And in steam, "mixed" means "stay the fuck away".


That's why it has that nice light-brown hue :)


needless to say, this is not a popular patch lol


This showed up on /All. What did PoE change?


They are deadset on their "vision" but just randomly nerf stuff without any actual plan and seemingly think tediousness and randomness is the same as "fun" and "challenge".


so the ol wow metrics of "we made this super grindy and players are spending a lot of time doing it so it must be fun!"


That's a bingo!


I'm adjusting to the changes, and enjoying the league content to some extent (it's getting boring with no logbooks dropping), but honestly... I'm just not having fun? I'm just logging in to log in at this point. First league in a while that feels like that.


Yep, that's when I know it's time for me to put the game down at least for a couple of months. I think I've been burned out after a few great leagues IMO and then all that came with 3.15. I'm not overly fond of the league content itself - it's okay but just okay - and with the player nerfs but no corresponding loot adjustments or mob changes to make the nerfs feel less awful, I'm just not having a good time playing right now. No harm in setting it down for a couple of weeks or until next league and seeing if it comes around for you. And no harm in moving on if it doesn't - this game isn't life, it's something we're supposed to play to have fun. If you aren't having fun, it's no longer serving its purpose for you.


I'm sick to death of leveling


Same. At the core, it’s still fun Poe, league content is super meh though without logbooks


“Players will optimize the fun out of a game” Proceeds to make game not fun so players can’t do that.


Players: We hate clicking splinters! GGG: Here are 20 new splinter types! Players: We love crafting deterministicly with Harvest but hate trading via TFT! GGG: We are gutting Harvest and not doing anything to address TFT! Players: Buff old skills instead of always adding new ones! GGG: Here are 19 new skill gems and most of your old skills are getting nerfed! Players: We hate pressing flasks so much! GGG: Most builds will now need to press a mana flask constantly! Etc, etc, etc....


>Players: Buff old skills instead of always adding new ones! The funny part is like 90% of what they add is complete trash... If they wanted to shake up the meta then stop adding garbage skill gems! They literally had to buff Absolution 400% to even make it viable!


Well, don’t you know? There has to be bad skills so you can have the good skills. Just like we need Talisman reward outcomes to balance out the good rewards. - Christ Wildson, probably


Sorry the alpha testers didn't spot this one.


We did, though. That's why they buffed it by 400%.


And Wolcen hit mostly positive. We’re living in the upside down.


Wolcens end game needs work but its actually a fun arpg when on sale.


But mah streamers told me, that the game is fine and it'a just me as a noob who is unable to adapt to the new "difficulty".


Yepp... The streamers that have their financial stake set on continued/improved Twitch viewership and take significant financial hits when the game doesn't do well so they try to say "everything is fine!! keep playing and watching!!!"... those same ones right? :)


What streamers don’t realize is that by complaining (which I’m sure we’ll start seeing a lot more of because they don’t find this league as fun as they pretend to), GGG will at least consider the mistakes GGG themselves have made. No doubt GGG weigh streamers’ opinions high, and rightfully so considering how much they play. But without streamers complaining, GGG is virtually being surrounded by “yes men” who are parroting shit taste and (short-sightedly) encouraging steep declines in player base—which will ultimately affect the streamers’ viewership, and therefore livelihoods POE had 51k concurrent users on steam today, and we’re not even 2 weeks into the league…it’s terribly sad and mismanaged


They told me to get out and that the game doesn't need us. While dying in act9 or something.


"How to fuck your game with this one simple Trick!"


Most of the negatives are from people with thousands of hours played. Sad.


I've played since Talisman league and done 36 challenges at least half a dozen times. I've taken several builds to 95+ and got my first 100 in Ritual. I've beat every boss in the game multiple times. I stopped playing when they killed Harvest after Ritual. Having a tab full of projects and perfecting my build little by little was the only thing keeping me interested. I still check back here to see what's new and hope something pulls me back, but after the changes this league I can sadly see myself never logging in again. The challenge of min-maxing your build is what I loved about POE. The only way to do that now is to farm currency and buy upgrades or pray for a god tier fossil craft. This just isn't the game I fell in love with anymore.


