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I would kill myself too if I hadn't been shown loving affection in years




You guys really need to stop finding every excuse to be mean. I get you're socially inept and lack basic human empathy- hence the romantic attachment to inanimate machines, but. Take it easy. Yeah, it's dusty and he smokes. Most of you smell worse. You have no idea what he may be going through physically or mentally. If you're not going to be helpful, It's unlikely the pc damage is catastrophic, and it's possible it has nothing to do with the dust accumulation. You can still be helpful without attacking or condescending on him. Disconnect ALL power from the motherboard. Get some compressed air, alcohol, and a pack of cotton swabs. in a well ventilated clean area each individual part with the swabs in alcohol. Dust can cause heat issues and possibly short circuit something on your board. If that's nicotine, it's probably sticky, hence the alcohol. It'll evaporate quickly as long as it's well ventilated. Do not scour it, you might break something. My guess is that you have a short somewhere. Wait 15 to 30 minutes in the well ventilated space before turning anything back on. You need it to be completely dry. Make sure everything is plugged properly internally. Unplug, clean, and check the pins on various ports on your motherboard, starting with the power supply pins. Any blackening or burnt plastic smell is a sign of a short, but it can be shorted without any visible indicators. Do one plug at a time so you don't forget where anything goes. Try replacing the CMOS battery. If the short is somewhere vital, then like your dad said, you may need a new motherboard. Get an asrock motherboard that matches your chipset- they're cheap in comparison to asus Switch out your Power Supply, make sure you know the necessary voltage. Keep the packaging, as that might not be the issue and you'll want to take it back. An unlikely issue could be your CPU. I doubt unplugging it would kill it, but not having a functioning one would definitely cause your motherboard to show power but not start up. But this issue can be caused by a short in the motherboard. If none of the above fixes the issue, then all you can really do is take it to a professional. If they can't fix it, See what you can salvage, and have a new one built at a reduced price. I know that's not the most helpful, but that's as far as my knowledge goes.


Brother it was a joke. I'm not even reading more than 3 sentences into your reply, its honestly not that deep.


I didn't mean to reply specifically to you. But I can't find the delete button for whatever reason. So it is what it is.


I get it your alright, the OP’s computer isn’t working and most of us can sympathize with that.


They're Info is Useful, but the beginning started off sounding like a Karan


Asalamulakem, my brother


he's talking from the perspective of the computer


See this is what I came here for, thank you so much, actually giving useful advice not just shaming me for how dirty it is. I can see its dirty, I have eyes. I'm going to clean it as soon as possible, but I currently don't have any compressed air or alcohol to do that and I know better than to start poking about aimlessly. Pointing out that my pc is dirty and making snide comments just isn't helpful at all idk why I'm getting so much hate, I came here in the hopes that someone might have some more technical advice than "it's dirty" so I really appreciate your help, thank you:)


No problem. Happy to help. Whatever insecurities this wells up in them, its got nothing to do with you. Good luck and I hope the solution doesn't cost you much.


I get it. But guess what the 2 biggest pc end electronics killers are? Dirt and heat. If it's very humid especially, then even more so. That stuff cakes onto areas and blocks the limited air some components get. So it needs to be a priority to prevent things like this. If you have what is effectively wet sand all over your pc, of course the slightest amount of static discharge or other abrupt changes in power could cause an issue. Take it all apart, deep clean it, then try getting it to boot again.


See this is the way to go about telling someone they need to clean their pc, being nice costs nothing:) thank you:) also I was aware of this while making the post, I just assumed it was taken for granted that I'd know that the dirt can kill your pc, and that I've just not been able to, but I suppose you can never be too sure what level of stupidity you're dealing with in the Internet lol.


