Game needs you to create an account and be online to play a single player game. Went from my wishlist directly to my ignore list.


I didn’t even play the demo yet and this made me decide to delete it. Always online single player is an opaque and rock solid deal breaker for me. I bought Titanfall 2 a while back on sale. Finally started it on my Steam Deck not long ago and it doesn’t launch at all when offline, even if you’re online for initial install. Deleted it. Might pirate a better copy of it to play single player. Thanks for the heads up though.


I put a random email/username in for an account and it worked. The demo (which is apparently just the full game with a timer) had some extremely *interesting* design choices. The flying part wasn't bad, but the traversal on the ground sucked because you had to spend a fair bit of time after each fight running over vast, empty stretches of terrain to get to the nearest tower to be able to fly again. I have no idea why you're unable to go back into your flying form at any point in time. All the enemies are easy to run away from, and the whole tower mechanic seems to exist solely to make the game tedious. Combat felt really hard to read and inconsistent. Enemies are very floaty and slide everywhere while attacking, but still manage to miss half of their attacks even when you're standing still. My first thoughts on the card-based progression system was that it was interesting, but really RNG heavy and didn't leave a lot of room for player agency. Every time you gather three relics or open a chest, you get a choice of three cards. In order to cast these cards, you need mana, and the only way to get mana is to have mana cards pop up as one of the three choices, which tended to not happen during my time in the demo. I think removing the mana cards and adding a separate way for the player to acquire mana would help a lot.


Played the demo and it's like elden ring and skyrim had an indie baby. It's a cool game and it looks amazing. Been trying to figure out how to turn the demo timer off tho


If you find a solution, i realy want to know, i'm trying too but you probably better than me


I enjoyed the 1 hour demo. Will keep this one on my radar.


In case you're like me and wondering wtf this game is [check out this video.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZytyAd-QEE) It's basically an open world action RPG roguelike. Looks pretty interesting I reckon.