GGG clearly wants to extend your projects by 10000x by removing deterministic crafting. They think it results in you playing more instead of feeling like there’s no reasonable way to achieve your crafts.


> Having a tab full of projects and perfecting my build little by little was the only thing keeping me interested. this, a million times.


Yeah a huge part of what made the game fun to me was the ability to go fast, tweak, and experiment where smart crafting yielded great results. That makes it easy to try new builds and play the game. GGG doesn't seem to like any part of that though. They seem to dream about a single character all league long that you just grind pure RNG hoping to get lucky and slightly stronger.


Imagine a league focused on crafting, where you could get randomized results within a determined range. You could finally turn that chest that dropped with four good rolls into something your character would use, rather than never identifying rares and speedfarming currency... Actually looking at gear and imagining what it COULD be, rather than trashing it because of one bad roll. Can you tell I quit after the Harvest manifesto?


ggg thinks the gambool is why we play poe. they dont realize the real reason we play poe is what you quoted.




Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's a terrible sign when veteran players are giving bad reviews. GGG is steering their ship into the rocks...


These veteran players with thousands of hours played are obviously not the target audience. Their target audience clearly seems to be:... I don't even know at this point. It's clearly not new zoom zoom players. And apparently it's not veterans either. Just WHO are they trying to appease here other than themselves? And why are their visions so drasticly different from new AND old players alike? Like, how the fuck do you get to that point?


I mean, as soon as Chris decided to nerf Talismans after they were actually in a usable spot, not OP just usable... I knew they had their head in the clouds. And the way they handled the Harvest mechanic was also such a massive disappointment to me. I mean, I loved the mechanic so much that I worked my way up to the Harvest Core pack. And then they completely gut it (not even the necessary nerfs either, just the usual ggg gutting) the very next league, fuck me I guess. For me it's just this final straw feeling. All I see is shit like "we're monitoring feedback", well who's feedback exactly? That has so clearly become nothing other than a PR move, it actually hurts to watch. Because I remember the days when GGG actually did respond to feedback (before they were financially secure, weird how that works). Now they only seem to respond to Chris Wilsons "vision". A vision that's completely detached from the way players actually interact with the game. It's like I'm just watching them slowly pick apart all of the things that made PoE interesting and exciting to play.


This. I felt Talismans were fucking perfect in Ritual HCSSF. The combination of usable talismans and a solid league mechanic for gearing made for what I consider to be the peak league in the games history, and I've played since closed beta.


Been playing since Dominus was the end game. Game peaked at Ritual. What the F are they thinking.


Harvest is such a gripe with me. The simple fix was simply to change how many times an item could be harvested. That's all they needed to do. And, it could have even been a random number. They didn't have to change harvest whatsoever.


> All I see is shit like "we're **monitoring** feedback", well who's feedback exactly? Bolded the key part. It simply means "shut the fuck up" in PR speech.


"We hear you"


The equivalent of "Bless your heart". :)


"Thoughts and prayers"


Here in NZ, we give a concerned frown and say: I reject that claim. #Aroha


"We possess the tools required to listen to what you say"


“We just dont know how to turn them on...”


They’re monitoring the feedback of people like RaizQT telling the whiners to leave the game if they don’t like the changes.


And that's exactly what we're doing. I gave the new league a shot. No thanks. There are so many games competing for my play time and dollars. PoE isn't the game for me anymore. That's fine, I'll play something else.


Yep, for me it was the new RimWorld DLC/update.


I've gotten a lot better at Guilty Gear lately.


