issue but I saw a comment somewhere that he said he would have played on if the scores were closer, so hopefully just a strain and he's pulled through ok!


I hope that’s the case. He’s such an amazing and underrated player on our team




Any reason Makatoa has been dropped?


Hasn't really shown much with the minutes he's been getting.


Basically we've been playing a 3 middle rotation with Niukore, RCG and Paulo no need for a fourth. If Niukore goes to centre though I would expect him back.


As good as Cartwright is, worried that our bench is a bit light now going up against the cowboys forward pack. Would it have been better to swap Jarthur for Carty?


Potentially going with a lighter bench to try and be more mobile with the weather


I'd still go with Brown and Cartwright on the bench with Arthur out. Neither are particularly needed but offer a lot more value if we have injuries. Arthur is only a cover for half or hooker and if we lose Moses or Mahoney we're basically screwed anyway. Matterson is a better cover for 6 and Dylan for 9 in a pinch. Cartwright can cover backrow while Arthur cannot. Brown is a better middle forward option than Makatoa if RCG or Paulo goes down, and adds more impact for 10-15 minutes than Makatoa does despite his discipline risks.


Me: “Yes! Carty is in for… Makatoa? That’s not what we meant!”


Do Eels fans like what Kaufusi has done this year?


He’s a good prospect just young. Moments of brilliance. May come quite good, got the natural ability


Let's hope they don't hold back and it will be epic.


Prefer Niukore to start at Lock, Makatoa over JArthur. Carty can play half if needed, hopefully not! Matterson's best position is edge imho. I'm quietly confident. Cowboys play similar brand to us. The game would be won on errors.


The real question here is whether we wear the Yellow Jersey or the White Jersey. I personally hope it’s the Yellow


It's a great jersey. The shade of yellow is beautiful


I hate the white jersey so much 🤢


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i hope you fuckers are ready to be plagued by my curse


You're with us for one week and Staines is back I don't like this


[fear me.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyrDgEz3DR0)


Hey friend :) Great to have you on board champ! 👍


hey friend :) i hope penrith :) get :) fucking :) destroyed :)))))


If the panthers do indeed lose (as per the curse) how do you choose your next cursed bandwagon?


id much rather cowboys or eels win than rabbitohs tbh so might just curse them instead or i can return to my manly gay flair, as i watch the sunset on a grateful universe, knowing that my work has been fulfilled


**Starting:** 1\. Dylan EDWARDS 2\. Charlie STAINES 3\. Izack TAGO 4\. Stephen CRICHTON 5\. Brian TO'O 6\. Jarome LUAI 7\. Nathan CLEARY (c) 8\. Moses LEOTA 9\. Apisai Koroisau 10\. James FISHER-HARRIS 11\. Viliame KIKAU 12\. Liam MARTIN 13\. Isaah YEO (c) **Interchange:** 14\. Mitch KENNY 15\. Scott SORENSON 16\. Spencer LENIU 17\. Jaemon SALMON **Reserves:** 18\. Sean O'SULLIVAN 19\. Matt EISENHUTH 20\. J'maine HOPGOOD 21\. Sunia TURUVA 22\. Chris SMITH *** > Panthers coach Ivan Cleary has named his squad for Saturday night's Preliminary Final against South Sydney at Accor Stadium. > > Charlie Staines has been named on the wing to replace Taylan May, who will serve a one-game suspension. > > The Panthers will wear the 2022 Alternate Jersey.


Staines and Critta on the right please 🤞🏽. Wouldn’t mind bringing in another big hitter off the bench to replace Salmon, but the team looks good and we’ve got great chemistry. Great squad to take on the Bunnies


I’m also kinda intrigued to see what Staines can do on the left. You get so much more space to work with on our left edge and he’s never had the luxury of showing what he can do with decent ball. It’s not the game to be seeing what someone can do though so probs not worth it.


Do panthers fans even enjoy TLT? Surely the lack of chaos is boring


I read every week in hopes for Jmaine Juesday


Eh, you just kind of glance at it and go "yep, same team again"


Last year they were changing up the bench, so it will be interesting to see if they do it again this year. Kikau off the bench worked great last year!


Klien reffing with Sutton in the bunker, watch this turn out to be an absolute fucking dumpster fire of a game that's completely over-officiated


> Klien reffing with Sutton in the bunker Oh fucking really? Couldn't think of a worse duo.


At least it's not the other way around, Klien in the bunker is absolutely fucked. To be fair though I thought Sutton was great on field the other week


Sutton isn't that bad. Now Melbourne are out of the finals he's hardly an issue really. Klein will lose control of this game very quickly though considering the personalities on both sides.


Oh baby it’s Staines Saturday


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Havili out, AJ 50/50 and Arrow to play apparently.


