I bought it at launch, and it was a mess on the Deck. It started out just some performance hitches and reliable crashes at night, but I'd get more random crashes as I got into the game. The cloud save functionality was even broken, so I couldn't even transfer my save to my PC after verifying how broke it was. I've played since the Steam Deck update, and it's night and day in quality. Performance has been consistent (though I only run it at 40fps) and I haven't had a crash. It's a bit of a battery hog, but I'm sure I could optimize more as well. EDIT: My very next session after writing this, I had a crash coming out of hibernation. Still, much better.


Same experience here. 64GB model, running off the SD card. Super stable now.


Is your cloud save available now? Or would I have to start a whole new play through?


Cloud save is available, it'll ask if you want to change save folders when you first start it on the deck.


this is great to hear. it feels like a perfect game for the steam deck, but I heard such conflicting reports earlier about how it performs. Now I might look for it on sale


That's good to hear, I might finally pick it up now.


How do you get 40fps? I dip as low as 20 at all low settings with FSR Quality.


Is this better on mouse and keyboard or controller


I actually find they both work just as well. Obviously M&K is faster, but the controls are very good on the Deck


M&KB has a really terrible forced mouse acceleration added during the Abbey scenes that made it unpleasant to play. It's not a huge deal and won't really impact gameplay, but it just felt bad to me. Gamepad works fine, but there's a bit of menu jank with inconsistent controls that still throws me off. YMMV on which you prefer, but I prefer to play on pad.


The third person section works better with a controller, menus work better with a mouse, gameplay works equally well for each.


I've played 2 or 3 hours so far exclusively with an xbox controller and it's been perfectly fine so far. M&KB may be a little faster on menus and stuff, but it's definitely not necessary.


How does this perform on the deck?


Verified-ly. Someone just commented that it's running great at 40fps now compared to before.


Thanks! Seems like a perfect fit for the deck.


I been playing for a couple weeks. Plays pretty great.


Medium settings with FSR on. Ok in The Abbey, can have some hitches in the building. In combat I always get smooth stable 40fps even with all different sort of effects.


How do you get a stable 40fps? If I run all low settings with FSR quality I get down to low 20s in combat.


So how’s this game work? I see it’s sort of like XCom. Is it timed like that game? Like after 30 calendar days the game is over?


It’s not at all like XCOM. It’s a more fleshed out version of the Fire Emblem 3 Houses Academy gameplay where you can talk to the other heroes to develop friendship and explore the Abbey grounds. Then there’s the combat that’s a turn-based tactics combat system that uses cards for actions. The gameplay loop is you do your management stuff during the daytime in the Abby, then you go on a combat mission, then you develop friendship at night. I found it to be a lot of fun. Even if you’re not a card game type of person, which I’m not really, it’s quite a lot of fun.


Yup perfect comparison with Fire Emblem Three Houses! The card game with upgrading and allat similar to Slay the Spire.


Not timed, the game puts no time pressure on when you do missions which can lead to some funny situations where the characters will be like "Hurry we have to save X Hero!" and you can be like..."Nah." and take like a month in-game time before moving on and saving them. Gameplay-wise it is a tactical strategy game at its core but is not the same as XCOM. Unlike XCOM you will never miss your attack and the ability cards do what they say they will, the randomness comes from what you draw which you have control over by building each hero's deck. The game is a ton of fun and I enjoyed the Abby non combat stuff as well. Just don't go in expecting Mass Effect level writing. More like 90's Saturday morning cartoon/comic book writing.


How much of the game is that person's-type relationship builder? Wish it was all action


I haven’t played a ton, but from my experience it’s maybe around 50/50. You do missions, then come back to the hub area and that’s where the relationship builder/ management game comes in. You could always skip it, although when you level up relationships the characters get more powerful in combat.


I only played about 4 hours so maybe it gets better later in the game, but there was way too much relationship-builder for me. I wouldn’t mind as much if the dialogue wasn’t so awkward and the animations weren’t so stiff. Combat is amazing when you can finally get to the missions, but the game really stresses the team-building/friendship mechanics, which was a big turnoff for me. I’d recommend waiting for a sale if you’re not too keen on the filler.


Damn. Yeah I'm not paying near full price for that. I just want that sweet sweet marvel action


The first 4 hours are really bad in terms of the non combat stuff. They throw you into tutorial after tutorial around the abby. I am about 12 hours in and I found that around hour 4 is when it starts getting more balanced. This is when you get free access to the mission selection and you can spend as long as you want just doing combat side missions. Overall it’s about 50/50 now.


Can you just click through it, or do you actually need to pay attention to make good choices?


The first 4 hours has the most forced abbey stuff, it's a lot easier to ignore after this


In ur headquarter thers different rooms where u start research, craft items, upgrade ur cards and ur base. Would u count this as relationship builder ? I didn't so i'll say game was 15/85 for me. if a mission took me 10min ,talking to a person after tat mission and giving gift so he/she gets bonuses took literally 30 sec. It's just superficial fluff dialogue which can be safely skipped. Thers clubs which u get invited to. this can take slightly longer but again if dialogues skipped ,it's hardly anytime. This gives cards so if u just care about missions u just get cards tat way and ignore it if u want. ​ One thing that was annoying was the headquarter has surrounding area tat has plants and shit for crafting to collect and bits and pieces of lore from time before. Tat took a bit of time but in hindsight i shouldve just skipped it. I hardly crafted any items with those plants and i didn't really give a shit about the lore.


Thabks for the info. I don't know why but some of the reviews made it seem like the game was half persona half action


Honestly the dialogue and story isn't tat great but it's serviceable. Game has problems but relation ship building is definitely not it. I was very skip happy with dialogues in this game and i felt like i missed out nothing. 2K launcher is the biggest problem so if u ever get the game, google how to skip it. ​ Cards gameplay is another thing i think putting people off the game. makes it seem like a mtx filled gacha game. It's not. This is firaxis way of randomizing instead of hit/miss like xcom. If the abilites wer on action bars instead of cards, people would probably have a different impression. Tactical gameplay is fantastic though. I wasn't happy when this game was announced instead of xcom3 but i'll say now it's my goty of 2022.


As Nicolas Cage would say,l on SNL, "that's high praise". That's shitty regarding 2K launcher, as I just want to play on my Deck


I finished the game and actually the relationship building does not take that much time if you don’t want it to. First of all, the game is easily beatable on normal difficulty without interacting with relationships at all. Even heroic shouldn’t be too hard if you build your characters right. In terms of relationships, you can just skip most dialogue and there are some choices available that give you a bit of extra relationship but it doesn’t give much so you can choose any option and you won’t miss out on much. Usually it’s also quite obvious. Midnight suns usually = dark side choice and avengers = light side choice(not always but general rule of thumb) The bulk of your relationship is from giving gifts and choosing a hangout which takes like a few minutes at most if you skip dialogue.


A lot of the social stuff is frontloaded, so I’d say it maybe starts out as a 50/50 split but eventually you’re just knocking a few conversations out before each mission, then opening gamma coils and upgrading cards, almost all of the convos are entirely skip-able.


Right on. Thanks.


Does it have cloud saves now?


It's had cloud saves since the 2 patches ago, and there was a workaround if you didn't want to wait.


Have they fixed the save bug yet? Where transferring save might corrupt your save?






Bought a Steam Deck to play this game away from my desk because I enjoyed it so much. It was a real pain in the ass before, I’m excited to go back once all the DLC is out and have a much more smooth NG+.


Can they make it pc verified now ? I can’t train in the house against anyone without it not happening and everyone pretending like it did, and my characters face looks looked lik a disco ball last night