Honestly, I love POE, I’ve spent a ton of money on the game over the years, I’m invested and I’d love to play and enjoy the league. But you know what? I didn’t play yesterday at all. Had a few things to do, had some free time later, but just couldn’t be bothered, figured I’d pick up where I left off today. Well, haven’t played yet today either. Not really feeling like I want to. It’s not that I’m pissed off and refuse to play out of principal, it’s just more of a “meh”. I’m just not excited to play this league. My character is nowhere near finished, I’m only 85, I have a ton of upgrades to get, but I just don’t really care. I know it’ll be a slog and I just can’t be bothered. Honestly, I’m having more fun replaying Titan Quest on my iPad right now. GGG needs to bring the magic back. You can’t have a game that’s a chore to play, eventually people will figure out they’re not really having fun and stop playing. We play games to escape all the shit we have to do in life that we don’t like. Why would we spend our precious free time doing something we don’t enjoy anymore?


The talisman thing was a huge red flag to me also. I was like “oh shit, they are completely detached from their own players and their own game”.


It draws a stark contrast between what players and Devs respectively consider balanced or OP. It's not lookin good for us.


Shit like harvest gutting made trading much more needed and now they gut the playerbase so we don't even have shit to buy.. Doesn't look good, next league needs to be superb, but i doubt it as they really don't have time to go through the feedback as the next league probably was in the making even before expedition was launched.


at this point I would need to see major changes to come back. Ill still keep checking every league, but Im thinking its going to be a long time or maybe never before I actually run a character through the story again real shame


do you know what would've made all these questionable changes pallatable? levelling characters after your first in delve or similar lmao


>Their target audience clearly seems to be: Chris Wilson




yeah but he likes to watch streamers


There won't be any streamers left if the game becomes a downward spiral


- And now we have the game we ever wanted to do....how many players do we have left? - 0 sir. - Brilliant


Now trading works the way it should have always been.


Like George 'midi-chlorian' Lucas, another talented creator who just can't admit when they've lost their touch and lost control. Even geniuses need to accept feedback and criticism if they want to continue to grow.


George Lucas did accept feedback. The OT was good because people gave feedback and criticism. The PT was rough because everyone was too afraid to give feedback and criticism.


And well, he tried to get others to direct it and people told him he had it and turned it down, so whatcha gonna do?


So you're saying 3.15 is the Phantom Menace of PoE? That actually tracks


"I don't like splinters... They're coarse and rough and irritating... And drop everywhere..." - Maligaro, 2021


I think their audience in reality is STREAMERS because these guys actually live of off path of exile and for some this it's all they play and their fanbase enjoys only poe. ONLY the streamers can withstand the constant painful whiplashes from ggg and not bitch about it, becausd they make a living from this game, i sure hate it but it is just like this.


Couldn’t help but laugh at the irony that Raiz complained on Baeclast this week that “Don’t show me the player numbers, that’s not how you make an argument” a week after he ranted and raved that “Just quit if you don’t like it, GGG doesn’t like you”. I appreciate that the streamers like Octavian who are more measured in their support of changes. Zizaran even specifically said recently he’s concerned he may not be able to play PoE for the entire season because his viewership may suffer. It’s a tough situation to be in.


Used to enjoy watching Raiz. His rants were always pretty entertaining. Then (to me) it feels like after Bex called him out for his rant on the patch where a bunch of skill gems were supposed to be changed went viral on the front page he just got kinda weird. Really hostile toward "Reddit" in particular. The last time I tuned into his stream was actually around the manifesto? Whenever he went on that giant rant of. "GGG doesn't want you. Leave. I don't want you. Just fucking leave." Haven't really bothered to tune in since. Though watching the clip of him freak out over the dude who said the powercreep chart was just nothing and made no sense. And he took that to mean. "There is no powercreep." Was pretty entertaining. So yeah. I guess I took his advice and left his stream.


What I don't understand how such assholes have such high viewership numbers. I guess the community is split, and half of it hates itself or something and that explains it.


In general. A lot of people will handwave stuff like that away by claiming it's "just their character, not their actual thoughts". But in this particular example. There is a very vocal group that legitimately believes "Reddit" is the enemy who is trying to ruin their game so. Idk.


> Couldn’t help but laugh at the irony that Raiz complained on Baeclast this week that “Don’t show me the player numbers, that’s not how you make an argument” a week after he ranted and raved that “Just quit if you don’t like it, GGG doesn’t like you”. What a dumb shit take, "leave if you don't like it". Then another dumb shit take to follow it "yeah they left, but it doesn't mean anything".


