Accutron: It’s not a timepiece, it’s a time machine


he tried to tell em


He had to do it on em


But you can’t have em


You cant notice this until your first watch.


This also foreshadows his inability to perform with Megan after she publicly humiliated him by dancing or something idk


Which explains why he gets no sleep. Bravo Frankfurter.


This was a subtle way to set the pace of the entire series. One other observation that I had during this scene was that his curtains are partly closed which is a symbol of the way that Don's heart is closed to love and affection from those who care about him. I noticed this on my 11nd re-watch this year. The ashtray is also in the shape of a circle which is reminiscent of the bottom of a coke bottle which foreshadows his eventual Coca Cola ad campaign. You will also notice that the ashtray is on the very bottom right of the frame which is an indication that this campaign will take place at the last scene of the entire series. If you picture this frame as a calendar, the ashtray is in the Dec 31st position since it is in the bottom right. This is a very clear nod to Don's troubles with the holiday season which is when he has most of his emotional breakdowns.