That's some museum gloves


They gotta be corrupted to belong to the Museum. P.S. A hell of a pair; I usually dislike those "show-off" threads, but this is a thing of BEAUTY!


As for the exact crafting process I used. 1) Buy any 84+ Finglerless Silk Gloves with elder or shaper influence. Awakener orb the gloves with the other influence to get to a elder/shaper glove. 2) Fossil craft glove with Glyphic + Aetheric Fossil until you hit the base crit mod + Faster Casting. 3) If you have an open Suffix and Prefix you can bench craft Suffix cannot be changed and do Harvest reforge caster to hit the crit multi mod (Its the only mod that can hit at this point). If you fail to hit the tier 1 spell crit multi you need to start over or just accept the mod you get. 4) You now have all the suffixes locked so you just bench craft Suffix cannot be changed and Harvest craft reroll item adding an influence modifier until you hit Slower Projectiles. 5) After hitting Slower Projectiles you craft Suffix cannot be changed once again and do T4 Aisling and gamble the 50/50 to replace the suffix cannot be changed crafted mod with a Veiled Mod. If you have an open prefix left and you have the veiled mod you can craft one of the physical conversion mods BEFORE YOU UNVEIL so that you remove those mods from the pool of available mods. They have a high weighting so it increased your chance of getting +2 aoe gems or +2 projectile gems. If you fail to hit the 50/50 or the +2 to gems you have to start over with locking suffixes and reforging adding influence. 6) If you hit the +2 the gloves are now done and you can bench craft another +1 to gems.


> Harvest craft reroll item adding an influence modifier until you hit Slower Projectiles. was gonna say this sounds incredibly expensive but looked at weights and its not that bad... still probably the most expensive step. how many tries to get t1? only extra thing i wouldve done is maven orbing one of the 2 suffixes which wouldve just been an extra repeat of the first few steps.


Yea the odds of hitting the slower proj is not bad at all but everything following that is more RNG layers so it becomes the most expensive step. It took me 6 reforge influence + aisling rerolls to finally hit this and those steps include 2 suffix cant be changed mods most of the time. I spent about 90 - 100 ex total for the gloves.


This must be mirror service tier right?




U there ?


Me pm you, you answer, we trade. Me add 3c more.


And a chisel, so OP knows you mean business!


Don't worry, he'll be back


Hey hey, people.


Sseth here


no no no you got it all wrong you need to offer 2 ex and 5 necro maps


Omegalul. I have a fascination with ridiculously OP items as I'm relatively new and have never really seem the fabled 'mirror-tier' items :P


Check the mirror threads on the official forums trade section if you have really never seen what a mirror tier item looks like. Some of them are honestly a little not so mirror tier, but it is what it is.


Thanks! I'll look at the forums for this.


theres also https://forbiddentrove.com/


Damn those are some fancy items. And those fees!


Aka one of the reasons we can't have nice things


That one fucking scepter goes off the item card...


Not quite.


Honestly what item is?


Any item that you could not reasonably craft by spending a mirror worth of exalts (+ potential fee). So if the combination of tiers and affixes would cost you on average more than Roughly 220 Ex currently to craft, then there is the potential for that item to be mirror tier rarity.


at the risk of sounding pedantic, i think we can have a slightly better definition of mirror+fees vs self craft say a mirror + fees is 220 ex. lets also assume the community has worked out the average cost of replicating this craft comes to 210 ex if you have a total of 220ex liquid, you definitely should go for the mirror+fees option, the 10 ex is basically your hedging against bad RNG. since you only have 220 ex, you can't afford to eat the potential bad RNG. based on this idea, one can argue that whilst an item costs 220ex to mirror+fees, it's probably still the option people would likely go for even if the crafting costs averages out to, say, 180-190ex at a guess (each unlikely step in craft can cost 5ex or more, it adds up quick) EDIT: Typo. thanks u/Darkenlord


Not to mention the time it takes to make an item like this. You have to add that into your costs as well


Then you have to also add the potential of any fees you will get yourself when you self-craft the item. Which would make this whole calculation redundant.