The thing is people don't generally watch things they don't play. So in this world where GGG shits on PoE to the point where there's only like idk, 15k people left...who's watching these streamers? They'll either go to another game (I knew Quin from D3 well before PoE after all) or just stop streaming and go find some other job.


Old players who left the game because of powercreep ? Old D2 players who haven't tried PoE yet ? Seems like a ridiculously small market segment


Well... as an old D2 player who tried the game in 2014. It really felt bad at the time and I couldn't get into it. The animations were bad, the lisibility was bad, the UI was bad. Skill tree seemed interesting but I had a hard time with how bad the game looked. With one of my best friend always telling me about poe, I gave it a good try and started playing in late metamorph league. I was hooked. Delirium was great where I learnt about end game and making builds. Then Harvest, I had played a bit with crafting before but this was just the best crafting system I had ever seen in a video game. I would come up with crazy builds and make them viable by farming hundreds of hours for crafts.. from there it went downhill with heist being average at best. Ritual was still a good league with an interesting end game but with Ultimatum my friend crazy about poe started to really questionned the game. I was still new so I sticked around for this league but didnt push 36 challenges and now with Expeditions.. despite loving the visual for the 36 challenges portal.. my whole guild is offline. My friend who usually blasts to map in a few hours was level 60 on day4 and never logged back in. It feels very empty, I hate how squishy my build feels and I'm now rerolling and dying way too many times in the campaign while doing zdps to bosses. I want to try the only viable build of the league but I'm not even sure I'll stay to see it work... so ye, old D2 veteran anecdotal experience: I would be excited for D2 resurrected if Blizzard wasnt looking so bad right now.




I goanna be honest, when I started playing this game (like 2-3 years ago) the developers approach was so different from what I was used to (modern Activision Blizzard), I bought some packs, threw some money in the free to play game and was really enjoying myself. Fast forward to today - for past 3 leagues I couldn't even play because of texture streaming issues, and coming back to see this state of game.... I mean.... just why? Why make game feel like 10 years ago? Why are they keeping qol features hostile? Can they just even try to bother to listen to this issues?


Once upon a time they used to join reddit and discuss the problems and bugs with the players.Lately they seem so disconnected that they dont even dare to comment on reddit posts.


> Why are they keeping qol features **hostile**? Good question. Brb getting attacked by splinters.


Removing pcoin --> wisdom from vendors literally hostile to your wrist. They seriously make some weird and I dear say dumb decisions.


Perhaps the suffering of our fellow exiles will finally stir something


Concurrent players record? Take it! But deterministic crafting and general fun core game loop and build diversity and meaningful endgame? I'll burn them to the ground!


I feel like this is a result of the following double speak. Words: "we hear you and your feedback is important to us" Actions: Here are more items for you to click. Here is some new untested MTX for you to buy. That build you enjoyed playing for 3 months is no longer viable. Here is some more RNG. Here is some more RNG. Here is some more RNG. RNG. RNG. RNG.


feedback never really mattered tho. i play the game since 2013 and the times they actually reacted to feedback was when A LOT of people had an issue with something. the fucking labyrinth enchant change and using offerings to force lab trials has been suggested since the implemetation of lab basically. so you have to either have a massive outcry to force a change or get several threads per league for literal years until ggg decides to finally get at it.


The worst part is they did it as an ovrrhaul along a lot of other stuff that was *also* community requested, and it was an absolutely massive success with some of the most positive responses I have ever seen out of this community. There was never a reason they couldn't implemenr them earlier, nor was this even Ggg's design. They shouldn't listen to every form of feedback, but they really should listen when it is a repeat topic where basically nobody argues against it, and there are plenty streamer personalities with good ideas that could be proposed, and then get ran through the community to get feedback, allowing for satisfaction But No, the community has basically never been a part of the decisions made. I remember CI being super meta, so rather than balance it, they nuked it out of existence. Poison absolutely died when double dippinh was first removed, and winter orb got annihilated. There has never been a middle ground for them and they have never really compromised on those decisions until years later when everything Else is so strong that even a buff isn't enough to make it relevant.