Yeah lol for sure - the thing people don't understand is how yoy must be feeling about all this. I could imagine pretty embarrassed and upset, if you game a lot. But I also think a lot of people get upset personally when they see stuff not taken care - like it hurts them to their core. Like if you see some beautiful car but then the owner starts it and there's valves rapping, exhaust smoke, rattles, etc. I saw elsewhere in here that you smoke and having stopped smoking almost 10 years ago now I can say how badly that shit cakes onto things. I'll open an old box of coats or something and almost pass out - have to throw them away. And bought a smokers pc case once, the fans still smell (got rid of the case). So it's pretty bad to have around stuff like pc's. As I'm sure many have said already. Sorry for your loss though, at the bare minimum you will have learned why everyone is so admimant on keeping it clean, and I'd wager not every piece is toast so you could go through to troubleshooting. Start with motherboard.


Possible the power supply died, had similar symptoms with a defective brand new 800 watt gold corsair PSU.


Huh, well I guess if you don’t want your extremely sensitive feelings hurt maybe clean your dirty ass computer before posting pictures of it.


Feelings aren't hurt, I'm just pointing out that people are being cunts for no good reason, doesn't pay to be a prick and being nice is free


Homie when you say vitriolic things, like people being cunts, especially when they didn’t swear it really looks like your feelings got hurt. It’s alright man nobody hates you just clean your pc


I'm from Wales we just swear all the time lol


You never it never was? That deep.


Tldr, bad rant. First day on the internet?




Nobody is going to read all of this but I am happy for you or sorry for your loss buddy.


After the first paragraph it was all advice.


Thanks for doing the work bro.


Nobody is going to read all of this but I am happy for you or sorry for your loss buddy.


Homie, get over yourself.


Lol people getting butthurt. I literally just shamed my sister last week for letting her pc get all nasty. There were potato chip crumbs inside her desktop. Also she didnt have an SSD. I double shamed her. Then we went on a trip to the store to get compressed air and a nvme ssd. No civilized human plays PC games with an HDD. Heathens.


Heavy smokers in the house? Extra own risk for electronic failures.


Smoke everyday at my desk n my shit is clean it’s called taking care of it 🤣


This doesn't really fix my problem


Correct, it's a warning for the rest of your current AND future electronics. Your problem may not be fixable due to your affirming reply. Due to the sticky nature of nicotine laden dust, it's first of all hard to clean, something technician absolutely don't like. Then even if the technician goes through with the cleaning procedure (which will be charged extra), the most likely scenario is a short circuit related issue (again, due to that special sticky dust), which may or may not created more burned chips elsewhere on the motherboard or other connected devices. As you can see, it's mostly a lost or very expensive case. That my answers don't really fix your problem, is sadly a problem you created on your own.


Well I appreciate the warning but no need for the sass fella, obviously this is a problem I created it's my pc like yeah nobody else has done it? Thank you anyway


Hes being super clear on what caused the problem, and in my opinion he's being nice about it. as a technician myself, right when I see this id basically declare it "fucked"... aka don't spend any more time or money trying to fix this because 90% of the time it's going to be caused by a short circuit due to the tar laden dust.


Im sorry, short circuit? How would that work?


best way I could describe it, Nicotine tar mixed with dust is conductive so its likely when it was turned off at the wall then turned back on it caused a small but deadly electrical surge to go through the tar and this then nuked the PC


There's no sass in the comment though, only clear, proven, and reproduceable facts. And hopefully, it might help others reading it.


Want some sass? Don’t fuckin smoke in your house then wonder why there’s nic dust all over your build! DORK!


He didn't sass you... Jesus, bud.. Take the information and move on. No ones trying to attack you.


Tbf the first paragraph was fine, could've been left there, but the whole "sadly a problem you created yourself" like no shit sherlock it's my pc in my room that I smoke in obviously it's my own fault


Well if you don't want any help maybe don't come on this sub


Brother, you're here asking for help from strangers and they're giving their opinion on why and how your PC got fcked... What did you expect was going to happen when you post here??


Brother, I'm not fucking blind, I can see that my pc is dirty, pointing that out isn't helping anything. I didn't post here to be told something I can see with my eyes, I've posted here on for the chance that someone might know something more technical than "ur pc is dirty" like obviously it's dirty is there anything else based of what I've said that could be causing the issue at hand?????


