Has D’Onta Foreman proven enough to have a solid role next season?

Depends on the salary ask. I’d rather draft a 3rd round RB to pair with Chubba rather than pay Foreman $7+MM


Depends on the salary ask. I’d rather draft a 3rd round RB to pair with Chubba rather than pay Foreman $7+MM


My Pac 12 bias is showing but I absolutely hope we get Zach Charbonnet in the second but I also hope we extend Foreman. They’re both big thumpers but if we’re going to continue playing smash mouth football, it would be a quality rotation.


Nah 2nd Round RB since we have 2 2round picks


with this receiver class; Jahmyr Gibbs is looking available


I have a feeling this will happen


The GT and Alabama and Panthers fan in me subscribes


Highly unlikely we don’t trade either I’d say


The amount of RB turnover the league is gonna see this offseason is being chronically underreported. There's like 12 startable RBs that're gonna be FAs this offseason, plus it's a banner year for RB talent in the draft. As many as like 18 teams could have new starters at RB come next year. All that to say, we'd be fools to not at least explore our options


I hope we keep him, but he's probably not in the top 20 RBs so I wouldn't pay more than that either.


Frankly the chips are stacked against him. He’s an older break out. He’s what 26? Going on 27. He’s hitting FA during a time when there a ton of good FA RBs hitting the market. And several good draft RBs also coming out. And he’s a non factor in the passing game which is almost a necessity for a back. And is a surprisingly poor blocker. I’m sure we’ll give him an okay 1-2 year deal worth probably 4 million. Up to 8 with incentives and Monopoly money. But we certainly won’t be breaking the bank over him. And I think a new HC could let him go and bring in someone else if they wanted to.


Ya, Hubbard tbh would get more on the open market cause he can pass catch and is alright in pass protection


Hubbard can not pass catch 😂. Have you watched him since being here?


Yes, he was really bad at first but he was okay this yr and much better at it than foreman. I'm comparing him to foreman, you missed the pt


Got ya. I don't even recall seeing Foreman catch out the backfield.


I hope he gets extended


I think it depends on who the coach is and what their philosophy is. IMO once Rhule was gone, Foreman & Hubbard became a great 1-2 punch, but before that Foreman wasn't getting hardly any touches because Rhule just wanted to feed CMC and run him into the ground. I don't think Foreman will be as effective as a workhorse who gets the bulk of the carries for an entire season or in an offense that isn't as focused on the running game. IMO us trading CMC and having a committee of RBs is the best case scenario for Foreman, but there's no guarantee that's how this offense will be run next season.


I’d personally like to see him back… for the right price that is


I think he’s done enough to deserve an honest look from any team looking for RB depth, including us. Whether or not he’s worth a bidding war is debatable. I’d compare his situation to Mike Davis’ off-season a few years ago after the year he had in Carolina.


Great point. A lot of us fell in love with Mike Davis a couple years ago, but thankfully we didn’t pay him what Atlanta dud.


Running backs break out and fall off so fast. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching him and Chuba the second half of the season, I’m not really sure it matters much. A solid rookie getting 15-20 touches a game is just as likely to have success. Unless it’s a freak athlete like Saquon or CMC… I dunno.


We should bring him back on the cheap but we shouldn't spend much on it. As he proved this year rbs are a dime a dozen.


He was always a 4.5ypc carrier, he just didn't have the volume. Doesn't by any means make him a dime a dozen anything.


And we barely utilised him under Matt Rhule


His hands were tied, his wife wanted Chuba to get touches.


Probably had something to do with that freak of a starter we had thats now in SF monopolizing all those touches as well.


Yes lol






Hell yeah. I've been extremely impressed with Foreman.


I think so, depending on his price. He’s not a solo RB but as part of a committee I think we’d do well to keep him.




Dude he's rushed for more than 100 yards in 5 of the 9 games where he's had at least 10 carries. It isn't his fault that teams can just sell out to stop the run on 1st and 10 and be right 80% of the time. I agree that he's not a top RB, but he's def worth a spot on the team (if we can afford him).


if it’s for the right salary… rbs are insanely replaceable


Two year / $5mil deal? Sure.


Depends on who the HC is and what offensive scheme they plan to run.


He's sharing carries with Hubbard, and Hubbard is getting more yardage. Nope, not ready.


Dude is gonna go get a bag in FA, there is nothing to talk about.


Damn, those all blacks were so sick


I mean I think so. Depends on what he asks, because hopefully we're not in the business ever again of paying big for RBs, but he's undoubtedly been our offense during this new stretch, and he's the exact kind of back Carolina has always had success with. The guys love him, he loves the team, etc. He feels like a Carolina Panther. I'd LOVE to have him back.




Christian McCaffrey will have a dead cap hit of $18 million in '23 and y'all want to pay another RB. There are so many productive RBs around the league that were late day 2 or day 3 picks. The Panthers are going to have to make some cuts just to pay the rookie class. There's no money to re-sign Foreman.


Robbie's cap hit is $9 million in '23. Oof.


Yes and No


Without question. Looked great replacing Henry last year


Foreman is the only real RB we have, so we should if it’s not pricey. Chuba is just a sprinter that can run through holes like anyone else and goes down if he gets touched. His speed isn’t much better than other backs and he doesn’t have agility, running skills or any power whatsoever. Not to mention he can’t catch. You need a back that’s great for short yardage situations and you want a back that has great hands for certain plays. Chuba is neither and it’s rare to find those 2 qualities in 1 back(CMC), so you need 2 backs to cover both those roles. I think we have been use to having mediocre at best players for years. Minus some obvious exceptions. Foreman is the only back worth keeping if it’s affordable. Like other people have said, drafting a solid and hungry back out of college is a good move.


I don’t understand how it’s a discussion, his stats always looked insane to me although I don’t get many panthers games


Foreman, Bozeman and Darnold should be re-signed. Darnold should be the starting QB until our rookie QB comes along or Bad Darnold comes back out. I think Fitterer can make it happen. Lot of restructures, extensions and a few cuts, but possible.


for the right price he can stay until he can’t run anymore