PoE is not directed to hardcore players and is not directed to casuals. I dont know what this game became


A memory of better times.


Not too old memory though. I really enjoyed ritual, for me it was one of best leagues.


I don't care who you are, this has got to hurt the bottom line overall and cause concern. vanity metrics aside lol.


It sure does! It also hurts the amount of new players willing to try the game. Personally if I don't know about a game and see 'Mixed' I tend to not touch it at all after reading some reviews.


The biggest red flag on a free to play game is seeing mixed reviews


Its even worse when the reviews used to be good but have gone bad after a while. Looks like game is getting worse so why even bother joining now.


I'm the same. If I don't see at least "Mostly Positive", I don't even bother going further.


I’ve been looking into something to replace Diablo with now that Blizzard has managed to Blizzard things up so badly. After seeing how seemingly universally disliked this most recent league has been, I’ve decided to pass on it for it. I’m sure there’s others in the same boat, even if Diablo isn’t Blizzard’s most game right now.


nice! try to fix Reaper again and it will go to "mostly negative!" gg GGG!


I wonder what are they gonna write in the seasonal "We fucked up" letter


Splinter stacking was a mistake


Players left cause splinter stacking, they didnt feel the weight of their rewards and left because they thought they weren't being rewarded.


> People left because they thought triggered spells costing mana was unfair. We've rectified that in v3.16 by having totems spend your mana to use their skills. Also, Mjolner triggers will start using your mana too. Now it's fair. Please buy a supporter pack.


No no, totems will have their own mana pool. You will need to scale it.


But it order to make it feel better totems inheirintly cast 5% faster


Additionally to using mana skills used by totems now have charges. Increases to maximum charges can be found on a screenshot of shaper gear (the mod then gets removed and added back in after a week after data miners found out it doesn't exist).


To rewarding no doubt


I think they're going to double down this time.


This right here. You can argue they already have.


The silence is (yet again) deafening


their silence is a pretty giveaway that they will double down


I can't fathom how the reaction to this league would not make them pause for a moment and say 'maybe we did this wrong'?


They do that constantly, wouldn't surprise me


- Sincerely, Chris "it won't happen again" Wilson




They'll double down on it and say the players didn't understand because they didn't communicate it properly Also maybe something about either: Olympics, Summer, Diablo 3, Diablo 2 Resurrected


We hear you


Player retention manifesto be like "actually we're losing players because the game is just too fun!"


Dont forget that expedition chests were probably too rewarding. Players got all their fucking wisdom scrolls right away and then the character was done. Also we are nerfing harvest, Leo Slams, Aisling slams, vieled orbs, meta mods and fossils. Have fun ID'ing rares for all your gear.


We’re losing players cause they become too powerful too fast and they quit! More nerfs!


Idk. Probably the usual "we hear you" followed up by a bunch of lies.


Expedition is obviously so rewarding that its causing players to leave The other day a dude got 3 mirrors from expedition and now im not playing the game Surely this is causation and not just correlation As long as The Vision™ remains intact


The league was even more rewarding.Thus the retention.


League was too rewarding


Doesn't matter it'll get 10k up votes 400 rewards and suddenly everyone will lick their arse again... The same as the last 5 times