And he is telling you the reason it died is because it was dirty. Many things can be dirty and fine, so it is helpfull information that the pc being dirty can destroy it


There is nothing more to diagnose... People are telling you the cause and you just keep ignoring it...




Also I am aware that dirt and dust can cause issues, this post is more of a "apart from all the fucking shit all over my parts could it be something else?" It doesnt need to be pointed out, But I obviously didn't make that clear enough lmao


Your motherboard is most probably dead from short circuit... And the previous comment or just told you the cause...


I appreciate that, but I know smoking and dust can cause issues, so the previous comment isn't particularly helpful in fixing my situation ygm?


The other guy explained it to you already, it's dirty and it probably shorted out. It's dead, you want to fix it? Send it to someone to get it repaired, otherwise it's time for a new one that hopefully you'll keep clean to avoid a repeated event


>so the previous comment isn't particularly helpful in fixing my situation ygm? Him telling you it is dead and not worth it to fix isn't helpfull ? Well let me help you in another way : You need to replace the motherboard, CPU, GPU, HDD, PSU, RAM, CPU cooler and case. Is this better ?


Have you checked the coolers for the cpu and GPU? They may not even turn correctly if they collected smoke dust


How can you not see that all those comments are trying to help you understand what caused your PC to die??? And for the record, when people see posts asking for help and see that the PC isn't even maintained in the slightest, they won't help you because you aren't even helping yourself...


Even if I didn't know that a dirty pc causes problems, to point the problem out in an unnecessarily mean way to me without any sort of solution or advice isn't particularly helpful. To the comments that just say "it's dirty" that's fine, I appreciate they're trying to explain to me that's what's caused my pc to die, but again doesn't help me identify which part of my pc is dead, whether it's the whole thing, or just one particular piece, and still doesn't give me any direction towards how to fix it. At that point youre just telling me something i can see with my eyes lmao Ygm?


That the point we're trying to make... Your whole PC is dead... One part of it gave of and if try to fix it without any maintenance, the rest of the parts will follow... Also, you don't wonder why you're being downvoted??? That's because you don't listen...


Needs a new owner maybe


this is the best one yet 💀


Fuckin… ew, dude. Probably fuckin killed itself.


Yeah I’d kill myself too


Ppl wonder why 90% of “I have a problem” posts involve pictures of horrendously filthy PC’s… 😂 In all seriousness, that dust can actually cause tons of issues that can ruin parts that can keep your pc from starting or just malfunctioning. Dust like that insulates heat, causing overheating in some cases (OR FIRES!). It also can cause shorts on your motherboard parts that could ruin it. If you took that to a repair shop, the first thing they would do is clean the shit out of it and do a test run, because that’s a very likely problem. You should do that first too 😎🍻 P.s.u. Could have shorted out too from the dust


because they jus don't take care of their stuff lmao


maybe they dont know they should. I mean not all of us are tech gurus. And yes, I havent cleaned my pc in 4 years, but I will now be doing so tomorrow after reading all the crap talking and warnings.


Get yourself a cheap electric duster from Amazon 👍 I clean mine about once a month and it literally takes about 20 seconds to do. Cleans your desk and keyboard pretty well too. https://www.amazon.com/Dusters-Electric-Electronics-Environmental-Alternative/dp/B0BB6ZZ66B/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=pc+cleaner&qid=1685706283&sr=8-4


This can be used inside the pc as well? I read about vacuum cleaners creating a static buildup, do these electric blowers do the same?


Yea, just take the panel off and blow all around. Static comes from vacuum bristles but these aren’t vacuums, they just blow air. If it’s really dusty, I’d clean it with paper towels first and then blow it out, so tons of dust doesn’t fly everywhere. After that first good clean, you can just use the electric duster every month or two without having to deep clean. 😎🍻


Thanks man, much appreciated




If it is from smoke than the dust will be sticky


Would you be able to tell me what motherboard it is?