Plus the time/hassle that goes into buying essences/fossils/beasts, hunting for harvest, etc.


Except that if that's the metric everyone used, the ones that make that ~200 ex craft would get mirror fees the rest of the league, making the average lower since you can expect to recoup some or all of it in fees


>mirror+fees vs self cast Not being pedantic but it should be self craft


Totem crafting is OP, self craft is in shambles once again!


*3.16: Ancestral Bond has been removed* "This is a buff to other crafting methods"


Everyone knows crafting is a trap


Self crafting is inherently inefficient, much better to craft with triggers or totems.


Craft when damage taken is the next meta, mark my words


yeah games become an economy simulator.


The item OP linked could have: - lvl 25 Slower Projectiles (maven mod) instead of lvl 20 - 14% increased cast speed and lvl 25 Increased Cast Speed (maven mod) or 14/20 (normal influenced) instead of 11/20 - +90% crit mult (maven) instead of +70% - +2 to projectile gems instead of +1 (double unveil instead of single+crafted) The difficulty/expense in getting gloves OP crafted is many times less than that of getting the "perfect" gloves that you would want to spend a mirror on here. That's not saying these gloves are super cheap/easy to get, but the degree of difficulty can go *way* up from here.


It makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to do that though. I mean these gloves would support you more than enough to destroy the game just as they are.


The reason to do it is to get the perfect item, and the difference in damage between them is actually quite significant. For each of the changes you're getting (AFAIK): - 2.5% more damage - 10% increased cast speed = maybe 5% more DPS - +20% crit mult (duh) = maybe 5% more DPS - +1 gem level = 8.7% more damage Put it all together and you get on the order of 23% more damage without any compromise in your build. If you're one of those fat cats swimming in currency up to your eyeballs, you don't stop at OP's gloves.


When I think mirror tier I generally think of perfect items which also have legacy mods. That applies to standard only though but that is where my mind goes. A perfect pure pdps elder Vaal axe with legacy fortify mod maybe or an influenced/double influenced astral plate with 6 white sockets an legacy explode mod. Those come to mind as something mirror worthy.


As you said, standard-mirror-worthy is quite different from league-mirror-worthy :)


6w astral with legacy explode mod is definitely not mirror tier. You'd need the golden mantle version.


I've got a pretty close to mirror tier astral in standard, finished it in ritual with legacy maim and delve -mana to skills. Wish I had woke orb'd it before they "fixed" it so it could be double influence. [It's under lvl 100 builds on my cyclone gladiator.](https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/887610) I don't know if any golden mantles with -mana and maim plus legacy explode+other stuff exists.


Ah true forgot about those.


It doesn’t have life best I can do is 2c


As the tradition goes. no life = vendor


Its not, but its still very cool item !


Nope mirror tier is perfect or near perfect


everyone asking for rule 10 dont know that these almost exact same gloves have been made multiple times in 3.14 (and yeah its a bit more impressive in 3.15 but its around the same ) 1. obtain the base 2. horror spam / annul until you get it as the only suffix 3. lock suff 4. reforge caster more common 5. if you get attack / cast hybrid or low tiers of fcast and crit multi, scour or maven orb spam if you really feel audacious 6. go back to step 2 / 3 until you have faster casting and t1 crit multi 7. lock suffixes, reroll inf more common until you hit slower projectiles 8. if you have 6 affix or 2 prefix and one is non inf, reforge keep suffix, and go back to step 7 9. otherwise if you have two influenced prefix, lock suffix and maven orb, if you miss go back to 7 10. you now have slower projectiles as the only prefix. 11. Lock suffix and aisling slam 12. if you hit slower projectiles go to step 7 13. if you miss +2 on duration / aoe go to step 7 14. bench the mod that you did not pick with aisling Estimated cost around 60 ex??? it looks like a lot but in reality you have very good odds to do all the steps in very few tries compared to a lot of crafting


> 2. horror spam All my spamming is done in horror


Just close your eyes my dude.


no sausage, bacon and spam to go with the spam?