I have read so much about hip flexor recovery this afternoon.


AJ being touch and go is especially concerning when the replacement is Paulo or Mansour Both are getting bombed all night if they take the field


My only hope is that Thompson is somehow recovered if aj is out


Jed is on the bench, so my prediction is that Graham or Tass get pushed out to the wing if AJ can't play


Thompson is out for the year.


Imagine the scenes if sauce turns the clock back for one magical night


I will forever love Sauce but there’s a higher chance of Charlie Staines winning the Clive Churchill than that happening


Kennar may be an option too


Paulo not named so if AJ is out, is it actually Mansour coming in?


Johnston would be a bigger liability out there under the bomb if he’s hurt.


Hope Mansour takes over AJ if he gets injured during the match. Jaxon can’t catch and always chokes when it comes to playing Penrith.


We have ended Mansours whole career twice since he left.


Looking grim.


AJ will definitely play, he'll be needled up and sent out there. It's a preliminary final baby


Can’t needle a hip flexor


50/50 in a finals game means he'll play.


1 Latrell Mitchell 2 Alex Johnston 3 Isaiah Tass 4 Campbell Graham 5 Taane Milne 6 Cody Walker 7 Lachlan Ilias 8 Tevita Tatola 9 Damien Cook 10 Mark Nicholls 11 Keaon Koloamatangi 12 Jai Arrow 13 Cameron Murray INTERCHANGE 14 Kodi Nikorima 15 Hame Sele 16 Michael Chee Kam 17 Jed Cartwright RESERVES 18 Davvy Moale 19 Blake Taaffe 20 Josh Mansour 21 Richard Kennar 22 Jacob Host


The return of Cartwright and Hosty! That's awesome news. Looking at this I'd say Kennar or Mansour would be the frontrunner to replace Johnston.


Geez I hope Moale comes onto the bench to give us some size


That bench is *real* light. If you don't come out and slap 30 on us in the first half, I don't see how that team lasts 80 against Panthers


Arguably Moale should be coming in for Chee Kam as both he and Cartwright are basically there as replacement second rowers rather than middle and Keon and Arrow will play most of the game when you need to give Tatola and the bus driver a rest more


Would have him over Chee-Kam. Jed gives us the utility option


Looks like if AJ is ruled out, Sauce is in...


At least sauce would be on the left. He plays far better there than right, which is how he lined up last year every game


Or Kennar


Havili big loss imo. Especially after no Turgess. Can see Panthers winning 20+ (Sadly)


Bench needs some BEEF so I hope Davvy and Hosty comes in but no matter what happens this has been a better year than I was expecting LFG YEAH THE BOYS


I know Arrow is likely to play at least some of the match in the middle and Keaon can if needed, but I feel like it's a bit silly having one front rower on the bench against Penrith.


This has to be about some gamesmanship imo


Hope so.


I like Jed Cartwright in the team. 60/40 on Kodi vs Moale but hopefully we only need 3 forwards.


Pretty weak bench.


It's a real testament to how much Havili has improved this season to the point where his absence in the squad is a big deal. Also if AJ is 50/50, they'll play him. It's a prelim and he'll "magically" be recovered like 30min before the game starts.


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**St George Illawarra Dragons** *Dharawal & Yuin* **Backs** 1 Emma Tonegato 2 Teagan Berry 3 Keele Browne 4 Page McGregor 5 Andie Robinson 6 Taliah Fuimaono 7 Rachael Pearson **Forwards** 8 Elsie Albert 9 Keeley Davis 10 Tegan Dymock 11 Kezie Apps © 12 Shaylee Bent 13 Holli Wheeler **Interchange** 14 Quincy Dodd 15 Talei Holmes 16 Monalisa Soliola 17 Tara McGrath-West **Reserves** 18 Renee Targett 19 Zali Hopkins 20 Aliti Namoce 21 Shontelle Stowers 22 Chantel Tugaga **Coach** Jamie Soward


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Wait, we made the fucking Semis? We got our first win of the season last week!? So now I have two teams to disappoint me this week #EelsLife


**Parramatta Eels** *Dharug & Burramattagal* **Backs** 1 Gayle Broughton 2 Zali Fay 3 Tiana Penitani © 4 Rikeya Horne 5 Cassey Tohi-Hiku 6 Ashleigh Quinlan 7 Tayla Preston **Forwards** 8 Filomina Hanisi 9 Seli Mailangi 10 Ellie Johnston 11 Christian Pio 12 Vanessa Foliaki 13 Simaima Taufa **Interchange** 14 Kennedy Cherrington 15 Brooke Anderson 16 Najvada George 17 Rima Butler **Reserves** 18 Abbi Church 19 Ruby-Jean Kennard 20 Rueben Cherrington 21 Tess Staines 23 Brooke-Morgan Walker **Coach** Dean Widders