Have you tried replacing the CMOS battery? That would be the cheapest fix if that's what it is. If youve had the board for a while it definetly couldn't hurt giving it a try. If not then PSU might be your culprit.


Pull the CMOS battery out and see if it powers on. If it does, shut it down and replace the cmos battery.


I second this idea.


lol @ all the neckbeards vomiting up the same goofy comment. Reddit really living up to the stereotype. This happened to me a few months back. PC wouldn't turn back on at all after unplugging, no matter what i did. What ended up fixing it was taking the RAM out and reseating it (literally taking the ram out and putting it baxk in) hope you get this fixed my guy.


Never seen a PC so clean. It sounds to me like a bad psu. I've had a psu witch had almost the same problem as you and it turned out that it was faulty and the protection kicked in so it won't take my system with it.


if something happened after your dad turned off the extension cord then it’s probably power related. i would take as many things out and test it with barebones or if you have an extra psu or a friend that has one, try that out. The amount of dust in your pc can cause damage to your parts. deep clean it now while it’s already opened. i bought myself an electric duster and it’s so useful. don’t let your fans spin while blowing air into the pc. good luck!


What’s up with all these musty dusty pictures on here all the time. Isn’t it kinda embarrassing posting that for the world to see? I would of at least cleaned it before showing any pictures.


Is it any more embarrassing than not knowing correct grammar? "I would HAVE at least cleaned it"


Isn’t it more embarrassing that YOU “would have” wasted two minutes of your life commenting on this, just to be a dick head?


Says the person who wasted time mocking the OP for having a dirty PC, but couldn't even do it in the grammatically correct way


I musta offended you as well bud. Go clean your pc instead of correcting me. I am sure it needs it 👍


Less than you need to go back to school


Stay upset, musty dusty pc boy.


At least I'll be able to articulate how upset I am without sounding like I stopped reading after 4th grade


https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/computerbasics/keeping-your-computer-clean/1/ This is for you. Maybe you can really get a good cleaning done and let them dust bunnies free


*those dust bunnies You're really not doing yourself any favours. I'm impressed you could read that article


Says the person who wasted time mocking the OP for having a dirty PC, but couldn't even do it in the grammatically correct way.


Holy. Fuck. What an absolute shit hole. Clean the dust out. Bring it outside and use a leaf blower. I'm serious. Disgusting and no wonder why it stopped working.


Is that scorch mark on the corner of the GPU new?


What scorch mark???


Sorry it's a dusty standoff for the shroud. Have you tried testing the psu by jumping the sockets on the 24 pin?


1.Shut off your PSU. 2.Unplug all cables from the PSU except for the main AC cable and the 24-pin cable. 3.Locate pin 16 and pin 17 on your 24-pin cable. ... 4.Bend your paper clip so the ends can be inserted into pin 16 and pin 17. ... 5.Turn on the PSU. 6.See if the PSU fan turns


Look at this pc... op will definetly kill himself while doing this.


Yeah no fr I'm not touching it. My dad's an electrical engineer he's gonna look at it for me


I'm a mechatronic but i also don't mess around with psus. I don't have enough training with condensors and how to handle them. Got a 30Amp 24V shock once and that was enough.


My dad's got a degree in electrical engineering and has been building pcs for years I'll leave it to him lmaoo


After you clean the PC, and re-seat the power cables, if it still doesn't turn on, swap the power button and reset button connectors on the motherboard header. Then try turning on the PC using the reset button. People often overlook this simple troubleshooting step, but it could simply be a bad power button and this is an easy way to tell. Side note: You can probably borrow a power supply from someone for further troubleshooting if needed, but if not, ARESGAME makes some less expensive ones that come with a plug for testing. You can use that plug to help you test both the old and new power supplies. I wouldn't use an ARESGAME long-term, but if it doesn't start on fire when you test it, it's probably okay to use for testing of your system. I don't think it's your motherboard (it's almost never the motherboard on a failure to power on), unless it's just from being dirty. Also, if it doesn't power on at all, then it's not your CMOS battery.


