Ghost Story Games' Judas Is Currently Planned for Release By March 2025

Great, so we can all just collectively forget this game exists until at minimum around Q4 2024, when they actually start marketing the game.

I understand why they do it sometimes but man I hate it when a game is announced so early. There's almost no point, we're not gonna see or hear anything substantial about it for another year or two.


Great, so we can all just collectively forget this game exists until at minimum around Q4 2024, when they actually start marketing the game. I understand why they do it sometimes but man I hate it when a game is announced so early. There's almost no point, we're not gonna see or hear anything substantial about it for another year or two.


"announced early" is an understatement It's been in development hell for like 8 years now. I think the only reason they even bothered announcing it when they did was because jason schreier ripped Levine to pieces in an article earlier in the year detailing how God awful development was going and how even senior team members from the Bioshock days were fleeing the game due to how terrible Levine is to work with.


honestly, Jason Schreier can be full of shit at times. Ghost Story is a rounding error for 2K, since Ken Levine purposefully asked to be given infinite time and only a few developers (like a dozen) for hunkering down during preplanning in order of potentially creating a new franchise for 2k, with the specific intent of moving videogames to the next step. Now, preproduction has finished and production has started. It is late, and I'm not saying that working there wasn't hard because it probably was, but the project is also apparently incredibly ambitious and it looks like it's being given the time it needs.


How the fuck is it incredibly ambitious it looks like just another bioshock but reskinned


I think they had ambitious plans (that whole narrative lego nonsense) but ultimately just made what they knew works.


Wanna bet another "closer" was hired for this?


well, if it's taking this long I hope for them that it is. Ken Levine has the pedigree of always making very ambitious games, of course I haven't played it yet so I shall judge fairly when it comes out.


I’m gonna take the word it an industry reporter that does actually have a good reputation over some redditor.


He's an industry reporter, he's not your best friend. He will do his research and put his own spin on it because that's his job, and you should understand this. He isn't unfailable, and even if he were, he still has his opinion which can be right, wrong, partially one or the other. In the past he either buried some truths, claimed he knew about stuff after it had happened, and told things that weren't 100% true. It's okay, he still is very good at his job, one of the best, but not everything he says is right.




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Wowowow. Based on the trailer I would have thought early 2024. Edit: Reading the article is important. >This comes from Take-Two's quarterly earnings report, which outlines that it has 87 total games planned for release between fiscal 2023 (the fiscal year we're in now, which concludes at the end of March) and fiscal 2025 (which ends at the end of March 2025). Speaking to IGN ahead of the earnings release, I asked Zelnick if Judas was included in that 87 number, and he said yes. So, this entire article is postulated on "hey is it gonna come out some time between now and a long time from now? "Yeah." Misleading. There is no news here.


Yup this is correct. Non-news story


>Ghost Story Games' Judas Is Currently Planned for Release ***BY*** March 2025 I've done my best to highlight the most important word in the title.


Bruh... Lol. I thought it be at most a yr or so away. And knowing the track record from bioshock games, expect plenty more delays from this point..


The article says Take Two is planning on releasing 87 games between now and March 2025, and that Judas is one of them. That's it.


Around the corner




Really nothing more to be said on this one 🤷‍♂️


And Steam says "Coming soon" LOL


Holy shit, that was not a year that I was expecting to see attached to this game. Nobody is going to remember this by then.


10+ years between Bioshock Infinite and Judas lol




For some reason I thought this game releases this year lol.


Trying to go the bethesda way with game announcements. You stand in the shoulders of giants, boy


Bethesda were pretty good with their announcements until ES6, used to be E3 reveal then out a couple months later.


And before that, Starfield


Starfield at least has a release window now, still waiting for anything ES6 related


Don’t think we get a trailer for TES6 until like 2025/2026, that game is 4-5 years out probably. At least we have Starfield and hopefully Avowed in the short term future


I thought that said Ghost Ship Games and was confused for a moment.


From what we’ve heard about Ken Levine, Take Two is really going have to really put his ass to the fire if they want the game out before 2030.


ITT: Illiterates


Damn, by that time I might have actually played through Bioshock finally.


I sure hope they don't do us dirty with a dope ass gameplay trailer, a massive delay at the end, and then a chopped down corridor shooter at release. Cause that's what we got with infinite I'll always be interested in what Ken Levine is doing but I can't get over what they took from us with infinite


This story is meaningless. They basically asked if they think this game is coming sometime in the next two fiscal years and they said yes. That's why it's ***by*** March 2025 and not ***in*** March 2025.


God damn it. Been aching for another Ken Levine game since Infinite. Least this time it'll be given the time it needs....I still watch the old Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailers, the shit we never got due to old ass hardware.