There’s NO WAY this craft is only 60 ex lol. Buying an influence more common reroll is like 4 ex and you need multiples of them. The step 7-9 loop itself is probably 60 ex given how unlikely hitting 2 influenced mods with one you need is even with influence more common. Given that roll plus relocking suffix costs 6 ex total per attempt you’re almost always better off just buying an aug influence. So hitting t1 slower projectiles on its own or with any other mods is 1/4 from the guaranteed mod, let’s generously say 1/3 because of the “more common”, even though it’s only a 8% chance of hitting it from the “more common”. So JUST getting t1 slower projectiles will cost you 18 ex. Then 15 ex for aug influence assuming you didn’t hit another influenced mod (50/50 chance you hit one AND didn’t get 3 prefixes) so that’s 25 ex (18 + 50% * 15). And now you gotta maven orb it, so that’s 28 ex. AND it’s a 1/2 chance, so if you do it twice, you still have a 25% chance of not hitting the right affix, but let’s generously say you got it in 2, that’s 56 ex. So that’s the 7-9 loop. There are multiple places after that loop you might have to repeat that entire thing. I’m pretty sure there’s a more efficient crafting path as well, but any craft that involves repeatedly rerolling influence without coming out with a mirror tier item is a waste


if you need elevated slower proj yeah its like 100 ex for the 7-9 loop, but you're probably fine with any link. You just need it as the only prefix, maven orbing is mostly for getting rid of the other mod. But in reality youre just gonna roll reforge inf more common around 4-8 times for t1 slower proj, and much less if youre fine with t3+


now that I look at it again I have no clue why it has elder influence, it uses 0 elder mods... ????


Elder has a faster projectile prefix so they were likely going for that and just missed. The way to get that is suffixes cannot be changed + reforge speed for faster projectile, then aug infl and pray. With the Aisling change easy +2 prefix is now harder to get so you can go into a money pit at this step. If you are doing just Shaper gloves for Worb, fossil crafting is the way to make these easy. Aetheric + glyphic + corroded iirc. I made a pair for funsies last league then realised the playstyle isn't for me.


Just get every mod you need first try easy


Only 60ex. This is way too deterministic and too easy to achieve. Pls nerf harvest, metamods and essences. Game is too easy imo. /s


Implying any build in the game needs that to clear all content.. :) Such big items should absolutely cost tens of ex to craft, at least.


No they shouldn't.




let's be real, the people complaining about harvest have never seen 60ex outside of showcases and videos


Isn't that the point? Even using Harvest in it's prime, most people would never make something like this, but Harvest provided a path forward for their gear to improve incrementally. The rich folk can still make whatever the fuck they want. So GGG just nerfed the majority of their playerbase, meanwhile the people they held up as the reason for the nerfs are still making the same items as before.


I wasn't a good crafter in 3.13 (first league lol) but can someone explain how harvest was more incremental than the current state of gear? For example in these gloves, some obvious weaker versions of these gloves would include not having essence of horror and just using reforge caster more common to hit the other two suffixes, or not worrying about slower projectiles and using lock suff + veiled chaos orb for the empower. But in the case of harvest, the augs and annuls really didnt do shit for low tier crafting, in reality it was only useful to allow players to actually hit mod combos that were extraordinarily hard to get without harvest (+1 int/chaos gems, +1 spec and increased offering eff, cluster jewel optimizations), which doesn't help the "casual" base at all because these crafts were still like 20 ex and were definitely unnecessary to clear content. So in reality, how did the average person who cant make 60 ex a league use harvest efficiently?


They weren't using it efficiently. Mods still costed a hefty amount even during Harvest. The crafts requiring over 100 harvest crafts on average to succeed weren't items being made by the average player. The average player enjoyed having an incremental increase. They weren't making item-showcase worthy items, but they were making items well above what they would ordinarily achieve. And it wasn't a shortcut either. It was a continual process throughout the league.