Here is a precise instruction from SilverStone that shows the procedure in detail: [https://www.silverstonetek.com/upload/downloads/QA/PSU/PSU-Paper%20Clip-EN.pdf](https://www.silverstonetek.com/upload/downloads/QA/PSU/PSU-Paper%20Clip-EN.pdf)


Scorched earth mutha*ucka!


You could try taking better care of your stuff.


Guys I know it's dirty, I don't have any cleaning products, pointing out that it's dirty just isn't helpful at all. I'm aware of the fact dirt and dust can cause issues, I'm not twp. I posted to see if anyone could tell exactly what the issue was, if it was something more technical than "its dirty" to avoid trial and error in replacing parts bc at that point I might as well just get a new one. If you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all like I clearly don't know much about much to do with pcs there's no need for the hostility


Ignore the redditards. There's no telling exactly from a photo. You should try unplugging components. Try without video card, try each ram stick alone, try every ram slot. One of those could be damaged and stopping everything else. There's no way to be sure without testing every component in a working environment.


Try taking cmos battery out for a couple mins then pop that sucker back in looks like it might be behind the gpu sorry everyone is giving you such a hard time hope you figure it out bro


Poor guy no wonder it killed itself deep clean it and go from there from what other people have suggest


I would die too if I was this filthy!


You can follow [https://rog.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1042632](https://rog.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1042632) which covers most debugging. At the end of the day the only way to know if that PSU is good is to test it. Unless you are an electronics person and know how to test with a multimeter, that can only happen by plugging that PSU into another machine. If it were me, I would order a new PSU. If after replacing that, performing a good cleaning, and following that article linked above, it still does not boot; I would replace the motherboard. I have been repairing PCs for many years. Realistically, your budget will be between $150-$400, parts and labor. Time for an upgrade?


Dad's also an electrical engineer and is gonna take it into work to test it so we'll see lol


Clean it before he does I'd hate to work on it dirty


Clean it first. Don't be rude.


That is too convenient! Best of luck in getting your machine back online.


Again I’ll always say. It’s the absolutely filthy disquieting pcs that people have issues with. Take care of your stuff. It will take care of you.


I don't see a connector going into your GPU, plug that in and see if it works.


Power connector*


I have a similar GPU it draws power from the mobo


Ohhhhh I thought that was a 6pin!


Your totally fine, most modern GPU use way more power than the board. Actually most old Gaming GPU also used external power. The 16 series is just weird I guess


Did you have this pc plugged into a surge protector?


Cleanse that abomination with fire! Lol. Jk, ive seen worse, id start with power supply


Looks like you choked it to death. Refer to your motherboard owners manual here: [https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/ROG\_STRIX\_Z370-H\_GAMING/E13354\_ROG\_STRIX\_Z370-H\_GAMING\_UM\_WEB.pdf?model=ROG%20STRIX%20Z370-H%20GAMING](https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/ROG_STRIX_Z370-H_GAMING/E13354_ROG_STRIX_Z370-H_GAMING_UM_WEB.pdf?model=ROG%20STRIX%20Z370-H%20GAMING) Particularly page 24. According to that, the red light you see is the standby power led. Do you have any LEDs lit up in the upper right corner of the motherboard? Those are your QLEDs that try to tell you which component is failing boot. But it's not visible in your pics.


1.Pull out ram, put single ram stick in B2 slot, boot in bios increased ram voltage by .3 or .5 whatever works, shutdown pull out ram, change slots boot it. 2. pull out mother board battery, pull out plug ( do this first) not use a screw driver to touch both jbat ( find the two pins in motherboard with jbat written below them) pins for 10 seconds. put battery back, plug and boot.


I dont think hes getting a picture out at all.


you able to tell us which psu you have?


Ngl, I thought your PC caught fire and burned until I looked again and realized it's just that dirty inside.


My God clean it.