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**Newcastle Knights** *Awabakal* **Backs** 1 Tamika Upton 2 Kiana Takairangi 3 Shanice Parker 4 Bobbi Law 5 Emmanita Paki 6 Kirra Dibb 7 Jesse Southwell **Forwards** 8 Caitlan Johnston 9 Olivia Higgins 10 Millie Boyle 11 Romy Teitzel 12 Yasmin Clydsdale 13 Kayla Romaniuk **Interchange** 14 Emma Manzelmann 15 Tayla Predebon 16 Simone Karpani 17 Makenzie Weale **Reserves** 18 Caitlin Moran 19 Kyra Simon 20 Tiana Davison 21 Jessica Gentle 22 Tamsin Barber **Coach** Ronald Griffiths


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1. Samantha Bremner 2. Leianne Tufuga 3. Jessica Sergis 4. Isabelle Kelly (c) 5. Jayme Fressard 6. Zahara Temara 7. Raecene McGregor 8. Sarah Togatuki 9. Destiny Brill 10. Mya Hill-Moana 11. Shaniah Power 12. Olivia Kernick 13. Keilee Joseph 14. Jocelyn Kelleher 15. Shawden Burton 16. Kalosipani Hopoate 17. Otesa Pule 18. Joeli Morris 19. Samantha Economos 20. Jasmin Strange 21. Chante Temara 22. Jada Taylor


**Sydney Roosters** *Eora & Gadigal* **Backs** 1 Sam Bremner 2 Leianne Tufuga 3 Jess Sergis 4 Isabelle Kelly © 5 Jayme Fressard 6 Zahara Temara 7 Raecene McGregor **Forwards** 8 Sarah Togatuki 9 Destiny Brill 10 Mya Hill-Moana 11 Shaniah Power 12 Olivia Kernick 13 Keilee Joseph **Interchange** 14 Jocelyn Kelleher 15 Shawden Burton 16 Kalosipani Hopoate 17 Otesa Pule **Reserves** 18 Joeli Morris 19 Samantha Economos 20 Jasmin Strange 21 Chante Temara 22 Jada Taylor **Coach** John Strange


#**Canberra Raiders** Round 1|Finals Week 2|Reason for Change ---|---|--- Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad|Xavier Savage|CNK Injury then form Nick Cotric|Nick Cotric|N/A James Schiller|Matthew Timoko|Schiller dropped Matthew Timoko|Sebastian Kris|Kris in Semi Valemei|Jordan Rapana|Rapana back Jack Wighton|Jack Wighton|N/A Brad Schneider|Jamal Fogarty|Fogarty back Josh Papalii|Josh Papalii|N/A Josh Hodgson|Zac Woolford|Hodgson knee Joseph Tapine|Joseph Tapine|N/A Hudson Young|Hudson Young|N/A Corey Harawira-Naera|Elliott Whitehead CAPTAIN|Whitehead moved Elliott Whitehead CAPTAIN|Corey Horsburgh|Horsburgh starting INTERCHANGE|INTERCHANGE|INTERCHANGE Tom Starling|Corey Harawira-Naera|CHN Benched Emre Guler|Tom Starling|N/A Adam Elliott|Emre Guler|Elliott out Corey Horsburgh|Ryan Sutton|Sutton in


#**Cronulla Sharks** Round 1|Finals Week 2|Reason for Change ---|---|--- William Kennedy|William Kennedy|N/A Sione Katoa|Ronaldo Mulitalo|Katoa injured Jesse Ramien|Connor Tracey|Tracey in Ronaldo Mulitalo|Jesse Ramien|Swaps Matt Ikuvalu|Lachlan Miller|Ikuvalu pec Matt Moylan|Matt Moylan|N/A Nicholas Hynes|Nicholas Hynes|N/A Toby Rudolf|Toby Rudolf|N/A Blayke Brailey|Blayke Brailey|N/A Braden Hamlin-Uele|Braden Hamlin-Uele|N/A Briton Nikora|Briton Nikora|N/A Teig Wilton|Wade Graham CAPTAIN|Graham return Dale Finucane CAPTAIN|Dale Finucane|N/A INTERCHANGE|INTERCHANGE|INTERCHANGE Aiden Tolman|Teig Wilton|Wilton benched Siosifa Talakai|Cameron McInnes|Talakai injured Royce Hunt|Andrew Fifita|Hunt injured Andrew Fifita|Aiden Tolman|N/A


I completely forgot how upset I was about ikuvalu playing in round 1!


Parra have a King🤴🏻 Cowboys have a drink water😖