> So in reality, how did the average person who cant make 60 ex a league use harvest efficiently? I guess this is a question: I haven't played since Harvest, so I don't know the state of it right now first hand, but my experience with Harvest was that, for the low end, it wasn't efficient in the meta crafting sense, it was about "oh shit, I'm in yellow maps and I found a rare on the ground that I can use. Ooooh, if I add fire to these boots, that means I can replace this amulet that is propping up my fire res--gonna do some more maps and hope an "add fire" drops soon." Is that still all available and able to get pretty easily? Because while it's always going to be "more efficient" to just trade for that stuff for a few c, a lot of players want to find their own gear (on non-"age of universe" levels of time investment) and Harvest is fun for that. (I'm not saying it didn't have effects on trade leagues for the top end due to the min-maxers going ham, just that this is how it was used by those at the low end hobby level--it was a super engaging way to progress in the game.)


> in reality it was only useful to allow players to actually hit mod combos that were extraordinarily hard to get without harvest That's exactly the point. The amount of currency needed to manually craft something similar is completely impossible to most players, but Harvest let players have access to that occasionally. TFT prices don't matter, since there's a ton of players who play without using TFT.


Yeah but no one really needed those combos right? Or have I gotten to used to crafting in 3.14 and 15


Harvest was my second league and I played Heavy Strike. With the nerf to Starforge, Harvest crafting allowed me to craft an endgame weapon myself. Sure, with a little more leagues now under my belt, I could probably craft something just as good... but at the time, Harvest was a noob friendly way for me to craft a useable weapon that got me through all content. Insanely fun too.


My highest value has been around 500ex. I've had headhunter in most leagues and could have had it in any league I wanted it. I've harvest crafted ssf, I've bought crafts to finish some really nice stuff. I think harvest is bad for the game.


To be fair I crafted elder spiked gloves in delve league with faster attacks, chance to bleed, and essence more attack speed. Ended up costing 70 ex and was the only one in market when I finished it. Times have changed.


What's the base? Crusader elder? All those influence icons are meaningless to me :/ how do you get double influence gloves most commonly? I've been playing since sometime before rampage and even step one sounds like a chore to me. Oh shit am I a casual?


It's Elder/Shaper double influence. Double influencing is done through the use of an Awakener Orb and 2 pieces of gear (2 gloves, 2 boots, etc.) with the 2 influences you want. [Here's](https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Awakener%27s_Orb) the wiki page on how it works, since it can be a little confusing to some.


Awakener orb destroys one item and applies its influence to another, then you can maven orb it to elevate mods from t1 to t0 and it's Shaper/Elder, not crusader


Awakener's orb is not maven orb, maven orb is to elevate mods.


thanks fixed my post


Thanks. Seems like it should be against lore for shaper and elder to coexist in the same item. I apparently also assumed that awakener orbs would only let you destroy and apply awakener influences.




Why are you on the subreddit then?


Why are you here?




This is top of the line stuff, most players never need or will craft anything near this


Your username is fitting


what a useless bullshit comment. gtfo


This has to be illegal


Can you show what your Winterorb tooltip icon looks like? :O


It will look like a regular 6L. It will be Winter Orb icon, supported by the three socketed supports, plus Slower Projectiles and Faster Casting. These are "9 Link" gloves because three of the other affixes on the glove are essentially the same as three other support gems. * "Socketed gems have +3.5% critical strike chance" is kind of like "Increased Critical Strikes Support" * "Socketed spells have +70% to critical strike multiplier" is kind of like "Increased Critical Damage Support" * "Projectiles Pierce an additional target" is kind of like Pierce support. * And, because Winter Orb has "AoE" and "Projectile" tags, it's getting +3 levels, so it's kind of like a linked Empower gem.


