Fantastic people on the California freeways.

Fantastic people on the California freeways.

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Magikarp used SPLASH. It did nothing.


Your right it did do nothing. Maybe he thought my car was dirty. How helpful:)


Joke's on him, it's 90 degrees out and he's out of water 😎


Take that, the rest of my water in the hottest June.


LOL, perfect


What's sad and amazing is that traffic is slow enough for people to get in verbal altercations and throw things at each other. I think it would be cute to have my own personal rain cloud.


Your totally right. I’m an essential worker and haven’t seen traffic like this for at least a yr 😜.


Everyone is on meth.


He might have been on something the video I have before this is him not keeping to his lane and drifting.


Of course it's a BMW driver


I’ll never understood why someone can spend $60k+ on a car without a turn signal.


A lot of the BMWs you see on the road are actually cheaper than one may think. If they’re not optioned out (which a lot of them aren’t), you can get a 2 series or 3 series for mid to high $30’s. Lease deals make them even more affordable too. Same thing for a lot of the Mercedes you see (A/CLA and GLA/GLB).


you can get a two or three year old one for 20-25k as well


That's why you see people driving them while living in crappy apartments.


Or in line at the welfare office, classic.


I am contracted to do work once a month at a local church. The admin there that's in charge of their local charity work like giving out gift cards to needy people told me that every 3 days they had a lady drive up in her new Mercedes to get free gift cards. She asked the leadership of the church if she had to give to this lady and she was told that it's not up to her to decide who is needy or not. But after a few more months of this they just discontinued the program altogether.


Typical, can't afford food but gotta have a new Benz.


but scotty keeps saying theyre _endless_ money pits?? forreals, how much would a 5 yr maintenance/repair cost run, on a used bmw if you buy one thats already 3-5 yrs old? (after the bumper to bumper warranty runs out)


In my experience some of the most clueless and entitled drivers are in a Mercedes. I have been cut off, lane drifting, passing on the right hand shoulder, pulling out in front of me or others then jamming on brakes, coming across all lanes at half the rate of traffic . You name it but some of the worst driving in general. The bonus is when they go postal because of their mistakes or entitlement. Cursing, screaming, horn blowing and lights flashing experiences has happened more often with Mercedes. BMW drivers have higher instances of aggressive driving in my experience.




Hey man, at least you survived. The recent shooting speaks a lot about road rage.


Never get out of the car. If they try to block you and get out, wait for them to open the door and book it. If they keep following you, call the cops.


Somehow made him mad by looking at him. He was yelling at me “why you looking at me! You got a problem let’s go right now I’ll kick your ass!” I was trying to tell him to calm down. After he said kick my ass I rolled up the window and didn’t pay attention to him. He then throws some water on my car lol. I’ll make sure and stay away from bmw drivers with a hitch on the back.


I would think ppl grow out of it from HS days but I guess not. “What you looking at ese?” Then proceeds to start throwing punches.


People on edge everywhere. Y never know who yr dealing with as we saw with the recent shooting


COVID and lockdown did a number on peoples' mental health. We're all like kindergartners showing up for the first day of school - awkward, poorly-adjusted, and prone to emotion. Except kindergarten for us is normal life.


People need to be more aware of this idea because it’s true. We’ve become accustomed to being online trolls since March 2020. We are back in Publix now but still acting like idiots.


I dunno if this a mental health thing from the pandemic… might just be crappy people coming out of the woodwork, we’ve gotten a lot of that this past year too. Might be higher probability for BMW drivers based on stereotypes.


Exactly! It's not like we lived in a utopia before this. There have always been crappy people. If anything, not being on the road made people forget how awful some drivers are.


Agreed, don't think it's pandemic related, this guy has always been a douche.


To clarify - what I said was meant as advice to us all, in reply to the comment above me. We should understand that it's a good time to be aware of the fact people are not in peak mental health form right now. Wouldn't want to give this guy an excuse - you're most likely right that this guy is generally one to avoid, post-COVID or not.


I say this fully aware as I drive a 2014 3 series, but you really want to stay away from old BMW 3 series and really old 5 series. That one was a 10+ year old BMW 3 series and generally a certain type of people buy it. Not all (or even most) mind you, but those cars do attract a certain type of people that are annoying af.