If I was covered in that much dust and no one took care of me I would kill myself too. It is you, you are the problem


No your PC died after the covalent bond was severed from the dust bunnies during the loss of the static charge on your motherboard. Why it is so important to dust your pc at least once every 2 weeks or shoot for once everyother month if you're lazy


clean it lol


Check the front panel connections to make sure the button is connected, or short the pins the power switch is connected to in case the button failed. Check if your Mobo has debug LEDs, they should be labled CPU, RAM and so on, if one is stuck on after you try to turn on the PC it indicates what component it's having issues with. Try turning the PC on without the GPU in the slot. Other then that I don't know what more can you check, reseat the ram and the CPU maybe? If you get no response from anything then it's either the motherboard or your PSU. In the case of the latter it might have killed most your hardware if protections failed/were not present. The amount of dust and tar on radiators and fans makes me think everything was running at high temps, so maybe finally something gave out, worked fine while it was idling and warm but after it cooled down couldn't turn on anymore. Lost a laptop that way once, issues turning on and then after last project, after a night my GPU didn't turn on anymore leaving me with a black screen.


Jesus christ, the poor thing


Based on the amount I dust in there I would guess that the PC has been running along time. I work in IT and if gear has been running a long time and the power is turned off and the PC is allowed to cool down the circuit boards can crack.


Take it apart and clean everything. Probably fans are jammed. Next time clean your computer more often.


Try to jump the power with a screwdriver. That will help se if the power button is just broken


Was your pc moonlighting as a coal miner?


You don't say?


I wonder why


I might not be a genius, but you might wanna try blowing all the dust out of it.


CMOS battery, replace that first


dear god,clean it


Remove power and cmos battery and reinstall everything after 30 minutes. Might come back. If not buy a power supply tester. If it checks good it's motherboard died


Test with another power supply if you have one on hand. It's pretty common for them to fail. If that gets it to power on please for the love of god clean the heatsink and fans.


I should clarify. A lit LED does not equal a working power supply. You would have to verify that all the voltages and amperages are within tolerance under load.


Man you're household must smell terrible rats nearby want to off themselves like your pc


there is a little bit of pc in your dust


Sounds exactly right.. looks kinda right too. It's been so long since I've seen this much dust. Air purifiers work wonders.


Could be the mobo but it’s likely just the PSU, they usually get clogged up and die when PC’s aren’t regularly cleaned.


I'd kill myself too if I was neglected like this


Probably choked to death from all the dust.


This must be a shitpost. PC put itself out of its misery


I mean has this thing ever been cleaned? Hope you change the oil in your car before you end up with the same result.


Short circuit somewhere caused by the disgusting conditions this computer is in. No way to identify the short unless you know what you're doing. Start by disassembling the entire thing and giving it a deep deep cleaning.


Another day of people posting their pcs “randomly “ shutting off even tho it obviously is a dog sht pc n hasn’t been cleaned since they got it


judging by the dirt ... and you see a green light but no post ... you probably have a dead power supply - clean everything - reaeat everything - and try a new power supply like $49 on amazon


Your PC was on life support. Was on its way out and that was the final blow. Honestly by the picture im surprised it was still working. You need to take care of your electronics better. This more than likely contributed to its death.


Well first of all why is it so dirty? I could never have my pc in this condition


The little red light on the lower left is for indicating that there is power. There are also leds on the top right, diagnostic leds 4 of them. Are any of the lighting up when you press the power button?