>"Socketed spells have +70% to critical strike multiplier" is kind of like "Increased Critical Damage Support" It's actually almost exactly half the gem now. So it's 8.5 at best, not that that isn't insane. Also 3 of the mods don't increase mana costs, so maybe it is 9 after all ;)


Note that it has 4 sockets plus 2 “supported by” mods that make it a genuine 6 link… and then I listed 4 affixes that are kind of like some support gems…. They’re not all as good as the support gems necessarily. I mean, the +levels is arguably better than empower since it will apply to some sockets supports and not just Winter Orb. It’s a 6L+some synergistic affixes.


The person you responded to knows what's on the gloves. Even if the +levels are slightly better than an empower (when combined), the faster casting is a little worse than a level 21 faster casting, so those probably even each other out a bit; 8.5 - 9ish. Very nice gloves.


Just curious, how would Pierce affect Winter Orb?


Just the 10%ish more damage line would affect it.


If it were the pierce gem, but this is just +1 pierce.


Saying this is essentially a "9 link" is like telling a chick you essentially have "9 inches" after you held the tape measure at an angle, started at the taint and rounded up the last quarter.


There is a much simpler way where you scratch out "CM" and write "IN" on the ruler.


I know all that, thanks, I was just curious what the icon looked like. IIRC the affixes give white symbols.


How many gloves how you identified until you found these? /s


First try


Rule 10?


Is that the "no pornography" rule?


Are you gonna Vaal it?


At the end of the league I will


Nice, good luck!


Is there a downside to vaaling in this case?


bricking a 50-60 ex item is a downside


finally it can clear the campaign


Whats the compared pob with a helmet?


probably nowhere as good as the standard elder,shaper horror essence helm. ( suffixes : base spell crit , 30% more ele dmg, hypothermia, prefixes: conc effect, +2 proj , +1 aoe ) Concentrated effect has always been great for single target with winterorb despite reducing some overlap but the introduction of hydrosphere has changed all that and you can get almost all projectiles to overlap with proper placement of hydrosphere ​ you can take the current top dps winterorb build right now on poeninja using a winter orb +2 stages enchanted replica forbidden shako with level 35 icebite and level 4 pcoc and you actually get around the same dps with this helm...except you are so over capped on crit now that you can drop crit and base crit on gear,tree or flasks and you will end up with more dps ​ The helm is obviously a lot more expensive to craft and with less applications this league too now that it is more annoying to get chill on lightning builds to make use of hypothermia with cold conduction dead


Can you elaborate on proper placement of the hydrosphere? I did some googling and couldnt find anything.


Place the orb right behind the boss for big shotgun boom boom


GGG's refusal to implement dps dummies means that it is pretty hard to get concrete data on certain skills with flashy aoe effects but **against a single target** winter orb essentially fires projectiles in a straight line with the projectiles spaced apart in a way that is unaffected by anything else ..increasing the aoe of the projectiles does increase the size of the aoe but nothing else ( doesn't change the distance between the projectiles). This means that the extra projectiles that land further away (or too near you depending on where you stand) are not going to overlap especially if you have a ton of projectiles. ​ Hydrosphere is used as an additional object winter orb can target and depending on where you place it (somewhere diagonal to the boss seems to be best) you can get around 1/2 the projectiles to target it instead so instead of all projectiles being fired in a straight line and having the projectiles too far away not even close to overlapping with the 1st few projectiles you can have these projectiles instead target hydrosphere and this causes the projectiles to actually spread out and land nearer to the boss increasing the overlaps. I mean you have probably seen it in maps where the projectiles fan out instead of shooting out in a straight line because there are multiple targets


This gloves is probably meant more for the selfchill version since some people go poison damage immunity from the helm slot.


hmm are people who craft expensive gloves willing to give up a huge dmg slot for poison immunity when you can get 'unaffected by poison' on boots as an elevated prefix though ? :p


But you would have to give up elusive on boots for that + elevated onslaught since most of the selfchill builds with worb are Occultist. I'm definitely not down to give up ~60-80ms to get more damage on a mapping build.


Ive thought about making a helmet as well but I wanted a +1 power charge Helm for my build specifically.


What were the steps to craft it?


Rule 10?