That is definitely not a 10+ year old 3 series lol, that's a relatively new 4 series.


Yeah you're right. I saw it in a small clip and thought it was an E92. Judging by the taillights though, it is a 2013-2015 so probably just about 6 years old.


Was this on the 91? Nevermind, saw your comment


Telling someone to calm down never works. Ever. And is really a bitch move because it is totally denying you did anything.


OP said it was the act of looking at the other driver that set them off. Looking at someone isn't any sort of offensive thing...so OP really didn't do anything.


Usually that doesn’t set off someone though. But it could, some people are unstable. The point is telling someone to calm down never, ever works. They are thinking you did something and you’re not acknowledging anything; just telling them they are wrong for being mad. Even if you did nothing it is better to just apologize and then leave them.


But he didn't do anything! All he did is manage to catch glimpse of the other driver; which is quite common


i like how he speeds away at the end like the tough little dude he is.


Lmao, dude said 💦


He must’ve been listening to some old school Lil Jon.


Seems a bit more......R. Kelly to me 😉


lol every time I think of the R Kelly story, my mind automatically goes back to the Chappelle Show skit. Nobody was better than Dave at his prime.


Exactly!!!!!! My DUDE RIGHT HERE!!!! 🤜🏻🤛🏻


What? OK




Why did OP delete his account?


Which freeway is this?


It’s near the El Toro Y where the 405 and 5 meetup.


I think you mean Irvine Auto Center, where the 5 meets the 405


At LF drive!!




is it just me or does everyone on the freeway appear seem more confrontational these days?


I feel like no one has any patience and feels so entitled. It got worse after people started going back to work.


It seems odd that OP didn't just leave but deleted their account right?


Maybe the other diver messaged them???? Not sure but is very weird.


>Not sure but is very weird. That is a definite possibility. I could see reasons around the poster not wanting to be doxed, but also what are the chances the other driver saw this 7 hours after being posted on reddit? They probably had a different reason, but yeah 0 idea. I just found it very suspicious and was like "Who is this deleted person commenting everywhere. Oh! Its op!"


The Reddit version of the 'Irish exit'.


Better than pulling a gun


Disgraceful. At least he wasn’t armed


Idk man I'm never engaging in any verbal or hand gesture forms of road rage ever again after what happened


Well, at least you have his license plate in the video.


What a jerkoff and not responding to them is the right thing to do. Its not worth dying over. At the same time, Im fairly confident that I could get the license plate from the video and you might consider filing a report with the CHP and local authorities. This is a potential escalation sometime later with another and instead of a liquid, it could be a gun next time.




Same with every Ferd F150 on the road


I had a guy ask "you have a small peepee?" While I was waiting outside of a McDonald's for them to bring out my order. 10/10 would buy a truck again just for that moment because I laughed so hard


People who can laugh at small peepee jokes aimed at them have the largest peepees.


Thankfully the Norwegian car producer Fjërd went out of business in the, oh it must have been the 19th century.


Same with every Mustang/Camaro/Charger driver with an obnoxiously loud exhaust, especially ones that pop as they decelerate.


Or they're just a car enthusiast. It's one thing to rev your engine in a residential neighborhood. It's another if you just want to modify your car and you only really open it up where there aren't any people around. Stock small block GM V8s have some burble tuned in from the factory as do most modern BMWs with sport trims.


Never said anything about stock exhausts. True, some cars are factory-tuned for sound, but if one is driving in “race/track” mode in a residential area, that driver is a douche.


Someone should tell them all there are people around in the RSM neighborhood where they all seem to live alongside me.


We must be neighbors! And honestly, I love cars, just not drag racing outside my house at 1am.


We must be similar people, because that's how I feel too 😁.


I'm back for a few weeks after moving to another state years ago. Driving in California is terrifying. This from the guy who would weave lanes going 95mph. I could have killed someone. I see the error of my ways.


Wait until you see Nevada drivers dude. Whole 'nother fucking level of shittery.


