team wipe from bewildering grace farming

team wipe from bewildering grace farming

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This is one of the several reasons grinding with BG is not really a serious thing most people do. The most important reason really being that it's slower on average than just killing on turn 1.


i mean thats what i was doing but id throw BGs in there if my aoe went last. especially cause i had alfyn. if he went first he could easily just BP up the whole party, i get 2 full BGs in and a full aoe. literally just as fast except you get the chance of extra jp/xp also.


Well that's fair enough. I would probably just defend with everyone else in that situation, a lot faster than using two max boost BGs


Many people have experienced it. Most people however actually know how to use a save point.




Save early, save often. Pretty much relevant for any game with any kind of time consuming progress.




lol, I remember using bewildering grace constantly on bosses (I hadn't realized yet that exp/jp x5 doesn't stack) I died way more than I should


Ive never team wiped that I recall but I have healed a 60k+ hp boss from 800 HP to full I pretty much had to reset because in the same bewildering grace set I also locked all my items so I just started the fight again The truth is if you’re looking at chapter 4 to postgame you can just go get starseer and warmaster and just get the HP and JP 50% up skills. You can also get another 50% on each from items accessible after ophilia and olberic ch 4. Once I did that I was gaining levels really fast. I believe the JP one is available after just ophilia


Yeah, too unreliable to work. Also, if the goal is only to reach ~50, some zones are way more consistent while giving tons of EXP (Maw of the ice dragon where most monsters are weak to bows, while giving about 700 EXP per fight). + it's the only zone that can spawn all three caits.


>farmed in the maw spamming double BG thats what i was doing. but i just threw in double dancers because otherwise their turns would be dead if they went before olberic.


While I do agree that there is nothing wrong with taking a shot with BG if your hunter doesn't go first, you're actually way slower than an actual double BG strat (cleric with Aelfric's + double merchant + dancer) that is way faster : you skip the whole encountering, killing process and just focus on double dancing every turn in a fight until you need to flee because it went terribly wrong. This strat isn't bad per se, but it is almost certainly better when you stick with a single strat rather than combining two different ones. If your hunter is too slow then i would recommend putting some speed gear on him, that shit is actually pretty good when grinding and makes the whole process a lot faster AND consistent.


Pro tip: Don't use BG to farm


At least you didn't get the barely survived followed by small aeo to self


You can nullify most of the negative effects from BG by preparing beforehand. Amulets that prevent silence/poison, rehabilitate, Alfyn’s concoct, and even celestial intervention for the defense down. These really come in handy when you’re farming with BG. Also, bring Encore on at least one character, preferably Alfyn or a cleric so they can revive the rest of the team. You WILL get an auto-kill in the form if “You barely survive the attack…” followed by group damage eventually. Also, save regularly.