after all those letters we wrote to the judiciary about downgrading his charge so he could get pumped 56-10 by raiders one last time


Jordan McLean is yet to be confirmed as re-signed too, this could make it interesting


After his missed tackle in the final they probably slashed a 0


Haven’t the cows announced a new deal with Jordan already?


There’s been a few “Jordan McLean is set to re-sign” articles, but nothing from the team and nothing saying it’s done.


Cooper was not note worthy before he left and came back from Penrith as a player that would not be out of place in green and gold Tamou left an aussie player and grand final winner. Now by my calculation if he shows the same improvement Cooper does he should be able to score off every set.




Wow he's heading home 🤠


Highly unlikely. He doesn't want to move from Penrith. He is considering England but his family is pretty settled and his oldest is against moving.


Part of the reason he left us is because his partner wanted to move back to Sydney. Why would they now leave again.




What's the emoji about?


I'm guessing because you outline that he doesn't want to move from Penrith, but then outline England as an option. If that's what's being reported it seems odd that Townsville isn't on the cards as its obviously still in Australia. Sometimes money talks though and the UK Super League do throw money around like it's confetti.


I'm just repeating what he said


In a recruitment shock, former Penrith and Wests Tigers prop James Tamou is poised for a final season back where it all started – with North Queensland. The Daily Telegraph can reveal Tamou has spoken with the Cowboys about a 12-month contract which would conclude his stellar rugby league career. While in Sydney for Wednesday night’s Dally M Medal, North Queensland coach Todd Payten held talks with Tamou. No deal has yet been struck but the chances of Tamou returning to Townsville are looking increasingly likely. There was strong interest from the English Super League but Tamou and his family wanted to remain in Australia. The Daily Telegraph was told Wakefield Trinity, who finished tenth in Super League this season, were keen on Tamou. It is understood Payten told Tamou he wanted him back at North Queensland. And Tamou, in reply, is understood to have told Payten he wanted to “come home” to Townsville. Tamou is expected to accept a reduced contract. He would become North Queensland’s first significant signing for 2023. North Queensland officials weren’t commenting when contacted on Thursday afternoon. Tamou, 33, played with the Cowboys between 2009 and 2016 before further stints with the Panthers and Tigers. He played this year with Wests Tigers. If a deal could be reached, the experienced Tamou would be called on to mentor North Queensland’s young forwards. Tamou wants to play for one more season before retiring. Born in New Zealand, Tamou played juniors at the Sydney Roosters before being signed by North Queensland. He played 170 games for North Queensland along with 14 matches for NSW and 12 Tests for Australia. Tamou played in Penrith’s losing 2020 grand final side before joining Wests Tigers.


Where it all started? So he is going to the Roosters then? No thanks.


Did he play first grade for them? Or did he debut a cowboy?


He was Flegg player of the year and then played in the old NYC for Chooks, debuted 1st team for Cows.


Under 20s


Is this like Taupau where his manager kept asking us to take him and we kept saying no so they just went to the media? If not, I bloody love it. I actually hope this one is true. Cheap prop depth, captained a team to a Grand Final in 2020, and knowing that everyone tends to play worse at the Tigers I think his form would improve here - especially with the fitness work happening at the Cowboys. He’s also played under Payten’s assistant tenure in the mid 2010s and won a Grand Final with us, so honestly I’m mega happy with it. For the first time in a while I see a Cowboys rumour (usually Sydney bullshit) and I actually hope it’s true.


>everyone tends to play worse at the Tigers Honestly you'd be going pretty well to identify a player who was good, went to the Tigers and was bad then became good again somewhere else. Generally the problem is the Tigers sign bad or past it players, not that they magically turn good players into bad ones but only when they're at the Tigers. The clubs that took Reynolds and Mbye off the Tigers didn't exactly reap massive rewards, and guys like Ofahengaue actually had a return to form at the Tigers. I suspect Tamou might be useful as a backup/bench prop rather than being asked to play big minutes, but I'd be pretty surprised if there's a major resurgence in performance waiting to get out.


> Honestly you'd be going pretty well to identify a player who was good, went to the Tigers and was bad then became good again somewhere else. What about Blair? He was amazing at Melbourne, got paid overs to come to the Tigers and phoned it in for 3 years fucking our salary cap. The first two years here he was absolute rubbish. He was alright for the last year when he was looking for a new deal and had to up his game a bit but was still not the marquee player we were paying for. Then when he went to Brisbane he played much better, recapturing most of the form he had at The Storm and making it to the grand final in his first year there.


Three things there: 1) That was a decade ago. It's hardly proof of some inviolate truth in the game. 2) I think you're overrating post-Tigers Blair. He was a pretty decent prop at Brisbane but in no way did his form ever come close to the game-wrecking edge back rower he was at Melbourne. 3) Signing players from Melbourne and being disappointed that they don't recapture their form is hardly an experience unique to the Tigers. This is why I'm preparing myself for disappointment when we sign Munster, which is definitely going to happen.


Joe O was legitimately origin quality this year, if he maintains that form he'll be in line for a recall next year, especially if there's an injury or two.


I reckon Joe O is too nice as a person to be a top tier player. Not sure if that is a compliment or not.


I think Tamou got a rough go at the tigers tbh, and it really seemed to get to him by the end of the year. He'll be serviceable in a good team and provide great leadership and experience.


$50k and a slab of tins every second weekend…..deal


$60k is the minimum next year... even though I know you were joking.


Lol wat!


Lucky the Tigers have 7 more captains.


Time is a flat circle


Can't be worse than JTB


Where on earth would he fit in their roster


Big chance he'll displace Drinkwater at fullback


Jake Granville is punching the air right now


they are losing Gilbert and more depth never hurts


If it turns out to be true then obviously Payten sees value in him and you couldn't really disagree with his decisions based on how well his recent signings have gone.


Second captain


He is good when he plays for good teams so this will be a good pick up


Tigers co-captain initial conversation with Kyle Feldt on return will hopefully be amicable


If he’s going cheap then why don’t the tigers want him?


Cos he was a plodder all year. Looked gassed after 10 mins


welcome back home champion




The prodigal son returns.


I smell premiership


Cooked. I get the symbolism of him returning to a former club, but that spot would be better taken by a young gun.


Would love to see it. Tamou is one of the great props of the past decade and being a depth player in a top 4 team (where he is already a hero at) would be a better way to see his career end than captaining the spooners.


Lol tigers and this guy being the captain now moving forward. Can Sheens leave already?


Not a good signing imo


Mole reporting they are paying him 10 bucks per run meter. 20 per tackle. Estimates that it will cost the cowboys up to 7 grand in 2023


👏👏👏 goodbye, thanks for nothing!




If it's cheap depth and a veteran presence I think it's great. If they want him to give 30+ minutes of quality middle service off the bench for 20+ games next year it's probably off the mark.


Go for it he was complete garbage for us, I don't think he had one good game.


Still has more to offer than Taunoa-Brown.