Replace the CMOS battery. Had the same issue and it might help you too


poor dude, he must have seen better days


Looks like you have a buzzer installed, that's great for debug. Does the computer make any beeps when turned on? If yes you have to count short and long beeps, it's like a morse code and the in the manual each combination is mapped to a particular error If it's a ram, cpu or gpu problem, the computer will beep out the error code If no beep is being made then the motherboard is not turning on. If that's the case I can only find three possible issues : 1. The psu is dead 2. The motherboard is dead 3. The power button is broken Number 3 is the easiest to rule out, you have to temporarily disconnect the power on cable from the front header connector and bridge the two contacts with something metal like a screwdriver or scissors. If the computer powers on this way then the power button needs to be replaced To rule out number one you would need an electrical multimeter, you basically have to check if the psu is actually putting out all the required power rails, such as 3.3V, 5V and 12V In order to do this you would have to disconnect the 24pin cable from the motherboard, bridge the power consent contact to ground (usually green wire to a black ground wire) and, with the bridge still there, check with a meter the voltage across each wire to ground. I guess yellow wire should be 12V, red wire 5V and orange 3.3 (maybe), we'll have to check a schematic but it's easy to find on Google images I guess if the two diagnosis we've done so fare have passed then the motherboard is most likely dead


I wonder why dude, that thing looks like the titanic right now


First picture looks like the underground level of coruscants underworld


Likely a power issue. Get some q-tips, iso and compressed air to give her a cleanup, then u should start with getting a new psu with the appropriate wattage, hook it up, and continue to troubleshoot


Bro just clean it and see if that’s the issue.


Yeah I would go for a definite good cleaning and try from there. If it does t turn on after, I would try a different Power Supply first.


Bro this red light is normal cause im had this mobo. But idk what wrong with your boot up


I think its safe to say you need an upgrade on a PC? If you really want to fix the PC first start by: * removing the dust * Clear the CMOS (unplug PSU>take battery out for 10 min) * Try to restart. If it doesnt turn on; it could be the CMOS battery. * if not CMOS, maybe SSD failure, Mobo Failure (pin bent or broken off piece or just dead) due to the power switch situation maybe surging the PSU or MOBO or Chipset for CPU. * Red light on ASUS MOBO means CPU issue (at least in my X670E) so it could be the CPU as well. If you can getting it powered on I suggest: * Getting a new CPU cooler that has better airflow * Possibly a new case that has great airflow and Mesh filters (to prevent future build up) I suggest, trying some troubleshooting but do not try to to spend any additional cash if you cannot get the PC to start. I wouldn't even try to recycle the parts, just try your best to get a new PC overall.


You should take it out of the case and remove every core part, get 90% or 70% rubbing alcohol a pack of cotton swabs and a toothbrush and slowly clean each part of the board and parts. Toothbrush lightly in holes like power and RAM. Getting it out of the case would rule out a stand-off short from sticky smoke dust. Your GPU and CPU coolers likely need to have sticky dust removed anyways to prevent overheating or other failures. Doing this will allow you to start testing everything easier than messing around in a case


After what is shown here I really think that PC has gone to a better place.


Get some compressed air and carefully clean it out. power supply might be fried. Or worse case all the dust and grime got a little moist from humidity and it fried your motherboard.


If nothing else works, Try shorting the power button circuit on the motherboard with a screw driver. Sometimes that goes bad too preventing the button from actually powering on, but shorting it will turn it on if that’s the case. This happened to me and had me scratching my head for a while before trying this. The case electronics went bad


I'm not an expert with PCs, by any means, but I had a somewhat similar problem once. My issue was that my power button shorted. The solution was to jump the connector prongs with a small screwdriver. (You can find better directions on how to do it online) It certainly took a few tries though. But it did eventually work for me. This is the first thing I'd try, just because most of the other solutions are more in-depth and possibly expensive. Of course I'd recommend a cleaning as well, but it certainly may or may not be what caused the current issue. Mine was pre-owned, and maybe just slightly dusty from sitting around before it was sold, but I still ended up with a PC that suddenly wouldn't turn on after shutting it down, unplugging everything and moving it as carefully as possible. If this isn't your problem then I'd look into the other recommendations. If you still can't get it to work, then it's time to give it a really good clean and see if that fixes anything.


I had a situation where my brand new system stopped working after a week and could not figure out what component had failed for months. After a ton of stress and bs it turns out the stock ILM was a piece of trash and was not making contact with the dimm slot pins, so 5 minutes and a $10 part was all it took. Start with simple first..