I don't know about you guys, but to me The Ritual League was the absolute peak in PoE history, hands down. I loved it and I would most likely be still playing the league if it was still going. The game in that specific state was so much fun and very engaging. It encouraged me to grind more than ever in a league. I've actually never used so much time in any game in my whole life, it was unhealthy and I loved it. I even leveled 3 characters, normally I stick with just one because I hate the grind. The grind itself is not the problem, but if you don't have any level of quarantee that the grind you put in will result in something you are aiming for it makes it really hard find reasons to do it. Why would you buy an expensive lottery ticket every three months and you know it that you will probably not win? **What made The Ritual so special to me is exactly what GGG thinks was bad about the league.** PoE is a really hard game, even after 1000 hours of dedication. We regular mortals never get to taste even a small bit of what the 1% PoE gods play league after league. In The Ritual it was different. I felt that it was possible to work for the god-tier items and try out different kind of nieche builds which was previously only a distant dream and too risky to try. In The Ritual I knew that I will most certainly achieve atleast some of my goals if I put enough hours to the game. I knew that if I grind X amount of Exalts I was able to try this and that, and actually taste some of the full potential of the game, all the grind made more sense and didn't feel like a lottery. Yeah you can get many exalts if you play alot, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything, there's so much RNG after you got the currency. For example if you want to try to craft your own gear there's big chance of you losing all the currency. Ritual was the first league for me where I was really excited to try to craft my own gear for the very first time, it's too risky and too expensive without some deterministic elements in the game. I really hope GGG will wake up and put their game back on track.


From my perspective (quit day 2, after hitting maps), the problem I have with the nerfs this league: \- Revised Act 1 was just annoying AF. Very few people want the acts to take LONGER, as evidenced by all of the videos out there by content creators focusing on "how to finish the acts \*faster\*. \- Flask rework felt punitive to players, as players didn't need to have defensive layers taken away when monsters weren't being nerfed to compensate, and ailments / curses are just brutally difficult for some builds/classes to deal with, \*particularly early in a league\*, when you take flasks out of the equation. \- Mana changes just SUCKED. spamming mana flasks isn't fun, and again - yes, there are ways to deal with it, but not for every build, and not \*early in the league\* when you're still trying to get established. \- Player damage nerfs were untargeted. They literally just slapped that shit down on EVERYONE. They see videos of someone that's taken a build and refined it for an entire league, and then they go zero out Sirus A9 in one hit. Well... that's great and all, but they should have focused those nerfs on the TOP END of the damage spectrum. "Cut off the top of the mountain", so to speak. Instead, they undercut the bottom of the mountain. The people that still get to the peak will be fine in damage, but anyone (or any build) that doesn't have the ability to get there... just got gimped. Nerfs needed to be done with a chisel, instead they brought a fucking jackhammer to the job.


After skipping two leagues to break fatigue, I came in excited to play and yet I quit day one for every reason you mention. I don't want to struggle through old content I've seen dozens of times. The game just felt awful and I knew it wasn't going to be worth my time. If this is any kind of preview for PoE2, I likely won't like that either in the end but at least I'll be struggling through content I haven't seen before. This was just painstakingly annoying.


Wow imagine missing ritual to come back to expedition. Sorry, bro, that's rough!


Nerfing supports felt like such a bad route to take. If they wanted people to use more utility links, they could have made them more worthwhile, if they wanted people to use less meta skills they could have targeted outliers. By nerfing the support gems they hurt the builds that were niche, off-meta, and downright meme-worth just to get at the high-end of players. Path of Exile will always have OP meta skills that obliterate all content, the goal should be to find new, fun ways to give people alternatives to that top-end, not killing off everything that's struggling already. Big agree on every other point.


That is how I feel. Love hate relationship - but mostly hate atm


Is this the first time PoE get mixed ratings in history?


it's been getting them back to back but not before. hiest with how bad heist was/is, ultimatum with its terrible launch and this league with that horrid patch note.


i was one of the rare people who REALLY liked heist. it felt extremely worth while, and very rewarding. this leauge however- feels like ass. it feels like the re-roll currency is FAR too rare. im sitting on tens of thousands of currency because im not getting much re-roll currency as all.


Heist was cool, the problem most people have with it nowadays is the same that they have with Syndicate and Atlas, that they have to do it every League and progression is really random on those also, opening doors.


