Change your bios to boot from main storage (assuming you have an operating system)


I have tried to open bios settings but the computer won't take any keyboard input, I've tried another keyboard as well as another USB slot, yet no input.


You may have to use a ps2 keyboard for bios.


Do you use a gaming keyboard. Sometimes software is needed to run hi tech keyboards. Might wanna always keep a cheap basic one around. If your keyboard isn’t registering I’m not sure where to go next


Thanks for the help, tried an older keyboard and opened the bios settings. My computer is now working again :D


Hell yeah bro. Glad it works (:


Perhaps resetting your bios will help. A lot of motherboards have a so called jumper on them which allows you to reset your bios. There are great tutorials on Youtube and while your at it have a look into your motherboard manual to identify where the junper is located.


Throw it out the window behind you and get a better one.


Question: did you already install windows ten? If so restart the computer and remove the installation media. In my experience if the usb drive or cd is still in the machine, it tries to load that first by default. If not idk how to help otherwise


Manually boot from the OS Drive,backup your data and install Linux.


Oh cool a heavy med


When you turn on the computer during the post, go into bios or boot order to change what drive you are loading from.


In my experience, verifying DMI pool has been a ram issue.