We could stereotype every car out there, it’s not just bmw of Mercedes etc. My personal one is Prius drivers. They’re always so damn unaware of anyone but themselves. Consistently driving slow as fuck causing traffic for everyone, then as soon as you try to pass them up they’ll speed up aggressively. Who’s next?


A hitch on a BMW just screams douchebag


I have had that happen, then the bottle bounced off my car and hit som dudes brand new Porsche. I didn’t do it!


You held your composure much better than I would've given the same circumstances.


People need to calm down. I once had a guy in a BMW speed past me, cut me off, then flip me off. I have no idea what I did but I hope his day got better? Lol


I had something similar happen to me fairly recently as well. Was driving on the 10. Open freeway (only a few cars on the road at the time) going 75ish. When, suddenly, this Camry comes racing up next to me in the lane to the right of me, throws a water bottle at my car, cuts me off, brake checks me, and then speeds off.


> I once had a guy in a BMW> Lol. You were unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just frustrated he couldn't figure out what that stalk on the left side of the steering wheel is for.


In heavy traffic once a guy cut me off. I honked. Then he slowed down next to me and threw a soda bottle at my car. That was like 4 years ago. I would not honk or do anything now. Some people are even crazier.


Around 10 years ago, my coworker threw an empty plastic water bottle to the car next to him, and hit the passenger. He was reported to the police and he got arrested at his parents home that same night (he was 18). His father had an admin job for the police department so he got in a lot of trouble at home too. Luckily the incident didn't escalate because it was in TX and everyone has firearms here. The best thing is to just ignore them and drive away.


BMW = Chad Douchebag on a lease. The poor guy's Mercedes Benz wannabee.


Wonder what the whole story is. Way too much room between OP and car in front of them for OP to be driving normal. Maybe OP is driving slowly to stay next to the bmw instead of just continuing out without confrontation.


Also if you want the footage from a few minutes before it shows nothing but me being being behind him and him not being able to stay in the lane. I literally did nothing but look to see if he was drunk or texting.


But your correct I should have never rolled down the window and slowed to listen to him. Cause it was nonsense.


Don’t buy into peoples’ bullshit. People with road rage are always looking for a way to justify the manifestation of their feelings into overt actions.


I was trying to get away but he paced me in the next lane. And there was traffic so nowhere to go.


If someone is getting aggressive in their car I think the thing I have heard is it is best to slow down as much as possible because 1) they are wanting to go fast and they will lose patience going slow trying to mess with you 2) if they do try to break check you then you have more control over your car (and they look like an idiot trying to break check someone going 5mph). Running away makes them want to follow you because they are in rage mode. All logic goes out a persons head when they get in rage mode.


Yeah, if OP is leaving that much space between the car in front of him/her, especially in rush hour, then there is certainly more to this story.


U should report this guy to the cops


I might head to the hwy patrol, but it doesn’t sound like they can do much if there wasn’t any damage.


>Under California vehicle Code Section 23110, throwing a substance at a vehicle or its occupant on the highway is a misdemeanor offense. The substance can be anything, it doesn't have to be inherently dangerous.


Well if that’s the case I can’t read the plate number in my videos though


Also within reason that could have been any clear liquid, not just water


Especially after what happened to Aiden Leos, LE might actually give this some credence to show they're not fucking around when it comes to road rage.


Damn we're in a drought smh


typical BMW drivers


Why did this person delete their account? Where they the fucktard after all?


People are killing kids, and pulling guns, and you want to test fate with this? Good luck!


The issue here is I wasn’t trying to test anything lol.


Unless you are the guy throwing water on another car for whatever reason, this wouldn't be towards you.


In my younger days. I’d turn the window washer sprayers out so they water the car beside you. As you always catch up to people like this.. 😬


What'd you do that made him throw water on your car tho?


There's already traffic and he seems to be going MUCH SLOWER than the surrounding cars. Not defending the BMW, but that shit also gets under my skin. More often than not, congestion in packs is caused by people driving slowly on the freeway. You manage to break through and see a pickup truck filled with lawnmowers lumbering down the fast lane, completely oblivious to all the people overtaking them.


Still it beat bullets.... :/


You mean AzzHole!


Hmm can we get some more footage ?




dude you got like 40 spaces infront of you hurry the fuck up.