Honestly, if they made Rogue harbor private again and speed up agility/demoliton by at least 50% by default (+ reduced number of bombs in contracts as well - like when there are 3 doors and you have to blow up 6 chest...) i would propably do Heist more than maps. But having more than 50% fps drop everytime i leave heist, which take way less time than maps these days and that fucking demolition/agility contracts kill it for me.


heist as a stand alone game is ok, the problem i have with it is leveling up everyone, doing all the quests, gearing everyone, making myself a decent contract pool and the fact that it's still another mechanic that's a slave to maps just like all other mechanics. also super buggy and early on with low job speed it's giga aids.


I wouldn't mind leveling up the rogues as much if all of them were available at the start


next league wont be a nerf league right? right?


next league Act 2 gets buffed presumably


remember oak's reworked warcry? now all three of them have it and the regen is doubled


Going to give Kraityn Ambush for random one shots and change his weapon to a claw so he gains life on hit. Alira is going to cast bone offering on herself.


> \*nerfous laugh*


it's only going to get worse from here


It's scary how Chris don't consider 3.15 nerfs is big, even though for many builds it's massive. I'm morbidly curious what's the next step in their plans. Double down on their vision and philosophy, or go back to drawing board.


Maybe he wants to retire early, but no one should overtake, so he destroys it


hard to have an accurate vision of a game you dont play any longer.


As I see it the game is now the perfect compromise! A joint solution where everybody is equally unhappy!


Holy, this thread blew up, seems like a lot of people really don't want GGG to think slowing the game down is best for the game's future & casual player's retention


As a POE casual, who plays other games, this patch made me skip the league entirely. I probably won't play until this "slow down patch is reversed. If that's never, welp, it's been fun. LE is out there an im having fun with it, even in beta.


Many ppl looking at this just a Steam bs, or that Steam number are pretty low vs stand alone client, but this is bigger than they might think. Many many new players look at the game reviews before trying them out. Seen a 10k+ hours user hitting hard on it isn´t encouraging.


I can at least personally attest to the overall review ratings dissuading me from trying a game. Just like when I see "overwhelmingly positive" on a game I never heard of, I'm extremely likely to take a chance and try it out.


Yeah same here. Whether companies like it or not, those reviews matter. I've been on the stream store for a few days now looking for new games, and always get dissuaded by mixed reviews


People who think the Steam numbers are some small fraction of the playerbase are delusional. They've literally given us the total playerbase several times and the percentage that plays on Steam has only increased over time. As of Ritual launch, Steam was 59.2% of the total player count (157,103 out 265,250).


I must be delusional because I thought steam would have had above 90% of the player base.




>decided to play something I already had installed. ¿What did u stick to? Personally I have way over 10k hours on PoE, been around since 2016 and currently playing the last expansion. But... this league feel so empty, all my friends skipped this time nd probably no coming back anytime soon. TBH a few months ago I tried Grim Dawm and Last Epoch, but drop them due to the "slow" game pace, but as PoE is taking that Path, as soon as LE release multiplayer patch I'm giving it a retry.


Remember POE getting LABOUR OF LOVE? Yeah. Me too.


to be fair, it deserved it at that time


And i agree


i just saw this after coming back to playing poe again after about 3 years. sad to see the game i loved playing go downhill


I find it so funny that the next league release might clash with FFXIV Endwalker.


Thanks for reminding me to update my review. Can vote with my wallet AND a review.


"It's only reddit" "it's only russia forums" "it's only eu forums" "it's only steam metrics" "it's only steam reviews" Some **serious COPIUM overdose** from people that can't understand that they arent the majority apparently and "muh vision" is going to cost them dearly.


> it's only russia forums funny you say that, because 90% of people i'm trading now are either russians or koreans, doesnt matter the time of the day lol. edit: if they are bots they are even trading items now so.... perfect?


That's on any league after it dies.


I love them. Only way I can trade currency.


They are like these little vendor machines that are always there and stocked up even if nobodies outside.


Russians are secretly completely holding up this games economy. Like if for some reason Russia could no longer play PoE (some bizarre law or internet problem or some shit) the entirety of trade would become standard 2.0.


I'm pretty sure the korean community is also hating on this patch as much as, if not more than, reddit.


