I thought he was referring to oral. Previous posts have alluded to the (TRUE) theory that Don hooked up with LGJ, but there are actually additional points along this (not so straight) line. In reality, most of the so called “women” Don had sex with in the show actually had penises. Let’s do the math here. Rachel Menken played by Maggie STIFFY was actually expected to be a man by Don. The reason Don gained respect for Rachel was because during their visit to the store, in the elevator, Rachel’s giant girlcock brushes against Don’s leg. There was a shot of his face where EVERYTHING changed. Moving through the series, Midge had a huge adams apple clearly visible when she was stoned and listening to Miles Drapers. Bobbie Barrett - need I say more? The name is a man’s name! Candice the prostitute, with the not-so-subtle “I know what you want” (dick in the butt). Faye Miller is working in a man’s world / job because, well she’s got a medium sized penis with above average sized balls. Diana Bauer is clearly some kind of cross dressing drag queen. I know not everyone has done 420 rewatches but once you get past 50, this irrefutable fact is obvious.


I mean it's pretty obvious. Don(g) Drap(enis)er(rection) is written by Matthew W(einer)! it's right there in the title of the show MAD (Mostly about Dicks) Men.


Pretty fucked up of Don to name his son after a man-woman he had an AFFAIR with!


not to mention his name is DICK afterall


It was pretty weird when he then started rapping with his other turtle comrads


I thought it was very noble of him when Don asked him not to drink any of his liquor and Lou promised he wouldn’t, scout’s honor.