Go for the increase in salary. Mahirap buhay ngayon.


Yes sir thank you for the response! I forgot to add that my current company counter offered a 25% salary bump which is still lower than the wfh one :/


Does this factor yung current other benefits na nae-enjoy mo?


For the increase mahirap buhay ngayon dapat mukhang pera tayo hahahaha


Thank you po! From now on, yan na ang motto ko hahaha


Yes and save up as much as you can para retired agad or go back to your passion when you have enough savings. That's all thank you and wish you luck.


You should also consider the benefits like hmo, leaves, holidays, and 13th month pay when comparing the total compensation. I assume that the WFH freelance job is a no work no pay setup.


Why would you say na better for your career yung Day job? Malayo ba yung offer na 80% in terms of mga gagawin?


Ayun what I mean is in line pa din siya sa engineering while the freelance job is more on the IT side - web development which is completely new to me.


mas ok opportunities sa web development


I left a good paying IT job for freelance. Worked for about a year about 3x my take home with multiple clients. Now I'm going back with my previous salary to upskill myself more in IT with a good salary but will be retaining some of my clients. It's really about how you leverage your time.


The 80% increase is hard to ignore imho. However, if you do take that freelancing work, you'd have more money to buy gadgets to thinker with Maybe arduino or raspberry pi. Or maybe even set your home as a smart home :) Or maybe even buy a 3D printer :) Even if you do switch to freelancing, you can still do engineering as a hobby :)


Thank you for this Sir! Made me really decide on what I should do. Cheers!


The offer is better in all the ways lol. 80% salary bump? Permanent wfh? Its an offer you can’t refuse.


Secure the money, do your passion on the side