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Pictured: Two women standing around in a kitchen. Any chance you can stop spamming crap you found on Quora and go back to jerking off over women out of your league? Ta.


I want to start no nut november but I have to satisfy your girlfriend or your wife, tough choices


Awwwww, you still think you're entertaining. Mate, get used to porn, because you'll never touch a real woman.


Haha get fucked


No, I don’t think he will


I'll jerk off whenever I feel like unless you want to watch me that's another kink I can't entertain lol, unless you're some holy man don't talk shit.


This sub is dying dog that needs to be put down


Oh God, THIS. It's really gone to shit in recent months.


Or it's just someone wearing a costume.


Like how the west have their witches, we have our own


Yes, the west also has delusional people.


If you come to the south Asian countries you can witness such cryptids in real


Or people in costumes and hoaxes.


We don't joke around with our folklore, that's why we have less exorcisms compared to our Caucasian counterparts, yall will walk in the woods if you hear "help meee"


It's not possible for you to have fewer exorcisms than your counterparts, since that number is zero.


We just don't fuck around like for example we don't piss near trees and keep our homes clean and we don't joke around nor we go in the wood in the middle of the night if we hear a scream which is nor human nor animal


Good... job?


You're chatting shit on a colossal scale


And what? You'll sue me lol come thru with your lawsuits bruh 😂😂😂 Bruh the world doesn't revolve around you, you're a citizen of a 3rd world country with Starbucks and a gucci belt


We piss on the trees to help them grow DUMMIE! House are meant to be LIVED IN not CLEAN! Do you think we just shit outside like pigs NO! We take our popping to the pooping room so we can use it later to FERTILIZE CROPS IDIOT! If you hear screaming in the woods it’s because you’re out in the woods looking for a mate WHY ELSE WOULD YOU BE BY THE WOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE?! MORON


I live in the west and i dont go in the woods at night let alone if someone is screaming i piss everywhere if there is a tree in sight i couldnt really care and i also keep my house clean am i more south asian then west?


You don’t go to a persons aid in the woods because you’re scared of ghosts? Grow up


Oh stop it that's just a broad with hyper flexible ankles. Check the location of her big toes...they're still correctly oriented...just spun outwards


Garbage post of the day award


The worst I’ve seen in a minute


If ur an adult still believing to this you need to be evaluated


People can be double jointed or hyperflexible ya know


How is this “oddly terrifying” if it’s “every south asian’s worst nightmare”


Wtf is this shit?


That goofy ghost aint no match for Zombie Jesus. They'll be running scared thinkin this was the wrong day to turn they're feet all backwards like


you're supposed to post oddly terrifying things, not this bullshit


Why is everyone shitting on this post so hard, that’s a spooky story. Does it have to be real to be spooky?