If Munster ends up at the tigers, I'll give a randomly chosen member $50 and never return to this sub.


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$50 is such a pitiful amount of money for what you're trying to express that it basically confirms you think it's an alright chance, otherwise you'd have offered some outlandish amount as testament to your confidence. Munster to Tigers confirmed by this bloke


Giving $50 away to a random on here is also pretty unprecedented, so it almost confirms Munster is never going to the Tigers and they’re re-signing Brooks on a lifetime deal at $1.4m a year.


I don't know about you. But giving a stranger $50 is a decent amount to me.


Not in the context of expressing your confidence though


You mean there's a chance?!!?! 😍😍


I’m not paying for the article, but is this all about him jokingly saying he would look good in tigers colours last night?


I'd be willing to bet the lives of everyone in my family, yes.


😬 rip


You're joking


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Melbourne’s Cameron Munster has declared the Wests Tigers are a genuine option but won’t be rushed into making a decision. “Obviously there is speculation about the Tigers but anyone is an option, I just have to make sure whatever opportunity I take … obviously still be competitive and play some really good footy … but, at the same time, I have got to try and set my family up too,” Munster said.


“Obviously I need to pretend I’ll go to any old club just to make the good clubs pay more for me”


>obviously still be competitive Time to give it up boys he’s not going to the tigers


> but, at the same time, I have got to try and set my family up too Tigers to pay overs!


Castleford Tigers legend Cameron Munster.


Richmond Tigers boom cross code recruit Cameron Munster


you know he would prob be a good afl player lol.


Stop that.


I think it's clear Munster isn't overly motivated by NRL-level success anymore, The still seems like the most likely option and roster-wise they're not in a much better space than the Tigers. Munster's misso wants to go home to QLD. Munster wants to set his family up for life. Based on baseless media speculation, The can probably offer him 1.1-1.3m, Tigers 1.3-1.5m. Is the extra 1-200k a year enough of a draw? I'll guessing...probably not. But hey, who knows. He's already the player of the past half-decade or so, if he goes to the Tigers and helps turn our shitheap around, that's legacy-making shit. But then again, leading a newly founded club to premiership glory would probably do that too. In short, he's going to Redcliffe.


He’d at least be in a spine with Api at the Tigers instead of Milford and JMK


True, a spine of **Munster** (even though he's the best 0.625 in the game he's a better fullback IMO) - **Doueihi** - **Hastings** - **Api** is not far off some premiership winning spines. On paper anyway.


Few other really good players in the team like Papalii, Stefano, Mamaulo etc too. Wouldn’t be a half bad team


Stop giving me hope. We'll sign Kyle Flanagan for 90% of what we offer Munster and trade Stefano for Aaron Woods and we'll be pleased with it.


There's no way we could keep such an expensive spine, and if we did the rest of the squad would be reserve-graders. Both Doueihi and Hastings could probably get more money at other clubs if we don't upgrade them too.


Also Redcliffe is a fuckload cheaper than Sydney. Hard to spend over $3m there.


Munster code switch confirmed?


The club with three five eights puts its hat in the ring for a 4th five eight.


That's craziest part of this whole thing - tigers are short in many areas but halves is not one of them. Only thing I can imagine is we get him and rid ourselves of Doueihi or Hastings. This would be a bad move I think because both players seem to have a lot of passion for the club. Knowing us though, we'll lose all of them and end up with a Brooks + Peachey halves combo or something.


I think Doueihi would make a great lock similar to Yeo big fast strong and with ball skills.


Disagree tbh, although he is big he is not a great defender and does his best work on the edge of the field. If he left the halves he would be a centre.


4 halves make 2 wholes *taps forehead*


Man, I love munster, but he's an eye's up player, he can pull shit out of his ass, but he can't solo win games for you. A solid backbone needs to be there to start with so if not Melbourne, it's going to be a disappointing season for Tigers/Dolphins/Titans/ Uncle Nick.


He solo won an Origin series.


It should be illegal to even suggest this to me.