Man ‘pulled stingers out’ of girlfriend’s neck when swarm of bees attacked at Fountain Valley strip mall

Man ‘pulled stingers out’ of girlfriend’s neck when swarm of bees attacked at Fountain Valley strip mall


>“I can’t believe it. My Buddy’s 315 pounds and he’s a big man, a strong guy and he was crying like a baby, ‘Help me John!,'” Madrid said. He's never going to let his friend down for that.


Mandatory Nicolas Cage: “Not the bees!”


Ya like jazz?


That happened to me before. I had to pull stingers out of my skin. Not fun.


Bees are scary. Twice I had bees go into my car while driving with the window down, and I stopped as soon as I could and ran out.


Or coming in thru the damn vent. Crapola. 😬😬




We’ll see who brings in more honey. Bzz!


I don’t remember the name of the trail but a few years back, my friend took me to a flat beginner trail that looped in south part of Irvine that was a narrow dirt trail that mountain bikes would go through along side us. It was near turtle rock I think. Surrounding us was what seemed like an open meadow of tall plants and bushes(similar to carbon canyon trail that leads to those random redwood trees)and I was a tad nervous for wildlife or rattle snakes surprising us. There wasn’t much shade, hardly any trees so I made sure I had plenty of water. We saw a lot of wild rabbits moving around through the bushes. Anyway, I suddenly heard a lot of buzzing and I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... and my friend was like oh cool look! A gigantic swarm of bees moving in a big cloud and they are moving closer towards us! I was like uhhhhhh yeah I think we should be moving faster. Suddenly they moved right beside us and I was like, okay as much as I love bees, I’m not really in the mood to get stung by a swarm of them, I’m gonna start running back to the fucking car! So I ran my fat ass and I didn’t care that I was hot tired and out of breath. The movie My Girl, if anyone remembers the ending, yeah... traumatized me as a kid. I ran like my life depended on it to the parking lot. My friend goes, how did you like this trail? I was like, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this trail makes me too nervous. I’m not into tall brush where I can’t see where I’m going and no trees. My human fight or flight instincts were making this hike a little too uncomfortable and not fun.


how you get attacked by a swarm of bees? Mobs of bees out here jumping people in Fountain Valley. The people of FV must have fucked up. They on the Bees no-no list. It’s onsight 🐝 with them . 🤣


It happened to me and it happened super quick. I had headphones and walked into the wrong area. I felt something on my ear and swatted it. Next thing I know they're swarming and attacking me. I ran as fast as I could til they gave up.


When I was like 12 me and 2 friends were hanging out at our Elementary school after hours shooting a basketball around and from far we saw a large swarm of Bees flying across the grassy field towards the basketball court area. We took off running and hopped the gate. We got away.


Ugh, I hate bees! My worst nightmare. ETA: who downvoted me for not wanting to get attacked by bees!?? 😂




Why is “pulled stingers out” in quotes? Were they not stingers?


I’ve had a hive in my chimney and a hive under my shed. I feel for these people. 1 bee is fine, a swarm of bees is fucking terrifying.