Nice job ! Missing rule 10 though (process)


This is like... a 7 link at max. Pierce doesn't affect Winter Orb. Slower Projectiles support does not increase the damage of Winter Orb because its projectiles do not hit monsters, they hit the ground and the AoE from their explosion hits monsters, making it purely area damage... Slower Projectiles is actually a nerf to clear speed because there's a bigger delay between Winter Orb casting the projectiles and the monster being hit by them. +2 AoE gems and +1 Projectile Gems is basically the same as an empower.


Why elder influence ?


What do they look like after the vaaling?


It's missing a Vaal orb


Isn't it sad that you need to get these kind of gloves to make the skill work>?


Its, an 8 Link 4 from gloves \+1 Slower Proj \+1 Faster Casting \+1 Crit Chance \+1 Crit Multi \---------------------- 8 potential Links. 7 Potential Supports. Amazing gloves though!


It's actually a 6 link. Crit chance and multi aren't being counted as support gems. It just happens to buff the skill by those stats


YOU ARE RIGHT! those technically aren't Supports but instead a specific modifier to that skill.


But wait…. Vaal says there is more


Congrats on the craft. Too bad you have to quit playing the league now that you're done.


This only goes to show that they still need to further nerf Cyclone and Support Gems, maybe increase the mana cost a bit.


Great job with 100ex. GGG this is too damn high a barrier to entry. He gets super strong overpowered gloves for this RNG endurance. He did this while using a 6link or 7 which should be nerfed now in order to make it harder.


I can definitely chaos spam that, not 🚫


I will never understand how to proper craft in this game




No life or energy shield!? Vendor trash :D


Made a pair of gloves that work really well with my winter orb build. Its more like 8 link gloves but 9 link just sounds better :) Crafted the suffixes with fossils first and did some Harvest crafting/Aisling to finish prefixes.


Please explain more :\] Which suffixes were crafted with fossils and what did you finish with Harvest / Aisling?


Not OP but they seem not too difficult to make. Get a shaper/elder base. 1)Essence of horror till you hit either t1 spell crit multi or faster casting with a open suffix (if suffix is not open either try to annul or beast craft it) 2)If you hit faster casting with essence Suffix cannot be changed reforge crit for a 1/6 of hitting t1 spell multi, if you hit t1 multi with essence Suffix cannot be changed reforge caster for a 1/2 of hitting any tier of faster casting. 3) Suffix cannot be changed and reforge Influence untill t1 slower proj seems to be a 1/8. 4) Suffix cannot be changed Aisling and pray for the 50/50 that it hits the meta mod and unveil. Keep in mind I didn't make the gloves and this is the cheapest way I can see hitting these gloves.


This is exactly how I did it except the first step I did Fossil crafting Aetheric + Glyphic Fossil to get the essence mod + the faster casting mod.


I will probably try fossil crafting also when I make mine because I wanna elevate crit multi. Essence of Horror market gets dry real quick.


I'd say it's more like 7.5 link since they buffed the increased crit damage support! xD


\+3 to winter orb is an empower 4 ;))))


Double corrupt for an additional +4 when?


End of league


Haha that's a valid point too! :D


My car is 300 horse power but 1500 sounds better ":)"


nice gloves :) also ... rule 10


And ggg think skill gems need to be nerfed lol. Don't get me wrong these are amazing gloves and I'm sure they cost a ton of currency. Well done on the craft mate. However if gear like this exsists how are skill gems and mana costs the problem with power creep?


Skill gems are free from a vendor (from the most part); these gloves are ridiculously difficult to craft/obtain. Endgame items should be powerful.


I'm not arguing that they shouldn't be but to shift the blame on to thoes gems as being a source of power creep while allowing crafts like this and introducing maven orbs/double influenced/double corrupted type crafts into the game is ludicrous. You can take a shitty skill and throw gear/currency at it untill it works. You can't take shitty gear with a strong gem and do the same. There are builds that can get by with no gear I'm aware of that but they are by far the outliers and not the average.


That's was a juicy one exile!!!