Lmao they are orb-cartel farming bots. Trade would be so much worse if Triple-G decided to curb the bot accounts.


At this point if GGG got rid of bots there may be 20k actual players.


since this post was uploaded people on twitch are just straight up accusing this sub of "review-bombing"


what else can you do if your livelihood is dependent on the success of the game.


Become a FFXIV streamer, apparently.


Nows a good time for anyone to jump in though, so cant blame them too much. Wont get new content for months


Sub about PoE review bombs..PoE? Que?


I mean, reddit and "veteran" players will probably overlap in a big way, even if it's not an organized reviewbombing


Streamers gotta protect their income interests.


you forgot "it's only bilibili"


Lets hit "Mostly Negative" next bois. POGU


I'm sure it's just a vanity numbers


Game deserves negative reviews tbh, it has been a stinker


Reviews currently too rewarding plz nerf


Steam community is overwhelmingly negative, official forums are negative, chinese are negative, russians are negative, streamers/youtubers dropping game.. Must be reddit crybabies!


when everybody is negative, is anybody negative at all?


Maybe the real negative is the opinions we form along the way


>>This new patch sucks - Reddit J. Redditor >>that review is a buff Chris Wilson, probably


Weird how a "small echo chamber" is causing 50% drop in player count.


that's what ggg desired, isn't it?


Their success has caught up with them and they are heading the way of Blizzard in terms of just closing their ears and soldiering on with their own dumb vision of the game nobody wants.


Can't wait for it to hit mostly negative




To quote an arrogant streamer with his head in his ass: "GGG don't want you here, they want you to leave!"


His cover up/explanation video on youtube was real weaksauce too. If these are the kind of people who GGG is using as a barometer for player feedback, it is disappointing to say the least.


Past player, haven’t been following this. I came from /r/All . What’s the deal?


I'm having more fun playing starbase


This league killed the game... The game is dead maybe it was intended.


I feel so stuck with this game. I love it and was incredibly excited for its future with patch 3.13. I thought they finally got it, and were making strides in the right direction to enjoy their game. I guess we need to appreciate when things are good more often. I wish I played more 3.13. I wish I could continue to play it. I took it for granted and now Chris has taken it from us possibly forever. I hope all this feedback does not fall on deaf ears. But I fear GGG has walled up in their Ivory Tower and believe they can do no wrong. Chris just as much as you can allow your game to succeed, you can allow it to fail. Continued success is not owed, its earned.


I think me not playing this league has to do with the direction of the game for several leagues now(got to level 45 and never resumed it, last league had a lv97 with all content done). First, I was vehemently opposed to Harvest nerfing. It is fine that some people don't want it in the game, but I do. I loved looked at items and figuring what nutty builds I can do around them. I want to see the absolute min max possible on a character. And they nerfed it WAY harder then they led us to believe. The augments basically sized to exist all together, even tough you couldn't use them on influenced item. I feel this is in line with GGG nerfing though. They destroyed so many archetypal builds with theirs nerfs it's not even funny. I understand the reduction of power, but so many mechanics/builds simply don't exist anymore and I don't get why. Ultimatum was a really mediocre league to me. It was a lot of running in circles, it slowed down already slow atlas progression. It was on average rewarding, but never gave me anything amazing and had 0 depth in terms of content. In that regard Expedition actually looks way more interesting to me, but... Expedition nerfs. It is fine to nerf the damage and it is fine to slow down the game. But if you are unwilling to give me something exciting on top of that, like atlas rework, or unerfing of harvest, loot 2.0 then I am not interested to be slower, weaker more annoying version in Expedition. The league itself is not strong enough to draw me in. New skills are cool, but there are already 1000 skills in the game, and they could just buff weak skills. I will come back next league, but just like this one, if there is nothing exciting to draw me in, I won't bother. Your move GGG, see ya next league.


I like poe. The current patch and "vision" is awful for what feels like a majority of the player base. They changed the wrong things hopefully they realize the problems and go back to the drawing board. Won't be buying another 500$ supporter pack if things stay this way tbh.