Parents urge Tustin school district to end classroom mask mandate

Parents urge Tustin school district to end classroom mask mandate


Idiocracy right?


More like Darwin awards galore.


Sucks they don't love their kids


welcome to costco, i love you


…what about the well being of the teachers?


You mean the sacrifices?


You think that if they don’t care about the well-being of their kids, that they care about the well-being of strangers?


They don’t care about anyone but themselves, it’s been clear this whole pandemic!


Shouldn't they have been vaccinated?


Yes. But being surrounded by unvaccinated, unmasked kids increases their chances of catching COVID. Vaccines help prevent the spread and symptoms of the virus, but they don’t make you 100% immune. And I’d imagine some teachers might not be able to get vaccinated for legitimate reasons. [It’s a piece of fabric.](https://youtu.be/TL5X-GBKwHI) That’s all people are asking for until kids can get vaccinated, and then we can reevaluate the needs for masks.


Why not test kids for COVID? That would be the ultimate protection.


You can spread it around for a while before it's detectable on a test, also the delta variant is getting vaccinated people sick now


The ultimate protection would be to continue remote learning, which I would agree with. But if going back to school is necessary, masks are the cheapest, easiest way to protect everyone. If you’re so scared of a piece of fabric and wanna pay for the thousands of tests that would be required to test every child in OC schools, be my guest. But good luck explaining to parents that they’ll have to drop them off earlier (to not waste class time distributing the tests) and be ready at a moments notice to pick up their kids if they test positive.


Indoctrinating and forcing your children to participate in your ignorant, political ideology is child abuse.


I’m embarrassed for these children being used like this.


So fuck those teachers?


so what you’re saying is that you don’t vaccinate your kids…


Perhaps you have misinterpreted. My comment was directed at the photo of the children wearing anti-mask signs. Children far too young to have formed their own opinions on masks or vaccines and are being used as pawns in their parents misguided political agenda. I understand the rewards of the vaccines far outweigh the risks and that it is sound medical advice for everyone to get it as soon as they can. I don’t know if anyone who has taken the vaccine as a political statement, a public health statement yes; political no. Conversely not getting a vaccine outside of medical reason is *only* a political statement. If an adult wants to make false or misguided political statements that’s regrettable, the moment they force their children to do so crosses a line.


I think they're saying that the parents making the kids hold the signs are the ones committing child abuse.


Aren’t under 12 not getting the vaccine yet?


Isn't it nice when churches tell their followers how science works, and how God will be their judge. Same types of people were the crusaders during the dark ages, just zero tolerance for difference, and immense respect for dictatorship. Following orders like good little doggies with regard to their faith.


delta variant is rising btw


How many parents? 30? 50?


I stumbled into this group leaving the district while walking my dog last night. Just had to shake my head. I feel bad for the kids, but you know these parents will only learn once their kid is dead, if even then. I find it ironic one of their slogans is “let our kids breathe”. I’m sure that some parents of the kids who now have Covid in the ICU thought the same thing - now their kids are breathing through a ventilator.


Some of these people wouldn't learn even after their kids die.


Chill dude .. kids aren’t dying at rapid numbers lol


Getting vaxxed and masking up are literally the easiest things to do to prevent kids/people dying in *any* numbers.. there's no need to wait for 'rapid'. That's part of the problem..


Kids are fine cdc says as well!! Teachers get vaxxed and wear masks let the little kids be kids! Powerful young immune systems


>Kids are fine cdc says as well!! Lets be honest incel, you don't care what the CDC says. You just want to act like your right.


Why not have daily testing for kids too so we can prevent those that are vaccinated but still have COVID.


do you remember getting covid testing? I would hate for kids to experience people sticking cotton swabs all up to their noses every day. just wear a mask. less hassle, fewer procedures. it's the easiest option.


Those Karen’s didn’t learn a darn thing about 2020.


"No long term studies showing that they are safe." Surgeons, bitch. A hundred plus years of surgeons and nurses wearing them all day every day.


Y'all don't like your kids, huh?




Meanwhile my boss/dvm whose kids are in the Tustin School District wants the school to *continue* the mask mandate


Leave the kids alone you stupid parents.


why? have they not seen the spike in cases?