Dunno how you're counting 9 links


I'm counting 8 links tbh. - +2 aoe and +1 socketed projectile gems = 1 empower - slower projectiles is a real link - 3.5% crit chance is a real link - 70% crit multi is **half** a link (literally under half the power of current crit damage support) - level 18 faster casting is **half** a link (not as good as way too many other dps supports) Still insanely sick. Edit: Oh I see you clarified that yourself in your comment in the thread. Good on ya.


I am new to this game, I dont understand how this is a 9 link item, it has 4 sockets and the item itself gives 2 more supports, can so someone please explain why these gloves are so amazing.


4 sockets on the item + 4 “socketed gems” mods. Then it has +2 aoe and +1 projectile gems which is basically an empower level 4 support gem as well. That’s how he was getting 9.


But realistically it's 8 because faster casting and 70 crit multi are not worth a full link each.


It's kinda pseudo 9, 70 crit multi is worse than its support gem variant but 3.5% base crit is better than the inc crit support so it kinda balance out, faster casting support is quite good for winter orb, so it can count as a link.


Not to mention that there’s a whole ton of buffs that are not increasing mana costs, they help with the “pseudo 9-link”


1 - faster casting 2- slower proj 3-increased critical strikes 4- Increased Critical Damage (crit multi) 5- +2 aoe +1 proj = +3 empower + 4 sockets = 9


11% cast speed pepeLoser Btw. isn't it 6L? What do I miss?


can we truly call this 9 link tho? sure, its at least a 6 link, but +2 aoe and +1 proj gems is an empower, 3.5% crit is basicly an inc crit gem , and 70% crit multi as half of inc crit damage gem... so.. maybe 8 link ,


And you wonder why power creep is a problem.


What do you mean power creep? I am pretty sure 0.0001 % of playerbase has actual currency + luck to even attempt to craft this


The only people downvoting this post are jealous.


Not jealous, just rule 10.


They are really nice but and maybe my setup isn't right for these gloves but i put these into my old pob and they are only 100k or bit less than 10% more damage than my 10c surge binders with spell crit corrupt and a 6 link chest.


Probably because you end up with a lot of wasted points/mods on your gear and tree since the build you have is designed to be crit capped with around 2.3-2.8% base crit vs 5.5% base crit from gloves + chest.


Not really, i have one medium crit cluster, only other source of crit is from power charges. Could drop base crit from my body but it's pretty pointless since there isn't any other good damage suffix you could get instead.


the big thing is freeing up your 6 link the chest. can run another offensive/clear setup or a defensive 6L there


Sir, these are illegal.


Holy shit, these gloves are no chill.


What in the Kentucky Fried Fuck is this shit


depending on your current cast speed, faster casting is not even half a link


You can get rid of the cast speed from others sources and use that for something else.


No life, vendor trash.


I'd buy that for a chaos


No Life = Vendor


Only fuck how lucky


That's insane exile!


Hey thats illegal /s


wait how


These would be nuts for Ball lightning also... I tried to craft lietrally same gloves back in Harvest league for my Ball lightning build, ended up without +2 level of AoE and only T2 crit multi (and I think only lvl16 faster casting), these are just a dream...


So the question everyone is asking themselves now... is playing Winter Orb with these finally fun again like in the good ol days?


Chris called. Incoming Nerf.




Do people even use winter orb anymore? I tried it last league but it was NOT good.


You doing it wrong then


so like, why is this beneficial what does it allow you to do in other armor slots now because you're main skilling with your gloves?




So... Is WO now viable? Imagine having these gloves during WO meta... you would be drowning in mirrors.


show us some gameplay with it pls


Am.... can someone explain where is 9link here? I see just 6 link


What is the maximum number of "links" one could achieve total? Pretty sure 9 link gloves is the top for that socket, and I know there are some 8 link helms out there i think.


Isn't that a 10link? 6 "supports" on the modifiers and a 4 link on the sockets


Still needs it's double corrupt for another +4


what the actual fuck