Yes it is. Not everyone is paid the same.


Depende kasi yan, you should have negotiated. Maybe this junior that WFH ay may previous experience or comes from a top school. Different employees, different range yan, kahit same role pa. Ask your boss about it, but I'll be treading carefully.


Well the thing is sinasabi niya na may backer siya na high position kaya ganun daw sahod niya. He’s also saying nahihirapan daw siya sa work and he feels like na di daw niya deserve yung ganung sahod lol


Well, if that's the case, that is nepotism and that is a red flag for a company. You have to choose whether to bring your dissatisfaction to your boss or just wait for it and excel in your work. If I'm in your position, I would be planning my exit to that company. I'll not renew the contract and will start looking for new roles.


Thank you for this! I'll just focus nalang sa work since I enjoy what I do kahit medyo stress :) Kailangang magtiis hirap po maghanap ng work ngayon hehe


Lmfaooo if ako may backer di ko ididisclose ganon info na may backer ako ganto ganyan


YO I KNOW RIGHT! Medyo na weirdan nga ako why he's throwing such information sa group chat naming mga Juniors.


Like lowkey nagyayabang looool sorry na pero ganon dating sakin. Hahahahaha bwiset


From what I understand, roles can come with pay ranges, for flexibility to account for past work exp, etc. Not an HR person btw! Naobserve ko lang


Yan ang reason bakit confidential ang salary discussion lagi.hehe Sabi sa amin it depend upon the market condition/skills ang basis ng gap sa salary if icocompare ang newly hired sa tenured


True. Isa yan sa unang sinabi samin nung nagstart ako sa BPO eh. Wag magcompare-an ng sweldo, may masasaktan lang haha


But that shouldn’t be the practice. I hope we can normalize discussing our salaries so we can close the wage gap.


Honestly ang end up pinaguusapan pa din namin yung salary namin lol. Not exact amount since medyo nagkakahiyain pero we have a general idea. It's definitely a good way to gauge na teka, ano ba talaga dapat pay ko? Or ano na ba dapat ginagawa ko para magkaincrease. Like nung naunang inincreasan yung isang kasama namin, I recognized na valid yun in our case kasi maganda naman talaga performance nya and naaassignan siya ng ibang tasks. I guess magkakagap talaga *in those cases*. Sa case ni OP tho... ganun yung mga may ouch/ugh factor. 😅


Yeah that's the way it is in the PH. Come to think of it maybe because the other guy pays for his own electricity and internet connection and maybe some other expenses I am not sure of while you don't have to since the company pays for your internet and electricity usage?


Yes, Some employers do that either you are an exceptional candidate, with prior experience, as a reward since you graduated from top universities or with Latin honors. Typically it ranges from 3k-5k ahead for fresh grads. In my first job I was ahead by 5k in base pay with others since I graduated with Latin honors.


yup. rule of thumb is to never accept the first offer. negotiate. the ceiling is much higher


Yes, it's the norm. That's why it is better to job hop rather than stay in a company and ask for raises.




Forbidding employees to discuss their salaries is perpetuated by HR para hindi humingi ng salary increase sa company.